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answer there joe you're wrong from. record stores on the street on d w. this is d w news live from berkeley and zimbabwe waits nervously for the results of its presidential election police sealed off the headquarters of the opposition party the movement for democratic change its leader says that he won the vote and the result is going break well have the latest from the capital harare. also coming up aides and their children here today just started attacking us even knew viciously my husband was lying dead in front of me and after that on lost consciousness for a moment we have an exclusive report on a series of attacks by far right gangs on the roma community and ukraine what is
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fueling the violence and a new report says that google is secretly working on a censored search engine for the chinese market the new google will lock controversial search terms and leave out certain websites from its search results. also on the program the new soccer season is around the corner here in europe and football clubs are trying out a new format for penalty shoot outs the system is called aba so will the winner take it all. the man. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program police in zimbabwe have sealed off the headquarters of the main opposition party and troops have cleared the streets of the capital harare it comes a day after protest over the disputed presidential election ended in violence the move again. the offices of the movement for democratic change came as its leader
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nelson chamisa claims that he won the presidential election and that the result was taking so long because it was being raped the electoral commission has now promised to declare the result tonight foreign governments and international organizations have called for calm and urged political leaders to show restraint. for more let's bring in do that you correspondent melanie corrida ball who is live in harare for us this afternoon and melanie as we just heard there the electoral commission said that the results would be released very soon what are you hearing well sarah constitutionally the electoral or commission hands above what has time until such a date to the release the results but because of the mounting pressure especially by the international observers after the violence yesterday we've been hearing that the electoral commission will release all stock releasing the results rather tonight at ten pm my personal emphasis will be on stott that means constituency by
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constituency so it's not sure we will actually know who the president is tonight it could take until tomorrow still and the tension is high we know that the foreign governments and international organizations they're all calling for calm calling for restraint but meantime security forces within the country they've reportedly sealed off the headquarters of the main opposition party that sounds like an escalation what's the mood on the streets melanie. well of course the word has spread if the police going to the headquarters of the opposition party m.d.c. the offices have been under siege there have been arrests and you can really feel the fear lingering here on the streets of harare the markets empty the shops are closed you can still see the stones being thrown yesterday lying on the on the streets here in harare it's a scary situation for
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a lot of people here they have been telling me this morning that they cannot believe what they witnessed yesterday they were crying and of course the army is still deployed in the country they are here to support the police which is allegedly understaffed with just seventy thousand police officers and they will remain in place until police are telling them they don't need them anymore so essentially we are facing a state of emergency him zimbabwe it's just not officially declared and meantime we know that both of the leading candidates there are already claiming victory in the words already flying ellison well earlier today there's an appeal have had their first presser since the vote on monday and they've been saying that they are very very pleased with the results of the parliamentary election and that they are sure that these are reflective of the presidential vote as well then we had to me said coming out earlier today and he was saying that he knows for
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a fact that he has won the presidency that he cannot name the numbers because that would be against the law breaking the law but that if mom and dad were had won the presidency we would already know by now of course ten sitting up situation will have to see what will be released as a result tomorrow and then of course how both will react to what the electoral commission sets melanie corrida ball in harare thank you. the european union is marking roma holocaust memorial day in remembrance of the hundreds of thousands of cindy and roma murdered by the nazis in his speech european commission vice president fronts to months said that since he and roma people still face racism and hatred on a daily basis indeed in recent weeks roma people in ukraine have found themselves under attack from far right wing groups one man was stabbed to death in front of his wife. nick connelly traveled to western ukraine to speak to his widow and to
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other victims of violence. this is how do we began in april twenty eighth. the july auntie's attack the roma count the ukrainian capital. copycat attacks soon followed across the country in late june twenty three year old david pap was stabbed more than a dozen times in the western city of leave his death provoked an outcry inside and outside ukraine's borders the teenage suspect now and custody but how could this have been allowed to happen and what has become the survivors. where in the village where david pap grew up from here it's just a matter of kilometers to ukraine's western frontier with hungry it's a backyard the region is home to ukraine's biggest roma community many of them live in extreme poverty since the attacks people here become wary of strangers and it's only with the help of pastor fed your progress that we are allowed in it takes us to meet david perhaps with. the first time she's spoken publicly about her
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husband's murder he says when those teenagers came to attack our camp they didn't say a word they just started going out to see. them there are children here and they just started attacking us even more viciously my husband was lying dead in front of me after that i lost consciousness. on the day of our visit the boy received a call from the police and leave asking her to testify in court she refused the fish she says was too great since the attacks police have responded to requests from community leaders to step up their patrols and run the district. miroslav heard about the roma community leader and a local councillor in the past most of his work was about helping roma people access to basic government services many here don't even have a birth certificate let alone a passport just in recent months he's been confronted with a totally new set of problems as the victims of the attacks come to him looking for
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support. i don't understand where this hatred comes from we've never seen anything like it was kind of open discrimination these kinds of attacks actually what we need to get around to solving the roma communities problems now we're not just kick the can down the road. everybody made us love takes us on a visit to rob bunker a roma community on the edge of the shadows there we meet claro a survivor of one of the attacks in libya. old people and children they smashed my brother in law's head in and just left him for dead but i don't want the attackers to go to prison prison doesn't make people any better like they were just kids off to rule us up it. up thirty to it's a point of view we hear time and time again where the people here are ready to forgive you simply fear further escalation we can't get a clear answer as we continue our walk through red phone call with miroslav the
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atmosphere is suddenly turned this has been a break in the political church and suspicion is full and the inhabitants of this road community will move so if you want them they'll give it all back. someone broke into the church. to have pictures we never do find out how the investigation ends the now the police leave robinho without making any arrests at a time when the roma community needs the police to protect them or the never relations with law enforcement attempts a moat but suspicion. that a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world and international delegation has arrived in north kivu province in the democratic republic of congo to help combat an outbreak of ebola twenty people have died so far it comes just a week after another outbreak in the northwest of the d.r. scene was declared over. the remains of what are thought to be fifty five u.s. servicemen killed in the korean war have arrived in the united states by surprise.
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mike pence attended the ceremony and hawaii he said that president donald trump was grateful to north korean leader kim jong un for fulfilling a promise made at the two leaders summit in june and pope francis has changed catholic church teaching about the death penalty and declaring it is now prohibited in all cases the church had previously allowed for capital punishment in certain instances but francis calls those teachings outdated he said that the death penalty was an attack on him and dignity. turkey has threatened to retaliate against the united states after washington post sanctions on some of its government officials the sanctions are in response to the detention of american pastor andrew bronson who was arrested in the wake of the failed coup in twenty sixteen despite the bullish stance from on korea turkey's currency sank as the sanctions came into force. the effects of the u.s. sanctions on turkey can be observed over the course of just one day as the donor
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rises in value. the leader has fallen even further we're lucky if it doesn't fall further than ten. million eggs have become more expensive gas is more expensive and there's always a bridge to your brand the divide between nato partners u.s. and turkey is deepening interior minister who himself was hindered by the entry ban tweeted this someone who belongs to us in america for to no good and we will take him back so it was referring to the islamic preacher who fled to the us up to president declared him responsible for the twenty six thousand attempted coup the president trump on the other hand is worried about this man he was fast and dr branson seen here in turkey last week because he was transferred from prison to house arrest three months after the attempted coup bronson was arrested on charges of terrorism we've seen no evidence that pastor bronson has done anything wrong and we believe he is
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a victim of unfair and unjust attention bug. government of turkey vs the u.s. government blames the turkish justice and interior ministers for bronson's incarceration those ministers u.s. assets have been frozen and in turn the foreign ministry said that the threat of sanctions from the u.s.c. would not remain without consequences. well china is renowned for its historic great wall building started on the mammoth fortification back in the third century b.c. to protect china from invaders these days china also has another wall known as the great fire wall in china it's supposed to protect chinese citizens from on the desired foreign influences first set up in two thousand the great firewall blocks access to certain websites and certain terms that the chinese government deems dangerous and any whiff of criticism of the government or terms that refer to the student massacre in tiananmen square in one thousand nine hundred nine for example are prohibited in the past the tech giant google has spoken out against such
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internet censorship in fact that's why it pulled out of china back in two thousand and ten at the time google's co-founder said the following are objection is to those forces of totalitarianism our hope is their progress and a more open internet in china well times have changed and eight years later google is reportedly secretly planning its return a new report from the investigative website the answers sept says that the tech giant has a team secretly working on a new censorship version of its search engine for china well earlier i spoke to the author of that report the intercepts ryan gallagher began by asking him what he discovered about project dragon-fly google's secret effort to get back to china. yeah well basically dragon-fly is the project name for. an under
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that google has developed for smartphone users in china the idea is that it will get them access to a censored berrigan of google that is compliant with the really in communist party regimes censorship controls over information that people can access on the internet in china and google is trying to get back into china. using the censored up that people will be able to access once it's launched and at the moment it's applying. the google idea was to have it ready between the next six to nine months to watch but we'll see what happens and the story that we published yesterday made us through a spanner in the works so we'll have to see how it develops. china would of course be a massive market for google bence's elim has that side of the story sara sadly anyone who has used google before at some stage without even realizing it in many
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cases it's the best known face of one of the world's biggest companies alphabet which has a market cap of a seven hundred thirty billion dollars together that you posted revenues of two hundred twenty billion last year and google is not only about search engines anymore it's also mapping the entire world providing half the world's smartphones with android operating systems and even researching the transport systems of the future but the chinese market offers astronomical revenues and google wants to get back in challenging the likes of home grown by do is fell by seven point seven percent on the reports. let's talk about the reports with theresa looking for news web site motherboard germany for is good to see you again how legit all the reports first of all they are pretty legit first of all the intercept broke the story and they refer to one whistleblower and leaked documents and later on those reports were confirmed by report new york times citing two sources familiar with google.
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google employees and google itself has kind of dance around the topic a little bit by saying they don't comment on speculations but they have already made efforts to break into the chinese market in sundar pichai is also known as someone who wants to re enter the world's largest internet market we're talking about seven hundred seventy two million internet users i guess that's tempting but does google really need to i think they do because in china there are companies that are way more successful in binding. basically every part of uses life into one app like we chat they have government approved mini app. within that they do everything from micro payments to virtual i.d.'s to social networking to communications but politicians and also by do the search and giant in china has
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a big part in that so yes they want to definitely into that but if the chinese can already do all of that today google well it depends what what google stands for and this is the exact the exact question if google is just as one employee criticized today turning into a censorship machine in china they might not because then they can already be used by do the other problem is that even if google is not censoring or would be not censoring particular search terms china with its great firewall is already employing a service by cisco that prevents the forwarding of search results so even if they results would be displayed the page you would click on would be turned up like just briefly i also read on line one comment that even a new to version of google would still work better than by do well it could be if it depends on how how extensive these censorship efforts are but for sure they are big they're big shift from search of brand new also has had experience of such
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you've been the google founder who has that experience with told terry newsom and that is why he opted out to in two thousand and ten after four years of killing and censorship by the chinese government and google's not afraid of getting split up at some stage i mean if it continues to pose the ready an octopus you could say in the corporate world it has its finger in every pile and then entering such a huge market i mean it would be globally don't with it yeah that is true i do think that they'd still listen to their employees use or that is to be hoped at least with google maven we've seen that in some steps they were taking were met with a lot of chris's criticism and it still being the octopus that it is it still has its code of conduct the line don't be evil if you see something evil hear something evil speak up so it is to be hoped the employees do exactly that reason look i thank you very much for coming in and i can thank you. donald trump has been
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ratcheting up the stakes in the u.s. trade clash with china as the ice raising tariffs from ten to twenty five percent on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports at the same time the visit a meeting of southeast asian nations taking place in singapore say they could have the world's largest free trade deal in place by the end of the year speaking at the opening of the event singapore's prime minister said the asian nation a sense of state relevance in times of uncertainty the plan for the trade deal would include sixteen countries and be backed by china. has appealed to washington to return to reason of the translator's threat. and let's check in with bullets in frankfurt our financial correspondent there because the un investors will cautious about trump's comments yesterday but it looks like the threat to sinking in today. the threat of twenty five percent tariffs on chinese goods have hit markets today it started in asia where
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markets went down it's actually pretty sad if you look at the board it's pretty much all red in all the major markets then it's swapped over to wall street and the dax behind me you know isn't doing much better today the biggest loser in the in the dax where industrials is immense on top of the losing who list. of course with bad results today as well but also car brands folks are going and continental so overall not a great day unless you're apple exactly good point because. as we've just been finding out ourselves here in the newsroom apple has become the first us company to top one trillion dollars in market value for the record crowns a decade long rise fueled by its i phone it transformed the tech firm from a niche player and personal computers into
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a global powerhouse spanning entertainment and communications started in the garage of co-founder steve jobs in one nine hundred seventy six apple has changed how we communicate with each other and how businesses conduct they become. britain central bank has raised its key interest rate despite concerns the u.k. could face a breakthrough driven economic shock you know the a few months a quarter point hike by the bank of england is only it's sick and brave increase in street thousand days and a response to strong job numbers the bank is expected to be more cautious in the coming months as the new departure talks continue bank of england she's conny has warned that a no deal breaks it in march shock the nation's banks are. talking about shocks temperatures here could hit new highs in europe in the coming days it's already been a hot hot summer all mad it has indeed and you know it's having of course some knock on effects as well we're going to focus on germany because the summer
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a scorching heat wave has depleted some of the country's most iconic waterways reverse such as the rhine of the alba are at far lower levels than usual and that is wreaking havoc for boats big and small have a look. only a few pleasure boats are still out on the river elbe interest in bigger boats can see water levels have dropped to forty six centimeters here about one and a half meters lower than normal. we should be up to our knees in water here but simply smaller vessels were still able to operate until recently but now they're going nowhere do you buy the older boats with a shallow draft are still able to sail but it's difficult for them to dock so they've had to reduce or even shut down operations. on the river rhine near calls for barges are still on the water but most can only carry half their normal cargo so as not to run aground in the shallow channels but very passengers here don't
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need to worry yet these boats can still dock. about favorite tape he says it is all there is can still operate even if the water levels drop further by default and couldn't but if i can but it's possible that some of our passengers services won't be able to run for just reduced field couldn't near the city of mines low water levels on the rhine have brought history to the surface police divers have found sixty six anti aircraft shells from the second world war they say removing them entirely is too dangerous. too scary condition is such that we don't want to transport them so we've decided to explode them under water through. the low water levels have also attracted treasure hunters on the lookout for precious ject or two. and sports news soccer authorities are considering changing the format of penalty shoot outs to make them fair and reduce the pressure on players going
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second the name of the new system is reminiscent of a very well known swedish pop band but will aba for of a hit find out fresh off the back of a world cup which saw plenty of penalty shoot out drama young german players a trying a new system. with research revealing the side going second in a shootout loses sixty percent of the time a new format has been devised baby also known as cs teams take alternating pairs of penalties off to the first spot kick. to often high new teams have a style the winner takes it but what do they make of the new system. it's good because in the old system the team going second was under greater pressure which could make them lose in this system if the first person misses his teammate can still level the school. that is limited as much as a human count your own player on the way back which makes
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a difference psychologically so it will have to wait and see if it's adopted by german football and in the next world cup. with the system also set to be trialled in the english league this season it might not be long before abba takes center stage in football. next newest signings was formally introduced to the media on thursday then got scuffed who is formally a player for shall and is also a german national team player is that byron's training camp in bavaria in southern germany he talked about how he thinks he might be most effective for the squad. it was always fun because i think it's already known that i see myself playing in an attacking midfielder role or would prefer that at least that's where i play best and as has been said i'm actually fairly flexible when it comes to being deployed and that's also definitely one of my strengths and so that's why i'm also ready to play another position if the coach things that is where i'd be most useful to the team minutes you know the mind with those that don't want to have the best move from come on the second day of the first cricket test between england and india and
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birmingham the tourists have collapsed in their first innings after a good start and wins sam current took three quick wickets to leave india on two hundred twenty six for nine in reply to england's two hundred and eighty seven all out. without a script reminder of the top stories that we've been following for you here at the police and zimbabwe have sealed off the headquarters of the country's main opposition party after its leader claimed that he had won the country's presidential election the electoral commission is set to announce the official results later this evening and the european union has marked a roma holocaust memorial day in honor of the roma and sinti people murdered during the second world war the e.u. born to roma and seem to still face persecution around europe today. and with that you're up to date on your news we'll have more coming up in just a few minutes at the top of the hour but we leave you now with these images from
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one of northern japan's major summer festivals it's believed to have started centuries ago to ward off drowsiness and laziness during busy for me farming seasons thank you so much for watching enjoy.
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