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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is g.w. news live from bird land at least one person is dead in zimbabwe following unrest after the country's election security forces clashed with protesters who say that the zanu p.f. parliamentary victory was fraudulent the country's authorization says they will challenge the results we'll have the latest from harare. also coming up in germany opens controversial new processing centers for asylum seekers they will fast track refugees applications and deport those who are rejected critics say they will deal
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a blow to integration efforts and europe's heat wave decimates crops we need german farmers preparing for a future of extreme weather. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program reports of unrest in zimbabwe at least one person is confirmed dead two days after historic elections riot police used water cannon and tear gas to disperse opposition supporters on the streets of the capital harare troops are also out in force and one report says that a man has been shocked at election observers from the european union and the united states have called for the results of the presidential election to be released as soon as possible to avoid further volatility the country's electoral commission says that the ruling zanu p.f. party has won the majority of seats in parliament. possibly as much as two thirds
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but the main opposition party the movement for democratic change has said that it will dispute the official results. let's bring in correspondent melanie cora deval who is standing by in zimbabwe covering these elections for us and she joins us now from the capital harare and you know melanie as we've just heard there are reports of police firing not only tear gas but also live ammunition to crowds there in the capital what more can you tell us sara the military is still very very present in the city center the situation has become a little bit calmer but people are still being gribben out of the center chased away by the military and by the police and throughout the day we've seen helicopters we've heard gunshots military tanks well on their way and people in the city center where the protests is where met with the via violence as well as reports of some of my fellow colleagues have been attacked by the military and the
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police they have had rifles pointed at them that were beaten up so the freedom of press was severely restraint today as well the opposition for their part they say that the reason why they're out on the street is because there is fraud in this election we know that the e.u. that they were there observing the vote and you've actually spoken with representatives what did they have to say. that's right i've been speaking to the head of the e.u. observing mission here in zimbabwe and he has been telling me that yes there has been some progress made especially when it comes to the lead up to the election the come pain it was quite peaceful the election day itself was to but speaking of the results and the process during the election day he had to say that yes there was some severe irregularities that the m.d.c. has has rights has grounds to claim the result not being as fair and
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transparent as it should have been when it comes to the ballot papers for example or access to the state media he also told me though that they have to wait they have to monitor all the post environment post election environment to come to a final but act now let's talk a little bit more about the vote because we know we've got the parliamentary election results here the presidential results though they are still outstanding at least officially given the tense atmosphere of melanie who has the upper hand and how much is at stake for the country. it's difficult to say who has the upper hand could see both candidates when it comes to the result of the parliamentary elections yes it looks like emma's mom will play in the presidency. has also been saying that he still believes he is going to make president and he has his supporters behind him who went on the streets today to claim victory well
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have to see but there is a lot at stake for the country if these elections deemed not fair and not transparent then zimbabwe faces isolation from the international community and of course the people in the country here or at least a big part of them will be saying that their vote was not that there that it was not a democratic election really and. have a really really hard time ruling the country if he wins melanie could the ball with the latest from harare thank you and we are joined now by a member of the opposition eddie cross is a retired legislator friends from zimbabwe's party movement for democratic change and we thank you so much for joining us this afternoon because we know that the opposition your party they are claiming fraud in this election as we've heard what evidence do they have. well i think the demand evidence is the
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simply the enormous majorities which have been secured by zanu p.f. throughout the country and this is very difficult to understand in the context of their competition an election which was extremely tight all the all the polls indicated a much closer race than what we've seen so out of here has secured more than a two thirds majority about two hundred sixty seats in the house of assembly m.d.c. has actually had a reduction in the number of seats they hold in the house was simply from about seventy to forty nine and i think this is this vast gap between what we saw at the beginning as being close before competition which could be won by either party to an overwhelming victory for one side as being simply not credible so how far and i think that the incompetence on the sick has not helped. at that
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that leads me to question how far is the party willing to go in its opposition to this result because i mean we've seen those images of people now out on the streets today violent scenes i mean. given that there's the potential for so much on rafts are you willing to go that far. i don't think this will be will be carried on i think off to today it will be either the incidents the soft noon why the army was deployed to have no idea the police were totally ineffective they stood on the sidelines they did absolutely nothing and and eventually the authorities caught in a unit of the army with with with armored vehicles i know that six people have been killed that's not one six i've actually seen the bodies and an order medic gunfire was used which is completely out of. order because the question
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of minimum force in a situation like this should have prevailed and the shooting don't know why the police riot squad it wasn't so i think a major error of judgment on the side of the on forces overreaction and i think that we're already the city is much quieter people are dispersed they'll go down now and i don't see any real protection tomorrow at across the tide legislator from zimbabwe's party movement for democratic change we thank you so much for joining us to share that perspective and what might come next we appreciate it. when i would get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world there has been an outbreak of the deadly disease of bola in the north kivu province of the democratic republic of congo twenty six cases have been reported and of those twenty have died just a week ago the congolese government declared that an outbreak of ebola in another part of the country was over. a ban on the full face veil has come into force in
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denmark the government says that face covering garments like the niqab in the burqa prevent women from integrating into danish society several other european countries have instituted similar bands some danes are planning to defy the new law and swedish police are on the hunt for two thieves who stole seventeenth century royal regalia from the cathedral near stockholm they say that they have received numerous tipoffs but have no firm leads the burglars are believed to have fled on bicycles that were found by a nearby lake but varia has become the first german state to open controversial new processing centers for refugees authorities want to hold asylum seekers there all their applications are being processed which can take up to eighteen months they will be to anyone who is rejected will be deported and critics say the system will get a wise new arrivals. for many refugees arriving in germany and future this
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is what home will look like this reception facility in a former u.s. army barracks in the bavarian city of bam bag is the model for the new refugee centers to be known as anchor centers the acronym anchor stands for a rival decision and return the key idea various departments which look at asylum applications will be together in one place migration agency labor office welfare or thora t. even the courts the claim is that will mean applications are dealt with more quickly as has the us with these centers the migration agency will in most cases be able to issue documents in three or three and a half months whether people are to be granted refugee status or rejected them this new approach is the latest chapter in germany's effort to deal with migration since the increase in the numbers fleeing to europe and the government's decision in twenty fifteen to open the borders the challenge of making migration on this scale
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work has become clear in many cases it has taken too long for people to find out whether they have a chance of staying in germany and that in turn has held up any chance of them finding a job or integrating into society. the residents of the anchor facilities will be able to leave to go shopping or for other reasons despite that critics say they have tantamount to deportation centers. the plan is to open these facilities all across germany or in most parts of the country that will lead to a massive worsening of conditions for asylum seekers bamberg currently holds around fourteen hundred migrants if things go smoothly similar centers may be opened in other parts of germany. well europe's heat wave shows no sign of abating here in germany the hot weather is having a dramatic impact on agriculture farmers have to deal with devastating effects on
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their crops and are looking at a possible future in which extreme weather is the norm. a sad sight meets the eye across germany this year's crop is only half the height it should be and weed are everywhere. here in the eastern state of brandenburg measuring stations on test fields show that there has not been this little rain since one nine hundred seventy six and once again farmers have to figure out how to deal with the unexpected extreme weather the libet center for agricultural landscape research and been should bear hughes's tried and tested methods to find answers to this question solution one is crop diversity before sowing the oats experiment manager. planted the look human loop in this field his goal was to find nitrogen in the soil this resulted in the plants being more heat resistant which
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now benefits the old crop thing. in principle we really do see the klee and grains which in my opinion are relatively well developed at least considering the weather we've had this year. solution to less evaporation to prevent the soil of this masefield from drying out the scientists are experimenting with mulch to keep the dirt moist. we have a mulch cover here the soil is interspersed with organic matter mostly on the surface and that really protects against the bath ration we intervene as little as possible in the soil through the use of tell a judge. solution three different varieties soya beans are not only heat resistant but also highly productive despite little water yet they are still rarely cultivated in europe but that will change soon if scientists have their way. in
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a loving plant and because temperatures have risen continuously in recent years it's quite lucrative especially for again it farmers because they can generate a high revenue per ton. but the problem for farmers is not just higher temperatures finding a simple solution is difficult because of the increasingly extreme weather fluctuations. in recent years we've seen that the characteristics of the extreme situations different grades last year we were dealing with too much water this year we're dealing with too little water these have very different influences on the production systems. german farmers have to cope quickly with new situations every year but this summer all they can do is hope for a little rain. now quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you here at g.w. well the east one person has died in clashes between security forces and protesters following zimbabwe's election the long grueling zanu p.f.
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party won a majority in parliament but the opposition says the poll was marred by fraud and that it will challenge the results. and with that you're up to date on d w news about the coming straight up and growing unease about chinese firms buying up german know how beneficial and has that story and a whole lot more after the break. from beethoven. his work goddess for truth. the munster entry. tovan strong twenty two. francs food. international gateway to the best connections in road and rail. located in.


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