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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 3, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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to account for the comfort zone. conflict zone with tim sebastian. but. this is deja news coming to you live from berlin zimbabwe's new political iraq gets softer shaky start the country's opposition party the movement for democratic change refuses to accept the result of the presidential election its leader nelson chamisa says he and his colleagues have been harrison tretton since monday's vote earlier riot police tried to prevent a news conference we'll go live to harare for the latest. also coming up the
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fallout from german news disastrous the world cup and rumbles on stoffel would mizzou o.c. accuse the german football federation of racism when he quit the national team after the tournament not the new code say it's a majority of germans share his concerns and. if it's childish some block an open air festival of heavy metal fans from around the world make their annual pilgrimage to northern germany for a weekend of music and made a. play . on welcome i'm on with the cima tension in zimbabwe as the main opposition party refuses to accept the result of the bed.
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stanch election is being won officially by as zanu p.f. leader anderson. but the opposition leader nelson chamisa says he and his colleagues have been hairiest and threatened since monday's vote right police also broke up jimmy's news conference earlier today ordering journalists to pack up the equipment and leave but after a while they relented and m.d.c. leader chimney so was able to go ahead with his briefing here's part of what he said today is a day of mourning mourning over democracy it is a black day because we are seeing a repeat of what we saw during the years the year if you do prevention of people as we are reading of the will of the people minute the looting the results bastardizing the outcome of the election and in no way trying to negate what people fight for who are going to the will of the people and that was the leader of the movement of democratic change in zimbabwe speaking and describing the elections
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there as fraudulent and illegal to get a live update for you later in the program but first let me bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world yemen may be on the brink of a new outbreak of cholera that warning comes from the world health organization of widespread malnutrition and conflict could push up the death rate the h o has called for a three day cease fire in the north of the country to carry out a vaccination program. at least twenty people have been killed in afghanistan after a suicide attack on a mosque in the eastern city of gardez dozens more were wounded the attacker blew himself up inside the shia mosque as worshipers were attending friday prayers there's been no claim of responsibility as yet. lego was unveiled its first range of sustainable pieces at london's natural history museum the green colored range includes bricks leaves bushes and trees made from
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a type of plastic divide from sugarcane the new range will go on sale from nevada. now the majority of german favoritism kill in the country is a big problem now that's according to a new survey by polling institute in front. the issue of racism came into focus off to football or mesut ozil claimed he had faced racism and disrespect because of his turkish roots and put the german national team. he wore the german jersey he even won the world cup for germany but football player was recently caught in a backlash regarding his german turkish identity he then resigned from the national team accusing the german football association of racism. now germans are publicly debating does the country have a problem with xena phobia. racism in germany is a very big or big problem for two thirds or sixty four percent of the germans
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according to latest polls only thirty five percent think it's a small or no problem at all. but with nothing to gain for the government in berlin approval rates for the grand coalition continue to plummet. i asked which party they'd vote for less than a third of german voters twenty nine percent would currently cast their ballot for the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc the social democrats would get less than a fifth of the votes only eighteen percent the right wing populist would reach a record high seventeen percent the liberals and left each still rank below ten percent while the greens would move up to fifteen percent. according to this poll if there was a general election next sunday the coalition parties would lose their majority in parliament but had to make up germans consider health and pension policies among the most important issues to be taken care of by their government. parliament after
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. september. and not to talk about that so i am joined by senior political correspondent simon young welcome simon n.f.l. begin first talking about mizzou it seemed like he resigned from the national football team thing you faced discrimination that got huge traction in the media and actually polarized the nation so how does his story play into this whole debate about racism well of course you know most of those are very popular football or it was just after the world cup people of course talk about football related stories whatever they are so that i think. accounts for some of the media attraction but there's been since these allegations of racism that he made there's been a lot of media coverage a lot of stories and opinion pieces but also on social media we've seen this hash tag me two that's not the sexual harassment hash tag it's me t w o people
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talking about the idea that they have dual identities with their migration background but also a german identity that they also have in the difficulties they face dealing with that and a lot of anecdotal evidence has come out in the in the wake of this people talking about the problems they have getting a job getting an apartment and this type of every day racism that's where you're seeing for instance government and government ministers calling on people to really take the issue of racism more seriously now couldn't this pull off germans believe of people polled believe that racism is a problem in this country this figure into context for us is racism on the increase or the thing racism differently well course it's a complex issue and it kind of depends what you mean by racism but if we talk about xenophobia attitude xenophobia speech of course there has been some rise of that
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in recent years with the rise for instance of the anti islam piggy street movement over the. right party which is sort of you know talked about who belongs in germany who doesn't belong here so you seen a lot more of that now another thing that this poll shows. that people quite naturally perhaps see that migrants recently arrived in germany but not very well integrated that's not surprising in itself but if you take that together with the fact that more than a million people of iraq. in germany in the last three years perhaps that accounts for some of this increase in the attitudes that people are talking about in the government itself by the way admits that it hasn't reached its own targets you know integrating people teaching them the german language helping them to feel at home here in germany so these problems are in the background of this debate certainly as you said a complex issue but thank you very much simon young from political desk for
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shedding light on. the heat wave currently gripping go up could set a new record in the coming days focuses say the record for the highest temperature measured on the continent could be broken most likely either in spain or portugal the current record stands at forty eight degrees celsius in germany the hardware this creating problems for many including the shipping industry two of the country's main. what are we if the divine drivers have been driven to use to a relative trickle in dresden on the few boats were able to move creating problems for bigger vessels and the rhine is so shallow that had been point even the one war two minutes since were exposed. let's return to our top story and the post election results in zimbabwe where the leader of the opposition movement for democratic change has said the elections are fraudulent and illegal
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joining me live from harare the zimbabwean capital is our correspondent and increase. again welcome to you know we heard some very tough words from nelson chamisa he also described the elections as i mentioned as for dylan and illegal what is the basis of his claims well that's a very good question i mean he's been saying it many times that the elections that were fraudulent he's been saying that according to his numbers he's clearly the winner of this election and this is obviously in contrast of what the electoral commission and what the current president uss buts and this is the key issue although he addressed the press today he did not come up with any evidence he said yes we have it we have videos we have all the numbers but for strategic reasons we do not want to publish these right now and this is something a lot of people here are wondering why would they do that why would they come up with these strong allegations without backing them with any evidence so that me it seems clear that the embassy wants to challenge this result of the presidential
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election abhi any indications what it plans to do will it take this case to court. well he says that he will take all legal and constitutional ways to. contest these results and to to change them he was not so clear if he really means to go to court but that's how many people understand it and it was quite interestingly he yesterday actually said that he is not planning to go to court because according to him the courts here are not independent and he cannot see that that he will have a fair chance to get the result that he is hoping for another option would of course be to go on the streets with his people with the with the opposition people and interestingly he also did not discuss that option two days been repeatedly saying it's a peaceful movement they have always been trying to push for change in the peaceful way and they will keep on doing that but you have to recall that on wednesday what happened there six people were killed when the opposition demonstrated because of
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the delay in the now in spite of the results many people have a blame it on their harsh response of the security forces but it seems to be not clear within the leadership party what they should do if they should call for demonstrations again bearing the risk that of course things could turn violent again or if they should just wait and contested in the courts right and in it seems like a very fluid and of a tense situation in harare the capital of zimbabwe thank you very much for that update now germany's famous vulcan heavy metal festival has kicked off with music fans from around the one descending on the village in hamburg topping the builder sam british rock legends judas priest and what the sun shining the music screeching in the beer flowing freely visitors are already having a great weekend just take a look. you know how to foster voc and lives up to its motto.
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seventy five thousand hard rock and metal fans from around the world have descended on this more north german village. here because i love metal and this is the mecca of metal it's my third year here. and. i like every festival worth its salt camping out on a huge field this part of the vatican experience. i love it it's like coming home it's a fails like home every time i come in. and i'll come back a million times. was where from mexico. is. the keep the sure that there's nothing better than coming in once a year to let it all hang out with all to give yours a good blast and to enjoy life.
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these days two hundred bands of performing on stage is. headlined by british metal legends to just priest. despite all the posturing fuckin actually has a reputation for being a very friendly festival there's hardly ever any trouble. perhaps that's because everyone here gets their record russian out in the mosh pit . fifty not being up to defeat the top stories that they're following for you. in zimbabwe the opposition movement for democratic change has rejected the results of the country's presidential election its leader nelson chamisa has said his body had
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evidence of election fraud and would challenge the outcome in court. and a new survey in germany has backed an issue raised by football its top men almost two thirds of germans agreed that it was the that the country had a reeses them problem. that's it for now but you can always go to our web site for more news and information that's dot com and see you later in the day look forward to the. letter we were. when we were. in the percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship. for.


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