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major power in the middle east. iran's influence continues to grow politically economically and above all militarily. does iran truly want peace. the country's opponents have their doubts to isolate. iran from theocracy regional superpower status of august attack on d w. i the welcome to another edition of euro max here's what we've got coming up for you today. in dream destination discovering a european lifestyle under the caribbean something. lost from the past sweden is
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a pad gasland takes rocks at every green zone tool. and perfect photographing models with skin blemishes in color. first off we pack our bags and travel far away from the continent and this week series island dreams were showcasing europe's most interesting islands and today also takes us to the caribbean more specifically to the lesser antilles nowhere in the world britain france and the netherlands closer to the overseas territory of angua and the french dutch island of samar or since nothing so let's take a closer look at this island hopping experience with a twist. the
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plane touches down in dutch territory but seven thousand kilometers from amsterdam . this is sin to martin in the lesser antilles islands a sun worshippers paradox. since martin is part of the netherlands vacationers here can look forward to sun sand and duty free shopping. and they can pay in and truly enjoy in peak season up to ten cruise ships a day dock of the island just beyond the deep water port travellers can get a taste of amsterdam the cheese not the city. i always grew up with split of cheese on my sandwich with some jam for revolution or sweet assaulter good combination. hot sauce so that's why we also offer that sort of people taste a lot of people still want to come in. and they ask you it's hot sauce or cheese but why not try the i mean like. fifty different types of
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cheese. she grew up here and loves the diversity of cultural influences in the caribbean. this is. the majority of st martin's population are descended from african slaves and dutch colonialist added to the mix are the french who've been sharing the island's ninety square kilometers with the dutch since sixteen forty and. came here for salt because they needed salt for their herring industry so it was very important on the preservation of foods and we were a goldmine of salt and the french also needed their own stories of salt so we have salt on the front side of salt. they bought split in half in the side to live purposefully. trying from the dutch side to the french side the border is barely
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visible even from the year the somewhat larger french side is called sound after and unlike march and a real part of the european union. and then good for arrived eleven years ago she and her husband had originally set out to see the world on their sailboat but once they stopped off in some walk down they knew they'd found a new home. and all our flour comes from france to our butter to my husband makes everything by hand with no artificial color but are baked goods are made only according to traditional recipe. that one was to. the customers who are every bit as demanding as in paris the baker says and they paid in euros. means that the fifth ministration here is french but how can i put it we have something caribbean in us to. just see.
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this is the culture of the end to me it's a blend of the caribbean and europe. that's a blend that elsewhere in the lesser antilles includes the british too just a twenty minute boat ride away is. a population of nearly fifteen thousand its deserted beach is an excellent snorkelling make it a hot tip among travellers to this corner of europe and the kennedy end. i never saw him walk playing five week old. fire in and grill out the legal tender is the east caribbean dollar bearing a portrait of the queen today the former colony is a british overseas territory representatives of the crown take care of foreign financial and domestic security policies. there's a lot of cricket and there's
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a lot of football on the island. there's a lot of. traditional british good morning good afternoon old fashion respect ladies wearing hats to church on the day a lot of that still exists. as does british food a fresh lobster doesn't tickle your palate traditional british roast beef and yorkshire pudding are available right on the beach. clearly came to the island with their parents over thirty years ago. the way that we serve our food almost like you eating at grandma's house like you saw how the beef came out it's just we want you to be like grandma beating you up play a. british beef dutch beer and parisian style. under the caribbean sun.
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so plenty of people from europe and around the world call those islands that home but we'd like to know what you'd take with you if you were cost away to an uninhabited desert island all alone with no multicultural crowd to keep you company send us a picture of yourself with a luxury item that would brighten up your stay whether that's a person or an object just upload it to slash lifestyle where you can also find yesterday's installment of a series now we return to the european mainland and take to the skies in our euro max express. from around the world are in italy for this year's teano international balloon challenge cup. one thousand nine hundred. with one thousand bottles of local wine
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up for grabs this is the fourth edition of the balloon challenge. last in fifteen days it ends on the fifth. paris is testing cooling benches in public streets and squares are designed to give pedestrian some relief from the continuing heat wave the benches are connected to an underground system of pipes that convey water from the river center buildings are also benefiting from the cooling system for the past few weeks many parts of europe have been sweltering under temperatures of thirty degrees celsius or more. forecasters expect more hot weather in the days to come. from producer artur broner turns one hundred years old on wednesday he was arguably the most influential figure in west germany as post-war cinema history founded in
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one nine hundred forty six his production company released a series of big screen it's he also made a special commitment to films dealing with the holocaust and the nazi era. galleries to be held in our two a bronze honor in berlin on september the. music and the return of an iconic band from the late eighty's and early ninety's the swedish pop duo rock set scored international hits with songs like it must have been love one half of the double act singer songwriter perry will be taking their biggest hits back onto the stage this time without his long standing partner the fred dixon following a successful battle with cancer doctors advised against a tool but just as music lives on. it must have been like the speech in the movie pretty well
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a lot has happened since then. most of. this wholesome flow will be taking a rock set on tool sadly without seeing frederick's on but fans will be disappointed in the sense. i think they're going to have a blast if they like rocks at songs because it's going to be lots of upset songs and rock set to release sixty two singles in our career and lots of them were hits and we're going to play lots of hits we're also going to play a few of the other songs i think it's. it's got to be magic i'm sure hope so anyway. rocks at all yet another up for success story to hail from scandinavia. sweetens biggest exporters of hit songs off to
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a. healthy bank balance and a string of. mean parents can afford a relaxed approach to work these things he doesn't feel any pressure to match old successes. no i don't at all i think it's every time of your life you know there's a season to everything you know and i can't really it will be that doesn't mean that i might not have a hit record in the in the future i might have that but it is not going to sound like the look you know because i look belongs tonight. so i don't feel any pressure and i think also the music industry in itself has changed so much since since we had our heydays you know we were. we worked our asses off for eight years you know night in eighty eight to ninety ninety five that was a hit. heydays of upset and that's a very long time eight years is just as long as long as the beatles existed you
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know it's an atheist. rock set with my real frederick's on unpaired guess where we're successful thirty years off of the time of the millennium however the jewels fortunes took her through turn for the words in two thousand and two to sing a maori fredrick song was diagnosed with a brain tumor. has always played with all the brands besides rucksacks and pursued a solo career. and. playing with. his latest album is jude for release in september. it started out. as a swedish album in swedish. and the idea for that album came. because mary told me that she had had to stop working with books at like in
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february two thousand and sixteen. which was sad of course but it was expected at the same time you know what she she worked overtime so to speak the last ten years we were upset. so i decided early on that the next project i'm going to do should be something very different from rocks at. him amory frederick suntanned sixty she's doing well given the circumstances but not well enough to go back on stage so she'll be rooting for pan and his solo of parents is away from the spotlight. well all of us here max and very best wishes now we move on to photography and an artist came to examine beauty standards hide a planet from cologne chooses the models for pictures based on their uniqueness portraits show children teens and adults that have birthmarks or pigment disorders
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in hopes to encourage people from hiding so-called cosmetic flaws the result is a captivating photo series so we met her and one of the models for a look behind the scenes. one last look in the mirror and félix dawna is good to go. a young man takes care of his appearance in his case or somewhat distinctive appearance he was born with a port wine stand today he's in hiding primary studio to have some new photos taken with his face as the primary focus. for the past five years had a problem there has been taking photos of people with genetic idiosyncrasies as she calls them so far she's recruited thirty subjects for the project each of them with a conspicuous facial feature and no qualms about displaying it in public.
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takes was one of her first models. i had outmost. hider approached me back then on the subway i was waiting for my train and she came over and asked if i'd like to do some photos. she told me she was doing a series and found my stain interesting if this this estimate as you meant it was the first time somebody wanted to take photos of it the few. you do often get people asking about it. whether it's a burnt or a bruise from a fist fight or. a go bag of using bell does or in fact it's just excess blood vessels which is a good professor and it doesn't really bother me that woods west around three in a thousand people are born with a port wine stain or fire mark the capillary malformation is in most cases physically harmless nevertheless many parents decide to have their child stain removed phoenix dawna still has here's mine it's one hundred stomachs off. my
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parents took the advice of a pediatrician and started the process of having it removed when i was four or so. since five when i was maybe ten or twelve i said we didn't need to carry on but. and that i'd rather have the stain than the later treatment yet some people have tattoos and in my case i have a natural one on my face that was the height of program uses an analog camera and so it often takes a few days for her to tell how the photos have turned out she only touches up a photo when the negative has a scratch or a speck of dust on it this series she hopes will show how much appearances can define the individual and how they're perceived. in the flag was what i wanted to explore and what i found interesting was how frequently that one distinctive feature on someone's face now draws all the attention. because my series the woman with the stain on her face has become
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a kind of synonym of the foam at the end it's about this woman with this stain and everything else is secondary and then there's the issue of how you deal with it when it's always visible. furnitures new photo will be set to a blue backdrop blue stands for serenity which is exactly what felix exudes in high deploying his photo. now we're back to the topic of music plenty of songs have been written about lovers and heartbreak but many are dedicated to a special place for instance over thirty thousand chews have been composed about new york which takes the on a as the most crooned about city in the world but of course european cities can claim a few serenades to. five year appeal in cities that you maybe did not know are featured in countless songs. many of the songs written in tribute to mainland
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site its beauty and glamour. but as well as being a fashion hub milan is also a center of music and home to two top soccer teams so plenty of reasons to sing its praises too thought on a piece you need. to do. with three thousand eight hundred fifty four songs it's number five on honest. germans either love but then all they hate it's. the measure of the bell in the say their city combi beat but with six thousand two
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hundred sixty seven songs berlin only ranks full. rome the eternal city anyone who's been there long three times it has inspired many so. it's about its charm and its lifestyle blood all over elvis presley paid his own tribute song with him move all. the italian capital has racked up eleven thousand eight hundred fifty nine songs to date earning it their place in our rankings. the tunnel. on next city has been
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home to countless world famous bands an artists over the years little wonder then that they've sometimes penned lyrics about the place london born adele broke this tribute. down. country born ed sheeran needed time for climate ties to the big city. and the quds means stranger. than. all. the british capital is featured in fourteen thousand eight hundred in five songs but that only makes it our runner up. not. melancholic and romantic it is pay off left her
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native paris as did jazz legend ella fitzgerald. man. number one with twenty thousand and seven songs is paris. the city of light is also the city of romance. one man even some of the praises of a famous parisian street. as it is a. cold city is it. now bloggers have taken you tube by storm in the last few years with young creators using the platform to showcase their talents online but they're not all in their teens and twenty's monica folks who hails from the north german city of hamburg is a passionate chef and that eighty certainly well above the average age compared to
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a contemporaries like any granny she has her own signature dishes has helped her out by holding the camera when she starts cooking in the kitchen including my absolute favorite dip. has. three minutes to go until monica folks begin serving next to project. her look at the tender age of eighty. make every mistake imaginable her son mountain is helping out as assistant chef cameramen and director. yes. today we're making bubba good news an appetizer known as amazing. in this case an eggplant puree from lebannon the preparation time is normally thirty minutes but today it'll probably take several hours from the looks pretty good.
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that you know me and i was happily jabbering away and we had no sound time. that morning your folks posted her first video online three months ago and the response has been overwhelming. contacted forms and there are comments such as i love you i want to marry you the way to a man's heart is through his stomach i've not had a single comment saying what's that old lady up to she can't cook that's something i dread when her sight in boca was a smash hit her nine grandchildren also approved once they found out new members this no that new until we suddenly blurted it out one day the whole family was shocked white martin and momo that's me it was a huge surprise and we were grinning from ear to ear it was a hush no or and the on the tray cleansed from chicken breast with tomato congress
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satyr liver pad day and apple crumble if you can conjure up any dish. is roman dialect ford jump into the mouth monica folks has been a passionate cook for decades every friday she invited strangers into or living room restaurant in hamburg she's always kept a recipe secret until now. with this fact i now present the award winning giants nissel dinner is served to get me there are a couple of humdingers that i haven't been revealing people email me to ask when i'm doing such and such all in good time. she shoots a new video every week. look at the difference. he doesn't have michelle for and when i'm worn out and have to carry my bones around in a bag and then i'll go back to writing and it's something i did for years with
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a passion i did and you can do it lying down. on disk. but not yet with her cooking career far from over a dozen packets and there we go up on the public a newish and old classic amazing enemies dinner is served. well i have to take a closer look at that recipe online later you can also find plenty more your remarks online on our facebook and instagram pages d.w. max that's all we have time for today but i'll see you tomorrow for another edition of your marx featuring another paradise island a cleansing more european lifestyle and culture until then thanks for joining us live from no. next time on your own minds spent knocking on his or german computer scientist but he's become an internet sensation with his dance videos he calls his style camino
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sweet and is now in demand for t.v. commercials in italy is fans even recognizing him on the street the buy rolls dancer next time i'm here i'm max.
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the. odds. the ball around the b.m.w. small business esteban to drive the best deal is the focus more as school cheers the
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alice. once a. place holds a call to change heads up the food is consumed. by. play. people put big dreams on the big screen. movie magazine on the w. we make up oh but we watch as all the under budget we are the seven seven percent. want to shape the continent's future to. be part of africa youngsters testing share their stories their dreams and their challengers. to seventy seven percent to eat a platform for africa. must.
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be open air festival in northern germany. talking metal backing just dozens of newcomers from the i. w f complex for her life to. fucking open air to how to take charge of your circle tellin the company. facebook says it's uncovered sophisticated efforts to influence us politics on its platforms it says it's removed thirty two pages of accounts from facebook and instagram that believed to have been aimed at influencing the u.s. midterms in november the company says it doesn't yet know who may be behind the pages but u.s. intelligence services accuse rusher of tampering in the twenty sixteen election
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denied involvement. the white house is playing down a report by the washington post that said to us.


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