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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 3, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin symbiote ways new political era gets off to a shaky start the country's opposition party the movement for democratic change refuses to accept the results of the presidential election its leader nelson chamisa says he and his colleagues have been harassed and threatened since monday's vote earlier riot police are trying to prevent their news conference. also coming
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up the fallout from germany's disastrous world cup rumbles on forward measure through accused his pay compatriots of racism when he quit the national team after the tournament now a new poll says the majority of germans share his concern. and in india police crackdown on vigilante malts that's after false reports on social media about child kidnappings drove the public to murder innocent people. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us confusion in zimbabwe as riot police break up a news conference due to be held by the opposition leader nelson chamisa police ordered journalists to pack up their equipment and leave the hotel grounds where the news conference had been set up but they relented. and leader nelson chamisa
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was able to go ahead with his briefing here's what he had to say on today's a day of mourning mourning over democracy it is a big day because we are seeing in repeats or what we saw during the. depreciation of people as we are reading of the will of the people. and that was nelson chamisa there the opposition leader speaking a short while ago at a press conference in harare of course one of many korea dead ball joins me now from harare melody the opposition leader there we just heard nelson chamisa he also said at that press conference that this is a day of mourning for democracy what is he talking about that's right terry it's been saying you know it's different nations and the liberation on the street it's quite the opposite this just the day of sadness he was saying that his vote with stone and brutally and deliberately and now at night when people could not go
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on the streets and raise their voices he's been saying that the m.d.c. has for true democracy and what they were met with was good and intimidation and repression and he has also been planning that is that of p.f. is trying to destroy the evidence that he has that he has one vote he said it was for rigging but it was way way manipulating the results and thinking about that we still haven't seen the numbers that he is talking about we cannot confirm his claim yet now since the election we've seen norm protesters being killed and a press conference a news conference being broken up by security forces melanie you've been watching what's been going on there the last few days do you get the impression that the press and the opposition are being intimidated by the government forces. it definitely feels that there's a bit like that and the biggest question that we just have is why is this happening
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it just doesn't really seem to make sense i mean just now here put these offices went on to riot gear that were hindering the peaceful press conference by the opposition and jim the couldn't get in one post and this was even beaten up by police so if it feels like an intimidation of both the opposition and the press and you know why did they intervene on the who's come on then the question is also why is it watered by someone or was it just the police doing it by themselves we don't have the onset to it if they were ordered by the senate p.f. which could be a possibility but which we can not confirm then the question is what is an appeal if so it's got if they have officially won the vote what is it that they want. the international monitors have raised doubts about the fairness of this election the opposition m.d.c. have said they do not accept the results how can you see with nelson show me as a launch
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a challenge well they were to figure out the official way they would have to go to court some interesting you say yesterday before the vote was announced what the results were out he said that he would not go to court but what are the money just like walking into the lion's den and he was not going to have himself as a mail to the lion because the judiciary is known to impartial but he was just now saying at the press conference that he will challenge the results and that he will use old legal and constitutional confusional ways open to him so this could mean that he goes to court and he even said if he goes to court it should be easy because it's really really easy to prove that the damage yet has been this case that the members again that's not something that we can verify well but i thank you very much for bringing us up to date that was our correspondent melanie curry a ball there joining us from harare. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today senior u.s.
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intelligence officials have accused russia of carrying out what they call a pervasive campaign to influence public opinion ahead of upcoming congressional elections the trumpet ministrations is directing a vast government wide effort to protect democratic process is russia has denied meddling and slammed the claims says hysteria at least twenty people have been killed in afghanistan after a suicide attack on a mosque in the eastern city of gardez dozens more have been wounded the attacker blume self up inside it mosque as worshipers were attending friday prayers there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack. and students in bangladesh's capital dhaka have held a six day approached. two teenagers were killed by a speeding bus tens of thousands of demonstrators have blocked roads throughout the week to demand safer streets roads tally rates in bangladesh are among the highest in the world. yemen may be on the brink of
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a new wave of color on the world health organization says widespread malnutrition and conflict could push up the death rate the w.h.o. has called for a three day cease fire in the north of the country to carry out a backs a nation program. more majority of germans say racism here is a big problem that's according to a new survey by the polling institute in protest d.m.f. the institute of erev the real issue of racism came into focus after footballer mess of retired from the german squad saying he faced racism and disrespect because of his turkish roots. he wore the german jersey he even won the world cup for germany but football player. was recently caught in a backlash regarding his identity he didn't resign from the national team accusing the german football association of racism. now germans are publicly debating this
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the country have a problem with. racism in germany is a very big big problem for two thirds or sixty four percent of the germans according to latest polls only thirty five percent think it's a small or no problem at all. but with nothing to gain for the government in berlin approval rates for the grand coalition continue to plummet. asked which party they'd vote for less than a third of german voters twenty nine percent would currently cast their ballot for the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc the social democrats would get less than a fifth of the votes only eighteen percent the right wing populist would reach a record high seventeen percent the liberals and left each still rank below ten percent while the greens would move up to fifteen percent. according to this poll if there was a general election next sunday the coalition parties would lose their majority in
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parliament but had to make up for germans consider health and pension policies among the most important issues to be taken care of by their government so parliament after. september. well to talk about this latest polling and i'm joined now in our studio by d.w. political correspondent simon young hi simon a lot to talk about there a lot of different topics addressed in this polling data let's start with racism and. he of course and he's the guy who resigned from the german national soccer squad following the world cup in his resignation statement he said he was the target of discrimination and the case has attracted massive media attention in germany how has story influenced the discussion about racism in germany well of course. always gets people talking specially the world cup so there's been an awful
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lot of tool and media coverage of this issue since the message resignation and the allegations that he made around that particularly we've seen in the media but also on social media particularly with this hash tag me too with germans talking about germans with a migration background talking about identities that they have to deal with and you know a lot of anecdotal evidence of everyday racism people being turned down for a job so are apartments and struggling with that kind of thing so that's why you've got government ministers also calling for germany widely to get a grip on this issue as it's now being to really address racism wherever they see it now the new poll shows that about two thirds of germans feel that racism is a problem in their country can you put that figure into context for us or racist tendencies increasing in terms well because as you said it's
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a complex issue and it depends kind of what you mean by racism we talk about xenophobia. i think certainly they are more out in the open in the last few years particularly with the rise of. the rand he is lohm movement street movement that we've seen in the roys of the far right a f.t. . party and so on there's a lot more talk about you know who belongs in germany and who doesn't so there's that another thing that comes up in this poll these peoples no surprise really know immigrants who haven't been here for very long are not very well integrated so that's what you'd expect but of course if there's a link between that perception and people feeling that they can sort of say you know you don't belong in this country then that fits with the fact the cause that more than a million new migrants of arrived in germany over the last three years we also got some polling data there just very quickly we saw that the that the parties in chancellor merkel's governing coalition if they were up for election today they
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wouldn't have a majority in parliament anymore what's behind the loss of support for the conservatives and the social democrats well there's a couple of things is just over a month ago since the conservative part of the government and americans part was tearing itself apart with divisions over the future of migration policy that was the very conservatives threatening to bring down the government so that was certainly one thing the social democrats in a process of regrouping off to a bad election result so both parties face the struggles some thank you so much some young from our political desk. now has apple apple has indeed hit the trillion dollar mark hell in the can it stay that way that's the question isn't it terry at the moment it looks like apple will slip in and out of the trillion dollar territory in the next few days nevertheless it's still a massive feat and it was bumpus second quarter results that increased demand and helped to breach that all important barrier. the share price hit two hundred seven
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dollars and all of a sudden apple was worth a trillion dollars the company made its market debut in one thousand nine hundred eighty with a share price of thirty nine cents if you bought ten thousand dollars worth of shares back then your investment would now be worth six point four million apple's clearly come a long way in one nine hundred ninety seven the company found itself on the brink of collapse when the macintosh wasn't selling consumer seemingly unwilling to pay more for it than its microsoft alternative. but with the introduction of the i pod and the i phone things began to look up again the devices the design winning apple a cult following after the death of founder steve jobs tim cook took over at the helm under his leadership apple became the biggest stock market success in u.s. history brings some new features today that the everyone has i phones i
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pads i products and no oil to be on there is significant they have been able to continue to sell product increasing prices higher margins the question of course always is can they continue it you know what what's the next product they'll have what's the competition doing you know with the joke being that the next apple competitor is an eighteen year old sitting in a garage somewhere apple's still has its current competitors to worry about earlier this week china is well way over took apple as the number two smartphone maker in the world. well talking tech amazon a founder jeff bezos is floating behind in the private sector space race his rocket is scheduled for twenty twentieth's but there are signs it may sit behind schedule that's according to people who all familiar with the project based aussies racing to pull his private space company blue origin out of startup mode and into
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production and his main competition goes by the name of you know musk with his company space to take tourists into space and bring them back to earth again. you know imagine. how alan shepard must have felt. all those years ago most of them pretty cool space travel has come a long way since astronaut alan shepard historic journey in one thousand nine hundred sixty one now base most wants to expand the company by doubling its workforce over the next two or three years to around three thousand employees there is another sort of lost back to terry now in an uncertain future and sets in homeland for persecuted minority in iraq terri very difficult indeed helen i thank you they have been subjected to unimaginable cruelty some seven thousand iraqi women and girls were abducted tortured and sexually abused by the so-called islamic
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state after the militants overran iraq's northern singe our district four years ago now. been driven out but three thousand yazidi women are still missing many may have been sold into slavery in syria w.'s begin to show to people trying to find and rescue. them it breaks my heart she says. shareen shivan is showing us her hometown since the ruined city of the. she's just come back from syria where many young is stooping held as slaves we still put her old school. oh is that a big time to one mother my best friend and i held hands around here. i took her and made her slave. she killed herself while she was a prisoner. and i have other friends who are still in their hands. it's
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difficult to cope. she's only twenty two but she has dedicated herself to finding the kidnapped women and children who she thinks are still in syria it's detailed detective work. she's helped by mahmoud shingle a friend and former smuggler. sometimes my contacts in syria hear about people who've been kidnapped from people who've just been freed they might send me a photo of a kidnapped boy and ask if i know him that i ask around here whether anyone is missing a boy if so we go rescue him. sometimes the islamists allow their prisoners to call their families and sometimes the families are asked for help she calls the kidnappers and fishes for information
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trying to find out where they are. what would you shoot at if i get them to trust me then i ask them things like what's happening where they are how many airstrikes have already hit what. mahmoud and i are in touch with the iraqi security forces and forces in syria to tell us about is trikes. we compare information to localise the people we're looking for their arms and. they work with smugglers in syria to bring the former prisoners across the border they say they freed more than sixty people so far mostly only works though when the families pay a ransom to the islamists or at least to middlemen try to get to. the families have to borrow the money. so if they can't get enough we help them. i have friends in europe and america and they give us the money to buy the woman free.
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show her around russia early was held prisoner for four years her family paid for her release. that on which she has got i saw her they killed my mother. it was awful. they tortured us and forced us to pray. they beat us and they put a price on a. since all of us from one man to the next. she says she was on the brink of killing herself but then she came across a mobile phone she secretly sent her family photos and a video three months later she found and shingle found her her family paid thirteen thousand u.s. dollars to get her back. i think i mean i want you to feel all the prisoners from them they sell them to each other like sheep it's terrible. and they help themselves to ten year old girls that are fabulous.
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chavan also tries to help the women afterwards in the absence of psychological support she has organized a number of self-help groups today she's talking with women about suicide what are the signs that someone is in danger of hurting herself how can others help you have to support each other she tells them. as i don't know i know we have all faced death and that life now is hard but we've survived yet we cannot give up and let them when. the sun is setting as we leave but she wants to go to mts injure the years edis holy mountain to honor her friends who are buried here killed while fighting i.r.s. . fisch event it's a place where she connects with them where she gathers strength for what lies ahead . well for more on this story let's bring inside him cuz im so lame and he
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serves on the board. as an ngo that supports the c.d.'s and other ethnic religious minorities in iraq and syria mr sullivan thank you very much for talking with us first of all we heard in our report that the the women are now getting some support tell us more about the help they are getting well thank you very much for having me the survivors from captivity thousands of them they're living in tents in northern iraq and put its own region unfortunately they're not getting enough support yes if there is kind of support from but they don't have enough support like the ones who are in germany if i'm for thankfully german government were grateful for that they've brought about one thousand years eighty women. amenity them psychosocial support and therapy but there once was even singerman in iraq they are suffering
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living in tents today is the four senators who have heeded genocide and until today both more than three thousand c.c.t. must be women heroes and in captivity and somehow international community unfortunately in my point of view they haven't done. enough it's true that many countries like germany canada australia they have brought easy it is to give them support but what should be done it's not enough ok percent if he is even still living in tents. they cannot go back to center to their homes for different reasons let me ask you muslims what your reason is that because the safety and security incentives are it's not stable. people cannot go back to their homes it's almost been four years to the forty's that they leave their homes. there is a lot of politico conflicts the basic services education have
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is not provided ok like you just interrupt you for a moment i just want to ask you another question if you don't mind our report showed smugglers returning the women to their families just wondering why why smugglers are taking that way it why international aid organizations wouldn't be involved in that is well well this is the question that we need a community have us also international community unfortunately that knowledge until today they haven't tried to be women and there's an interim who was in captivity this when the time the international community failed to bring them back to give them then you see it is by themselves or by local governments they try to solve them so here again i hope that our voices will be hear from you can union from germany from muslim countries to start up a team to try to bring that one who is still in captivity ok fortunately thank you
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so much. seems so i'm on there he was joining us from the city of s. and here in germany thank you for talking with us thank you very much. now to sweden where erin air song made headlines last week when she staged one woman protest that stopped the deportation of an asylum seeker back to ghana. was aboard a plane about to take off from go to ball but she refused to take her seat preventing the plane from taking off she live streamed her actions and earned plaudits for her bravery d.w. caught up with the young activist. when ellen asked and needs friends these days to protest dominates the conversation. people are still congratulating her for her actions by refusing to take a seat on a plane the twenty one year old student temporarily stopped deportation to
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afghanistan that. there are live video from the plane made international headlines as soon wanted to draw attention to what she feels is sweden's inhumane asylum policy. giving the correct legal procedure that they have the right to we are the government and the migration office are doing so much things that possibly can just to make sure that they deport and react as many people as possible. bhasin is part of an organization that looks after young refugees from afghanistan who arrived in sweden without their families. her protest is giving them hope. i also should have been deported i lodge an appeal against i've been waiting a year for a decision it might even take another year. if i get deported then lived in sweden
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for four years i really don't know how i would react to the. essence actions have further fueled the debate on asylum and immigration in sweden a topic that is taking center stage as the country heads to elections in september views are becoming more polarized. the next government should put a stop to immigration. and give money we need immigration in sweden because we need the workers i will certainly not vote for any party that is against refugees and immigration. the main opposition party the conservative moderate party is outraged over the acclaim and has received. here it's not the government that decides on deportation but the courts it's. completed. and it's not acceptable for individuals to defy court decisions. this
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route and since says she won't stop fighting sweden's deportations of afghans or her work with refugees. so even if we get this stuff think the potations that's going to stand then probably a still together and i hope so because they are part of my life now. and then she leaves for an interview with a british radio station the debate over deportations continues in part because of a lean air soon. you're watching d.w. news there's much more to come stay with us. to satisfy russian madagascar. general managers work for starvation wages. risking their lives in illegal mines. driven by poverty cell so
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destroying the environment and the consequences are devastating. against start mining treasure island. on double. inform. and language courses. video. anytime anywhere. w. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good new eco africa people and projects that are changing no ones
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are meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference listen to each other. let. the environment magazine. d.w. . his creations. his brand stink of cumnock of it. but what do we really know about the man behind the car cheats what motivates him how does he think and feel good moments in the life of a great fashion designer. smash and. start september ninth w. welcome back to the d.w. news i'm terry martin are top stories in zimbabwe the opposition movement for democratic change has rejected the results of the country's presidential election its leader
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nelson chamisa said his party had evidence of election fraud and would challenge the outcome in court. then a new survey in germany has backed the issue raised by football star measured to zero almost two thirds of germans agreed with the residual that the country has a racism problem. india has been rocked by a wave of mob lynchings across the country in recent months more than twenty people have died after viral rumors about child kidnappers circulated on the messaging service whatsapp the indian government has set up a committee to try to curb the murders in some areas local law enforcement officials have started their own campaigns are in need of correspondents only follow the travel to the western state of maharashtra to try to find out. it isn't every day that this village sees gifts like these. on a special mission dispelling vital freighted what's that kills people across the
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country not the mob ought to be the daughter who's also trained lawyer is the brains behind the campaign he appeals to the crowd to not be fooled by fake news of the internet and use their own mind to judge what's true or false. misleading videos like this one which claim to children have gone by. the voices peeves disguised as beggars harvested the. already posh explains how the video was adopted to create. another clip suggests this woman is an outsider and was trying to abducted that's why she was beaten up. fake news like this is spreading like wildfire in india it is a major problem because these are very close knit communities where almost everyone tends to know each other the spread and acceleration of this news can be very very quick but the fact that it is about child lifting is something for primal something so provocative that your child could be taken away from you i scarcely think there
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is a greater fear than that for any family or any parent. that that can precipitate violence very easily. that's what happened here in the neighboring district of tulli about three hundred fifty kilometers from mumbai this heavy security in this remote village it only has women and children many of the men have fled ever since a lynching to place in this building. fake news is killing people in india right here in this village council office five people were beaten to death by a mob last month the police say the people were driven by videos on whatsapp claiming that kidnappers are on the loose the victims were beggars from a nomadic tribe the lynchings here were particularly brutal the police have arrested twenty eight people so far. try to help the victims by locking them in here but the mob forced their way in.
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the people with sticks with rods put stones in witches in the office the crowd was bloodthirsty i've never seen anything like this there was a video on someone's phone warning people to stay vigilant because gangs were kidnapping children and stealing their organs. in monaco police have tracking train time if anyone for with explosive messages that can cause public panic. it's part of the campaign to quash rumors before they boil over and leaked by the measure stick on an added urgency in monaco's melting pot into religious tensions are never far from the surface here. today offices are in the hindu temple it's part of the campaign's outreach to entrench and religious leaders the message is familiar to remain skeptical of what you read online and don't resolve to fight it's. the
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campaign continues attracted junctions across the city leaflets with police help life numbers are handed out. to raise awareness about the deadly consequences of fake news. the report from sonia found occur and she joins us now from delhi high sonia numerous killings in india have apparently been motivated by rumors circulating on what is your report describe this all sounds incredible how's that possible. well there are many reasons for that you know for one there are millions of indians who are getting online for the first time on their mobile phones this is largely in areas where literacy levels on those people you know i get bombarded with information they tend to largely believe everything that they get the other thing that i learned while on the reporting trip was that you know the field of outsiders and kidnap was is really something that has prevailed for generations in some communities and india and social media has really given those
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rumors an unprecedented reach and the speed which often you know which leads to to mosque beinecke and violence in certain cases the experts i've spoken to have also said that this problem is also linked to deep seated problems with the police and traditionally you know there are. areas that are fewer police officers on the ground the ones who are on the job a poorly trained so i think in many instances the police have have just been slow to react or simply afraid to get a grip of this problem of course that's slowly changing as we saw in that report your report also touched on the subject or interreligious tensions as a background for the violence tell us more about the. well in recent years we've seen growing incidents of you don't vigilante violence and lynchings that are really targeted at muslims and other minorities the offenders in this case are usually hindu right wing groups vigilantes so-called
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protection groups and you know they operate with impunity they've killed people in the past for transporting cattle for allegedly storing grief so there are critics here who say that under the current hindu nationalist government in india because you know has really become a polarizing and we're just divisions of whitening so so there are critics say it was saying that the government is simply not doing enough to rein in these groups and to protect minorities ok what's talk about what's that's missing services pearlie being used to circulate these rumors so often was what's being. being single is potentially dangerous in this environment. when you know india remains what's largest market there are an estimated two hundred million users in the country it's the single largest internet base. for people here so this is what's absolutely is an incredible reach in india and you know because it's a personal best service that many people who say people are more inclined to
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believe information that they receive through whatsapp because it's often coming via family and by a friends and there is a third aspect to it you know i mean the see the technology that whatsapp employs is also making the situation more complicated you know whatsapp is encrypted and in which means that the messages are not stored in the company's servers and this means that whatsapp you know cannot wanted to use those messages for false information and fake news so what's being done to address those problems on you know what measures are policymakers and very what's taking to stop the rumor mongering being pushed through the lethal extremes. well you know last month we saw india's top court to the supreme court step in the government to frame a law just pacifically deal with with cases often in chains and mob violence the government of india has now set up a panel to to look into this the government is also warned whatsapp of it's said it might to legal action of the company for really feeling to adequately address this
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problem and you know what's up for its part has also said that it is harder fired by these incidents and that it may change the rules and second you do this for indian uses for instance the company has said it may limit the number of times mistress can be forwarded so you thank you very much for that on your father because they're talking to us from delhi thank you. helen is here again the chinese economy facing some headwinds at the moment can you guess what they might be we're talking about the trade of disputes with the united states is hitting china's economy and according to a report from bloomberg japan has replaced china as the second largest stock market behind the u.s. now it's the first time since twenty fourteen that japan is ahead of china in the ranking according to the report all listed chinese companies together have a value of around six trillion dollars at the moment japan's stock valuation slightly higher in addition to the trade dispute china is also plagued by we cut
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domestic growth. opposition is growing in the u.s. so you've a government plan to freeze vehicle fuel efficiency standards which came in during the obama era carmakers would save money but critics say the plan would have other costs. it would be good news for the auto industry assembly line workers and dealers say u.s. agencies pushing for the reversal of the stricter obama era regulations would raise car prices by twenty three hundred dollars on average they say fewer consumers would be able to afford newer and safer vehicles thus raising traffic deaths the argument goes. but critics say the looser regulations would contribute to climate change they say the real health issue is emissions. especially in big cities like here in l.a. . well the air quality around here hasn't been great and it hasn't been great for a long time i think that that's probably the opposite direction that we should be
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moving and i think there should be more stringent regulations and not less. i mean if the effects are every day quality of life effects the way we breathe that affects how we feel it's not just some kind of political game. the obama regulation would require vehicles to consume two leaders of gasoline less per one hundred kilometers manufacturers would also be push to put more electric vehicles on the roads without the new standards g.m. ford and chrysler would each save sixty billion dollars the u.s. government would also withdraw the rights of states to enact their own rules as california has long done. if there is a final proposal to roll back california's waiver the state will sue and i think the first thing we'll do is they will ask a court to leave the current regulations in place because one of the big issues is one of the automaker supposed to comply with they have pretty long lead times for their productions and so they need to know within the next year probably for twenty
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twenty one vehicles what standards they're going to have to comply with the issue isn't yet settled government agencies will hold hearings in the coming weeks and various interest groups will be invited. american automaker g.m. wants the u.s. to exempt one of its f.'s s.u.v.s or new twenty five percent tariffs against vehicle imports from china the request filed this week reflects the confusing boundaries of the u.s. china trade dispute g.m. manufacture is the buick envision in china where it sells the vast majority of the midsize s.u.v.s some two hundred thousand in fact it sends another forty one thousand to the u.s. every year and says it needs those revenues to invest in u.s. facilities. while the hot weather is driving up b.s. sales a know way more than in china is now the world's biggest beer market and heineken
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wants to get in on the act and expand in the country the dutch bring giant is buying a forty percent share in the listed entity of state owned c.r.v. which is the country's biggest beer maker heineken will merge its operations in china with those of its new partner with more and more chinese raising a glass the world's second largest brewer hopes to tap into that growth with be a sales tax elsewhere. and of course what goes well with beer football and terry's got some good news for german football fans. soccer is finally back here in germany at the country's second division. it's up and running today and joining me here to talk about the start of the new season is all of the movie from d.w. sports they all are so second division what can fans get psyched excited about in the second division this year well expectations a very high for the second division this year in
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a large part because we've got to germany's traditional giants taking part in the second division in the form of hamburg and. hamburg for the first time as well we're going to hamburg dobby for the first time since twenty eleven so that's had a lot to get excited about the residents of hamburg other teams as well like for example they made the playoffs last season they came so close to getting into the top flight just missed out they'll be desperate to make it happen this time perhaps for german football fans the thing to get excited about most is the fact we can all talk about german football again without the subject being that catastrophe with the national team in the summer. ok let's just stick to her for the moment this is the first time that they've ever played in the second division how do you think they'll do it is a bit of a step into the unknown for since the bundesliga was founded back in one thousand nine hundred sixty three had been ever present in the top flight no longer now going to have to get used to the second division they're going to have to get used to trips like. this on how it was and rather the munich and dortmund that it's
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a bit of a reality check and i think that's the best thing possible for this club you know how to become a byword for under-performance and unrealistic expectations and this is a chance to just kind of reset or get back to real football if you like it's also a chance for them to win something for the first time in a long time you know they'll be the favorites probably for the title this year thanks in part to some of the players who stuck around from last season the likes of lewis holtby and young feet all the young talent. christian hits the coach is very pleased that these guys have stuck around let's hear what he had to say. facing players that embrace the change with their actions nowadays it's rare that players will give up millions of euros in earnings for the sake of loyalty to their club. so hamburg. kept some big players as you mentioned and it's the same with the league's other title favorites
4:45 pm
cologne tell us how things are looking they're on the run that's right it was perhaps even more extreme cologne even before that relegation had been confirmed they had these key players coming out and committing to the club for the season in the second division and the lights are off form the goalkeeper who is ninety five come out as well now he obviously felt the pull of his hometown probably just couldn't leave them you want to thank so as well the left back he represented gemini at the world cup he has been. eight years and again obviously felt that kind of tugged on his heartstrings certainly going to be a real challenge for him in the second version this season it's going to be a lot of fun watching those the battle it out for the title things to get excited about a second division soccer all over moody from did all the sports thanks so much and if you think the world cup finished a few weeks ago all the girl looted to that well think again the easy world cup is taking place in london it's a tournament for gamers playing the popular people football video game the image of
4:46 pm
couch potatoes in front of their called souls is long gone it's now a multi-million dollar industry gamers train as much if not more than some real footballers and they even have doping tests there's more. this is what it's all about a trophy fit for a major tournament the prize money isn't but even the winner picks up two hundred fifty thousand dollars gaming is now big business no longer the preserve of teenagers bedrooms. more than twenty million people competed globally in the fief will cope with only these look if you made it to london for the three day grand final it's all very serious players keep in shape in the gym there are even doping tests to make sure the game is on using medication to lower their heart rates during the stress of a game is a good measure live thing everyone should be on a level playing field is the most definitely something they don't really want
4:47 pm
anything make a big difference by in a video game but if your. position you know guns a penalty shoot out. the growth of the sports was underlined by x. germany football the message of announcing this week that he is looking for game is from around the world to represent his team. footballers like as often train for just a couple of hours a day but gamers sometimes have to go to extremes especially when learning new commands for new games all consoles in the beginning that's when it's very heavy because that's when everything game is brand new you have to learn everything from scratch so let's say you know like thirteen fourteen hours referees or even on how to make sure everyone is playing fair maybe virtually this woke up this anything but child's play for you know if you do it in cricket the first test between england and india has seen england collapse to one in their second innings india now have a great chance to wrap up the win inside just three days ishant sharma was the pick
4:48 pm
of india's bowlers in birmingham bamboozling england to a three wickets in just one over young sam koran battled his way to a maiden fifty for england to make the scoreline a little more respectable. well the heat wave currently gripping europe could set a milestone in the coming days forecasters say there's a good chance that the continent's all time record high temperature record will be broke in either spain or portugal could reset that record the record currently stands a portie eight degrees celsius here in germany the stream weather is making life difficult for farmers firefighters sent as about the sea shipping to the country's main waterways the elbe and rhine rivers have been reduced to a relative trickle the rhine is so shallow now that at one point even a world war two munitions have been exposed and in dresden on the few boats are
4:49 pm
able to move. only a few pleasure boats are still out on the river elbe an interest in bigger boats cant see how water levels have dropped to forty six centimeters here about one and a half meters lower than normal. we should be up to our knees in water here but students need smaller vessels were still able to operate until recently but now they're going nowhere the. older boats with a shallow draft are still able to sail but it's difficult for them to dock with the floats they've had to reduce or even shut down operations particularly. on the river rhine near calls for barges are still on the water but most can only carry half their normal cargo so as not to run aground in the shallow channels but very passengers here don't need to worry yet these boats can still dock. about favorite tape is it is all there is can still operate even if the water levels drop further by default and couldn't but if i can but it's possible that
4:50 pm
some of our passengers services won't be able to run just reduce fuel couldn't near the city of mines low water levels on the rhine have brought history to the surface police divers have found sixty six anti aircraft shells from the second world war they say removing them entirely is too dangerous. and you know i'm too scary condition is such that we don't want to transport them once and she didn't so we've decided to explode them under water through. the low water levels have also attracted treasure hunters on the lookout for precious time ject or to. viken is a small village in northern germany about one hour north west of hamburg and right now it's home to what's considered the biggest heavy metal festival in the world robin merrill from our culture desk but obviously much rather be there but we asked him to join us here our studio today no head banging for you know no
4:51 pm
head sadly sadly no i'll be do you be surprised to know i've been to a couple have a deep heavy metal concerts in the past i had a brilliant time i mean longing for heavy metal is very different to what you might hear on record anyway. my day the days ago when i'm going to mix with seventy five thousand of those in the mosh pit but this is the festival for old heavy metal fans it really. hundred people attended the first if i can but. it's big business and properly organized we go all the facilities you need since last year even being ruled by of the ground. because a little bit was conceived bought because of the way here in northern europe one thing will be missing which is always there at the festival and that is the mud but it's now dust this year because the river is you know we've just been hearing about that. for most people they find
4:52 pm
a bit more pleasant some people are missing the mud evidently but it all go home to why yesterday so let's check it out. you know how to foster lives up to its most. seventy five thousand ha drop in metal fans from around the world have to send it on this morning with jam in the village. when i see it here because i love metal and this is the mecca of metal it's my third year here. and like every festival with a. sold camping out on a huge field is part of the vulcan experience. but i love it it's like coming home it's a feels like home every time i come in. and i'll come back a million times. was where from mexico.
4:53 pm
is where. they keep the sure and it is nothing better than coming to vulcan once a year to let it all hang out to give yours a good last and to enjoy life. these days two hundred pounds of performing on stage is. headlined by british metal legends two just priest. despite all the posturing fuck'n actually has a reputation for being a very friendly festival there's hardly ever any trouble. perhaps that's because everyone here gets there at gresham out in the mosh pit.
4:54 pm
the day off the festival finishes the tickets for next year gone south and then nearly always almost sold out in a matter of days even though nobody knows who's playing next year well it looks a little bit scary but i mean it seems to be a lot of. love and good fellowship there but like woodstock yeah you're right there's rarely trouble there i mean the festival is all about and i mustn't speak too soon but the metal community is it's a really tight community there's real camaraderie that people look at each look after each other i should say in the mosh pit at the front of the stage right now. and they'll be mole black t. shirts to two piercings a mole bit drunk than anywhere else i would say in the world the moment that's the report said they were ready to let off a lot of steam with the music and as you saw people come from all of the world even the ship there are people from china and i should just say the locals of the sleepy
4:55 pm
village of and love it they're quite happy every they find the mole you know cuddly baz after the music how many is head banging back in the stand with we're doing a special it this way yeah the. program is all about this weekend so check out our different times around the world so check your local times robin thank you so much robin merrill from our culture this. and you're watching the w. news we've got more for you at the top of the next hour i'm rater will be here with another full bulletin of the latest international news and you'll find everything on our website that you don't need dot com thanks for being with us. on.
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the sapphire russian madagascar our. general managers work for starvation wages. risking their lives in illegal mines. driven by the power of the palace so
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why not learn with him online on the immobile and free to suffer from the w.b. learning course because vick. will use. so. many. more. money. to enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian faulks been challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding answers. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with key
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players on the ground in the senses of. cutting through the rhetoric holding the possible to account facts the conflicts. conflict zone with tim sebastian on t.w. . player. this is due to the news coming to. from berlin zimbabwe's new political era gets off to a shaky start the country's opposition party the movement for democratic change refuses to accept the result of the presidential election its leader nelson chamisa
5:00 pm
says he and his colleagues have been hairiest and threatened since monday's vote earlier riot police tried to prevent that.


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