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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 3, 2018 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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in the elections in zimbabwe thank you so much for sharing your views with us we have to be there thank you very much for talking to you. that was you know news of a do say we need every news we have more news coming up shortly thank you for your company can always check out a bit so that c w dot com. they make a commitment. they find. they can stronger. africa on the road. stories for both people in a different shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the
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move the stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their lungs and it's going to be double using multimedia series food for god. d.w. dot com click on the movie. ok . china makes its move announcing retaliatory tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods the white house says it's not backing down in claims the u.s. is close to reaching trade deals with the e.u. and mexico to present a united front against beijing. and the space race powered by the private sector amazon's jeff bezos goes up against test as long mask who will be first for liftoff. this is your business update on how in our free in berlin glad you
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could join me and donald trump's top economic advisers says the united states and china have been holding a high level trade talks but the two sides appear to have found little common ground larry kudlow described china's threat to impose another sixty billion dollars worth of tariffs on the u.s. as weak and said the world's second biggest economy was quote in trouble over trump administration accuses china of stealing intellectual property and not playing by trade rules china denies those allegations and says u.s. protectionism is a threat to global trade. and we can bring in our financial correspondent for more on this now daniel corp's the frankfurt stock exchange and daniel china has said it's prepared to hit back with further tariffs do we have details on what. yes it all seems a little bit like kindergarten hell of
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a tree in those two countries first us president says i'm going to hit you with tears than the chinese counterpart they're saying they're going to hit back as well and china is the country is just very proud and they know they have this big potential so it's clear for them that they need to react so yes we are learning that possible tears could be including natural gas. turkey turkey's condoms yes you heard correctly condoms and helicopters and while china is saying that the u.s. tears are completely an over reaction of the u.s. president they are calling their all in ones actually reasonable and also cautious after a meeting with his u.s. counterpart one year the chinese foreign minister stated that china wants to keep negotiating but let me tell you have another topic is going to be also the number one topic here next week at the stock markets we are quite we are expecting quite some volatility because of that and. also seemingly to imply that the white house
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is nearing trade deals with the european union and mexico tell us more about that yes exactly he is saying that they are making progress and that within a month new details could be released this would be rather a surprise actually because there is still lots to talk about between the u.s. and the european union and also with mexico but i guess there's also another reason why he's saying this at the moment many in the trump administration share the view that china has isolated itself in this tears discussion and they want to send a message to china are making clear if that they don't just you know depend on china and if china doesn't get more flexible they will do more trade free trade with europe possible with mexico and that you know china really needs to rethink and maybe get a little bit more flexible all right down for us at the frankfurt stock exchange thank you daniel. after a four day strike by ryan as irish pilots the budget airline has agreed to
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mediation to solve the dispute irish pilots union force a welcome the decisions on three and a half thousand passengers were affected by the latest industrial action which comes as ryanair faces increased pressure to improve working conditions yeah i succumb to three hundred jobs or to move them to potent pilots in several countries warning they will strike again next friday. evian be ten years old and the home sharing website has disrupted the travel industry like no other turning tenants into hotel years but resistance is growing in many places including in at the german city of new nick which is threatening to find the company for shaking things up a step too far. munich has the highest rents in all of germany it's also a major tourist destination some residents here and good returns off the air b.n. b. apartments as these officials from the local authority know only too well munich homeowners
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and tenants need a permit to rent out their apartments for more than eight weeks a year. the investigators suspect a tenant here of illegally renting out properties all year round. southern you're going out for installs if sentiment is it started in twenty seventeen with this apartment he was a kind of big player few friends had lots of flags and then substitute then b. and b. b. and b. on the biggest for me that the investigators pay a visit to the apartment and speak to vacation was to gather evidence. their landlord will receive a hefty fine potentially up to five hundred thousand euros. it was a secret. from utah new can rent the place per day four hundred to two hundred fifty euros to go or you could do the math on the monthly rent is covered after just ten days of. finance york and after that you start making a profit with up in park but given all the idea behind air b.n. b.
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is that tourists like to feel at home. since its founding the company has grown from one hundred thousand registered listings to four and a half million b. and b. rents out more rooms in munich than the five largest hotel chains combined. you know how merc in northern germany some landlords have even kicked out long term tenants so that they can profit from the air b.n. b. boom money could have a vote suspected that's what's happened to her. she lived in her apartment for thirty three years she raised her children there and knew all her neighbors then she got an addiction notice the line of claims you needed the flat for his own use . that an apple limited to someone suggested i take a look at l.b. m b s from what they suspected it was being offered on their website and for me to get this is the out on air b.n. b. part of her kitchen are still in the apartment it now costs fifty nine years polite does eight hundred a month more than four times the original rent money going to be able now is to pay
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much higher rent elsewhere and is suing air b.n. b. for tourists a cheap option by holidays around the world but for residents looking for rentals it's a potential nightmare. i was a founder jeff bezos is falling behind in of the private sector space race his rocket is set to lift off in twenty twenty but they're all signs it may slip behind schedule now bezos is racing to pull his space company blue origin out of startup mode and into production and his main competitor goes by the name of eagle mask with his company space x. . just a month ago amazon founder jeff bezos is rocket company successfully pulled off its most important test to date. but reports are now saying the twenty twenty liftoff date may be moved back engineers are still finalizing details on the heavy launch
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rocket bases as frequently stressed that the timing depends on perfecting the vehicle safety. and such down this vehicle is going to carry humans we're going to make it is safe as we can make it we're going to test it we're not going to take any short cuts so we'll put humans on this vehicle when we're ready and not a second sooner the reusable launch vehicle will be used to transport satellites it will also take tourists into space and bring them back to earth again. can you imagine how alan shepard must have felt. all those years ago most of them pretty cool space travel has come a long way since astronaut alan shepard's historic journey in one thousand nine hundred sixty one now basis wants to expand the company by doubling its workforce
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over the next two or three years to around three thousand employees there is another sort this summer heat wave is taking its toll on europe's waterways is levels full but the temperature also affects fish and that's proving a headache to factories that rely on the water if a cooling jemmy's biggest river the rhine where one company is stepping up efforts to avoid getting into hot water with the authorities. this is a cooling tower run by a german chemical company p.s.s. in. the water comes from the rhine and lowers the temperature of the production line but before it's pumped back into the river the water itself has to be cooled down again to ensure it doesn't heat the river up that uses up energy and it costs money with summer seemingly getting hotter being s.f. is investing in more thrilling towers. where thinking they'll be more of a need to cool down then in the past due to company expansion as well as possible
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climate change this kind of construction is about being prepared. for. the rivers temperature and oxygen levels have to be monitored constantly it's almost twenty eight degrees in the brine near mine it's. high temperatures leave companies with the choice of either reducing production or paying for the continued use of river water. that firms are forced to pay for using river water we've installed a measuring instrument to firms have to pay when they reintroduce the cooling water and that's caused them to rethink the practice. low water levels are also proving a headache cargo ships are traveling almost empty and many goods have to be shipped by rail or road. the hot weather is driving up b.s. sales and nowhere more than in china is now the world's biggest be a market and heineken wants in on the act it wants to expand in the country of
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adoption bring giant is buying a forty percent share in the listed and see of state and the all be the country's biggest b. america heineken will merge its operations with china in china with those of its new partner with more and more chinese raising a glass the walls second largest brewer hopes to tap into that growth. that's it you're up to date with the latest from the world of business from will find us on facebook follow us on twitter at d w underscore business i'll have more in the next hour on c.n.n. .
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beyond the mother of an inferno monkey in greece one week on from the statement hours tomorrow. villagers are trying to guard what's left of their homes against glutens while rescue teams search for bodies and survives. people here have been left to fend for themselves with little support materializing from the states . next.
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that people are looking for information. opinions want to stress g.w. on facebook and twitter are up to date and in touch. from people make fun about the own social economic and political problems. in mozambique we say that you have to laugh so you don't write it's help people because we think they do people. as a journalist i often call called these folks in the bag by the less local to the. elector staff may day by checking alpha told us jokes finding out what people are talking about what is moving them. my father taught me how to ask uncomfortable
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questions about my country and about to book that is what i keep doing to this day my name is fadi self and i work at. hello and welcome to focus on europe with me peter craven and europe is in the grip of a devastating heatwave it's been scorching farmland and triggering wildfires worst hit so far.


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