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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2018 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin in zimbabwe the long ruling zanu p.f. party has declared the winner of parliamentary elections still no word on the winner of the presidential poll but the opposition movement for democratic change is already accusing xenophobia of stealing the election. reuniting refugees with their families here in germany as of today some refugees will be able to apply to bring their loved ones into the country but there's a catch. facebook says it has uncovered a new plot to influence u.s. mid-term elections in november and that the people behind it all gone to great
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lengths to hide their identity. and as temperatures hit new highs in europe we find out what people are doing to cool down and we ask if climate change is to blame for the extreme weather. i'm going to have you with us two days after historic elections in zimbabwe the country's electoral commission says the ruling zanu p.f. party has won the most seats in parliament now partial results show zanu p.f. has picked up one hundred ninety seats in the nation's two hundred ten member assembly that's compared to just forty one for the opposition movement for democratic change or m.d.c. the remaining seats have yet to be announced along with the victor of the country's presidential poll monday's vote was the first since robert mugabe was ousted after thirty seven years in power. and let's bring in detroit news melanie de ball she's
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covering the election for us from zimbabwe from harare there nonny good to see what zanu p.f. saying about these results. of has not come out yet with an official statement but of course you can imagine that they must be very happy to have the hundred and nine seats effie's as you said in parliament they'll be more results coming out so we can expect them to get even more seats which means for them they'll be the ones doing the policy making and of course this is also an indicator on who is gone away in the presidency right now it looks like emerson monica will continue running the country we don't have the final results of that yet of course we'll have to wait a few more days but that will keep you updated on the square and melanie you know what about the opposition the m.d.c. has accused the zanu p.f. of stealing the selection will they accept these results now that the electoral commission has spoken. it looks really likely they will
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not accept the results they have actually taken the streets yesterday during the day and in the evening together with their supporters claiming victory we think that to me says still seems obvious he's pretending to be confident that he will be able to win the presidency we can tell that yes it looks like from the votes from the national assembly that amazon back will win the presidency but the m.d.c. might not accept that result as you've seen with with them going on the streets yesterday it will be a difficult process for them though going to the courts and fighting the result and melanie one can we expect results on the presidential election. in the constitution says they have to let us know by it's saturday five days after the vote has been caused but the results are trickling in faster than a lot of the journey. thinking here so we could already know the next president
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maybe later today or tomorrow did he use melanie crow reporting for us from harare moni thank you very much. now to a change in germany's immigration laws that set to take effect today starting today some refugees can apply to bring their immediate relatives to the country in two thousand and sixteen the german government suspended family reunification to slow down the number of migrants arriving here now what is left of that cap we need a syrian refugee who hopes that the new ruling will reunite him with his wife and daughter. needs are a lot more last look his wife and daughter in the eyes in august twenty fifteen allow our is a lawyer his name is on the syrian government blacklist he had no choice but to flee. or if i know my daughter but she doesn't know me she calls me uncle or by first name is. his daughter
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was two months old when he fled back then they started not realize it would be the last time they were together for many years he wasn't able to take much with him when he left this precious photo with his daughter his wedding portrait a photo of his home village from syria he fled to turkey and from there he went by boat to greece then along the balkan route. in september twenty fifteen here in germany he has called his wife every day since they parted and every day she has sent him a picture of their daughter. he wants his wife and daughter to join him in germany but in march of twenty sixteen the german government stopped allowing refugees to bring their families into the country. and it's hard to describe that your daughter is growing up without you. it's pretty
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painful. only those who've been through themselves know how bad it is about people's families. and these are has long been waiting for the rules to change again he hopes his wife will be given an appointment at the german embassy in lebanon this month these are things that might help that he's attended all his german classes and integrated well. i have my wife and my daughter can come. on that my daughter complained here. during the long waiting period i made a great become integrated here. i worked for one year as a security guard and i believe that my family and i can become well integrated here and these are our longs to see his family again but he's worried about how much longer it might take he's waited three years and it's still unclear when they'll be
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reunited. and we have our political correspondent kate brady with us to tell us more about this change hi kay thank you for joining us who is this going to apply to all largely this is going to affect many syrian refugees who have basically if they sing please anyone who has in germany is described as subsidiary protection and that means basically anyone who for any asylum seekers who fall short of being granted full asylum so and. indefinite stay in germany so usually this is asylum seekers who are fleeing civil war for example one of the this has caused so much controversy in germany well this was a huge taken point earlier on in the year when the new government was trying to put together its new coalition and of course the conservatives were very much against the kind of increasing any more numbers of refugees arriving in germany and then of course between parties is still a few parts of issues of contention between the parties because this is going to
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really apply to people who can apply for it will be refugee spouses married minus parents of minors all of whom already have a relative living in germany who has already been granted subsidiary protection for the green party and the left for example they don't see this is going far enough for example the. exceptions that they don't include siblings so there are still some issues that have been decided upon between the parties are still going to become an issue it was not the only change in immigration rules to talk about kate because germany's also to open its first refugee holding facilities with several so-called anchor centers set to open in the state of bavaria this is part of the german interior minister horse a horse has disputed plans to reduce the number of migrants arriving here and these anchor centers as they've been dubbed are designed to speed up asylum processing the aim is for each case to be decided within eighteen months asylum seekers who
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claims are rejected would then be deported from the centers and critics say concentrating so many asylum seekers in one place could hinder and hinder rather integration and lead to unrest. so how much of this is actually a change in the way germany is treating asylum seekers who arrive here well so far silent seekers who are arriving in germany would be dealt with on a local level between. local authorities and the idea is now at least the main aim is to use these so-called and concentric centers to speed up that process so from now on in these seven senses which are opening today they can house up to fifteen hundred asylum seekers and the entire process will take place there so that will be their application when they first arrive a decision as to whether or not they will be granted asylum and then if they in that case they are granted asylum then they will also be directly deported from these centers as well and again the opposition parties have been critical why is
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that exactly it's really this question of many people have dubbed these so called and centers centers as being like a jail of course the people stay in that the asylum seekers are allowed to leave but they do have to live there and there are also concerns that this is really going to hinder integration of course in the meantime it can take up to eighteen months for an application to go through and then be granted and in the meantime of course there is that concern that these asylum seekers could have already been enrolled on a german course or kind of integration into local society and that's quite difficult when they're in these centers all right our political correspondent kate brady thank you for breaking down these changes to the immigration rules for us. now activists in denmark and denmark are planning to stage protests today against a new law banning muslim face veil sarnie cops the government says the cops prevent women from integrating into danish society but critics say the law violates a woman's right to express her identity we met one woman who says the ban is taking
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away her choice. than to man it's not just handing out flyers to fight for her faith twelve years ago she made the decision to bail her face but from now on she'll be breaking the law. i feel very disappointed i feel like i thought we lived in a free society where people can believe what they want and they can wear whatever they want as long as they don't hurt other people born in denmark and raced by turkish parents sarah and her fellow activists are complaining while they still can trying to win support for a demonstration and they're getting that support i think it's a violation of human rights just one other time when men are deciding what women are supposed to be wearing i think you kind of pushing them or away from society and it's important that. you accept that there there's like a cultural difference in parliament sara has an appointment with one of the
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initiators of the ben metz for leader of the governing liberal party is convinced that the cop has to be prohibited even though fewer than two hundred women are affected they find no middle ground. you're very ignorant about how you can share we are all over the loss of this as i'm saying we don't why i'm saying we love it why we need to electroplate against the values i'm saying we live in denmark it's very sad in denmark we have the freedom of religion. the discussion escalates into an argument formats the kneecaps stance for the oppression of women that's why he thinks it should be banned. because the chap on the garments of that thought all instruments. to an end and that end is so for control of women and the not of occasion of the female gender and we
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want to fight that the ban on face coverings is one of several laws the government says it has introduced to integrate immigrants some critics say it will only divide society further and in the end to veils are rarely seen in the streets of denmark. sero describes the makeup as a sign of religious humility but if she remains faithful to her believes she faces a difficult future in denmark her ideal of religious freedom. within her own four walls. now to some other stories making headlines around the world a passenger plane has crashed during takeoff in northern mexico authorities say all one hundred three people on board survived but dozens are injured some of them seriously local authorities say a gust of wind hit the aircraft as it took off during a heavy storm causing it to speed and hit the ground. blueprints for three d. guns will no longer be made available online in the united states that's after a u.s. judge blocked their publication and
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a last minute ruling the documents demonstrate how to make untraceable printed plastic guns the ruling reverses the decision by the trump administration that had permitted their release and more funerals have been held today for the victims of greece's wildfires famous greek actor presets for the o.t. and her husband demetrius true enough about these were among those killed one flames ravaged the seaside town of just over a week ago the blaze claimed the lives of at least ninety one people. facebook has uncovered what it says is a quote native campaign to influence u.s. mid-term elections in november the company says it has removed more than thirty pages it says aimed to mislead users facebook stopped short of identifying the source of the misinformation in february the u.s. justice department indicted thirteen russian nationals for interfering in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election. we don't want people or organizations treating networks of
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a kind to mislead others about who they are or what they are doing that was just part of facebook statement as the company confirmed it had removed thirty two pages and a kind involved in coordinated behavior. this media giant said some of their activity was consistent with that of the russia based internet research agency a so-called true farm which managed many false accounts and reach more than one hundred twenty six million americans during the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election campaign the vice president is adamant that should not be repeated. any attempt to interfere in our elections is an affront to our democracy it will not be allowed. the united states of america will not tolerate any foreign interference in our elections from any nation state not from russia china iran north korea or anyone else this time around facebook said the fake pages went to
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much greater lengths to conceal their identities their coordinated campaign of dissent from ation comes just months ahead of the u.s. military. president trump himself has said he is very concerned that russia will be fighting very hard to have an impact on the vote facebook admits the investigation is still in its early stages going so far as to say we don't have all the facts including on who may be behind this latest breach. staying with the u.s. mid-term elections and voters in several u.s. states have been choosing candidates to run in the poll in november this year there's a record number of female contenders as claire richardson caught up with one who's also a native american. she's a single mother who once lived off food stamps now deb holland looks set to go from the banks of the rio grande day in new mexico to the halls of the house of representatives. holland is on course to become the first native american woman to
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serve in the u.s. congress after this year's elections and she wants to help others like her do the same as far as i'm concerned if i want native women or women of color to run to be willing to help them get out there a record number of both women and native americans are running for office across the country pauline supporters want her to fight against the long history of persecution of american indians and the racism they still face today so it's a real thing it's not just a made up story it's happening all over our country as a member of the laguna pueblo tribe hall in hopes to set an example for future generations and to fight for more representation in u.s. politics when i think about you know our young native women these two beautiful young girls here who maybe in their lifetime will actually see a native woman in the congress where you know someone like me there was no one that i could. go to to say how did you do it and how you know how can we make this
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happen she's campaigning to help wrest power away from the republican controlled congress part of a wave of minority candidates who have felt insulted and marginalized by the u.s. president and who are seeking office in response number one question i get asked is . when you vote. i think. and so i think if we win back the house we have an opportunity to hold the republicans feet to the fire right because we'll be in the majority. in a strongly democratic district holland is likely to beat out her challengers in november she already won her primary by running a progressive campaign focused on issues like renewable energy protections for immigrants and legalizing marijuana. in these trying times for democrats she's hoping to make history. ok garrett is here with business now and you have the trade
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climate between berlin and beijing is getting rough that's true last week the german government blocked the sale of a stake in one of its grid operators to a chinese company citing national security concerns now another chinese company has dropped its bid for german to make a life it after it looked like a veto from the german government was imminent. life which produces materials used in the auto and aerospace industries now plans to float a majority stake in the company instead of selling to chinese firmian time a government veto of the deal had been widely expected that was the recommendation of the german economy ministry following a months long review. only last week the german government prevented china's state grid corp from taking a twenty percent holding in electricity grid operator fifty hurts the german state don't care if w. bank bought the stake instead berlin was uneasy about handing a major chinese investor some control over the country's power grid some analysts
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say that hindering outside acquisitions could backfire on germany whose companies want access to chinese markets. since the delhi came to the top the. front of our home but we do guess that our government is acting very responsible but at the same time respect that there is a high needs earth for having open markets. for having good relations with china. the government says it decides each takeover case on its own merits but its chinese acquisitions that have received special scrutiny. united states is considering a twenty five percent tariff on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports after initially setting them a ten percent the aim is to increase pressure on beijing so that they return to the negotiating table sources told the bloomberg news agency the tax would apply to chinese products like clothes bicycle bicycles baseball gloves and furniture some
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economists believe the cost increases will be passed on to american consumers critics fear the proposed terrify cuts could backfire and escalate the dispute between the world's two biggest economies. companies listed in asia that supply parts to apple glowed in early trading on wednesday after the i phone maker smashed expectations with a seventeen percent year on year jump in revenues apple also helped to give a boost to the dow just after the closing bell on tuesday apple reported third quarter results topping expectations with profit of eleven and a half. billion dollars it sold few of its i phones than full cost but they were mostly the pricey aversions with an average selling price of more than seven hundred dollars the world's most valuable tech company also full cost revenues of more than sixty billion dollars for its fourth quarter. quick check on the markets
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with frankfurt. how did investors in europe take in the apple figures. heard that was good news for investors in europe they took a fresh bite at apple here especially after the tech worries that created sort of fears among investors last week and also early this week so now that mood is starting to change apple was up this morning here in from frankfurt and across europe and there the results once again show that fans will stick with apple no matter if it raises the prices so we may be seeing more expensive phones more phones over a thousand dollars coming up but is it all cheers or are the slowing sales which are a reason to worry. of course there is a limit to the smartphone market you know saturation level is close and the
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competition isn't asleep just now in over seven years it's the first time that it's not samsung and apple who are top in selling smartphones but who are way has actually surpassed apple in sales numbers and it's let me see fifty four million. who are way phones versus forty one million i phones that does go to show new ideas in this smartphone market especially from leaders like apple and samsung if they want to stay up to the competition coming from china. falco some brits in france for that thank you very much for this analysis. the heat wave here in northern europe is expected to continue in the coming weeks as the temperatures saw those gale what happens if you have to carry on working in the heat the w.'s for porter on the shelf north went to the streets of berlin for
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some advice. and has been sweltering for weeks until the moment it reaches record highs everyone here is nothing to get the heat. it's thirty million degrees here now in these temperatures all you want to do is find a way to cool down but what if you find a job that means you could escape the heat. we asked three people with the hottest jobs in the capital. as a champion i just took the temperature here and it's off the scale how does it get here to stand here we're not out if we get up two hundred eighty degrees and how do you survive as he does here by drinking a lot of thinking cool thoughts and you're just getting used to it so it doesn't mean.
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i'm trying sausages how do you cope in these temperatures based saying to yourself that it's minus twenty four degrees it's all in the head yeah it's all in the head absolutely definitely like the men who do that it's it's cool it's cold it's cold. doesn't that what idea works for me and really this is are you going to go right now i'm at the north pole i'm a lot of people still want to use the current system is he could say oh well look you can see if you would present. as a as a fun and you're used to high temperatures right but you still suffer in this heat . oh absolutely but we have the fire department we're normally used to high temperatures for short periods of time when we battle a blaze but constantly having thirty seven degrees for several hours also affects us even when we wear these clothes which would normally protect us this can
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sometimes get on your nerves we sweat and we can only get our fluid levels back by regularly drinking a lot as well as getting some shade if we're an action on site and also regularly taking off our protective gear. he says anyone able to find a cool place in the capital these days should count themselves enough. for a c. summer spot from the dry weather in the form of to run so rain comes with its own problems but the residence off said i won't be stopped by a little water this is the central railway station and looks like i'm off to the right. of the trains kept running to get to the platforms flippers and rubber wings were the best mode of transport. stocks on it i have a room out of three of the top stories we're following as t.w.
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the long morning zanu p.f. party has won parliamentary elections in zimbabwe partial results so they secured nine seats in the nations two hundred and ten members but compared to forty one for the opposition movement for democratic change results of the presidential poll have yet to be announced. of herschel new rules come into effect in germany today allowing certain groups of refugees to apply to bring birth families into the country family reunifications have been suspended for two years in a bid to curb new arrivals issue has caused some tension in the german government. and that's if you're up to date you're watching v.w. news there's more news coming up the top off the theology thank you very much for watching five.
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good. land a commodity covered reminded me jewels and business. regulators around to reap profit. and space becomes increasingly scarce. and the global competition for precious resources. made in germany next. europe
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is under pressure. here it is facing many challenges from the outside weak are also toys and wish the refugees a good journey to europe and from the inside politics challenge first that's materializing a slogan. in disputing threatening the european news. europe's flashpoints. close up in forty five minutes fifty w. . just couldn't get this song out of his head. the colleges began searching for the source of this captivating south. and central africa. by their culture the state. only a promise to his son to leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass
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jungle of new york. the result rivers culture shock. the crews with. from the forest stars august night d w. the exploitation and depletion of our planet's lads the race is on for every head to produce food create space the lives at work sometimes.


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