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i work at the w. level but. this is the w. news live from berlin tonight a first call of the presidential election in zimbabwe the ruling exam party. it is confident it has won by you to be inconceivable that a reasonable for anyone to think that that that we could we took as much joy to independent election and then proceed to lose the position next to the opposition
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movement for democratic change claims the election was rigged the police raided its headquarters and detained the party's leaders today the election commission of zimbabwe is set to release the official results of the presidential vote beginning in one also coming up. i don't take them there are children here and them but they just started attacking us even mean viciously my husband was lying dead in front of me after that i lost consciousness time and an exclusive report on a series of attacks by far right doings on the roma community in ukraine what is fueling the violence and breaking through the great firewall of china google is reportedly secretly working on a censored a search engine for the chinese market google for china would walk controversial terms and websites not approved by the communist party.
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i'm going to off it's good to have you with us tonight the capital of zimbabwe is on walk down the entire country bracing for the announcement of the presidential election result zimbabwe's election commission is set to announce the winner in less than an hour opposition leader nelson chemist says that he is the legitimate winner and he claims that the result could be rigged to favor the incumbent zanu p emerson minin god well international observers have appealed for calm and security after security forces killed six protesters last night today police raided the headquarters of the opposition movement for democratic change in herat. i think a little police and how forcing their way into the hat quotas of the opposition movement for democratic change they say they're investigating the m.d.c. is presidential candidate nelson chamisa and others for inciting violence after
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yesterday's deadly demonstrations chamisa repeated his claims that incumbent president amisom one get one break the polls and that he claimed victory for himself thanks to someone i know but no that is the last to say that if it won this election there's a little if they don't know something. just a day earlier so she has cracked down on the protests in the capital harare demonstrators were demanding the release of the presidential election results several people died the international community contends the government's use of force and to have a police presence the usually crowded streets and harare with dissent on thursday the violence may have passed but for many the fear remains and that much what it did indeed because i'm no more seeing the future for that people didn't fear too much about what's happened yesterday it was but i'm going to die peacefully i think he's. acting president and listen then get up to lend the opposition m.d.c.
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for the mayhem in the country few ruling party and it's in addition responsible for any also for life injury or damage to property that arises from these acts of political violence which if any did interbreed did. not get also claimed the election for his son who p.f. party with both parties signaling victory. on the election results to later today to hit earlier you spoke to paul monk wanna use the spokesman for zimbabwe's ruling party he laid the blame for yesterday's violence at the feet of opposition protesters despite widespread international criticism for the government's crackdown. zanu p.f. with victims of what the in d.c.t.
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. does we're doing we were quietly waiting impatiently waiting for the announcement of the results but they were busy causing me. and this is all i can say but our supporters we're not involved i'm going to spokesmen for government i don't intend to speak when we have a government but i have i can speak on behalf of what is that people did xenophobia of was a victim of m.d.c. terror attacks yesterday was a bomb was election commission is due to release the vote tally from the presidential poll in the coming hour but mr monk one assured us that his party was certain of the well i cannot say we were in the presidential election until his quote filmed by the electoral commission but just by their votes. you did see their political elections will tend to be inconceivable and reasonable for anyone to think that we could win two thirds majority in the parliamentary election and then
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proceed to lose the presenter election it is quite clear that just going by that logic alone we must have won the presidential election but we are waiting for sick to confirm. and that was paul a spokesman for zimbabwe's ruling zandu p.f. party speaking with us earlier tonight here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world an international delegation has arrived in north kivu province in the democratic republic of congo to help combat an outbreak of ebola twenty people have died so far it comes just a week after another outbreak in the northwest of the d.r. c. was declared over pope francis hasn't changed the catholic church's teaching on the death penalty declaring that it is now prohibited in all cases the church had previously allowed for capital punishment in certain instances but francis called those teachings outdated he said the death penalty was an attack on human dignity in jerusalem tens of thousands have marched in the city's largest ever again pride
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parade the colorful festivities were mixed with anger following the passage of a law that bars homosexual couples from having children through surrogacy. it is a nightmare scenario you're on a plane going in for an emergency landing people are praying around you continue filming with your mobile phone well that's what one aeromexico passenger did on tuesday have a look. amazing the plane crashed just minutes after takeoff in northern mexico and miraculously not look at those flames all one hundred three passengers and crew survived and this is the scene as they exited the wreckage.
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now ashley garcia the woman who filmed the crash posed her or posted her video of a twitter where it has been watched more than one hundred seventy five thousand times and we are certainly glad that everyone survived. well the european union is marking roma holocaust memorial day in remembrance of the hundreds of thousands of sinti and roma murdered by the nazis in his speech the european commission vice president francois temperaments said that cindy and roma people still face racism and hatred on a daily basis indeed in recent weeks roma people in ukraine have found themselves under attack from right wing groups one man was stabbed to death in front of his wife debbie usenet connelly travel to western ukraine to speak to his widow and to other victims of the. this is how do it began in april twenty eighth. cheese attack the roma count the ukrainian capital kiev
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copycat attacks soon followed across the country in late june twenty three year old david pap was stabbed more than a dozen times in the western city of leave his death provoked an outcry inside and outside ukraine's borders the teenage suspect announced custody but how could this have been allowed to happen and what has become of the survivors. where in the village where david pappa grew up from here it's just a matter of kilometers to ukraine's western frontier with hungry it's a backyard the region is home to ukraine's biggest roma community many of them live in extreme poverty since the attacks people here become wary of strangers and it's only with the help of pastor fed their progress that we are allowed in he takes us to meet david pap's we don't even know yet it's the first time she's spoken publicly about her husband's murder he says when those teenagers came to attack our camp they didn't say a word they just started going at us with the knobs i beg them there are children
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here but they just started attacking us even metal viciously my husband was lying dead in front of me after that i lost consciousness. on the day of our visit the boy received a call from the police and we've asked her to testify in court she refused the fish she says is too great since the attacks police have responded to requests from community leaders to step up their patrols and roam a district. miroslav part of what is a roma community leader and a local councillor in the past most of his work was about helping roma people can't access to basic government services many here don't even have a birth certificate let alone a passport just that in recent months he's been confronted with a totally new set of problems as the victims of the attacks come to him looking for support. i don't understand where this hatred comes from we have never seen anything like it was kind of open discrimination these kinds of attacks. we need to
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get around to solving the roma communities problems now and not just kick the can down the road. metres left takes us on a visit to rugby uncover a roma community on the edge it was one of. their we meet claro a survivor of one of the attacks in libya something they study these old people and children they smashed my brother in law's head in and just left him for dead but i don't want the attackers to go to prison prison doesn't make people any better so they were like they were just kids to roll up picked. up that did to it's a point of view we had time and time again where the people here are ready to forgive simply fear further escalation we can't get a clear answer as we continue our walk through red phone call with miroslav the atmosphere suddenly turns out there's been a break in the political church and suspicion this fall and the inhabitants of this road the community that if he wants them they'll give it all back.
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someone broke into the church the minute i do have pictures we never do find out how the investigation ends and now the police leave rebecca without making any arrests at a time when they run the community needs the police to protect them more than ever relations below enforcement attends a moat by suspicion. and that was nick connelly reporting from ukraine china is renowned for its historic great wall building started on the mammoth fortification back in the third century b.c. to protect china from invaders all these days china also has another wall known as the great fire wall of china it's supposed to protect chinese citizens from undesired. influences first set up in the year two thousand the great fire wall blocks access to certain why. cites in terms that the chinese government deems dangerous now any whiff of criticism of the government or terms that refer to the student massacre and to get a main square in one thousand nine hundred nine well they are prohibited they just
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don't exist in the past the tech giant google has spoken out against such internet censorship in fact that's why it pulled out of china back in two thousand and ten at the time google's co-founder said this our objection is to those forces of totalitarianism our hope is there is progress and a more open internet in china my how times change eight years later google is reportedly secretly planning its return a new report from the investigative web site the intercept says the tech giant has a team secretly working on a new censored version of its search engine for china that's right earlier you spoke to the author of that report the intercepts ryan gallagher and we asked him about what he discovered with project dragon fly that schoolgirls secret effort to get back into china yeah well basically drug and it is the
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project name for. an under. developed for smart phone users in china the idea is that it will get them censored version of google that is compliant with the have really been as part of the regime's censorship controls over i'm from asia and people cannot it's on the internet in china and google is trying to get back into china. using this answer. as once it is launched and at the moment. the google idea was to have it ready between the next six to nine months to watch but we've seen this story that we published yesterday through a sponsor in the world. those with the intercepts apple has become of the first u.s. companies to top one trillion dollars in market bell the record crude crowns
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a decade long rise fueled by the i phone it transformed the tech firm from a niche player in personal computers into a global powerhouse spanning entertainment and communications started in the garage and co-founder steve jobs back in one thousand nine hundred eighty six apple has changed how we communicate with each other and how businesses conduct daily commerce it's why we even have self you're watching news live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day. make your smart t.v. even smarter with that. what you want where you want it. up to date. extraordinary. you decide what's on. sunday no more than the w. c.


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