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from the forest starts aug ninth w. . this is the job reviews coming to you live from berlin zimbabwe's opposition rejects a result of the country's presidential election is finally up and say the physics is the time here's the first video the sound is going to let you leave go you need to turn it to kind of various critics here one of the opposition party leader
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nelson chamisa vows to challenge the results of a cousin a muslim man god but insists he wants a free and fair. also coming up you're a big that says the most scorching temperatures as meteorologists warm the milk you could soar over the weekend some parts of southern europe can expect temperatures in the high forty's. it's loud it's trial to hit still fuckin open as festivities heavy metal fans from around the world mick that under the pilgrimage to northern germany for a weekend of music and mayhem. a little. place. how in a warm welcome to you i'm. the leader of zimbabwe is made. an opposition party has
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rejected the result of the country's presidential election and he's vowed to fight the outcome in court nelson chamisa the leader of the movement for democratic change also complained his posse had been harris since monday's election as police to confiscate proof of electorate fraud only on the day of drive police have even tried to stop the m.d.c. addressing the media. the main opposition party leader in zimbabwe tried to hold a press conference on friday in the capital out of it but it was disrupted by riot police who then cleared the area they were then in turn confronted by journalists. that are. good and one eventually the police did allow the press are to take place. there nelson chamisa of the movement for democratic change party or m.d.c. claimed the election on monday was rigged his party had taken just over forty four percent of the vote but emerson the non-god of the ruling zanu p.f.
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was declared the winner with almost fifty one percent of the vote. he had first taken power in november after a brief military intervention which toppled robert mugabe after thirty seven years of iron fisted rule jimmy said didn't think much has changed since. the old. well good at six in this it's. we was a chorus of. all this this is ego and cause just to make sure the footage it was worth it or was it that she did they equally want there are bits of it you would want and will not see demonstrations erupted shortly after the election result was announced with the military killing six protesters the m.d.c. say they also lost because its supporters suffered harassment and violence
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meanwhile president men on god while held his own press conference where he called for an investigation into what happened and also called for unity. to be the presidents of all. the president all those that voted for me. and those more who knows and. one. who saw. in them but was present news. has called for a day of mourning for democracy. is correspondent. joins me on the line from the capital city did start with emerson mungana what he described these elections as a celebration of democracy and speaking to us a short while ago had a conciliatory a words for his rival tell us more about his message and how it's likely to go down
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. well you need to understand that someone gag was sees himself as the reformer as somebody who's bringing democracy to the country although he has been part of the ruling elite for a very long time of the very party that has been running the country for forty years just last year he got into power when the military basically chased out gaba and since then he's trying to opening up things and he sees this election as another example of him opening up so according to him everything went free and fair there were no major problems and he once again said that even what international and national service said but this is not fully true because international observers have been saying that they weigh these problems in the electoral process for example the european union said there's an unlevel playing field and elect of trust was that the electoral process through these that indication that things did not go as well as you portrays it to be and the need of the opposition m.d.c.
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in this in jimmy's has called this a day of mourning for democracy and he says his spot he simply does not accept the results of this election what does he and his fucking plan to do now. well indeed said that once again today that according to his numbers he won the election he does not accept the official numbers by the electoral commission but he was not very clear what exactly is going to basically have two options right now he could either go to court and he confirmed that he would use all legal and constitutional ways to challenge the results to one option would be to go to court to the supreme court to challenge the elections and the other option would be of course to mobilize his supporters to bring them back to the street because he has a massive support base but if we think back what happened when they the outbreak of violence when the opposition people went on the streets this might be a dangerous option and this is probably the reason why he did not say that this would be an option right now for him and this is beginning to sound like a deadlock with two competing narratives they had me in such great hopes of this
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election on june the first one of the possible gobby and what to be able to make of these developments absolutely i talked to a couple of young people on the street today to get their opinion on this issue and of course they have different political parties they are supporting but almost everybody was like well we definitely need things to change in the better the rich and here the bad boy is almost bankrupt the country is heavily deficit there's a huge unemployment number for young people extremely difficult to find jobs and most of those people told me well our number one priority is now to have stability finally so that our economy can get back on track and that we finally have a perspective again to increase in how to thank you very much for that update from that and you from john the the majority of people here see vases and is a big problem and that's according to a new survey by pulling in stuart in fact test d.-ma the issue of racism came into focus off the football in
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a man who claimed he'd face racism and disrespect because sophisticates roots and he quit the german national team. he wore the german jersey he even won the world cup for germany but football player. was recently caught in a backlash regarding his identity then resigned from the national team accusing the german football association of racism. now publicly debating the country have a problem with. racism in germany is a very big big problem for two thirds or sixty four percent of the germans according to latest polls only thirty five percent think it's a small. but with nothing to gain for the government in berlin approval rates for the grand coalition continue to plummet. asked which party they'd vote for less than
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a third of german voters twenty nine percent would currently cast their ballot for the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc the social democrats would get less than a fifth of the votes only eighteen percent the right wing populist would reach a record high seventeen percent the liberals and left each still rank below ten percent while the greens would move up to fifteen percent according to this poll if there was a general election next sunday in germany the coalition parties would lose their majority in parliament but had to make up ford germans consider health and pension policies among the most important issues to be taken care of by their government. parliament after. september. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world yemen may be on the brink of a new africa for cholera that the warning comes from the world health organization widespread malnutrition and conflict could push up the death rate w.h.o.
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has called for a three day cease fire in the north of the country to carry out a vaccine vaccination program. at least twenty people have been killed in afghanistan after a suicide attack on a mosque in the eastern city of gardez dozens more have been bruited the attacker blew himself up inside a shia mosque as worshippers attending friday prayers there's been no claim of responsibility as yet. ok let me now bring you up to date with our top story the election result in zimbabwe let me draw in just see emma goldman she is a former m.p. of the opposition party m.d.c. but she contested this election as an independent candidate welcome jesse mcgill mobs of a turbulent days there mustn't mungo what has been declared as the winner by the then bob greene election commission do you think he bring about democracy in the
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country as he's promised. you know what it's for me it's difficult to tell what exactly it is mind but i can tell you what it is that he's expected to do as a new president he has to obey defend and fulfill the constitution so he has to do that in order to quell all these doubts about the capacity of zanu p.f. . to actually transform itself because this has been underlying issue that has been . for the last fifty years and even in the past elections there's a tremendous amount of skepticism about whether. an african problem transcends across the continent about how. change its spots so in this case he has to he's got to show that indeed he does have good intentions and have the capacity to deliver what was one of his close to deliver. zimbabweans want to.
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show that he can do that but the skepticism jessie is highest in the party the m.d.c. the leader of the m.d.c. the movement for democratic change nelson chamisa has described these elections as fraudulent and illegal what of what options does the party have now do you think they'll actually challenge these results and call to take people out on the streets . i have heard saying that they will defend their vote but what i do know is that they do have the option as a law provides that anyone who is aggrieved by an election result is the opportunity to tell is the result. so. open to them for them to file that application and demonstrate why it is that they say that the election is so fundamentally flawed that to check the will of the zimbabwean people
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from from you know from from being from being fulfilled so they have that option so just beginning to have a competing narratives out of the country opposing ends one saying it was a fairly action the other saying it was actually democracy going to pieces you voted in this election as an independent what was your impression how free and fair it. look my view is that this election was not like totally free and totally fair. and then this would simply described it is the least worst election that zimbabwe have and it was about when the elections they've never been free and fair i realize that even just after independence we have never had free and fair elections and we've had some terribly terribly and horribly and free and fair elections particularly when the movement for democratic change was formed and particularly from two thousand and eight where we had more than two hundred people killed in the aftermath of the election when p.f.
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which is led by the prison president now to correct the way people have voted and women were raped in numbers etc so we ended in two thousand two thousand and two and then two thousand and thirteen that was not fair at all but that was peaceful but for me twenty eighteen. is a list and freely and lists and face election than we have had over the years and i'm i and i say that look my understanding is that those factors that makes about wins election and free and fair are not issues that can be dissolved overnight he was in power until november last year and in the eight months that he has been out of power it's not possible to undo the decades of advantage that the ruling party has said the stranglehold of the ruling party over the media and the traditional i mean all sorts of things and even the issues are involved by and the political culture. and i just see it as no way on that jesse was going to vanish like this
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jesse and lego me it was a pleasure to talk to or you will watch it as an independent in the elections in zimbabwe thank you so much for sharing your views with us we have to leave it there thank you very much for talking to. that was you know news of a do say we need every news we have more news coming up shortly thank you for your company can always check out of accidents dot com. they make a commitment. they find. and stronger.


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