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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is deja news live from berlin is involved waits nervously for the results of its a presidential election the police have sealed off the headquarters of the opposition party the movement for democratic change its leader says that he won the vote and that the result is being break we'll have the latest from the capital also coming up and there are children here in memphis they just started to tackiness even mean viciously my husband was lying dead in front of me and after that i lost consciousness. we have an exclusive report on
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a series of attacks by far right gangs on the roma community in ukraine what is fueling the violence and the new report says that google is secretly working on a center of search engine for the chinese market and the new google will block the controversial search terms and leave out certain websites from the search results. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program police in zimbabwe have sealed off the headquarters of the country's main opposition party and troops have cleared the streets of the capital harare it comes a day after a protest over the disputed presidential election and to end violence the move against the offices of the movement for democratic change came as its leader nelson chamisa claimed that he had won the presidential election and that the result was taking so long to be announced because it was raked the electoral commission is now
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promising to declare the results tonight foreign governments and international organizations have called for calm after clashes yesterday killed six people. for more let's bring in to that you correspondent melanie corrida ball who is live in harare for us this afternoon and melanie as we just heard there the electoral commission said that the results would be released very soon what are you hearing well sarah constitutionally the electro or commission hands above what has time until such a date to the release the results but because of the mounting pressure especially by the international observers after the violence yesterday we've been hearing that the electoral commission will release all start releasing the results rather tonight at ten pm my personal emphasis will be on start that means constituency by constituency so it's not sure we will actually know who the president is tonight it
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could take until tomorrow still and the tension is high we know that the foreign governments and international organizations they're all calling for calm calling for restraint but meantime security forces within the country they've reportedly sealed off the headquarters of the main opposition party that sounds like an escalation what's the mood on the streets melanie. well of course the word has spread to the police going to the headquarters of the opposition party m.d.c. the offices have been under siege there have been arrests and you can really feel the fear lingering here on the streets of harare the markets empty the shops are closed you can still see the stones being thrown yesterday it lying on the on the streets here in harare it's a scary situation for a lot of people here they have been telling me this morning that they cannot believe what they witnessed yesterday they were crying and of course the army is
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still deployed in the country they're here to support the police which is allegedly undoes staffed with just seventy thousand police officers and they will remain in place until police are telling them they don't need them anymore so essentially we are facing a state of emergency him zimbabwe it's just not officially declared and meantime we know that both of the leading candidates there are already claiming victory in the words already flying ellison. well earlier today there's an appeal have had their first presser since the vote on monday and they've been saying that they are very very pleased with the results of the parliamentary election and that they are sure that these are reflective of the presidential vote as well then we had to me said coming out earlier today and he was saying that he knows for a fact that he has won the presidency but he cannot name the numbers because that would be against the law breaking the law but that if mom and gaga had won the
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presidency we would already know by now it's of course a tense inning up situation we'll have to see what will be released as a result tomorrow and then of course how both will react to what the electoral commission sets melanie cora deval in harare thank you. the european union is marking roma holocaust memorial day and remembrance of the hundreds of thousands of sinti and roma murdered by the nazis in his speech european commission vice president fronts to months so that cynthia and roma people still face racism and hatred on a daily basis indeed in recent weeks roma people in ukraine have found themselves under the attack of right wing groups one man was stabbed to death in front of his wife nick calio travelled to western ukraine to speak with his widow and two other victims of violence. this is how it all began in april twenty eighth.
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lanterns attacked a room account in the ukrainian capital kiev copycat attacks soon followed across the country in late june twenty three year old david pap was stabbed more than a dozen times in the western city of leave his death provoked an outcry inside and outside ukraine's borders the teenage suspect now in custody but how could this have been allowed to happen and what has become the survivors. where in the village where david pappa grew up from here it's just a matter of kilometers to ukraine's western frontier with hungary it's a backyard the region is home to ukraine's biggest drug a community many of them live in extreme poverty since the attacks people here become wary of strangers and it's only with the help of pastor fed your progress that we are allowed in he takes us to meet david perhaps we don't yet the first time she's spoken publicly about her husband's murder. he says when those teenagers came to attack how can they didn't say
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a word they just started going out to see other nods i beg them there are children here and they just started attacking us even more viciously my husband was lying dead in front of me after that i lost consciousness. on the day of our visit the boy received a call from the police in live asking her to testify in court she refused to fear she says is too great since the attacks police have responded to requests from community leaders to step up their patrols and roam the district. is a roma community leader and a local councillor in the past most of his work was about helping roma people can't access to basic government services many here don't even have a birth certificate let alone a passport just that in recent months he's been confronted with a totally new set of problems as the victims of the attacks come to him looking for support. i don't understand where this hatred comes from we've never seen anything like him or his kind of open discrimination these kinds of attacks or action when
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we need to get around to solving the roma communities problems now we're not just kick the can down the road. everybody made us laugh takes us on a visit to rob bunker a roma community on the edge it was sort of. there we meet claro a survivor of one of the attacks in libya i'm doing a study these old people and children they smashed my brother in law's head in and just left him for dead but i don't want the attackers to go to prison prison doesn't make people any better they were like they were just kids off to rule on. top up that did to it's a point of view we hear time and time again to where the people here are ready to forgive simply fear further escalation we can't get a clear answer as we continue our walk through red bunker with miroslav the atmosphere suddenly turns there's been a break in the political church and suspicion this fall and the inhabitants of this road the community will move so if he wants them they'll give it all back.
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someone broke into the church. do you have pictures we never do find out how the investigation ends and now the police leave rather than go without making any arrest at a time when the roma community needs the police to protect them or the never relations with law enforcement the tense amount but suspicion. and it's not just in ukraine that roma and sinti people face discrimination for more on this let's bring in georgia law novich he's the president of the european roma rights center and he joins us now from. and george as we just heard there we just saw documentation of violence against n.t. and roma and ukraine what can you tell us about the situation for these groups in other countries. no reports from ukraine but from other countries oh well give us a lot of war is that. on the raise in europe we see very high official from
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european member states government giving statements in which they openly promote and support them as an example in bulgaria of fashion's that is convinced on the anti hate crime against roma for calling them animals get to be a deputy prime minister of the country and as the biggest irony he gets to run to national council for the integration of minorities including those people that he called animals at the same time italian interior minister silvio calls for the roma act next census promises cleaning the feet. of their own the presence openly expressed regret that he context felt italian roma. because they are protected as italian citizens in such a political climate reseed that a direct consequence is that human rights and even the rule of law is not respected last week we had
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a perfect example of that in rome where the local of. around three hundred roma on the street from their houses providing gold tentative accommodation and aghast actually the interim order of the european court of human rights which says a dispy people can be weak that so the discrimination as you've articulated there exists not only on the streets but also in the halls of government and i'd like to know because you obviously study this would you say that it's increasing yes and as i said yes in last year and this year we actually see dead. creasing in whole europe. so what needs to be done to counteract that to combat discrimination. so what my organization is doing is a geisha and so we take their asses to the courts we five for respect of human
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rights and rule of flow but this can be done in this elation because as we saw in this example of the work your target is you can order a direct order of the european the court of human rights that show us actually that whole european union has to change the european union has to assist on all its members to respect european values and that means respecting minorities including those most vulnerable like koroma because you know the most european countries actually developed a very nice papers on integration policies for roma what is missing is actually a real implementation and a real political will to the roma and not using them as gave goals for the populous statements so how do you fail that political well you know and your goal which promote equality for sente and realm what do you see as the main challenges we need to do to promote equality we need to promote understanding between people we need
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to understand why someone is different why someone has a different life experience and we need to work to raise awareness of this long lasting or equal discrimination of roma which exist since they came to this. continent and will last long lasting discrimination is actually one of the main reasons why we still see so many differences between roma and non roma in our societies judge of and of its president of the european roma rights center thank you so much for joining us thank you. well china is renowned for its historic great wall building started on the mammoth fortification back in the third century b.c. to protect china from its invaders these days china also has another wall known as the great firewall of china it is supposed to protect chinese citizens from
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undesired foreign influences first set up in two thousand the great firewall blocks access to certain websites and certain terms of the chinese government deems dangerous any whiff of criticism of the government or terms that refer to the student massacre in tiananmen square for example back in one thousand nine hundred nine are prohibited in the past the tech giant google has spoken out against such internet censorship in fact that is why it pulled out of china in two thousand and ten at the time google's co-founder said the following are objection is to those forces of totalitarianism our hope is there is progress and a more open internet in china well since then times have changed eight years later google is reportedly secretly planning its return a new report from the investigative web site the intercept says the tech giant has eighteen secretly working on a new censored version of its search engine for china. and we will have more on
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that story in just a moment vente ben fizzling is going to join us with all of the business news i'm sarah kelly and caroline thank you so much for joining us have a great. fun beethoven. his work god is for tonight. the monstrous and feverish. beethoven long twenty. every journey begins with the first step and every language of the first word a look a little nico.


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