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in the life of a great nation designer. starts september ninth w. the city give you news last from berlin zimbabwe's president and resentment calls for a new beginning. after being declared the winner of the country's presidential election as supporters argue for but the opposition is refusing to accept the results raising fears of more violence also coming up in india false reports on social media about child kidnappings have led to the murder of innocent people now local
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police are taking action to try to prevent any more killings. done something killed my mother. it was our children. on the whole they tortured us and forced us to pray the little they beat us and they put a price on his hands told us from one man to the next yazidi zeroth were subjected to an international cruelty thousands are still being held captive by the so-called islamic state we report on one woman's efforts to rescue them. and a decade after air b.n. b. burst on through the hospitality scene regulators and renters are complaining about rising rents and housing shortages we take a look at whether air b.n. b. is tenth anniversary marks the end of a honeymoon period. i'm suing so misconduct to have you with us zimbabwean president emerson magog says he
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is humbled to have been elected president and is called on the country to unite he was declared the winner last night after securing just over fifty percent of the ballots but the opposition accuses the ruling party of breaking the vote and says it will challenge the result in court. after days of unrest the long awaited results were delivered in the middle of the night zimbabwe's electoral commission declared a narrow victory for the country's incumbent president. of the party is therefore julie declared elected president of the republic of zimbabwe with effect from the third of august twenty eighth. with fifty point eight percent of the vote and missing money on god avoids a runoff against his nearest rival nelson chamisa who won just over forty four percent his party the movement for democratic change has declared it will challenge the results. of those. are fair.
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what would. you very much like to do. when i'm dog was party zanu p.f. is also celebrating its victory in parallel parliamentary elections officials declared a voter turnout of almost eighty percent but european union observers said the election could not be declared entirely fair that it wasn't a level playing field there was a misuse of state resources bias in the state media and also with the girls freedoms there was concern about the power in the pre-election vironment pressure on prospective photos through intimidation and coercion. the country was left shaken off the six people died in clashes with soldiers during protests while awaiting the election results. now mon god has promised zimbabwe
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a new beginning. melanie corded ball is covering the latest for us from harare hi melanie the results came in the middle of the night have people there had time to really react to this news. question the many zimbabweans are likely to only be finding out this morning who their president is because as we expected the results only came on touring the night most likely in an attempt to decrease the likelihood of protest here in the country but i still saw military tanks military vehicles heading down town just after the results were announced i could hear helicopters throughout the entire night so it looks like the military is ready to crack down on any demonstrators today we might see them in p.s. support just celebrating on the streets but it could be that the supporters of the opposition party the m.d.c. might be too scared to go out and protest against this results and melanie you know
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the opposition they're not backing down they say they're going to challenge this result what opportunities do they have. well that's true they have said they will reject the result that will challenge some party members have said they're going to court but to me so himself yesterday even before the results were announced said he would not go to court. as not independent in this country it would be like walking into the lion's den and he will not be elian's meal so we'll have to see what he is going to be doing here probably address his supporters later and from what we learned yesterday he seems very confident that people will still take on the streets and raise their voices in his favor and meanwhile money we have the election observer saying they found an unlevel playing field in this vote were these free and fair elections the ones that were promised.
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international observers have their doubt at least to an extent international critics have been saying that maybe the election was more put on for the western world the international community to move on now it relations especially economically the country is dependent on that but to many zimbabweans that i spoke to last night it also feels like the play was put on for them they were telling me that they really trusted him and got well although they're not santa p.f. supporters to really allow for free and transparent elections and they now feel betrayed their feel like the dictator mugabe has gone but maybe the dictatorship hasn't and melanie what he's promising unity what can he do to win support with his critics. he will have really really hard time to win support with his critics especially with the supporters of the m.d.c. will have a really hard time uniting the country because he had said before that he will break with iran and now they just feel like he was his right hand and he will
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continue to rule the country in the very same manner he won't be able to fix the economy and hill for sure well have problems with the international community after this election so people here are very very skeptical to a large extent melanie corrida ball with the very latest for us from harare thank you very much. let's catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world senior u.s. intelligence officials have accused russia of carrying out what they call a pervasive campaign to influence public opinion ahead of upcoming congressional elections they say moscow is aiming to undermine u.s. democracy by attempting to spread false information and launch cyber attacks to trump administration says it is directing a vast government wide efforts to protect its democratic processes. the presidential election in mali will go on to a second round after initial results show that none of the candidates attained the fifty percent needed for an outright winner current president. came close with
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forty one percent of the votes while his closest rival some majlis you say won almost eighteen percent the two will meet in a runoff vote next sunday. health officials in the democratic republic of congo say the type of the bowl and the country's latest outbreak is a strain which has been successfully vaccinated against in the past four people have tested positive for the deadly virus in recent days the world health organization says there is a high risk of the outbreak spreading including to neighboring countries and in jerusalem tens of thousands have marched in the city's largest ever gay pride parade the colorful festivities were mixed with anger following the passage of a law that excludes gay men from having children via surrogacy. you're watching the news still to come activist ellen air sun shot to fame last week after single handedly preventing the deportation of an asylum seeker back to afghanistan has
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been talking to arson about her motivation and to the people who think she should face legal action for breaking the law. but first to india which has been rocked by a wave of mob lynchings across the country in recent months more than twenty people have died after a viral rumors about child kidnapper circulated on the messaging service whatsapp the indian government has set up a committee to try to curb the murders in some areas local law enforcement officials have started their own campaigns our india correspondent sonia found a car travel to the western state of maharashtra to find out more. it isn't every day that this village sees gifts like these. on a special mission dispelling vital rumors spread and what steps that have killed people across the country not the mob. daughter who's also a trained lawyer is the grains behind the campaign he appeals to the crowd to not be fooled by fake news of the internet and use their own mind to judge what's true
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or false. misleading videos like this one which claim to show corpses of children have gone by full of voices peeves disguised as beggars harvested the organs. explains how the videos are doctored to create panic. another clip suggests this woman is an outsider and was going to abducted that's why she was beaten up. fake news like this is spreading like wildfire in india it is a major problem because these are very close knit communities where almost everyone tends to know each other the spread and acceleration of this news can be very very quick but the fact that it is about child lifting is something for primal something so provocative that your child could be taken away from you i scarcely think there is a greater fear than that for any family or any parent. that that can press a brigade violence very easily. that's what happened here in the neighboring district of coolie about three hundred fifty kilometers from mumbai this heavy
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security in this remote village it only has women and children many of the men have fled ever since a lynching to place in this building. fake news is killing people in india right here in this village council office five people were beaten to death by a mob last month the police say the people were driven by videos and whatsapp claiming that kidnappers are on the loose the victims were beggars from a nomadic tribe. the lynchings here were particularly brutal the police have arrested twenty eight people so far. try to help the victims by locking them in here but the mob forced their way in. they beat the people would sticks with the rods put stones in witches in the office the crowd was bloodthirsty i've never seen anything like this there was
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a video on someone's phone warning people to stay vigilant because gangs were kidnapping children and stealing their organs. in mali go police have tracking train time if anyone forwards explosive messages that can cause public panic. it's part of the campaign to quash rumors before they boil over and lead to. the measures taken and added urgency in monaco's melting pot in. religious tensions are never far from the surface here. today offices are in the hindu temple it's part of the campaign's outreach to influential religious leaders the message is familial remain skeptical of what you read online and don't resolve to fight it's. the campaign continues a crack at junctions across the city leaflets with police help like numbers are handed out. to raise awareness about the deadly consequences of fake news.
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now four years ago the so-called islamic state overran singe our district in northern iraq the area is mostly of habited by yazidi surrealist minority considered infidels by radical islamists thousands were killed and kidnapped many were sold into slavery in syria now even though i says been largely defeated militarily more than three thousand people are still missing. woman trying to find and free that. it breaks my heart she says. shareen chavan is showing us her hometown. the ruined city of the. she's just come back from syria where many young is still being held as slaves who stop at her old school. my best friend and i held hands around. her and made her a slave. she killed herself while she was there prisoner. and i have
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other friends who are still in their hands. it's difficult to cope. she's only twenty two but she has dedicated herself to finding the kidnapped women and children who she thinks are still in syria it's detailed detective work. she's helped by mahmoud a friend and former smuggler. and. sometimes my contacts in syria hear about people who've been kidnapped from people who've just been freed they might send me a photo of a kidnapped boy you can ask if i know him can i ask around whether anyone is missing a boy if so we go rescue him not. ask me. sometimes the islamists allow their prisoners to call their families and sometimes the families are asked for help she calls the kidnappers and fishes for information
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trying to find out where they are. but would you feel that if i get them to trust me then i ask them things like what's happening where they are how many airstrikes have already hit what. mahmud and i are in touch with the iraqi security forces and forces in syria to tell us about is trying. we compare information to localise the people we're looking for that others and. they work with smugglers in syria who bring the former prisoners across the border they say they freed more than sixty people so far they mostly only works though when the families pay a ransom to the islamists or at least to middlemen try to get to. the families have to borrow the money. if they can't get enough we help them. by her friends in europe and america and they give us the money to buy the woman free.
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sharon russia early who's held prisoner for four years her family paid for her release. that i'm getting she has got i saw her they killed my mother. it was awful. they tortured us and forced us to pray. they beat us and they put a price on us. sense all of us from one man to the next. she says she was on the brink of killing herself but then she came across a mobile phone she secretly sent her family photos and a video three months later she found and shingle found her. her family paid thirteen thousand u.s. dollars to get her back. one thing i want i want you to feel all the prisoners from them they sell them to each other like sheep it's terrible. and they help themselves to ten year old girls and after the mass.
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she van also tries to help the women afterwards in the absence of psychological support she has organized a number of self-help groups today she's talking with women about suicide what are the signs that someone is in danger of hurting herself how can others help you have to support each other she tells them. as i don't know i know we have all faced death and that life now is hard but we've survived yet we cannot give up and let them when. the sun is setting as we leave but she wants to go to mts injure the years edis holy mountain to honor her friends who are buried here killed while fighting i.r.s. for she found it's a place where she connects with them where she gathers strength for what lies ahead
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. to sweden now l an heiress and made headlines last week when she staged a one woman protest that stopped the deportation of an asylum seeker back to afghanistan our son was aboard a plane about to take off from go to book but she refused to take her seat preventing the plane from taking off she live stream directions and plot it's for her bravery but also criticism didn't you caught up with the young activist. when ellen arris and meets people believe days when her protest dominate the conversation people all over the world still congratulate her for her courage when she refused to take a seat on an airplane she drew global attention to deportations to afghanistan that it saw that carry life video from the plane met international headlines ericsson wanted to draw attention to what she feels is sweden's inhumane asylum policy we are not giving the correct legal procedure they have the right to we are the
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government and the migration office are doing so much things that they possibly can use to make sure that they deport and react as many people as possible. harrison belongs to a group that looks after former unaccompanied minor refugees from afghanistan the young refugees are optimistic that swedes like arson are prepared to use civil disobedience to prevent their difficulties. i should also have been deported and lost an appeal against it i've been waiting for a year for a decision it might be even take another year if i were then to be deported i would have lived in sweden for four years of i really don't know how i would react to that but. the erson case has fuelled further debate on asylum and immigration in sweden parliamentary elections are coming up in september so show increasing
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support for right wing populist but there are still those who will come refugees through the next government should put a stop to immigration. to talk. to anybody we need immigration in sweden because we need the waca i will certainly not vote for any party that is against refugees and immigration. the biggest opposition party the conservative moderate party is outraged over the claim it has received they want. to face legal consequences how do you feel policy doesn't mean here it's not the government that decides on deportation but the courts. that we do is going smooth and it's not acceptable for individuals to defy court decisions some three of us have to go to feel an approval so. it's rude but as long as people being deployed to afghanistan risk getting killed and says she wants to continue her luck. so even if
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we guests like stuff think that's the case just afghanistan then i believe the crowd will believe they still together and i hope so because they are part of my life not a person least for an interview with the british radio station the debate over departed ation to afghanistan continues in part thanks to an announcement. garrett is here with business news now on the historic record you have that's right to read apple has become the first us company to top one trillion dollars in market value the record crowns a decade long rise fueled by its i phone it's transformed the tech from from a niche player and personal computers into a global powerhouse spawning at the same and communications started in the garage of co-founders steve jobs in nine hundred seventy six apple has changed how we communicate with each other and how businesses conduct daily commerce. and here's another tech industry landmark air b.n. b.
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is ten years old today the home sharing website has disrupted the travel industry like none other shaking up business models turning tenants into hotel years and putting small independent hotels out of business the n.b.a. is one of the first to capitalize on the so-called sharing economy but resistance is growing fast in many places around the world from residents and regulators a lot. community has the highest rents in all of germany it's also a major tourist destination some residents here good returns off the air b.n. b. apartments as these officials in the local thought are you know only too well meaning homeowners and tenants need a permit to rent out their apartments for more than eight weeks a year. the investigators suspect a tenant here of illegally renting out properties all year round. suddenly from going up front so it is it started in twenty seventeen with disappointment he was a kind of big player firenze had lots of flags and then subset and then b. and b.
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b. and b. on the biggest for metered the investigators pay a visit to the apartment and speak to vacationers to gather evidence. their landlord will receive a hefty fine potentially up to five hundred thousand euros in business if. you can rent the place per day one hundred to two hundred fifty euros or if you do the math on the monthly rent is covered up to just ten days of. finance the old enough to that you start making a profit with a park but given all the idea behind air b.n. b. is that tourists like to feel at home. since its founding the company has grown from a hundred thousand registered listings to four and a half million air b.n. b. rents out more rooms in munich than the five largest hotel chains combined. you know how northern germany some landlords have even kicked out long term tenants so
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that they can profit from the air b.n. b. boom money could have a vote suspected that's what's happened to her she lived in her apartment for thirty three years she raised her children there and knew all her neighbors and she got an addiction notice. the lot of claims you needed the flop for his own use. that in a limited to someone suggested i take a look at a b. and b. if they suspected it was being offered on their website and. yet this is the out on ebay and be part of her kitchen are still in the apartment it now costs fifty nine years polite that's eight hundred a month more than four times the original rent money going to be able now is to pay much higher rent elsewhere and is suing. if b. and b. for tourists a cheaper option behave days around the world but for residents looking for rentals it's a potential nightmare. so that's why the n.b.a. is celebrating its tense and the grocery and european authorities of tightening the
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screws from amsterdam to madrid officials are limiting the number of days which may be rented and slapping fines on violate his paris is suing the company for failing to take down unregistered listings and a few weeks ago in new york moved to require registration to see bids the from business department is joining me now who seem you've looked into this story is the honeymoon with being peeled off your heart i think that members of the sharing economy like air b.n. b. and over have always faced scrutiny from years back and usually that was over things like security or the liability of the hosts or the driver in this case with air b.n. b. it's facing scrutiny about its effect on a more structural issue its effect on the housing markets and so what you're seeing is of course all these actions taken by cities claiming that air b.n. b. is raising rents that is taking housing from the market and we see that through stories like this one which we just saw someone who lost their apartment and then
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saw listen on air b.n. b. and also by studies which really show us how air b.n. b. works for example in new york city there was a report issued by mcgill university in the city which showed that ten percent of all air b.n. b. rentals accounted for half or ten ten percent of hosts accounted for half the rentals and half the revenue in the city and have entered big companies have grown out of this business model using it right it's become more and more attractive for commercial enterprises do it and air b.n. b. will tell you and they've claimed throughout these arguments that you know these are important for middle class homeowners who actually they need something to supplement their income and studies have shown well actually that's not necessarily a case in places like new york and it's probably similar in places like paris berlin cetera why is it so. is the backlash so big in europe. i mean europe is always going to be a more regulatory market than the u.s. first of all but second of all international tourism is growing is growing fast as the middle class grows and europe is always the top destinations so you know when
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there are changes in tourism they're going to be felt here and especially when you start seeing tourists in neighborhoods where they traditionally haven't been you start hearing those rolling suitcases in smaller neighborhoods they're known for being hip trendy whatever are no longer relegated to the central hotel district but also in cities like this like berlin there's a housing crunch prices are going up construction is not filling that gap and investors need to park their money increasingly in real estate to get a return because they're not going to get it through other vehicles now when they do that and they're not living that property there's an incentive maybe to put it on air b.n. b. and as we saw in that piece make more money that way instead of dealing with renters instead of making less money through renters so the incentive is there is thank you very much. a reminder of the top story we're following for you election authorities have to catch them a similar dog was the winner of zimbabwe's presidential election the main opposition is questioning gonzales comes. to be w.
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news more news coming up at the top of the alden's watch. kickoff marsh. they're ready to risk everything for a new life to marry no one family and see themselves as men in women's bodies. clothes having a sex change. and clothes play soccer how does that affect their lives on
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and off the field. next. to africa smart solutions for how environment. is now seen horses endangered their own new found at the mounds of three rivers in south africa and the attack is under threat from pollution. project aims to permanently protect the rarest species. go ahead africa in sixty minutes. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. the easy colleges began searching for the source of this captivating sound. deep in the rain forest in
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central africa. to find their culture that he stayed. only a promise to his son to leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle of new york. the result of reverse culture shock. the praise we. saw from the forest starts august ninth w. . bush found in just a lot of the basement type come out of the plots because i. didn't jump off him as upsets if i was going to good but it's like i said i finished months.


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