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this is g w news law from berlin tonight a first call of the presidential election in zimbabwe the ruling zanu p.f. party tells g.w. it is confident it has won. it will be inconceivable and reasonable for anyone to think that. we could we took this much joy to in the political election and then proceed to lose the position election to the opposition movement for democratic change claims however that the election was rigged police raided its headquarters and detained party leaders today the election commission is set to release the
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official results within minutes also coming up. my dad made them their children he and them but they just started attacking us even mean viciously and my husband was lying dead in front of me after that i lost consciousness times a moment and exclusive reports on a series of attacks by four white gangs on the roma community in ukraine what is fueling the violence. also coming up alpha will become civilian first company u.s. company to topple one that trillion dollars in market value the latest while so for a company that began in a garage forty two years ago. and breaking through the great firewall of china google is reportedly secretly working on a censored search engine for the chinese market google for china with what controversial terms and websites not approved by the communist party.
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it's good to have you with us tonight the capital of zimbabwe is on lockdown the entire country bracing for the announcement of the presidential election results zimbabwe's election commission is set to announce the winner beginning within minutes opposition leader nelson commis says that he is the illegitimate winner and he claims that the result could be rigged to favor the incumbent zandu p.s. emerson and international observers have appealed for calm after security forces killed six protesters last night today police raided the headquarters of the opposition movement for democratic change. today in the police in harare forcing their way into the hat quarters of the opposition movement for democratic change they say they're investigating the m.d.c.
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is presidential candidate nelson chamisa and others for inciting violence after yesterday's deadly demonstrations chamisa repeated his claims that incumbent president amisom one get one break the polls and that he cling to victory for himself thanks to someone else but not now that is the last this election if it won this election is a little bit in an old wrong that. just a day earlier so she has cracked down on the protests in the capital harare demonstrators were demanding the release of the presidential election results several people died the international community content the government's use of force and to have a police presence the usually crowded streets and harare were to set it on thursday the violence may have passed but for many the fear remains. that much ready to deploy indeed because i'm no more see the future of the. people didn't feel too much about what happened yesterday was what i meant to die please but i
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think he's. acting president and listen and get up to lend the opposition m.d.c. for the mayhem in the country. we were all in the party and it is an illusion responsible for any loss of life injury or damage to property that arises from these acts of political violence which if any did britain and. i get also claimed the election for his son who p.f. party with both parties signaling victory or eyes on the election results due later today it. well earlier d.w. spoke to paul monk he is the spokesman for zimbabwe's ruling zanny party and he laid the blame for yesterday's violence at the feet of opposition protesters despite widespread international criticism for the government's crackdown take
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a listen zanu p.f. with victims over what the in d.c.t. up what does we do eat. quietly waiting impatiently waiting for the announcement of the results but they were busy causing me. and this is all i can say but our supporters we're not involved i'm going to spokesman for government i don't need to to speak when you have a government but i can speak on behalf of what is that did zanu p.f. was a victim or deceit tut's yesterday i was in electoral commission is due to release the vote tally from the presidential poll this hour but mr monk wanna assure us that his party is certain of victory well i cannot say we won the presidential election until he's going fendi by the electoral commission but just by their votes. counted to see they pull into the elections will tend to be
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inconceivable and reasonable for anyone to think that we could win two thirds majority to be independent of the election and then proceed to lose the position election it is quite clear that just going by that logic alone we must save what the position election but we're waiting for the sick to confirm. the entire world is waiting for that confirmation including our correspondent melanie curry the ball she joins me now on the telephone from the capital of zimbabwe harare good evening to you melanie we know that the electoral commission is starting to announce the results at this moment is there any indication when we will have the final results. and it's quite difficult to say that something like on the. presenting the results of the presidential election which usually means they're going to the constituency by constituency if that is the case we could be
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waking on coke tomorrow noon time to find out who the next president is but of course it could also be a big big surprise i can see the security here around me really having used up so that might be something important happening a month or two coming and any time you thought it might be a surprise i definitely keep you updated that's good and we want to let our viewers know too we're looking at live pictures there of that electoral commission there we were looking at live pictures of that commission and we will come back to you. for the ball a little bit later on thank you or here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world and speaking at a press conference senior u.s. intelligence officials said that they continue to see efforts from russia to interfere with the upcoming congressional elections they also wish would americans that president donald trump is directing a quote vast government wide effort to protect the process and international
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delegation has arrived in north kivu province in the democratic republic of congo to help combat an outbreak of ebola twenty people have died so far it comes just a week after another outbreak in the northwest of the d.r. c. was declared over. pope francis has changed the catholic church's teaching on the death penalty declaring that it is now prohibited in all cases the church had previously allowed for capital punishment in certain instances but france has called those teachings outdated he says that the death penalty is an attack on human dignity in jerusalem tens of thousands have marched in the city's largest ever gay pride parade the colorful festivities were mixed with anger following the passage of a law that excludes gay men from having children via surrogates. the european union is marking robel holocaust memorial day in remembrance of the
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hundreds of thousands of cindy and roma who were murdered by the nazis in his speech european commission vice president runs timmermans said that since he and roma people still faced racism and hatred on a daily basis indeed in recent weeks roma people in ukraine have found themselves under attack from right wing groups one man was stabbed to death in front of his wife he wus nick connelly travel to western ukraine to speak to his widow and to other victims of the. this is how it all began in april twenty eighth. huge lanterns attacked a room account in the ukrainian capital kiev a copycat attack soon followed across the country in late june twenty three year old david pap was stabbed more than a dozen times in the western city of leave his death provoked an outcry inside and outside ukraine's borders the teenage suspect a noun custody but how could this have been allowed to happen and what has become
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of the survivors. where in the village where david pappa grew up from here it's just a matter of kilometers to ukraine's western frontier with hungry it's a backyard the region is home to ukraine's biggest roma community many of them live in extreme poverty since the attacks people here have become wary of strangers and it's only with the help of pastor fed your photographs that were allowed in he takes us to meet david pap's widow you boy it's the first time she's spoken publicly about her husband's murder. he said when those teenagers came to attack our camp they didn't say a word they just started going at us with the nods i beg them there are children here have but they just started attacking us even more viciously my husband was lying dead in front of me after that i lost consciousness. on the day of our visit the boy received a call from the police and we've asked her to testify in court she refused the fish she says is too great since the attacks police have responded to requests from
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community leaders to step up their patrols and roam the district. miroslav heard about the roma community leader and a local councillor in the past most of his work was about helping burma people gain access to basic government services many here don't even have a birth certificate let alone a passport just that in recent months he's been confronted with a totally new set of problems as the big names of the tax come to him looking for support. i don't understand where this hatred comes from we've never seen anything like this kind of open discrimination these kinds of attacks. we need to get around to solving the roma communities problems now we're not just kick the can down the road. miroslav takes us on a visit to rod bunker a roma community on the edge of the shadow. there we meet claro a survivor of one of the attacks in libya. these old people and children they
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smashed my brother in law's head in and just left him for dead but i don't want the attackers to go to prison prison doesn't make people any better they were just kids after all that's up it up. to it's a point of view we hear time and time again whether people here are ready to forgive or simply fear further escalation we can't get a clear answer as we continue our walk through red bunker with miroslav the atmosphere suddenly turns out there's been a break in the political church and. suspicion is full and the inhabitants of this road community woman fear if it wants them they'll give it all back. someone broke into the church. do you have pictures. we never do find out how the investigation and the now the police lead rope and without making any arrests at a time when the roma community need the police to protect the most never relations to the enforcement the tents the moat by suspicion. and that was an economy
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reporting from ukraine china is renowned for its historic great wall building started on the mammoth fortification back in the third century b.c. to protect china from invaders all these days trying to also has another wall known as the great fire wall of china it's supposed to protect chinese citizens from undesired foreign influences and first set up in two thousand the great fire wall blocks access to certain websites and terms that the chinese government deems dangerous any with of criticism of the government or terms that refer for example to the student massacre. square in one thousand nine hundred nine oh that's for hit in the past the tech giant google has spoken out against such internet censorship in fact that is why it pulled out of china back in two thousand and ten at the time google's co-founder said this will take a look at that our objection is to those forces of totalitarianism our hope is
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there is progress and then more open internet in china. hasn't happened times have changed and years later google reportedly secretly planning its return to china a new report from the investigative web site the intercept says that the tech giant has a team secretly working on a new censored version of its search engine for china or earlier to the author of that report the intercept ryan gallagher and we asked him what he discovered about project dragon-fly that's google's secret effort to get back into china. yeah well basically drug and it is the project name for. an under. developed for smart phone users in china the idea is that it will get them to a censor diversion of google that is compliant with really in communist party
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regimes censorship controls over. people cannot sit on the internet in china and google is trying to get back into china. using this answer. yes once it's launched at the moment. the google idea was to have it ready between the next six to nine months to watch but we've seen this story that we published yesterday. that was right gallagher speaking to us from the intercept the question for helena how many zeros are in one trillion i know the answer but you tell the viewers i'm not going to give it away i want to know if you would spend or know how to spend a trillion though i think you'd help some ideas are definitely healthy so talking about that trillion we're talking about apple is becoming the first us company in fact to top one trillion dollars in market value the record crowds
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a decade decade long rise fueled by its i phone a chance for the tech from a niche player computers into a global powerhouse spanning entertainment culms of course it started in the garridge of the co-founder steve jobs in one thousand nine hundred seventy six apple has changed how we communicate with each other and how business conducts their daily comma i want to talk more about this now with sophie szymanski our correspondent on wall street now sophie many people say that the success of apple is down to the fact that it can in force high prices basically we're addicted to all phones so how long can the company keep that up. well the i phone or really any apple product has always been more than just a laptop or a phone it is still after that day a status symbol and design is playing big role as well f one has had the reputation
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of the number one visionary in the industry with the steve jobs even more about in the past fierce competitors have caught up and offered just as advanced a product for less money and in some quarters the numbers have shown signs of slowing demand for i phones maybe not every consecutive quarter but cook is getting the company ready by focusing on services and turned them into a more important source of income but then again according to the youngest earnings consumers are just the swelling as ever to purchase high priced products so maybe the psychology is still working for apple here and maybe let me quote a morgan stanley analyst who said that innovation lead price increases historically reduced apple demands a status symbol is just as long as a symbol of status and wealth as is expensive right so i think this is just still working for apple here heaven. but there's something else that they have to play
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with the prospect of a trade war with china what will that mean for the company. well first of all china is a very important market for apple about a quarter of apple's revenue comes from the chinese market and this revenue and have been rocketing on throwing off the i phone x. the kompany has just reported nine point five billion dollars in revenue that came from china significantly more than last year and investors expressed concern that a refund round off proposed terrorists could impact apple's market share in china but the c.e.o. tim cook emphasized the company's position the tariff can have unintended consequences for consumers and the economy but he did not say what if any impact the new head of terrorists could have on every product i would like to remind you off the special treatment the president has granted tim cook so far when he said
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that the u.s. government would not levy tariffs on the i phone as pembleton china so i would say so far investors are not too worried here i think it is fair to say that apple is not in line of fire right now. so if you. own wall street banks safety. well donald trump has been raising the stakes in his country's trade clash with china always raising towers from ten to twenty five percent on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports now at the same time the leaders at a meeting of the southeast asian nations taking place in singapore say they could have the world's largest free trade deal in place by the end of the year speaking at the opening of in singapore as prime minister said asian nations have to stay relevant in times of uncertainty the planned free trade deal would include sixteen countries and would be backed by china beijing has appealed to washington to return
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to reason off the trans latest threat. britain central bank has raised its key interest rate despite concerns that the u.k. could face it bragg's it driven economic shock in just a few months time the court appointed increase by the bank of england is only the second rate increase since two thousand and eight as a response to some strong job numbers that the banks expected to be more cautious in the coming months is the departure talks continue bank of england chief mark carney has wounded a new deal gregg's it in march would be a shock to the nation's banking system. well if. it is over to brett now and the penalty shoot outs get a shake up. the government got the whole bells and whistles tonight football authorities are considering changing the format of
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penalty shoot outs to make them fairer and reduce the pressure on players going second to the day but the new system has been inspired by a very well known swedish pop band but will put all decided to take a chance let's find out. fresh off the back of a world cup which saw plenty of penalty shoot out drama young german players a training a new system. with research revealing the site going second in a shootout loses sixty percent of the time a new film has been devised a.p. also known as abba sees teams take alternating pairs of penalties off the first spot cake. too often high new teams have a style the way that sites. but what they make of the new system. it's good because in the old system the team going second was under greater pressure which could make them lose in this system if the first person misses his
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teammate can still level the school and that is that it doesn't even count your own player on the way back which makes a difference psychologically so you will have to wait and see if it's adopted by german football and in the next world cup. with the system also set to be trial to me endlessly cut the season it might not be long before abba takes center stage in football. change your mind. in europa league football germany is through to the next qualifying round the german squad drew one all with hakon of sweden in their overweight game in gothenburg scoring for life. the germans advance five to one on aggregate in another game is c.s.k. of severe were the surprise winners against amir of austria knocking the austrians out with a six to one aggregate win one of byron munich's newest and so i mean it was formally introduced to the media on thursday. who formally played for shell and is
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also a german national team player is that byron's training camp in bavaria in southern germany he talked about how he thinks he might be most effective for the squad. i think it's already known that i see myself playing in an attacking midfielder role or would prefer that at least that's where i play best and as has been said i'm actually fairly flexible when it comes to being deployed and that's also definitely one of my strengths and so that's why i'm also ready to play another position if the coach things that is where i'd be most useful to the team minutes. and it was it that much of the best move. are where you want to go back to our top story now in that is the announcement of the presidential election results in zimbabwe our correspondent melanie cora the ball joins me now on the telephone from the capital harare is let me just ask our producer is melanie there ok i've been told by our producer that unfortunately we've lost that connection we
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will try to get back to mel when the and find out what the latest is. do we have live pictures let me see if my producer ok so this is what we're looking at right now we. commission we're going to listen in right now to see how far they are in announcing these presidential election results. for you. these. it's not that. you are. here.
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because we just want to. pictures of the zimbabwe electoral commission in the presidential winner and it appears right now that each member of that commission is going through each of the constituencies of the country we will come back to this story a little bit later on when the numbers firm up in the presidential election result . well here in germany the summer scorching heat wave has depleted some of the country's most iconic water ways rivers is such as the rhine and the elbow are at far lower levels than usual and that is wreaking havoc for boats big and small take a look. only a few pleasure boats are still out on the river elba in dresden bigger boats can't sail water levels have dropped to forty six centimeters here about one and a half metres lower than normal. we should be up to our knees in water here but
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students need smaller vessels were still able to operate until recently but now they're going nowhere the. older boats with a shallow draft are still able to sail but it's difficult for them to dock so they've had to reduce or even shut down operations. on the river rhine near calls for barges are still on the water but most can only carry half their normal cargo so as not to run aground in the shallow channels but very passengers here don't need to worry yet these boats can still dock. about favorite tape is eight years old so the areas can still operate even if the water levels drop further what if i couldn't but if i can but it's possible that some of our passenger services won't be able to run in the fog just reduced field couldn't near the city of mines low water levels on the rhine have brought history to the surface police divers have found sixty six anti aircraft shells from the second world war
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they say removing them entirely is too dangerous these and you know i'm too scary condition is such that we don't want to transport them once and cheating so we've decided to explode them under water through. the low water levels have also attracted treasure hunters on the lookout for precious ject or to. you're watching the w. news live from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day we will have continued coverage of the presidential election results in zimbabwe.
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and africa smart solutions for college environment. denies now seahorse is endangered there only found at the mounds of three rivers in south africa and the habitat is under threat from pollution. project aims to permanently protect the rarest species. ego at africa in sixty minutes t.w. .
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sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. as ecologist began searching for the source of these cats. debating sounds. that deep in the rain forest in central africa. the bike up people. and. nothing else. and the let the image for the evil be. the enemy and one for. my individual cuts he was so fascinated by their culture that he stayed. only a promise to his son was made son to leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass john. the result reverse culture shock.
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wave from the realize how strange the artificial was very connected to life. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts aug ninth on d. w. . from casting ballots to dodging bullets a week that has gone terribly wrong for zimbabwe tonight as the presidential election results are finally made public the capital harare is on a walk to help to prevent more deadly violence there may be a new president in the morning what kind of democracy will lead no one is saying tonight i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.


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