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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 31, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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i am. this is it every news line from berlin mixed messages from north korea despite promises it seems they're building missiles again u.s. spy satellites are said to have spotted renewed activity at a missile site this just weeks after leader kim jong un said he would work toward denuclearization on the korean peninsula we'll get reaction from washington also coming up. the city the islamic state turned into a ghost town soon jar in northern iraq was liberated three years ago but only a fraction of the has you the minority who once lived there half were turned we
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have an exclusive report also a potential solution to the perils of uncontrolled migration visit a shelter in asia where the u.n. gives women and children a legal and safe chance to reach you're. also coming up in the next sixty minutes a smartphone war simmers in france kids are outraged over a new law banning smartphones the school parents are happy but teachers worry it will be tough to enforce battle lines are being drawn. as a pleasure to have you along everyone we begin in north korea that country is reported to be working on a new ballistic missiles the washington post reports that u.s. spy satellites have detected renewed activity at a site that was that has. produce them in the past the activity comes
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a despite north korean leader kim jong un's promise at a summit in singapore or donald trump to stop all missile and nuclear testing well get reaction from washington in just a moment but first this report. on the surface relations between the u.s. and north korea have been warming earlier this week north korea return the remains of american soldiers sixty five years after the end of the korean war the gesture of peace came weeks after an historic summit the two countries agreed to work toward the quote total denuclearization of the korean peninsula a day later u.s. president donald trump declared that north korea was no longer a threat. but now the washington post has published reports citing u.s. intelligence that could undermine the apparent diplomatic progress on the peninsula . but according to the report this missile research facility and sunroom done north korea is being built up rather than torn down. neighbors south korea is on alert
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so what on the hudson korean government is closely watching north korean movements and closely working with the united states however i hope you understand that we are not able to speak about intelligence reports about this on the heels of reports that north korea is continuing to enrich uranium in secret and critics say the trump administration is being played by north korea last week u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe faced criticism from within his own party i am afraid there is this point the united states the troubled ministration is being taken for a ride and fear not senator fear not. there is no doubt the u.s. intelligence community is watching north korea closely it is unclear however what progress has been made toward denuclearization since the trump him summit. all right let's find out how this has been received in the u.s. are some fun nominee is our correspondent in washington and joins us right now
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carson what's been the reaction in the u.s. to this report from the washington post. well the white house tried to play down the report saying that things don't change overnight on so the secretary of state to my pail of the u.s. foreign minister declared that it will take time to denuclearize north korea and to eliminate the threat from its mis onse and so clearly they're trying to say ok this is just part of the process give us some time be patient but of course is not what donald trump in south claimed his summit with the north korean leader kim jong un in singapore let me quote what he wrote in a treat in june he said everybody can now feel much safer than the day i took office there is no longer the nuclear threat from north korea unquote obviously
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that was a slight overstatement do you think that the temperature in the station just has a mis read completely misread the intentions north korea. well at least it shows the critics were right when they criticised the summit's in singapore was not very prepared and didn't really have any concrete results against kim pledged to work towards denuclearize zation in a joint statement with trump but it wasn't even clear what that meant there were no concrete steps that were to be taken agreed and also there was no concrete timetable and of course now the north koreans can do all the things that they're doing and say while we're still working towards denuclearization eventually and of course the critics have pointed out that this approach of donald trump who just sits with another big guy and try to work also builds
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a personal relationship and everything else will fall in place that doesn't work in real life you have to work on the details you have to work on concrete steps that you can actually check on right and then bring the rate it's a nice segue into my next question to you because talking about a mixed message is the president trump did it one eighty on iran he had a change of heart often what some describe as an olive branch in the form of talks with iranian president rouhani let's take a listen to what he said exactly and we'll continue our conversation at the on the and of it i would certainly meet with iran if they wanted to meet i don't know that they're ready yet to have a hard time right now but i ended the arendelle it was a ridiculous deal i do believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet and i'm ready to meet any time they want to and i don't do that from strength or from weakness i think it's an appropriate thing to do. all right so was this just an off the cuff remark or was that
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a serious offer because explain to us if you can how we went in a span of one a week we've gone from spider and fury will be unleashed on your country if you threaten us to oh yeah i'm open to talks like this what's the thinking behind this i'm not quite sure if there's a lot of strategic thinking behind this i think this was an off the cuff remark trump was just shooting from the hip as he got a question from a journalist during a press conference with the italian prime minister i don't think this was part of a pre-planned diplomatic offensive to wants. clearly donald trump has been under attack in recent weeks for his disastrous summit with blood in the putin at least that's the assessment of most media organizations and politicians across the aisle here in the u.s. and also as you said there were mixed reactions to his summit with came and trump
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was basically doubling down on his approach saying well i would talk with anybody without conditions and this is basically what this was. a phenomena reporting on a day of u. turns and surprises in washington thank you. and you washington news we still have a lot more to tell you about including. the city the so-called islamic state turned into a ghost town since our northern iraq was liberated three years ago but only a fraction of the persecuted minority who once lived there have returned we have an exclusive report. but first the business news with how on our end there are tough times ahead for iran's currency indeed in the country's economy as a whole now iran's riyaaz trading at a fresh record over one hundred nineteen thousand to the dollar on tuesday that's a loss of nearly two thirds of its value since the start of the year many blame the imminent revisitation of u.s.
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sanctions which will come into force on the sixth of august after donald trump's decision to pull out of the nuclear a court to try to fix the reality artificially artificially high in april but the move back fired as a radians rush to illegal trade is to convert the savings into dollars at much lower rates banks also often refused to sell at the official rate forcing the government to allow the currency to float in the central bank blames what it calls enemy conspiracies for the reales sudden decline. randolph's integrand he's a correspondent for the french news agency a.f.p. need joins us now eric how big is the bite from this fool in the reality what will the consequences be. well so far we haven't seen the worst effects of that as that continues to deteriorate imports are going to cost more and that's going to start to really stink the normal population but what it does reflect is that people have
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lost faith in the government to deal with the economic problems in the country they're rushing to the dollar to try and find somewhere where they can keep that money safe we've also seen gold prices shooting through the roof and it's a sign of that lack of trust in the government to keep things of life especially as u.s. pressure continues to mount and sanctions are just around the corner again next week and is the iranian government doing anything about the situation that we know of yes been quite interesting while the economic policies still rather vague and they haven't been anything too convincing to get around that we are seeing them start to crack down a bit on corruption there were sixty arrests over the weekend of people who were described as having government links for profiteering over their currency problems and using their links to it to the government to to illegally importance and so on
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and we've seen some moves towards. on the problem so i think it's interesting that this crisis may actually move the economy in a more positive direction on on those issues of course erica on the sixth of august they sanctions will be put into place once again what impact can we expect them to have on what well already is a faltering economy. you know the economy has many problems as a lot of high jobless rate people are underemployed. prices are rising inflation is high the banks are a mess important to remember that the sanctions never really fully went away the u.s. despite signing up to the new could do kept many of its sanctions in place and not stopped a lot of money coming in into iran because the international banks are simply terrified of u.s. penalties and never really opened up the iraq iranian economy in the way that iran had hoped so although these sanctions will how significant impact it's important to remember that iran was never really brought back and that community of nations in
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the way that did promise that the time of the nuclear do eric randolph putting it into perspective for us correspondent at the french news agency a.f.p. reporting from tech ron thank you. well right in the middle of the summer holidays it's hot no one's going to want to walk to wherever it is they're going to go in spain's taxi driver this are on strike it's a lucrative time to turn down but they're more worried about the money they're losing out to right hailing services like and kava fi. monday night passed without a resolution between the drivers and government strike leaders said they'll go on. today's decision is that we continue. hundreds of taxis have paralyzed barcelona and they're refusing to budge until they get results the strikes have since spread
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to madrid and smaller cities like the lead c.n.n. that have led to this is the first time the taxes have taken a decision where one hundred percent together on this is until it has to be thirty to one nothing else will do he means that in the future only one should be issued for every thirty normal taxi permits among those worst hit by the strike tourists trying to get from barcelona's airport to the city center extra bus services have been put on but they're still packed full but we're trying with the old because the best way is for suitcases is very difficult for us on a saturday it's a tough day today especially with children six hours jetlag and then the airports empty things are hard so that i mean. if i if they're working here because this morning in barcelona they would jammed last option would be a train i think. thousands of taxi drivers across spain are now part of the strike they say ride sharing services like threaten their livelihoods as of now they
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continue to wait for a resolution. respectfully to now for a look at what is left of the use e.t.s. homeland in northern iraq thank you so much helena you might recall that it was liberated that area was liberated nearly three years ago from the so-called islamic state when it swept through the region i as targeted minorities i think who don't follow the islamic faith will militants kill kidnapped and slave thousands of his eason even now the group is still recovering from what the united nations describes as a genocide overturning and starting a new is a mammoth task very few people have tried to start a new life in the region and its capital since there are single as it is known in the kurdish. travels there and brings us this exclusive report. the capital of the years he dislikes in ruins devastated by the invasion and the
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fight for liberation most people fled when so-called islamic state took the city and killed an enslaved thousands now that these limits have been expelled only a few residents have returned in many patching feels like a ghost town to end of years after liberation from my ex only three thousand families have returned to a city which once had more than eighty thousand inhabitants. there still no sign of reconstruction there are no hospitals schools or functional administration he has hedy's living in shingle hill abandoned by their politicians. the head of we've got no electricity and the water is bad. there are bombs and mines all over the place. they have to clear them. big now before you just can't live here there's no work so people aren't coming back. because the situation doesn't improve
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soon then we who have returned will leave again very soon got in our. stephanie yes wants to stay no matter what the twenty four year old studied to be a teacher but there are no schools so he opened up a glass workshop with a friend the problem is that nothing is being rebuilt which means even his business is struggling. with that people won't come back as long as there are so many different political groups here working only for themselves there are thousand different groups and they're all only looking after their own interests. he means the different militias that are still active in the city they run their own checkpoints and have their own agenda all parties want influence here in the singe amounts being close to the syrian border the region is strategically
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important to kurds to the central government and backed up to turkey and iran. she notes my own. says the city's people are suffering from this clash of interests he is the yes' eady put in office by the central government then left to fend for himself. is. treated like a fourth or fifth class citizens let me give you an example i had to live in the mountains for three years and five months there were six thousand families in the mountains if we want yes edis they would have taken care of us like they did other people. more than residents come to him every day asking for money for reconstruction but he can't help them the government says it wants to press on with rebuilding but almost pessimistic after the latest protests he says he expects any available money to be spent elsewhere. going to show reporting and
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co-producer with us now is we use sound appears men you were also there great to have you with us here in person i mean we've been seeing there images from a single i mean it kind of some places look like a movie landscape completely obliterated is there anything under way to reconstruct to rebuild the city if it comes from the people yes in an official capacity absolutely no the security still looks like someone just took you know that big slats hammer and hammered it to pieces and many of the destruction that you see some of it is because of i.a.s. you know leaving behind bombs and booby traps but mainly what we what was needed to help ratio was massive american air raids and that is the scale of destruction you half and to repair that would take years and you reconstruction would take a long and intensive effort financially as well and there is nothing to be seen like that let's talk about the community which the u.n.
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has described as one of the most persecuted minorities. in the world they have undergone unimaginable war crimes during the rain in that region we heard in your piece and biggest piece that the c.d.'s feel kind of abandoned died yeah like the may as set forth fifth class citizens you would imagine that the central government you know what put at least some money into the reconstruction but we don't see anything also you need to take in mind that it is disputed territory there are competing kurdish militias there a y p g p k k now withdrawn because turkey threatened with you know an african style invasion we have now one of the biggest players is a shiite militia from the south of the country has aligned with the government and they are now the biggest play a military as far as i concede heavily sponsored by iran you know who is fighting right next door in syria so it's
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a very close jested ground there politically militarily strategically a lot of you know competing interests and they just squashed in the middle and in the process they lose their homeland and they don't really know who to trust anymore there's a lot of competing interests in their kind of trapped there in the middle let's talk about the u.c.d. women and girls because i mean very hard breaking stories coming out of that time that was ruling their home town being raped and slaves we can even imagine what that's like how are they doing is anybody helping them recover. in shingle city those few people that have returned we weren't aware of any organized international help for them there are some local n.g.o.s but really they are left to fend for themselves that's what we picked up and then you know that psychological support which that would be so need it it's totally not there there
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is a hospital and one of the people we spoke to said to us the about this one knows and she's always sleeping no medication so really that will need an international effort and we don't really see that as of yet i do hope you sondre peters and thank you so much for your exclusive reporting on the situation sick of the shit. the e.u. is making a controversial new effort to intercept migrants before they attempt the perilous crossing into europe most migrants from sub-saharan africa pass through nisha air on their journey to the mediterranean well from the share they travel on to libya where many end up in counts with the often appalling conditions beatings and rape are commonplace but now under a new e.u. program the most vulnerable of migrants are flown from libya back to where they can stay in shelters run by the united nations here migrants can apply directly for asylum in europe while their claim is being processed but it's not without its
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critics its move many say thousands of people including children and stranded in these camps with little or no hope of ever making it to europe you know years that catherine martin's travel tunisia's capital for a firsthand look. she's a young lady is thirty and from somalia she doesn't want to show her face but she's committed to telling how she was driven from her home. down the hill was that my husband was killed and i was at home with my children masked men came into our house they raped me and beat me i still have the scars from my that's why i came here. who was then they would have that peace is one of around fifteen hundred refugees evacuated by the united nations from libyan camps last autumn they have endured war and many of them sexual violence every one of these women was deemed especially vulnerable by u.n.
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staff who arranged for them to be flown out there now recovering in the shelter for women and children in need share before being flown to europe. funding for the shelter comes from the e.u. it's a prime example of illegal migration without the pitfalls of a perilous mediterranean crossing once they're refugees arrive here from detention in libya we provide them with the media's assistance with protection we have a team of psychologists working with them so we have what we call a philosophy of care basically we provide them with recreational activities with counseling with their we provide them with language classes to prepare them for resettlement shares of former french colony and one of the poorest countries in the world it also has the world's highest birth rate on average women in the share have six children there's little infrastructure and economic output is low the west african nation is africa's main transit hub for refugees and people smuggling is big business the president of the european parliament has come to assess the
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situation first hand antonio tell yani says the e.u. aims to reverse the trend by providing shelters so refugees are not driven into the hands of smugglers. look we have to stop these groups of profit from the lot of africans who die in the desert and in this we have to stop them completely. in order to help me share support the refugees as they wait for resettlement in europe the e.u. is pumping money into the local economy most people like those here in the capital niamey live hand to mouth this woman sell snacks for about one cent each but not many people buy these men sell tea on the street sometimes it's enough to buy a phone card despite rampant poverty as president says his country is ready to help but long term it will need much more money from the e.u. . it's important that we wage
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a targeted by against poverty. republic but also through private investment. some of the refugees in the shelter here in the. little have been waiting more than a year to get to europe the un has been sharply critical of some countries that want nothing to do with legal migration and refuse a refugee quota. to tell us if their process would move more quickly which would mean that we could save more lives we could bring more people from detention to tunisia and he says one of the few who have made it this far and she at least will have an opportunity to start a new peaceful life in europe without having to put her fate in the hands of smugglers. well the stated objective of projects like the one run in the share is finding a solution to managing uncontrolled migration the german government has a similar idea that it wants to implement and that is building processing centers close to germany's borders like in use your migrants would stay there while their
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applications to enter the country were processed some say it's better than migrants just disappearing into germany's towns and cities. german police picking up migrants for deportation this time they've got whom they're looking for often that's not the case more than one hundred twenty thousand migrants have disappeared after being given deportation orders police simply can't find them. to avoid this germany's interior ministry wants to set up so-called anchor centers to house asylum seekers. the and gets into the anger centers are supposed to ensure that people don't go missing or escape deportation. and see the police support the idea. you mention talking until people simply disappear and that doesn't happen at anchor centers because people are obliged to live there if they want to receive certain social security payments
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for example and because no duties and gets into a can of conservative parties are also pushing for more random id checks to find those went missing. to be able to in our opinion random police checks in all states and at the borders would be a very very valuable tool to increase pressure on fugitives into. an instrument germany has left party asserts that the anchor centers are unnecessary for one they don't trust the official figures on how many migrants have gone missing to avoid deportation indeed even the ministry for refugees itself concedes that a considerable amount of its data is inconsistent or implausible. you're watching the news recent have a lot more to tell you about including it's one of the german capitals major art offends the ten. for contemporary art is underway and till the beginning of
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september artists are presenting their latest works all over town rob and now all from our culture desk will tell us all about it right after the message is. all right season. if. there is no stopping the chinese dragon. changing plans to rejoin the international economic and seize the investment initiative china's goal is to develop a billion dollar trade network between asia and europe but is beijing playing its hand silk road two point zero china's way to the top. in forty slaves to. the n.c.d.
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capital in northern iraq reduced to rubble in many fields like a ghost town years after liberation from my ex only three cells and have always had two city of which once had more than eighty thousand inhabitants a city struggling to find peace only a few have dared return to their former. today on t.w. news. it's all happening good job with a few coming to your linked in news from africa the world your link to it simply stories and discussions can you and will come to the aid of you suffocating programs and from foreign to me from the news it's easy to our website deputed close match africa join us on facebook j w africa. every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word american
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called the coaxing germany to cut. why not go on with. the chefs it's simple are mind on your mobile and free. d.w.b. learning course. german made easy. good to see again you're watching the double years of labor rock n roll and this is our main headline this hour. u.s. spy satellites are reported to have spotted renewed activity at a north korean missile production site it comes just weeks after leader kim jong un promised to work towards denuclearization of the korean peninsula. and back here in germany a man accused of bombing a railway station in the german city of just has been cleared of all charges
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including racially motivated attempted murder the attack eighteen years ago injured ten immigrants from eastern europe and sent shock waves through germany the investigation had gone cold until the suspect was arrested eighteen months ago. the defendant left the court room a free man the judges found there was not enough evidence to show he was the dusseldorf bomber in the year two thousand the pipe bomb exploded at the city's down hundred real me station ten people were wounded some critically a pregnant woman lost her unborn child the victims were mostly jewish language students from eastern europe raising suspicions of anti-semitism and xenophobia although the defendant has been acquitted germany's public prosecutor is certain that he was behind the crime given the thought that's why we'll contest the verdict and launch an appeal with the federal supreme court. for years the search for a perpetrator was fruitless. then
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a new witness appeared who claimed the defendant boasted to him about the attack. the case was sent for retrial in twenty fourteen but the court found many of the witnesses testimonies implausible. all to often even the complicated and very thorough process of assessing circumstantial evidence with seventy eight witnesses did not lead to the defendant's conviction and the witnesses were two contradictory some of their perceptions were eighteen years old so for the victims this verdict is a disappointment even so many years after the attack the perpetrators are still at large. froze has passed a law banning smart phones and school students from three to fifteen won't be able to use any mobile devices during class or on the playground parents are happy and teachers are concerned but the kids are outraged. gaming texting and streaming music is
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a sight you won't be seeing in french schools from september onward smartphones will be banned from both the classroom and the playground the new ban will prohibit anyone under sixteen from using their phone at school. when the law was proposed eight months ago kids were already outraged. over this one will be pulled and will have to move and run around there are going to be loads of accidents. this is all taking away something we use every day it's like losing a part of yourself to. the new law sailed through parliament with only a few abstentions from the opposition ahead of the vote the education minister was confident it would pass. it won't hold you rarely see school children in the playground playing catch of. all looking at f. own from a teaching point of view that's a problem with. the cell phone ban is hardly made
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a ripple in the papers or the national news but the french public largely agrees it's a good idea. for it but even when they're in groups of kids with phones like zombies they're addicted to them and don't even talk to each other anymore and it's a good decision but i'm not sure that all parents will go along with it teachers have also voiced their doubts they say enforcing the ban could prove difficult given the kids town for using their phones on the sly denmark is the latest country to ban it wearing full face veils and public while this may effectively mean house arrest for nearly two hundred women who choose to cover their faces when leaving their home the danish government says the bow supports women's rights it empowers them to make their own decisions but we meet one woman who says denmark's veil band is taking away her choice. i'm demand it's not just handing out flyers sara wants to fight for her faith twelve years ago she made
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the decision to bail her face but from now on she'll be breaking the law. i feel very disappointed i feel like i thought we lived in a free society where people can believe what they want and they can wear whatever they want as long as they don't hurt other people born in denmark and raised by turkish parents sarah and her fellow activists are come paining while they still can trying to win support for a demonstration and they're getting that support i think it's a violation of human rights just one other time when men are deciding what women are supposed to be right i think you kind of pushing them more away from society and it's important that. you accept that there there's like a cultural difference in parliament sara has an appointment with one of the initiators of the ben metz for leader of the governing liberal party is convinced the niqab has to be prohibited even though fewer than two hundred women are
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affected they find no middle ground. you're very ignorant about why you can share we all over the walls of this i'm saying we don't know why you're on the road i'm saying we love it why we need to make this place against the values i'm saying we live in denmark it's very sad in denmark we have a live feed him a village in. the discussion escalates into an argument formats the kneecaps stance for the oppression of women that's why he thinks it should be banned. the cop in the shop. garments of that thought all instruments. to an end and that end is so for control of women and the not occasion of the female kenda and we want to fight that the ban on face coverings is one of several laws the government says it has introduced to integrate immigrants some critics say it will only divide society further and in the end to veils are rarely
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seen in the streets of denmark. sero describes the new compass a sign of religious humility but if she remains faithful to her beliefs she faces a difficult future in denmark her ideal of religious freedom could end in isolation within her own four walls. all right let's bring up the screen now with some of the other stories making news around the world. zimbabwe's opposition party says it's candidate nelson chamisa has won monday's presidential election it also accused the rulings on a p.f. party of attempting to rate the vote by delaying the official results the election commission has rejected these claims and says it needs more time to count the votes . the vote count is also so underway in mali's presidential election violent attacks disrupted voting and many polling stations around the country the european union has called on authorities to provide a list of the worst affected areas. all right and helena is
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back here taking. a look at the future of work and what the rise of the robots will mean for our jobs what we haven't often exactly that's the big question isn't it of course i mean some people are saying what i'm a shit and digitization basically present a horror scenario the factories of the future could wipe out millions of jobs others say well also have new positions will pop up instead try telling that to someone who's been working for the same firm for decades here at german electronics giant workers are still operating the machines but those machines are capable of doing many tasks on their own how will that be in the future technology is developing at a rapid pace and that has a direct effect on the working world more and more jobs can be performed by robots especially in traditional manufacturing industries companies invest in robots because they save money money they can invest in other areas older employees
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between fifty and retirement age often get left by the wayside a study by consulting firm mercer says that's a worldwide phenomenon especially in china where workers fifty years and older have a seventy nine percent chance of being replaced by automation technology in robot friendly japan the risk is actually lower and fifty nine percent right here in germany fifty seven percent of older employees are in danger of losing their jobs and fifty two percent of american workers over fifty are at risk employees without special skills could be in trouble if millions in asia become unemployed the economic and social consequences will be grave. well. there which did that study she said that in germany at least to which a nation could actually help the elderly put skills to use one of the most important things is already on the other. so if we do have
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a look and. evolution of workforce population we see that younger population is shrinking. population increasing so the question is can we really afford to. just just behind. well the american economic a tesla is planning on building a huge manufacturing center in europe talks already underway with two german states as of explosives building another gigafactory additional negotiations are taking place in the netherlands as well the facility will assemble batteries as well as vehicles according to test the reach a decision about the location by the end of the year just recently tester announced plans to build a factory in china off a million cars for supposedly the produce that they hear now the call make it has
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recently struggled to meet delivery targets for its mass market model three. while testimonials producing in germany germany's b.m.w. wants to build cars in hungary the premium comic or is investing a billion euros in a new factory a thousand workers will build vehicles with combustion engines as well as electric and hybrid b.m.w. chose the location due to hungry as infrastructure the proximity to many supplies and the highly skilled personnel that factories in germany of working at close to full capacity. online shopping as been booming for years but have you ever heard of training the sales assistants on how best to do business in the virtual world well one german retailer is trying to set them up as best it can. customers here are trying out a prototype virtual reality shopping assistant most transactions still involve
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exchanging hard cold cash for goods the primary method for food shoppers. but that's slowly changing. in retail one of eight euros is now spent online and the trend is increasing alongside technological advances. that means businesses need to adapt specifically they need to rethink how they train their staff. that's the nice thing of course we urgently need experts to deal with these changes we traditionally hire college grads are people making career changes. but that won't be enough going forward it will be critical to train up a new generation of apprentices. these intrepid youngsters are part of media marks new training efforts again i like working on computers of course a broad based education is needed but i think the main thing is having good computer skills is the female we're involved in digitalization we can build things
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online shopping is constantly developing everyone shops online i hardly anyone goes to stores anymore that's why i'm doing this. the two are training to build and maintain online shops selling things online brings a new set of challenges discounting is a major subject along with data analysis it can pinpoint which sales pitches motivate which audiences. because in all the bones of the site we can see who's clicking on our pages their age ranges and gender this makes it easier to tailor it for their needs on the services key the easier the customer experience the better. so where does this leave media marks brick and mortar stores they'll likely continue in combination with online shopping and where do our apprentices shop. if it's on have to i'd say it's fifty fifty i mean a bit more online but i still go into stores maybe mark says it will still need
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well trained staff in their stores as it pursues its two prong strategy shopping in person and online and if the test phase is a success shoppers may have a new employee to interact with as well you know he loves virtual sales assistant. them. all right well this is news or later now it's back a bit thank you so much helena the world's our galleries are stuffed with so much art they can only display a frown. action at any given time all i get this up to ninety percent of all our treasure spent most of their time in storage and often only emerging into the light when they go online to another museum while frankfurt's a two hundred year old stable museum is just one of many galleries that struggle to get more of their works out of the cellar. a renaissance masterpiece. which these fine art packer's have to handle very carefully it's been in storage
8:45 pm
for a while. now the sixteenth century madonna and child is going to hang again in the shtetl museum one of germany's most prestigious galleries. the madonna is filling the space left by another artwork that's been left abroad. to sustain the style the lawns works internationally we law in about four hundred pieces every year that's more than one per day that it sent out a tug and it's not easy to transport out pieces and. the transport of artworks is a risky business that's why when there are loaned out works like oh downs eve are packed into high tech temperature controlled cases. there are one hundred fifteen thousand hidden treasures here in the museum storehouses from paintings to photos and prints. the museum's director doesn't want these works to just be collected and then forgotten he believes it's important for the staples archives to
8:46 pm
be accessible. yeah how many did paulson accounts of paintings are brought out for special exhibitions borrowed by other museums or are available for scientific research we also have portraits or historical works which also valuable to specific cities or communities so the museum storage spaces like basements filled with unloved children we see them as the bedrock of museum. states storing and maintaining a world class collection is expensive but museums rarely part with their artwork selling a piece that might be unpopular one year could prove unwise in the future as this sculpture by paulo to ask why shows. or does and this is a wonderful example why you see him shouldn't sell its works if we'd sold this in the one nine hundred fifty s. we would have probably only got five or six thousand marks for it today it's with
8:47 pm
a hundred times the answer. sometimes the works that turn up even stun the museum director himself. is for life doesn't really surprising to find every now and painting like a bottle of portraits of hundreds. it used to be on the fifty dots mark notes. and it's a wonderful renee song style. and it's all supported. and so was the madonna and child which is out of storage and adorning the museum's walls. it's replacing another renaissance masterpiece see one at the by the italian artist party cheli one of europe's most prized artworks will soon wow art lovers in the united states . all right i'm going to stick with this theme of art because the burthen been berlin been yeah. if i can get it out is a contemporary art exhibit that takes place every two years they're right here in
8:48 pm
the german capital modern art exhibit they're often contentious and this one is no exception but it's not just the art that's being questioned and iran meryl is here from our culture and us so what is the fuss about well it's the team of coup races you see them made up of very experienced people one from germany one from. brazil one from south africa one from uganda and as it happens they're all black but that's not the bone of contention the fact is that they have chosen majority of asa's they've chosen to be at the being from africa or have african heritage or the bone of contention is there isn't enough european art in them but what i would say in deference to that is that in the postes these big exhibitions that require a curatorial team have been white has anybody ever talked about that in the past no they haven't i'm sure they didn't occur to anybody to say anything and we
8:49 pm
are now in the twenty first century and europe is very multicultural so i want to put that all aside let's have a look and concentrate on the art that this international team brought for us. a ruined incredibly true to life this work is made of pure mâché and is called song . it's the name of both an imperial palace in haiti and the famous palace of frederick the great in part the work connects history and continents. chief curator guardian good kobo is fed up with the white western perspective the team is black and international a statement but not of intent they refused to restrict their focus to post-colonial and racial issues. with something which always crops up which we consciously try to resist with our written statements to we make a point of not using words like africa colonialism post-colonialism
8:50 pm
multiculturalism diversity and so on. but when that how. we don't need another hero is the slogan of the b.n. our. education artist i mean shares this opinion in her installation she has different heads of state talking about major geo strategic projects around the mediterranean match oh politics. i mean counteracts this with a highly political vision the mediterranean is being drained under supercontinent is developing europe africa will all be one. it's not just about draining the mediterranean sea but it's about moving it into the african continent so we then take claim of the mediterranean sea in the way that these kind of colonial proposals did how do we then control the narrative of migration we can then decide who gets to pass the boundary of water and we get to kind of control you know all things from the resource the tourism and whatever the berlin be and i
8:51 pm
was launched twenty years ago here in the quince to back and now everything looks very elegant but back then it looked more like this. the destroyed world the heart wrenching song by i mean a similar. a joint work by different artists. do we come from how do we see ourselves and others to want to extend to we formed by the culture of the country and which story are we telling. the. ambiguous and astute. that lingers in the mind. so interesting our robin we don't need another hero the theme of this year's biala
8:52 pm
there was a very interesting installation a video installation that was profiled in that report in reference to macho politics but the title is not only a reference to that no i mean the title is you know there's a tip from a tina turner song that was actually the theme show you know a mad max film where in an apocalyptical world but i mean not a pleasant place to be but the meaning for the bee and i think is is that hey life's not as bad as we think and it's not as bad as is often portrayed by the media the point is we don't need a savior we don't need heroes with the makers of our own destiny and this is what i think shows. exploring the potential of the act of self preservation we have to look after ourselves and we are capable of this we don't need to rely on stupid politicians and i think there's generally a lot of positivity coming out of this b. and i. also think it's not adhering to typical western historical narratives
8:53 pm
obviously the. originally from the west there's a very refreshing and actually quite a different coming across from the exhibitions i've seen so far. now if you are visiting berlin or planning to visit berlin after seeing all of this where is the being hosted it's in five different ok then she has a right best thing is to look on our website d w dot com slash culture or indeed ask anybody in time where is the big if you get it and it runs until september the cases clancy have time for our lovers to come and pay us a visit all right thank you so very much rob it now we are going to egypt where close to ten percent of egyptians are competent christians and often they face discrimination it's no better on the football pitch but now a private football academy is at the forefront of efforts to redress religious
8:54 pm
imbalance we have this report from egypt's second city alexandria. i mean i've been diary gives his boys some tips the twenty two year old lives for football but he's own career was over before it had even begun. his former club wanted him to give up his christian sounding name rather than do that he gave up playing football and founded the jess we academy instead. we catch cup to kids here and there are just talents but still the clubs refuse to take them on christians don't have the chance to make. like it almost had this is. what i've been quoted. in the long history of the egyptian football only very few coptic christians have ever played for the national team despite the fact that they represent ten percent of the overall egyptian population sporting officials however rejects the idea that coptic christians are systematically excluded from football. the label of all of
8:55 pm
the african players in the league which religion do they have foreign coaches like the cooper the national coach is a christian man will jose on the most famous and popular coach among the fans and lastly he's a christian the muslims versus christians thing just doesn't exist in school in egypt. just three was founded three years ago and players pay no more than a token monthly membership free. now there are plans to found a club under the same name and soon afterwards they hope to start playing in the fourth division the starting lineup is pending in the formation is set all that's missing is the paperwork. are right while hakan berlin that does it for me for now the news continues of course at the top of the hour i want to leave you with some spectacular frigates now from the skies over portugal europe's best paragliders competed there over the last two weeks into. the be
8:56 pm
. the be. the be. the be. the but the but the but
8:57 pm
the but. the but. the but. there's no stopping the chinese dragon. to recall the international economic the best sees the investment initiatives go for china's goal is to develop a billion dollar trade network between asia and europe which is major to its hand. to. china's way to the top of. the bill.
8:58 pm
singa the easy capital in northern iraq reduced to rubble in many parts qingdao feels like a ghost town today duff years after liberation from my ex only three cells that have a lease have returned to a city which once had more than eighty thousand inhabitants a city struggling to find peace only a few have dared return to their former. today on t.w. news. we make up over twenty four tons of office that kind of budget fights we are the civil service and. they want to shape the continent's future prefer to. be part of it enjoy number to numb stories of testing share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven
8:59 pm
percent of. platforms for africa is jarring. iran ones and insulated democracy now a major power in the middle east durand's consulates continues to grow. economically and above all militarily. does iran truly want peace or countries are home and so have their doubts iran from the youngest regional superpower starts august fifth on t.w. . this you know i mean in your minutes i'm going yes. mostly to what i'm focused on in this era but i'm with what an organization i know about as a term. here is as if to say yes it cannot only serve but are going on what they're being funded.
9:00 pm
this is. those mixed messages from north korea despite promises that it seems they're building missiles again u.s. spy satellites ever spotted renewed activity at a missile saw what does this mean for kim jong un's commitment to denuclearize the korean finance we'll get reaction from washington also coming up the city the islamic state turned into a ghost town since in northern iraq was liberated three years ago but only a fraction of the scene.


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