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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 3, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is the job the news coming to you live from berlin zimbabwe's opposition rejects the results of the country's presidential election is what is not good these exit from the bridge to go to sound the struggling to lead up to lead to turn it got to the right areas critical to get the opposition party
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weeden nelson chamisa say as he be challenge the results of president abbas and mungana insists he want a free and fair elections also coming up should have got i saw how they killed my mother not kidding it was awful one of the top i'm not until they tortured us and forced us to train young it was they beat us that month and they put a price on his hands told us from one man to the next because the so-called islamic state captured just the the women in iraq instilled in the slaves we report on one woman's efforts to rescue them. and europe braces for more scorching temperatures meteorologist someone the mercury could soar over the weekend some parts of southern europe can expect temperatures in the high forty's. in the next sixty minutes india cracks down on bridges and two mobs that's off the force reports about child kidnapping spread on social media and drove members. if the public to
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monitor and lynch innocent people. it's law to express out it's to voc an open fs to been heavy metal fans from around the blood make their annual pilgrimage to northern germany for a weekend of music and mayhem. hint of a will most continue chiba the leader of them bob his main opposition party has rejected the results of the country's presidential election and says it will fight the outcome in court nelson chamisa from the movement for democratic change also complained his party had been harrisson for monday's election as police so to confiscate proof of electorate fraud early in the day drive but he said even to
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stop the m.d.c. addressing the media the main opposition party leader in zimbabwe tried to hold a press conference on friday in the capital out of it but it was disrupted by riot police who then cleared the area they were then in turn confronted by journalists. that that will go to. one eventually the police did allow the presser to take place. there nelson chamisa of the movement for democratic change party or m.d.c. claimed the election on monday was rigged his party had taken just over forty four percent of the vote but emerson min on god of the ruling zanu p.f. was declared the winner with almost fifty one percent of the vote. he had first taken power in november after a brief military intervention which toppled robert mugabe after thirty seven years of iron fisted rule jimmy said didn't think much has changed since. we're both arts
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. well good that's it he says. we want a chorus of you did not. pull this who told me this is ego and just to make sure that puts it it was worth it or was it that she did they equally want there are some bits of it you want along and lots of demonstrations erupted shortly after the election result was announced with the military killing six protesters the m.d.c. say they also lost because its supporters suffered harassment and violence meanwhile president men on god why i held his own press conference where he called for an investigation into what happened and also called for unity. lage to be the presidents of all the. presidents all those
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that voted for me. and those who wouldn't want to know since i'm a one. who saw the road to them but was present. meanwhile opposition leader khamenei has called for a day of mourning for democracy. let me enjoy in just see emma gone a she is a former m.p. of the opposition party m.d.c. but she contested this election as an independent candidate welcome just seem a good loves of a turbulent days that mustn't money has been declared as the winner by the zimbabwean election commission do you think he bring about democracy in the country as he's promised. it's difficult to tell what exactly it is mind but i can tell you what it is that he's expected to do as a new president he has to. defend and fulfill the constitution so he has to do
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that in order to quell all these doubts about the capacity of zanu p.f. to to actually transform itself because this has been issue that has been. for the last fifty years and even in the past elections there's a tremendous amount of skepticism about. african transcends across the continent about how cannot change its spots so in this case he has to. show that indeed he does have good intentions the capacity to deliver what was being said in one of his slogans to deliver. zimbabweans to. show that he can do that but the skepticism jessie is highest in the party the m.d.c. the leader of the m.d.c. the movement for democratic change. has described these elections as fraudulent and
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illegal what of what options does the party have now do you think they'll actually challenge these results and call to take people out on the streets. i have heard saying that they will defend the vote but what i do know is that they do have the. law provides that anyone was aggrieved by an election result is the opportunity to tell is the results in the electoral. so that to them for them to tell that application demonstrates why it is that they say that the election is so fundamentally flawed that to check the will of the zimbabwean people from from you know from from being from being fulfilled so they have that option so just to be getting two very competing narratives out of the country opposing ends one saying it was a fairly action the other saying it was actually democracy going to pieces you
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voted in this election as an independent what was your impression how free and fair it. look my view is that this election was not like totally free and totally fair. and this was just simply described it is the least worst election that zimbabwe will have and it was about when elections have never been free and fair i realized that even just after independence we have never had free and fair elections and we have it terribly terribly in a horribly i'm free and fair elections particularly when the movement for democratic change was formed and particularly from two thousand and eight where we had more than two hundred people killed in the aftermath of the election when p.f. which is led by the present president now to correct the way people have voted and women were raped in numbers etc so we ended in two thousand two thousand and two and then two thousand and thirteen that was not fair at all but that was peaceful
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but for me twenty eighteen. is a list and for the engine lists and phase election then we have had over the years and i'm i and i say that look my understanding is that those factors that makes about wins election and free and fair are not issues that can be resolved overnight and paul until november last year and in the eight months that he has been out of power it's not possible to undo the decades of advantage that the ruling party has said the stranglehold of the ruling party over the media and it traditionally does i mean all sorts of things and even the issues that are involved by the political culture. and i just see it as knowing that jesse was going to vanish like this and jesse had long ago made was a pleasure to talk to or you will watch it as an independent in the elections in zimbabwe thank you so much for sharing your views with us we have to be that the thank you very much for talking to. let me now bring
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you up to date with some other stories making news around the world in northern pakistan and villagers took to the streets to protest against the bombings of twelve discords the attacks have been linked to the taliban and other religious militants who oppose education for girls no casualties were reported in the bombings. at least twenty people have been killed in afghanistan after a suicide attack on a mosque in the eastern city of gardez dozens more have been wounded the attack a boom set up inside a shia mosque as worshippers for attending friday prayers there's been no claims of responsibility as yet. they've been subjected to immense cruelty some seven thousand years eve the women and girls in northern iraq well abducted tortured and sexually abused by the so-called islamic state this after the militants overran iraq's northern singe our district just across the border from syria four years ago
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now the years have been driven out by three thousand you see the women are still missing many was sold into slavery did they have these big get or should commit to people trying to find and rescue them. it breaks my heart she says. shareen children is showing us her hometown since the ruined city of the yazidi says she's just come back from syria where many young stooping held as slaves who stopped her old school. oh is that a big time to a new mother my best friend and i held hands around here. i took her and made her a slave. she killed herself while she was there prisoner. and i have other friends who are still in their hands. it's difficult to cope.
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she's only twenty two but she van has dedicated herself to finding the kidnapped women and children who she thinks are still in syria it's detailed detective work. she's helped by mahmoud a friend and former smuggler. sometimes my contacts in syria hear about people who've been kidnapped from people who've just been freed they might send me a photo of a kidnapped boy and ask if i know him that i ask around whether anyone is missing a boy if so we go rescue him not. me. sometimes the islamists allow their prisoners to cool their families and sometimes the families are asking for help she cools the kidnappers and fishes for information trying to find out where they are. what would you shoot it if i get them to trust me then i ask them things like what's happening where they are how many airstrikes have already hit what. mahmoud and i are in touch with the iraqi
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security forces and forces in syria to tell us about is trying. we compare information to localise the people we're looking for that others are given that. they work with smugglers in syria who bring the former prisoners across the border they say they freed more than sixty people so far it mostly only works though when the families pay a ransom to the islamists or at least to middlemen who try to use. the families have to borrow the money. if they can't get enough we help them. i have friends in europe and america and they give us the money to buy the woman free. to . show her around russia early was held prisoner for four years her family paid for her release. that on which she has got i saw her they killed my mother.
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it was awful. they tortured us and forced us to pray. they beat us and they put a price on a. since all of us from one end to the next. she says she was on the brink of killing herself but then she came across a mobile phone she secretly sent her family photos and a video three months later she found and shingle found her her family paid thirteen thousand u.s. dollars to get her back. one thing i want i want you to meet all the prisoners from them they sell them to each other like sheep it's terrible. and they help themselves to ten year old girls and after the mass. she van also tries to help the women of two words in the absence of psychological support she has organized
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a number of self-help groups today she's talking with women about suicide what are the signs that someone is in danger of hurting herself how can others help you have to support each other she tells them. as i don't know i know we have all faced death and that life now is hard but we've survived we cannot give up and let them when. the sun is setting as we leave but she wants to go to mts injure the years edis holy mountain to honor her friends who are buried here killed while fighting i.r.s. fish event it's a place where she connects with them where she gathers strength for what lies ahead . if we now draw on a young a hunk isn't he set up an institute that trains psychotherapists in northern iraq and heads a center for traumatized is even an intruder and here in germany professor. is
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a has either himself welcome professor these people who've been enslaved to rape torture and experienced such horror a can they be helped to heal from such trauma it is the pentagon and my mentor and the painter said have enough security orientation so we can try to stabilize so a different kind of psychosis to technics quick sample when you brought in two thousand and fifteen one thousand one hundred most one of those years if you woman from where in the handoff as for treatment to germany since two years three years now in germany and are doing very well they are started a psychotherapist as supporting by social workers and they are able to cope if they have the opportunity to have a person pick people who live and there are many most psychologically scarred people back home in northern iraq what are you doing to help them. actually
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after this project only brought one thousand one hundred two women. and children to to germany we set up the institute of psychology and psychotherapy with the support of the state government inviting burton back and the foreign foreign ministry in paralegal which started in two thousand and seventeen to train psychologist to be a secretary appears like in germany just to give you an example we are working in the province of the hawk with about two thousand people we don't think we have just five secretaries but two to two million people so as this and so much need to have secretary up this is personalize and to treat traumatized people and we don't have system as an iraq is illusion to be bringing of. traumatized people to europe or to america we have to work in the origin of this contrie to
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treat the people to support them and psychologists that we are treats are there are apps i use it is acquisitions so it knows a language and knows a culture and say with our heart and with our trainings they will be able to treat their own people and to physic is enhanced why are international organizations not doing more to find in free this disease even and does it was sold into slavery in syria. actually this makes me very angry because i'm may times i mean iraq i'm working. on many of the years it has came and asked for money and they know the children it's working in the rocco and something else but for political and ideological i.d.'s as it goes safety are not able to pay to money to to the dice or to is a slum mixtape because they work and buy maybe weapon and use this against human rights and this is political and ideological issue which i not which i i would
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more support to set a font to find money and because you have to take you in the position of the family the family don't care if you have any political or ideological ideas they want their babies they want children so what they don't have it. right professor and founder of the institute for psychology and psychotrauma tallent she in northern iraq thank you very much for talking to debbie under spain porton tissue. time now for some business news with helen the latest tick for tat tat lives between the u.s. and china had and still no love lost between both sides i can tell you that amrita donald trump's top economic advisers say you know i could states and china have been holding high level trade talks with the two sides appear to film a little common ground larry kudlow described china's threat to impose another sixty billion dollars worth of tariffs on the u.s.
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this week and set the world's second biggest economy was quote in trouble with the trumpet administration accuses china of stealing intellectual property and not playing by trade rules china denies those allegations and says u.s. protectionism is a threat to global trade. and b. and b. is ten years old in the home sharing website has disrupted the travel industry like no other turning attendance into hotel years but resistance is growing in many places including in the german city of munich which is threatening to fire in the company is shaking things up a step too far. munich has the highest rents in all of germany it's also a major tourist destination some residents here good returns off the air b.n. b. apartments as these officials in the local authority know only too well munich homeowners and tenants need a permit to rent out their apartments for more than eight weeks a year. the investigators suspect a tenant here of illegally renting out properties all year round. southern new song
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on the front settles as if some of these it started in twenty seventeen was this apartment he was a kind of big player few friends had lots of flags and then some. b. and b. . on the biggest for me to the investigators pay a visit to the apartment and speak to vacation was to gather evidence. their landlord will receive a hefty fine potentially up to five hundred thousand euros. it was a secret. from me to when you can rent the place per day four hundred to two hundred fifty euros or if you do the math on the monthly rent is covert after just ten days of. finance europe and after that you start making a profit with a target but given. the idea behind air b.n. b. is that tourists like to feel at home. since its founding the company has grown from one hundred thousand registered listings to four and a half million air b.n.
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b. rents out more rooms in munich than the five largest hotel chains combined. in northern germany some landlords have even kicked out long term tenants so that they can profit from the air b.n. b. boom when you could think about suspected that's what's happened to her she lived in her apartment for thirty three years she raised her children there and knew all the neighbors when she got an addiction notice the line of claimed he needed the flat for his own use. that nicole limited to someone suggested i take a look at albion b. if they suspected it was being offered on their website. for me to get this is the out on air b.n. b. part of her kitchen are still in the apartment it now costs fifty nine years polite that's eight hundred a month more than four times the original rent monica to be able now is to pay much higher rent elsewhere and is suing her b. and b. for tourists a cheap option below days around the world but for residents looking for rentals
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it's a potential nightmare. i was in founder jeff bezos could be falling behind in the private sector space race there are signs that his firm's heavy rockets that finished off in twenty twenty may have slipped behind schedule and his company blue origin faces a stiff competition from none other than you know musk's space x. . just a month ago amazon founder jeff bezos is rocket company successfully pulled off its most important test to date. but reports are now saying the twenty twenty liftoff date may be moved back engineers are still finalizing details on the heavy launch rocket bases as frequently stressed that the timing depends on perfecting the vehicle safety. and such down this vehicle is going to carry humans we're going to make it as safe as we can make
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it we're going to test it we're not going to take any short cuts so we'll put humans on this vehicle when we're ready and not a second sooner the reusable launch vehicle will be used to transport satellites it will also take tourists into space and bring them back to earth again. you know imagine how alan shepard must have felt. all those years ago most of them pretty cool space travel has come a long way since astronaut alan shepard's historic journey in one thousand nine hundred sixty one now bassist wants to expand the company by doubling its workforce over the next two or three years to around three thousand employees. well here in europe were lost and just how halts can it get it's over to a rate of no thank you very much helen of the ounce a quick on says. europe is bracing for now the weekend off scorching temperatures
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but the key wave gripping the continent showing no sign of letting up in southern europe but the macquarie look fed to spike highest material on a just warning that could be a new record set around the mediterranean. this is heat you just can't beat but that doesn't stop people from trying. it's relentless. in portugal the mercury was well north of forty degrees across the country and it's set to get worse on saturday the country's c. and atmosphere institute has warned that red alert temperatures are not going to end anytime soon i mean we. always have probably the red alerts will be extended until next week in some inland regions but gradually the red alerts will end with. sweltering temperatures in neighboring spain as well at the height of the tourist season visitors to the royal palace in madrid didn't have fountains to cool
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themselves often so they made do with what they had. with that with it's very hot i've been in valencia in barcelona and although it was hot there i think madrid is the hottest from four in the afternoon on woods you need to be in the shade because it's impossible to handle the sun and you have to drink lots of water. some people can't get out of the sun and actually have to work in this heat. while the lucky ones have flocked to the coast where temperatures are lower and the ocean provides much needed relief. in germany meanwhile the extreme heat has proof tough on the country's flora and fauna in one village local residents have had to pull the efforts to save an iconic tree a twelve hundred year old linden. water
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for the linden tree and a spontaneous folk festival for a good cause save the tree the villagers of shanklin spelt have come out in full force for their local landmark this twelve hundred year old linden tree the oldest tree in germany. listing the best ideas that conceived in the most trying times and this is been a difficult time for a linden tree with the water it's a great idea for new clothes. everyone is coming here and helping us keep our linden tree alive it's wonderful. to and even this largely mind having a more southerly range is suffering and the heat wave and the fire department have been coming to it's need but it's no longer allowed to draw more water from the nearby stream so now the villagers themselves have to help attempt to have the tree decorate the back of tivo via the local resident who initiated the rescue effort yeah alison everyone is pulling together what's wonderful is that it's not just
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having the effect of doing something for the tree our village has moved a little closer together so the parched record breaking summer has produced something positive for people and the tree. it watching the news coming up ahead of the festival that goes up to eleven heavy metal fans descend on the dock and in germany for a weekend of music and mayhem. that and more coming up shortly distributed of india's. european stars deliver closing performances. they sing about more talent and bottom. five seems to have their own take on the wars of the past. led the palin metal band the tufts
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leg lifts for the following. w. . it's all happening. coming. your link to news from africa the world tour links to exceptional stories and discussions can you unload some seed of you suffocating programming from fun to meet the easy to our website dedicated africa join us on facebook and t.w. felt. every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word i'm looking to nico is in germany to cut costs why not i'm willing. to suffer it's simple online on your mobile and free. music you're learning course. german
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made easy. earth home to millions of species. worth saving. google ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action google ideas the series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. it watching the diving is coming to you live from berlin and i'm attaching opposite to have your company on top story in zimbabwe v opposition movement for democratic change has rejected the result of the country's presidential election its leader nelson chamisa since his party will challenge the outcome in court president and listen mungana meanwhile
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insisted he'd won a free and fair election. the majority of people here in germany say racism is a big problem that's according to a new survey by pulling institute in for a test d. map the issue of racism came into focus off the footballer z.-e. came to face racism and disrespect because of his turkish roots and quits the german national team. he wore the german jersey he even won the world cup for germany but football player mazie musial was recently caught in a backlash regarding his german turkish identity he then resigned from the national team accusing the german football association of racism. now germans are publicly debating this the country have a problem with xena phobia. racism in germany is a very big or big problem for two thirds or sixty four percent of the germans
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according to latest polls only thirty five percent think it's a small or no problem at all a hot political summer in germany but with nothing to gain for the government in berlin approval rates for the grand coalition continue to plummet. i asked which party they'd vote for less than a third of german voters twenty nine percent would currently cast their ballot for the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc the social democrats would get less than a fifth of the votes only eighteen percent the right wing populist would reach a record high seventeen percent the liberals and left each still rank below ten percent while the greens would move up to fifteen percent. according to this poll if there was a general election next sunday in germany the coalition parties would lose their majority in parliament but had a make up fort germans consider health and pension policies among the most important issues to be taken care of by their government so work awaits parliament
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after its summer break ends in september. and not to talk about that so i am joined by senior political correspondent welcome simon let's begin first talking about masood and he resigned from the national football team thing you faced discrimination that got huge traction in the media and actually polarized the nation so how does his story play into this whole debate about racism well of course you know most of those who are very popular football or it was just after the world cup people of course talk about football related stories whatever they are so that i think. accounts for some of the media traction but there's been since these allegations of racism that he made there's been a lot of media coverage a lot of stories and opinion pieces but also on social media we've seen this hash tag me two that's not the sexual harassment hash tag it's me t w o people
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talking about the idea that they have dual identities with their migration background but also a german identity that they also have in the difficulties they face dealing with that and a lot of anecdotal evidence has come out in the in the wake of this people talking about the problems they have getting a job getting an apartment and this type of every day racism that's why you're seeing for instance government government ministers calling on people to really take the issue of racism more seriously now caught into the sport of germans believe the people polled believe that racism is a problem in this country but this figure into context for us is racism on the increase or the thing racism differently well course it's a complex issue and it kind of depends what you mean by racism but if we talk about xenophobia attitude xenophobia speech of course there has been some rise of that in recent years with the rise for instance of the anti islam street movement over
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the. right party which is sort of you know talked about who belongs in germany who doesn't belong here so you seen a lot more of that now another thing that this poll shows. that people quite naturally perhaps see that migrants recently arrived in germany but not very well integrated that's not surprising in itself but if you take that together with the fact that more than a million people of iran as migrants in germany in the last three years perhaps that accounts for some of this increase in the attitudes that people are talking about the government itself by the way admits that it hasn't reached its targets. in integrating people teaching them the german language helping them to feel at home here in germany so the these problems are in the background of this debate certainly that it is a complex issue but thank you very much simon young from political death for shedding light on at this particular case some other stories making news around the
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in the west african nation of mali opposition media somalia sisi has rejected and for delenn to the results from sunday's presidential election he could work on opposition groups to unite to defeat incumbent president ibrahim. in the runoff on this. as the christians in the democratic republic of congo say the type of the buddha and the country's leaders outbreak is a strain which has been successfully vaccinated against in the past four people have tested positive for the deadly virus in recent days the world health organization says there is a high risk of the outbreak spreading including to neighboring countries. students and bangladeshis capitated a bangladesh capital taka have held a sixty of protest of the two teenagers were killed by a speeding bus tens of thousands of demonstrators have blocked roads throughout the week to demand safer streets the road fatality rates in baghdad they show
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a monster the highest in the wide. india has been dropped by a wave of mob lynchings across the country in recent months some of them have been as a result of false information circulated on the messaging service whatsapp in an attempt to curb these acts of violence in some areas local law enforcement officials have started campaigns to inform the people our correspondent there follicular travel to the western city of russia to find out more. it isn't every day that this village sees gifts like these. on a special mission. dispelling vital rumors spread in what's that have killed people across the country not all of it. was also trained lawyer is the brains behind the campaign he appeals to the crowd to not be fooled by fake news of the internet and
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use their own mind to judge what's true or false. misleading videos like this one which claim to show corpses of children have gone vital voices thieves disguised as beggars harvested the organs all hush explains how the videos are doctored to create panic. another clip suggests this woman is an outsider and was trying to abduction. that's why she was beaten up fake news like this is spreading like wildfire in india it is a major problem because these are very close knit communities where almost everyone tends to know each other the spread and acceleration of this news can be very very quick but the fact that it is about child lifting is something for primal something so provocative that your child could be taken away from you i scarcely think there is a greater fear than that for any family or any parent. that it can precipitate violence very easily. that's what happened here in the neighboring district of totally about
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three hundred fifty kilometers from mumbai this heavy security in this remote village it only has women and children many of the men have fled ever since a lynching to place in this building. fake news is killing people in india right here in this village council office five people were beaten to death by a mob last month the police say the people were driven by videos and whatsapp claiming that kidnappers are on the loose the victims were beggars from a nomadic tribe. the lynching c.-o. were particularly brutal the police have arrested twenty eight people so far. try to help the victims by locking them in here but the mob forced their way in. your record a charlatan and thought about of course the people would stick with the rods with stones in witches in the office the crowd was bloodthirsty i've never seen anything
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like this there was a video on someone's phone warning people to stay vigilant because gangs were kidnapping children and stealing their organs. in mali go police have threatened jail time if anyone four with explosive messages that can cause public panic. it's part of the campaign to quash rumors before they boil over and lead to. the measures stick on and added urgency in monaco's melting pot into religious tensions are never far from the surface here. today officers are in the hindu temple it's part of the campaign's outreach to influential religious leaders the message is familiar remain skeptical of what you read online and don't resolve to fight it's. the campaign continues attracted junctions across the city. leaflets with police help like numbers are handed out. to raise awareness about the deadly consequences of feet news. and now to helen and the challenge of switching the world to green
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energy had enough that's right and return of course we know that germany is one of the countries spearheading that campaign the transition to green energy and it's encouraged others to do the same and with plenty of sun and wind africa is one place you'd think renewables would make a lot of sense but a report from the advocacy group oil change international accuses rich countries of promoting dirty energy in africa and prioritizing fossil fuel development often at the expense of clean energy sources it estimates aid to africa's energy sector was fifty nine billion dollars between twenty fourteen and twenty sixteen and it says that some sixty percent of that went directly on fossil fuels will china gave the most to the african energy sector followed by the world bank japan and germany this is something that the world bank group disputes disputes those estimates that
8:42 pm
fossil fuels are blamed for global warming and last year the g twenty countries face accusations of hypocrisy for talking tough on global warming but providing four times more public finance for fossil fuels than for renewables or to talk more about this we can bring in alex ducasse now from oil change international he's the director of the stop funding fossil fuels program there thank you very much for joining us mr ducasse let me begin by asking you thank you why shouldn't africa take advantage of the resources it has including fossil fuels. i think it's really a decision that's in many ways up to african governments and the people that they represent about what the energy future is ought to be on the continent but i think the issue that our report highlights is that we're talking about a lot of international public money so government backed taxpayer money flowing into africa to support energy development and what we're seeing there from this relatively scarce public finance there's not
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a lot of this money floating around and we needed to do a lot of work we needed to help address sustainability goals we need it to help address development goals we're seeing a lot of that finance flow to fossil fuels and a lot of the time what our analysis discovered is that quite a bit of that money supporting fossil fuels is actually supporting the economic interest of the countries providing the money not necessarily focusing on the development benefits for for people in africa but we should say that your report was a points out that forty percent a fiat saying does go to other energy sources not fossil fuel. i mean that's not nothing how is that being east yeah a lot of that finance is for transmission and distribution expansions so expanding the grid a lot of that sort of that other category is site is in large hydro which we don't count as surviving energy and that's actually you mentioned that the world bank group disputes our estimates that's one of the areas of difference that we have with them we count that as other instead of clean energy because of its social and environmental impacts but there is some finance going to renewable energy as well
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to solar and wind and our our emphasis is that you know we look at the evidence and the analysis by the international energy agency and we see that if we want to achieve universal access to electricity for the hundreds of millions of people in africa who currently are without electricity it's going to require more investments in renewable energy i mean you mentioned access to the great some places aren't yet connected to the great so should we be telling countries how to get online what about using fossil fuels as a stopgap. yeah i think it's up to the governments themselves and the people of african countries to make decisions on their energy sources and what kinds of projects they want to invest in but i think that the evidence shows that on a least cost basis if we want to connect the hundreds of millions of people without access to electricity in africa right now to energy services that the most affordable way to do so for most people on the continent is through distributed renewable energy through off grid and many grid approaches are out of them through
8:45 pm
fossil fuels as a stopgap so a lot of the communities that are rural communities that are that are off the grid that are using diesel generators for example right now that's an extremely expensive way to produce energy services and the removal of her tips that are becoming more oh by the day alex do because from oil change international thank you thank you. the sound i hate wave is taking its toll on europe's waterways as levels full but the temperature also affects facia not proving a headache for factories that rely on the water to cool it like on germany's biggest river the rhine while one company is stepping up efforts to avoid getting into hot water with you authorities. this is a cooling tower run by a german chemical company theory a s.s. in. the water comes from the rhine and lowers the temperature of the production line but before it's pumped back into the river the water itself has to be cooled down again to ensure it doesn't heat the river up that uses up energy and it costs
8:46 pm
money with summer seemingly getting hotter being s.f. is investing in more thrilling towers. in your head where thinking they'll be more of a need to cool down then in the past due to company expansion as well as possible climate change this kind of construction is about being prepared. for. the rivers temperature and oxygen levels have to be monitored constantly it's almost twenty eight degrees in the brine near minds. high temperatures the companies with the choice of either reducing production or paying for the continued use of river water. that firms are forced to pay for using river water we've installed a measuring instrument firms have to pay when they reintroduce the cooling water and that's caused them to rethink the practice. low water levels are also proving a headache cargo ships are traveling almost empty and many goods have to be shipped
8:47 pm
by rail or brooch. well the hot weather is driving up beer sales and nowhere more than in china is now the world's biggest beer market and heineken wants to get in on the act and expand in of the country the dutch brewing joint is buying a forty percent share in the listed entity of state owned c.r.b. that's the country's biggest band maker and it can will merge ships operations in china with those of its new partner with more and more chinese raising a glass the world's second largest brewer hopes to tap into that. its record memories and the beautiful game in virtual form you might say absolutely very virtual thank you helena now if you think the fifa world cup finished a few weeks ago well think again the fee for each world cup is taking place in london it's a tournament for gamers playing the popular fee for football video game the image of couch potatoes in front of the console's is long gone it's now
8:48 pm
a multi-million dollar industry game a street as much as some six if not more than real footballers and they even have doping tests is more. this is what it's all about a trophy fit for a major tournament the prize money isn't but even the winner picks up two hundred fifty thousand dollars gaming is now big business no longer the preserve of teenagers bedrooms. more than twenty million people competed globally in the fee for world cup but only these look if you made it to london for the three day grand final it's all very serious players keep in shape in the gym there are even doping tests to make sure gamers aren't using medication to lower their heart rates during the stress of a game is a good measure live thing everyone should be on the level playing field is most definitely something these are pretty human or anything like the big difference find a video game but if you're going to go to buy into
8:49 pm
a competition you never know if you go into a penalty shoot out. right small race it might be better the growth of the sport was underlined by x. germany football the message of announcing this week that he is looking for gamers from around the world to represent his team. footballers like as often train for just a couple of hours a day but gamers sometimes have to go to extremes especially when learning new commands for new games or consols in the beginning that's when it's very heavy because that's when everything game is brand new you have to learn everything from scratch so let's say you know like thirteen fourteen hours referees or even on how to make sure everyone is playing fair maybe virtually but this woke up this anything but child's play for you know the one the formula one has been given and show to after the shock announcement that longtime red bull driver down in chicago will be driving for vanno next season and ricardo had been driving for red bull since two thousand and thirteen where he's won seven races and made twenty nine
8:50 pm
finishes men who have struggled since rejoining formula one three years ago and will be hoping the australian can restore them to their four monthly ory don't look set to replace carla science on the event team. now buchan is a small village in northern germany about one hour north west of hamburg and right now it's home to what is considered the biggest heavy metal festival in the robin miller from makati desk joins me now hi robin first of all this i learned this from you. i'm sure you would much rather be at that festival then sitting here and the cities and the head banging for you sadly no i mean it may surprise obvious though that i have been to if you have a metal concert in my time and i actually had a brilliant evening the heavy metal live is really exciting and my
8:51 pm
days of mixing with seventy five thousand other people looking. over it is full metal fans this is the festival to be at eight hundred people attended the first black and back in nineteen ninety right now it's become big business and it's properly organized over facilities you need nowadays since last year even the big. underground pipes and you know you see but because of the heat wave here in northern europe this one thing will be missing from vatican and that's the mud being replaced by a bit of dust actually which might disappoint a few that have the bob not big but i think would be much more pleasant for most of the others it all got under way yesterday so let's check it out.
8:52 pm
fast vatican lives up to its most. seventy five thousand hard rock and metal fans from around the world have descended on this small nose jam in the village. when i see it here because i love metal and this is the mecca of metal it's my third year here. and. i like every festival worth its salt camping out on a huge field this part of the vatican experience. i love it it's like coming home it's a feels like home every time i come in. and i'll come back a million times was where from mexico. is their promise land or what. they keep picturing it is nothing better than coming in once a year to let it all hang out to give yours
8:53 pm
a good blast and to enjoy life to give you some. of these days two hundred bands of performing on stage is. headlined by british metal legends to just priest. despite all the posturing fuck'n actually has a reputation for being a very friendly festival there's hardly ever any trouble. perhaps that's because everyone here gets there at gresham out in the mosh pit. by the way every year the day after the festival finishes tickets go on sale for the next year a most the missile that in no time and a time when nobody knows who's going to perform next year it's just people want to
8:54 pm
go gosh and we have to sing this comes a friendly festival with all this heavy metal head bang gig and things you know at the head least like one of us love in peace like woodstock oh what it is i mean you're right there's rarely trouble there i mean i saw you. kathleen i mean obviously the festival still coming on this year so we know but there's a the metal community there's a real camaraderie it's very closely knit actually and people look off to each other in the motion picture that scene at the front i'm right now back and they'll be more black t. shirts to to some things gathered together in one place a mole behave drunk probably this whole but is there anywhere else in the moment and that's the reports that they really do that whole speech with the music and as you so well people come from all over the world including from china where heavy metals jane were you know really growing and the people of the sleepy village a very fond of the fans coming that they said that company bad you know when
8:55 pm
they're not jumping around but. it seems like they're going to a big thing and you know and with the recreation to keep this a special program that the deadliest incident yeah pop export program is featuring it's exclusively from back in this weekend so if you're having fun check out pop export wherever you are thank you very much robyn what is this about you don't know and i don't know but all of them have got the speaking that's right it's the noise sorry i don't read every word i do exude that is that it's about control and i thank you very much of an mo for telling us what the vulcan festival and i look forward to hearing more about it next year yeah at the same time same place is hard to accept thank you very much open marriage ok you're watching the news and let me bring you up to date at the top story that be following for you in zimbabwe the opposition movement for democratic change has been chipped in the results of the country's presidential election if you need to know finch i mean so fair to spot he
8:56 pm
would challenge the outcome in court i mean my present a muffin man god but in fifty years he had won a free and fair election. that's it for me i'm touchy my job. measure the cause of this but do stay with us you will not regret it because sarah palin will have the news for you in just a few minutes from now but. if you. do for. the book.
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the bottom. comes. from. the be. few of the staunch germans informants a few. basing a bomb or to bomb a few extremists do their own take on the more somehow must feel. the power metal band some of. the
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bureau for. small boat. germany state by state. the most colorful. the loveliest. the most traditional find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com. big fun beethoven. his works goddess fortuna.
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the munsters and favorite place. beethoven gone twenty. his creations. his brand unmistakable colors got that icon of the fashion. but what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of a great fashion designers are going to someone special. start september not w. long iran ones and consulate in the city no major power in the middle east drones insolence continues to grow little economically and above all militarily. does iran
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want to keep some other countries opponents have their doubts iran from geography the super power source aug fifth on d w. odd. plenty of todd. audio. the state of the news coming to live from bora lennox so involved why is oppositional or jacks the result of the country's presidential election. despite looking thing is it looks good doesn't it it's a pretty good job isn't this president believe going to be in the internet come up may not exactly but it is critical it again. opposition party leader nelson chamisa
9:01 pm
says he will challenge the result but president emerson non-god one insists he want a free and fair election.


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