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gusmao much and i will. detail. this is news coming to you live from berlin the long ruling center p.f. party wins parliamentary elections in zimbabwe but the opposition movement for democratic change are questioning the results they're accusing senator p.f. of stealing the election e.u. servers are also raising questions of the poll also coming up the new gateway to europe with other routes cut off refugees are now turning to the strait of
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gibraltar to reach the continent and that's causing problems for spain. and in athletics we look ahead to the beijing games later this month where a young sprinter is seeking another gold after becoming a hero in his native into the ship. well i'm terry marks and thanks for joining us two days after historic elections in zimbabwe the country's electoral commission says the ruling senate party has won the most seats in parliament right now the commission is reading out the election results seat by seat and senate p.f. is poised to take a two thirds majority opposition supporters have gathered outside the electoral commission offices in harare they say the senate is trying to recruit a vote by delaying the election results even election observers say they have
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serious concerns about the bar. our correspondent melanie curry the ball is in zimbabwe covering the elections for us she joins us now from the capital harare melanie observers just gave an assessment of the election what did they say. well they have been more critical and then the observers that i was listening to this morning from different african countries e.u. people actually have quite strong statements and to give you an assessment in passing here with me is elmar brok the head of the observing mission to zimbabwe of the u. i'm a broken you tell me what is your assessment of this election first of all it was. much better than any other election this country before it was free complaining freedom of expression but a lot of shortcomings in favor of the ruling party financing state media
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intimidation and in the proper clothes specially in the countryside and such question until suddenly of in transparency and printing the belo cheats the voters rolls and all socialists how grave was it what happened is it but if it was not a fair election does the m.d.c. have grounds to challenge the result book if the result for the presidential election might be fifty point five to forty point four to nine point five and then does a lack of credibility especially not the possibility of. traceability of the voting pro drugs gone to the polling station but all the parties had signs the results and i think there's a lack of that are you expecting the presidential result to be considerably different from the parliamentary one than the derby consider a different because both presidential elections as well as
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a two person race most of the parties didn't get a vote in the parliamentary elections so opposed to fall apart in many many different parties because you have here is into system both for those processes to oppose you convene because forty percent of the votes the vast majority of seats in parliament. so you saying these elections i accept all of a cannot be accepted that we have to see impaired the old shortcoming has overruled at the end of a day of sort of to move on to the case of the spirit you have covered over food reputed to have the county puts it at the end of the day. but anybody can say it was a huge progress after the two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and eight elections thank you so much emma brooke so as you've had a major of progress and still considerable shortcomings well have to see if these election can have results can be accepted the way that they have come out so far so melanie as you point out their shortcomings have been identified by the e.u.
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observers in this election the opposition are already voicing their discontent is there any indication yet whether of the main opposition party the m.d.c. will accept the results announced by the commission. it looks very likely that they will not accept their results we have been seeing clashes on the streets between police and m.d.c. supporters and you see supporters went out on the streets last night already claiming victory and we've been seeing chamisa on social media saying that he will be the president of zimbabwe so we can expect the tensions to rise and see further demonstrations here in the country now we're still waiting for the presidential the results of the presidential election to be announced melanie any idea when those results will come through. difficult to say the we are
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supposed to know at the latest by saturday but that's what it says in the constitution but right now we've been hearing that there will be some results trickling in we expect them not to be the final presidential results but they will be told constituency by constituency who the people have voted for so the result could be out considerably today and of course we'll keep you posted on that melanie thank you so much for now d.w. correspondent melanie core of the ball there in horary. let's check on some other stories making headlines around the world facebook has uncovered what it says is a coordinated campaign to influence u.s. mid-term elections in november the company has removed dozens of pages it says aim to mislead users facebook did not identify who created the pages but said some activity was consistent with that of a russian agency accused of meddling in the twenty sixteen election. a ban on
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full face bails has come into force in denmark the government says face covering garments like the new company burka prevent women from integrating into danish society several other european countries of instituted similar bans some danes are planning to defy the new law. authorities say all one hundred three passengers aboard a plane that crashed tuesday in northern mexico have sorbonne the plane took off in stormy weather and reportedly went down after being hit by a strong wind gust crash dozens injured but authorities said most people were not seriously hurt. and blueprints for three d. guns will not be made available online in the united states that's for a us judge blow their publication in a last minute ruling the blueprints demonstrate how to make traceable printed plastic. the ruling reverses a decision by the troubled ministration that would have permitted their release.
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migrants are increasingly using spain as a gateway to europe they're travelling the short distance by boat through the strait of gibraltar from. the spanish coast guard rescued nearly a thousand migrants last weekend alone refugees are choosing this route as other countries such as italy crack down on arrivals correspondent marcus burnished reports from southern spain. rescue teams have just pulled another twenty one people from the strait of gibraltar off southern spain they consider this a slow day compared to most but these twenty one rivals present a problem for spain the maritime rescue service wants to take these migrants to the nearest port but the port refused permission a common occurrence. over the course of the entire past year we've rescued sixteen thousand people but this year
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after just seven months the number has already climbed to twenty two thousand. or so. the ship carrying the rescued migrants docked at the nearby port interest instead but the situation there is no better the migrants had been stuck on the ship for days now there on land looking for shady places to rest. a few kilometers away jose antonio gomez is waiting for the daily food delivery more than six hundred rescued people were brought to this gym over the weekend. they called us on saturday and then the people came they were simply too many of them. local authorities are responsible for looking after those arriving the church has prepared food volunteers are helping out but people are getting impatient.
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when we aren't eating well we don't have a proper place to sleep to aren't enough toilets and we can't call our families to reassure them that we're still alive. spanish authorities are overwhelmed after talking to migrants it's clear that the strait of gibraltar is gaining in popularity as a crossing point. i was going from ivory coast to libya but they told me that morocco would be a better idea. by refugees and want to go to spain before they chose libya or italy but that is close i was just thirteen kilometers live between africa and europe at spain southernmost tip the country once again has become the gateway to europe for thousands of migrants. now do a major change in the way germany deals with asylum seekers the southern state a barrier has open controversial rapid processing centers for migrants so-called anchor setters are part of interior minister whole say hope is disputed plans to
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reduce the number of migrants arriving in the country the government says the centers are designed to speed up the sort of processing the aim is for each case to be decided within eighteen months asylum seekers whose claims are rejected would then be deported from the centers critics say concentrating so many asylum seekers in one place could hinder integration and lead to a rest. well to help put this in perspective we're joined by political correspondent kate brady so tell us kate how much of a change do these centers represent in the way that germany deals with asylum seekers well the sense is quite literally put the entire asylum application process at least at the moment but the area under one roof says the registration the application and the final decision to grant asylum or not and the authority is saying that that aim at least of the senses is to speed up the application. in process for asylum because there are also concerns particularly when it comes to
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day to life or side them seek as he will be living in the center of course they are allowed to move around the area but they're not allowed to come and go as they please so there has been some criticism with some people comparing these centers to jail or even detentions and so these centers right now are only in bavaria they are the brainchild of the bavarian in the federal interior minister of the last host city hall for any chance briefly if you can of these centers being replayed elsewhere in germany or in the e.u. that well this is a pilot scheme that's expected to last around six months and there's been very little interest from other german states at the moment and it's even been touted in brussels as a possible measure across the european union but that some of the biggest criticism has come from this concern that the census will actually hinder integration for asylum seekers of course time spent at the center this time that could have been
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spent in german society and learning german for example kate thank you so much t.w. political correspondent kate brady. but it was here in northern europe shows no sign of abating in germany the hot weather is having a dramatic impact on farming many harvests have been completely wiped out now scientists are experimenting with new ways of making crops more resistant to heat over summer reports. a sad sight meets the eye across germany this year's old crop is only half the height it should be and we are everywhere. here in the district of brandenburg measuring stations on test fields show that there is not been this little rain since one thousand nine hundred eighty six and once again farmers have to figure out how to deal with the unexpected extreme weather. agricultural landscape. uses tried and tested methods to find answers to this question solution.
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city. before sewing the experiment manager. in this field his goal was to buy nitrogen in the soil this resulted in the plants being more heat resistant which now benefits the crop. in principle we really. at least considering the weather we had this year. solution to. to prevent the soil of this mice field from drying out the scientists are experimented with mulch to keep the dirt moist. interspersed with organic matter mostly on the surface and that really protects against evaporation and that's the big advantage of this type of system we intervene as little as possible in the soil through the use of tillage solution
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three different varieties soybeans are not only heat resistant but also highly productive despite little water. in europe that will change soon if scientists have their way. plant because temperatures have risen continuously in recent years it is quite lucrative especially for farmers because they can generate a high revenue per ton. the problem for farmers however is not just higher temperatures finding a simple solution is difficult because the increasing stream weather fluctuations. the characteristics of the extreme situations differ greatly last year we were dealing with too much water. these are very different influences on the production systems. german farmers have to cope quickly with new situations every year but
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this summer all they can do is hope for a little rain. let's bring in sunny a dean from the environment sun you just saw how farms in germany are suffering under the current heat wave is it fair to generalize and say that industrialized farming has a problem dealing with extreme weather. i think it is fair to say as a broad statement that modern industrial farming is not prepared to deal with drought in these kinds of extreme weather circumstances it's designed to maximize profits and if you want to shift the farming system be to become more resilient that's really a very basic change that would happen from the bottom up and we saw some examples in a report of how farmers can make their crops more resilient or there are other techniques that could help as well. well a big one could be better information so access to predictive systems that can help
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farmers to plan better for when they plant when they harvest anticipate these kinds of extreme weather situations but beyond that i think it's important to mention not just adaptation but how farmers can also reduce their own carbon footprint through capturing carbon in soils through better managing animal waste through better use of fertilizers because reducing the climate reducing the temperature increase through climate change is a huge investment in the future in terms of reducing the impacts of climate change you know we're hearing a lot about global warming could drought become the new normal for many farmers. i posed the same question to the climate director of the f a o at the united nations food and agriculture organization and what he said is unfortunately variability is going to become the new normal so one year dryness and drought the
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next year heavy rainfall the next year health fall or extremely cold temperatures and maybe the next year a really great harvest so if the temperature were just going to increase by two degrees say and it were to become drier and hotter then farmers could prepare for that but it's really this unpredictability and variability that's going to hit them hard. what about the world's food supply if we're talking about industrial farming perhaps not being prepared to cope with these stream whether of that we need to be worried about our food supply. well when you look into the longer term in the years to come the decades to come the answer is yes that famines and food shortages could result as a result of this climate change induced extreme weather now if that's going to hit us here in europe or in industrialised countries united states we're much better protected because of the kind of wealth that the countries have they're more
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resilient they can manage these changes better when you think about the impacts and where in the world is going to happen it's going to be in these more vulnerable regions so areas that are already being hit by drought areas that are already marginal the hell parts of the middle east the horn of africa parts of asia those are really the areas that are at risk for food security as a result of climate change sunny thank you so much sunny dean there from d.w. environment and she was talking to us from our bond studios. an eighteen year old indonesian orphan has become a big can of hope for athletes in his homeland sprinter lalo muhammad sorry it went from virtual unknown to household name in a little over a year after winning the one hundred meters final at the under twenty world championships in finland now with the confidence a gold medal brings the story is gearing up for the asian games on home soil.
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while the. dedication to sprinting has earned him plenty year before it's already such as a handful of gold medals his latest success was at the world under twenty championships in finland he's the first indonesian ever to win any medal at the championships transforming him into a larger than life figure in the country. soon his new wooden house built by this state will be finished to quite net grade from his childhood home that had a roof made of bamboo and sticks living below the poverty line is common place in his village. now that same house is a museum motivating a multitude of fellow athletes. but one of the stories victory has inspired others not only us who are here but other athletes across indonesia making us want to become champions to. like many indonesian children playing football was
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a favorite pastime but his former sports teacher noticed his natural athletic ability early on. from the beginning i saw that this boy is very agile. and his posture and limbs are superior compared to his friends they only do that if i'm on something and this is what it was twenty thirteen. he wasn't this tall. but i knew he had talent. after two years of persuasion love to transfer to ma to ram sports school for formal training next up for indonesia's hope is the asian games starting mid august with another one hundred meter race to run. and i think the asian games will be tough because the competition is tight
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and i'm going against seniors who are more experienced and can finish the run under ten seconds. win or lose he's already a living legend in indonesia loudoun hommage story has plenty of track to run. the straight climate between berlin and beijing is getting rusty get hot that's right sorry last week the german government block the sale of a stake in one of its grid operators to china citing national security concerns now it's decided it has the power to veto a takeover of machine to make a life felt by a chinese investor if necessary that's what the government source told reuters china's young thai was a step ahead and dissipating rejection it actually dropped its takeover bid altogether. life which produces materials used in the auto and aerospace industries now plans to float a majority stake in the company instead of selling to chinese firmian time
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a government veto of the deal had been widely expected that was the recommendation of the german economy ministry following a months long review. only last week the german government prevented china's state grid corp from taking a twenty percent holding in electricity grid operator fifty hertz the german state own k f w bank bought the stake instead berlin was uneasy about handing a major chinese investor some control over the country's power grid some analysts say that hindering outside acquisitions could backfire on germany whose companies want access to chinese markets. sensitive to the deli trades at the top big. blow to our home but we do care that our government does it to very responsible but at the same time respect that there is tiny for having open markets. for having their good relations to time. the government says
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it decides each takeover case on its own merits but it's chinese acquisitions that have received special scrutiny. so in these smart phone maker why why just replaced apple as the number two small phone make a worldwide last quarter wall he sold slightly over fifty four million devices in comparison apple only sold forty one million it's been ways long term goal to surpass our own and claim the number two spot in smartphone sales the number one spot is still being some so so that a little more than seventy one million submittals the news arrives on the heels of apple approaching a market valuation of one trillion dollars. on the market with friends. power how important is that piece of news always take you know the number two spot how did they do it just by being cheaper. oh how important let me ask you in turn did you know who will weigh three years ago it's ok if you
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didn't because most people didn't and only three years ago hardly anyone knew the company now it's got fifteen percent of the market share it's kicked down apple to number three this is the first time it's not samsung and apple at the top and yes they are you know producing cheaper phones the phones all look the same today they're all block phones you know you can hardly tell the difference by just looking at them cameras are pretty good you know and even cheaper phone can do what most people need so that was a big advantage. for four way it specially it's on our brand was strong this quarter it shipped a lot of these phones to outside of china and so that helped events. published still a figure tuesday with smartphone sales stolen how does that make so much money then briefly if you can. it's by tying people to its brand universe you know first of all very expensive phones people bottom anyway second of all surprisingly smart
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watches and their inventory is here but they're also selling. fast that sector grew by sixty percent it's all within the apple universe and that's where apple is trying to keep its numbers. problems in frankfurt thank you. says it will plow five billion dollars into a chinese factory the first of its massive battery and car assembly plants to be built overseas a report from bloomberg also says tesla may raise some of the cash in china the news falls just ahead of tears those quarterly earnings reports due later investors have criticized the california based electric car maker for burning through cash and missing production deadlines just yesterday there were reports tesla was in talks with german authorities for european factories for. full saddam is earning more than ever before despite the diesel scandal and the costs involved the
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group of six point six billion euros doing the first top of this year that's two point one percent more than during the same period last year but the second half of this year could be difficult it could struggle to comply with new emission standards supplying in the use starting september thousands of already produced cars are currently waiting to be tested carmakers said terry of disputes could additional problems. and that's all your business here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you bob the opposition movement for democratic change is questioning the result of the parliamentary elections authorities say the long ruling zanu p.f. party has won a majority of seats in parliament the opposition says it will contest the results in court. and that's it for today you're watching news from berlin there's a more coming out of the top of the hour of course that's it from me and a whole new seam in berlin thank you very much for watching.
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