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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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only a promise to our son made son only in the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle. the result reverse culture shock. play for you come back you realize how strange artificial is really connected to life. the prize winning documentary from the forest starts aug ninth on d w. from casting ballots to dodging bullets a week that has gone terribly wrong for zimbabwe tonight as the presidential election results are finally made public the capital harare is on walked to prevent more deadly violence there may be a new president in the morning what kind of democracy no one is saying. i'm burnt off and this is the day.
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you don't know you don't know if i'm really disappointed you want to have to be in one thousand new war with plenty of time to listen there's a difference in those who find. audemars do great but you know that i think is the group it's used to be violence. between people i wouldn't even see it too much about what a pity has to do i think is a pretty. decent incidence is that she lives to look. at human life. they should do it in that way did we have the remains of the world we want to see peace we don't want that is. also coming up tonight how many
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zeroes are there in one trillion all if you own shares and you probably know today the us tech giant became the first company in history valued at one trillion dollars. i loved watching it go up and up and up and i doubt if that makes me feel rich it just kind of makes me feel like she is i wonder if i could be one of those like eighty five year old ladies who. i bought apple stock when i was twenty five years old and i still have it and now i can put my grandchildren. well we begin the day in a zimbabwe that remains on edge the capital harare is on lockdown tonight with riot police on patrol the results of monday's presidential election are being announced tonight the rulings in the party has already claimed victory right here on the w. meaning current president in god will stay in office the opposition candidate nelson commutes and his movement for democratic change are claiming that the vote
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has been rigged mr commission said earlier today that he is the legitimate winner of the presidential election earlier today police took control of the headquarters of the movement for democratic change and detained party leaders there. at least six people were killed yesterday in violence between soldiers and protesters after the government deployed the military to keep the peace as friday dawns one question remains unanswered will democracy in zimbabwe survive the hit that its people have taken this week well we have complete coverage of this story tonight first we want to go to the capital harare our correspondent melanie curried the ball is on the telephone with us they are melody can you hear me i can tell you ok good talk to us a little bit of belt where we are in announcing these presidential election results
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. i have next like they're really going to be presenting the rest five piece it's going to be constituent if i can fix it and so will it take a while for us to know who the next president will be in this election. when we're looking we want to let our viewers know to milena we're looking at live pictures of the electoral commission announcing those results going from each constituency to the next which as you say is going to take some time and i want to talk a little bit about how you're doing your job this evening you are back in your hotel in harare the city is basically on lockdown and mike correct in saying that you no longer have internet access. it looks like it it seems like we have been cut off of course but khan can but it does like the press
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the feeding house back and reporting on this and yeah you can also see you and feel that he is on the lockdown that's been a bit of a ghost town today it's been. there and everywhere people. see it for the crackdown and getting that. and the fact that we're looking at this electoral commission taking these results possibly into the night i mean what kind of signal does that send melanie i mean most people are probably going to be asleep aren't they i mean so are they even going to be a part of this history making moment. well that is the thing and this is kind of what people have been fearing or long as they. say they'll be doing it during the night to avoid people going out on the streets to not have them demonstrated so we
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don't see the kind of violence and protests that we saw yesterday so they might not actually be watching they might not be hearing when the president will be announced we could also be waiting until tomorrow and then we'll see if either the people are too scared to go out on the streets because you can really feel how feel close they are or they might they might go out and we'll see some escalation like with it but they were put out and we also want to point out too that you know you are talking to us tonight from inside you know a safe area and you know that is of course not by chance it can be dangerous tonight with the capital being on lockdown so we want to make sure that you can do your job and not risk your safety what happens tomorrow when these results have been made public will you be reporting on a crippled democracy in zimbabwe i might be and this is something that people have been telling me this morning as well as
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a woman was saying you know i really really believe that these election could be fair and transparent that my vote will count that i will have a say and that we will live in a democracy and monica was my hero too although i don't vote but i believed him when he told me that he is going to make my vote count and now it looks like gaza's addicted to have gone but maybe this it takes a should have been. i think a very important point to make tonight and we'll see if it still holds true on friday our correspondent melanie ball in the capital harare tonight now let me thank you very much and stay safe. well i'm joined now by eddie cross he is joining us via skype from harare he is a member of zimbabwe's opposition m.d.c. and a former member of parliament mr krause it's good to see you again let me get your
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take on just what we're seeing right now on television there in zimbabwe the fact that it appears that the electoral commission is going from constituency to constituency and really drawing this out how do you read that well i'm going to encourage by that i was encouraged earlier today when i was told that they had called in the chief election agents for old a presidential candidate or twenty three of them very sign it receiving. results from every single constituency in the country and i'm glad that they're now doing it this way because really they've got to put this skepticism about the results to bid and this is the only way to do it but laureus that that it's good mr i think a lot of people would agree with you on that but what about the time of day or the time of night and this is taking place why why do this at such a late time when many people may not be able to watch and see and you know see this
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credibility in action and you're saying. one i think the majority of zimbabweans are glued to their television set so i can tell you that i don't think they're going to get a bit until this thing is done because this is a very anxious and important time for all of us. i personally think you know this everybody and it's to make the amount of work that's involved in this process especially if it's conducted in this way you have to ten thousand eleven thousand polling stations two thousand wart warrants two hundred ten constituencies and all of those elections have been concluded and signed off by both the opposition and the government and those elections cannot be disputed at this point in time because they're all being signed off now you have to have a group of men and women twenty three of them in harare the chief election agents of each of the twenty three presidential hopefuls there if i am the results from
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every single constituency and then agree on the tally any one of them can stop this process at any time but i'm not a total surprise that this is taken every bit of forty eight hours and i hope that they do take care about this because what we don't want is a contested results tomorrow morning we want to for everybody who's involved the say i signed up to this and i agree with the final outcome do you have full faith in this commission mr krause that what they are telling the nation tonight is the truth i'm as i'm aware. i've been through this many times i can tell you very few times in the ross twenty odd years that we've been fighting elections as an opposition and we really had any faith in sick sick is a highly compromised institution and i mean the quality of the people on this
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commission is really appalling and. some of them find difficulty even reading out the results that they're given to to present to the public eye i'm afraid all of all of zimbabweans are skeptical which is why it serves vital that we have transparency and participation if every face of this relations presentation i have to ask you about what happened today at the headquarters of your party being basically taken over by police we understand that there were some members of your party who were also detained i mean from the outside looking in this appears to be an act of the ruling party trying to shut you down. i lose count of how many times they rated us at the party headquarters we've had doors mashed down they've still in their computers it must be twenty times to look
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at our hard drives and discover what he's been doing and what they've been communicating with you know we come out of that period of time we've had city a is harsh dictatorship under robert. during which time opposition was in to was simply not tolerated we've had twenty years of simian military giunta leadership where the military has increasingly controlled the regime and we in the opposition have been fighting to bring back democracy and i must say that i thought the november coups in zimbabwe heralded a new beginning for us i'm very very disappointed to see the actions of the police and the young forces in the last couple of days and nothing in reasonably and she is my sentence what i have to say that your resume gets mr cross is certainly remarkable and admirable and i think i speak for
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a lot of people in wishing you and everybody in your country the best outcome possible at least by tomorrow and spread across a number of zimbabwe your opposition m.d.c. and a former member of the zimbabwean parliament mr krause thank you very much we appreciate your time tonight. thank you. well google is reportedly secretly plotting its return to china a new report from the investigative web site the intercept says that the tech giant has a team secretly working on a new censored version of its search engine for china mobile to help me tell this story i'm joined now by my steam calling helen humphrey from our business desk now china of course is renowned for its historic great wall building started on the mammoth fortification back in the third century b.c. to protect china from in later years right and these days china also has of course another wall known as its great far wall of china it's supposed to protect chinese
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citizens from undesired foreign influence that's right the first set up back in two thousand the great firewall it blocks access to certain websites and terms that the chinese government deems dangerous any with a criticism of the government or terms that refer for example to the student massacre intimates where back in one thousand nine hundred nine all of that were hit in the past the tech giant google well it's boken out against such internet censorship in fact i mean that is why they pulled out of china in twenty ten that's a very important point to make at the time google's co-founder said this. objection is to those forces of to tell the cheeriness of our hope is there is progress and a more open internet in china what i can say brant is how times have changed that's exactly right telling it i mean times have changed but i think people watching especially investors watching are not even investors just
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people around the world watching are going to be asking has google changed is that the story here let's put it this way google has long had its company mantra which is actually now changed it went from don't be evil. going to do the right thing so interpret that as you will but in twenty ten as we just mentioned it did pull out of china it had a google search engine there which did show results which were sensitive said that publicly it said these results you cannot bring up that they are on a blank screen and what happened was then in twenty ten that there was the moment that there were allegations that chinese dissidents had had their accounts hacked this caused a diplomatic spat with washington and google said ok we're out time's up essentially it's time to get out the question is then what changes dipping its toe well more than its toe back in the market that is china china hasn't changed much since
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twenty ten so one might think that google hurts if google does reenter the chinese market what signal does that send not only to the people in china but also to the government i mean it smells like a win for she's in pain to me right i mean we did hear a quote today from the former head of free expression for google in asia this man is called look months you he said reality is that google will be serving the chinese government amnesty international today said that giving in to censorship if google does re end to the chinese market essentially would be a dark day the truth is there when you consider that china is set to become the world's leading economies in around a decades time it's a difficult question for many companies it's a difficult question actually for many countries it's a quandary that many governments are facing right now also bear in mind china is already the largest internet market seven hundred seven hundred seventy two million internet users in china i mean the question is is the temptation simply too big for
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google what do we know what could a censored version of google then look like in china i mean we don't know we can go on what we saw from two thousand and six which again was that google. which showed since it results and back then google said well what we're doing and do because google thesis and how we can rationalize this it's better to give some information the no information a tool what google will probably do is have a search up it's thought and will be a way to try and i mean to penetrate some of the services from buy do of course is a big competitor to that but i mean bear in mind that you know china is a country that is cracking down and censorship on terms such as jenin square also mean terms like winnie the pooh of course he was. paying was famously compared to that resulted in the gives you need meaning to alternative facts or you know it could be a question of geography absolutely before let's shift gears and talk about another
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big player here in the tech world that is apple it has become the first u.s. company to top said earlier one the trillion varies by replaying zero zero one trillion us dollars in market value now this crowns a decade long rise fueled by of course the i phone it transformed the tech firm from a niche player in personal computers into a global powerhouse spanning entertainment and communications steve jobs as we know started the company in his garage back in one nine hundred seventy six those were the days apple has changed how we communicate with each other and how business is conduct daily commerce. investors and wall street loved this i want you to take a listen to this moment so i knew a little bit about the company and i thought well if i'm in this world of. covering writing about entrepreneurs model i invest in one thought i did i don't really
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remember how much i bought but it was not a life changing amount that i bought it and i can tell that. she's holding on to a lot right now i with a smile i would say i would say good anything stop. i think it is sitting in a very comfortable position at the moment because i mean look at the i phone for example it's a status symbol now twenty years ago ten years ago even a status symbol may have been a luxury car in the kind of economy now where we most people can't afford a luxury car maybe that even a car actually or they don't won't want to write what they can just about afford it and a lot of people do have is an i phone four examples of dollars for a thousand dollars. there's also the fact that you know this is something perhaps that apple couldn't even for see we are addicted to all mobile phones to some extent they can set the price and they can keep it you know fairly high but of course you can say that there was be a competitive somebody else can come out with
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a small phone yes but there is some genius in apple in that we have bought into the whole ecosystem so you know apple for example i phone the i use i choose for example so this do use their mean look look at the end of the day and cooks ten year on the hasn't or doubt any more new products they're still working on the legacy of steve jobs and yet it's reached this massive market capitalization so i would say as long as the i phone is sitting pretty so is apple you know we know what sitting right here where absolutely. as always good to have your the big table thank you thank you. summer wildfires continue to cause havoc in the northern hemisphere in the united states california is a blaze with thousands of firefighters walked in a battle against the flames emergency crews and residents say that they have never seen anything like it before and there are fears that this could be the new nor.
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i don't know why it's doing what it's doing it's bernie differently it's burning more aggressive. than it has in years past and i know we say that every year but it it's unprecedented. i've been a lifelong residence resident of this community i've never seen a fire with such destruction here in this area ever before. the wildfire aspect pass intensified over the years so we didn't experience more and more damaging wildfires more fires that ignite rapidly it's like going gasoline in these type of fires they wrapped in they they spread so fast. it's burning in every direction all at the same time uphill downhill even if it doesn't have a strong wind on it it's it's burning is it's got a santa ana wind or for a strong sixty mile an hour seventy mile an hour wind. my next guest has spent the
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past thirty years writing and shouting about fire his extensive back catalogue includes publications such as between two fires a a fire history of contemporary america and it has established him as an authority on fires and how to manage them he has spent fifteen seasons as a firefighter in the grand canyon he lives in arizona a u.s. state that is known for its uber levels of heat some happy to welcome tonight to the day stephen pyne who joins us from queen creek in the suburbs of phoenix it's good to see you steve let me ask you the wildfires in the u.s. do we perceive them for what they really are. well yes and no there are there are many kinds of fires and the fires that get attention are the fires that burned houses kill people or involve celebrities and it could be a celebrity landscape. so california gets
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a lot of attention right now particularly fires outside yosemite. half a million acres burned in nevada earlier this year and nobody heard about it. so we the other thing the other aspect of that is that almost all of us live in cities or suburbs now and we only experience fire in an urban context and you really don't want free burning fire in an urban setting but in the landscape most of the landscapes have adapted to fire even expect fire and the inability to manage fire actively in those landscapes is is a problem so in the u.s. we yeah we do have a serious issue with bad fires we have an equally serious issue with the absence of good fires good fire bad pliers and then of course there is global climate change to throw into the equation if we succeed in keeping the increase in temperatures this century below the two degrees celsius that the
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target will that mean if you were severe wildfires or. lost that battle. it improves conditions but. in the us we began reforming agencies at the national level fifty years ago forty years ago for the service with the realization that the fire scene was out of control and we needed to introduce more. find better ways to keep. it is not a new issue and thirty years we've been devoting considerable resources to trying to keep communities from burning where the two collide. climate change is really acting on what was already out there it's amplifying it it's making it worse but at this point it really hasn't. change. of the deeper level.
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i've found a little paragraph where that says you would prefer that a poet educate us about fire in wildfires instead of the bureaucrats or the scientists to do it today i want to ask you we've got it we've got about forty seconds here is the what would that poet and i say what would the poet say think a poet would would point out that we are uniquely fire creatures on a uniquely fire planet and that we are the chief we are the keystone species for fire now on the planet and fire has been absolutely fundamental to how we have lived even our problems with global climate change from burning fossil seals they that's also part of our combustion story so we need to recognize that it's not just a technical issue it's a deeply cultural issue and in many ways it goes to the core of who we are all
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right beautifully said wildfire expert stevens pioneer with the with very insightful words about our work combustion history steve thank you very much. i've pleasure thank you. well the day is nearly done the conversation as ever continues online you'll find us on twitter either at golf t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag to date and remember whatever happens between now and tomorrow is another day we'll see you then a. call
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at africa smart solutions for. nice nasty horses endangered they're only found at the mounds of three rivers in south africa and the metabolism to crash from pollution. project aims to permanently protect
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the species. go at africa thirty minutes. from beethoven. she's works in the goddess for to know. the munster and three. children down twenty two. it's all happening due to fit. your link to news from africa and the world. your link to it simpson stories and descriptions pellew and will come to you to do stuff including program tonight from salon in germany the menus of these eat our website d w to close the traffic come
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join us on three school d.w. africa. how's your view of the world. where i come from but all of that to get to cisco just like this chinese food doesn't matter where i am it was reminded me of home after decades of living in germany chinese food is one of the things i miss the most but that taking a step back i see things and get a different spin now. then of ford's purse as an articulation that exists the other part of the wall haven't been ever invented in china that's why you cannot have chinese people wondering if their forty's a lot of people have a right to another culture that is this is the job of just out of the my how i see it as a deficit why i've been up my job because i tried to do it except maybe an hour a day like they moved out into and i work at get up you.
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have to. this is. from berlin after a deadly violence with the zimbabwe is finally discovering its new president the country's electoral commission is in the process of announcing the winner of monday's vote after days of unrest and an anxious wait for results incumbent emerson. is chipped so when the opposition have accused authorities of election
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fraud crosswise to the capital harare for the latest also coming up. a big.


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