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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 3, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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history of the news coming to wired from berlin and so involved what is oppositional or jacks the result of the country's presidential election. just by looking at things he said look. there's a pretty good job the sound is going to. be due to a lot of libya's critically. opposition party leader nelson chamisa says he will challenge the result but president ehlers among dog one insists he want a free and fair election also coming up later today i'm somehow they killed my
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mother. who was. tortured and forced to pray. they beat us. they put a price on the same story from one man to the next. the so-called islamic state captured you see the women in iraq and sold them as slaves you have a report on one woman's efforts to save them. there are involved in the show it's good to have you with us the leader of zimbabwe's main opposition party has rejected the result of the country's presidential election and said we will fight the outcome in court nelson chamisa from the movement for democratic change also complained his party had been harassed since monday's election as police sought to confiscate proof of what total fraud earlier in the day riot police tried to stop the m.d.c.
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from addressing the media. the main opposition party leader in zimbabwe tried to hold a press conference on friday in the capital out of it but it was disrupted by riot police who then cleared the area they were then in turn confronted by journalists oh that is what i did that will go to the good and what was it eventually the police did allow the pressure to take place. there nelson chamisa of the movement for democratic change party or m.d.c. claimed the election on monday was rigged his party had taken just over forty four percent of the vote but emerson on god one of the rulings on a p.f. was declared the winner with almost fifty one percent of the vote for those. he had first taken power in november after a brief military intervention which toppled robert mugabe after thirty seven years of iron fisted rule to me so i didn't think much has changed since. we're both out
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so. it was. well good at sitting these days. we want to quit buddies of to be one of. those who told me this is ego and goes just to make sure that for the kids it was it for you or did they get it they equally want their us updates and we would want a long and low thoughts that demonstrations erupted shortly after the election result was announced with the military killing six protesters the m.d.c. say they also lost because its supporters suffered harassment and violence meanwhile president men on god why i held his own press conference where he called for an investigation into what happened and also called for unity. zero. to be the president's over all. and imprison and all those
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that voted for me. who knows. who saw. what was present. meanwhile opposition leader commission has called for a day of mourning for democracy. correspondent chris chelios us now from harai andrea let's start with emerson my god we're describing these elections as a celebration of democracy tell us more about that why well to understand the president you have to understand a little bit of his history he actually was part of the ruling elite part of the ruling country of the ruling party of the country for a very long time the party that ruled the country for forty years he has been holding various minister positions under former dictator mugabe and last year when we got was forced to resign by the military he finally took over as the president
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and he changed his image completely he suddenly portrayed himself as the reformer he opened up the country to investors and he also allowed more freedom more freedom of speech and this electoral process for him was another sign that he wanted to give to the world that he's opening up the country he's been talking a lot about the electoral process that it's been free and fair and according to him also observers said so but the reality is not really like this yes there has been tremendous amount of improvement compared to previous elections in zimbabwe which were not free at all but also a lot of people say there was intimidation here and the process was not as fair as he thinks it was yeah the leader of the opposition called this election fraudulent and illegal what evidence is there for the. well that's exactly the question he could not answer he called in the press today to talk about these issues but he said yes we have evidence our numbers clearly show that i am ahead that i won these elections but then he said i will not be able to publish the
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evidence now due to strategic reasons and this of course doesn't make him very credible right now right now he has two options basically one is to go to court to challenge with them and he indicated that this is what he's going to do and that's a second chance he has is to basically mobilizes supporters to stop was demonstrations again it did not sound as if you want to do that because this possibly also has the risk of having violence outbreaks again as we have seen on thursday heading into this election you were reporting that there was great hopes for a free and fair election the first one in the post mcgarvey air how do people feel about how it's turned out well i talked to a lot of young people today on the street and of course everybody has their different political opinion and the party they voted for are different but what almost everybody said is they really want to change right now when it comes to the economical situation of the country zimbabwe is really in a financial crisis that it's very hard to get foreign exchange cassia ninety
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percent youth unemployment there's hardly any. opportunity for young people here and everybody said the only thing we want is really a positive a better future where we can earn a living here and look forward to a better life than that what we have seen before. pouring for us in harare thank you here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making news around the world and the west african nation of mali opposition leaders sisi has rejected as fraudulent the results from sunday's presidential election because on opposition groups to unite to defeat incumbent president abraham because in the run off on august twelfth. in northern pakistan villagers took to the streets to protest against the bombings of twelve local school it tax have been linked to the taliban and other religious militants who pose education for goals no casualties were reported in
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these bombings. yemen may be on the brink of a new outbreak of cholera that warning comes from the world health organization widespread tertian and conflict could push up the death rate w.h.o. has called for a three day cease fire in the north of the country to carry out a vaccination program. at least twenty people have been killed in afghanistan after a suicide attack on a mosque in the eastern city of gardez dozens more wounded the attacker blume self up inside the shiite mosque goes worshippers were attending friday prayers there's been no claim of responsibility. well they have been subjected to immense to some seven thousand years the women and girls in northern iraq were abducted tortured and sexually abused by the so-called islamic state this after the militants overran iraq's northern singe our district just across the border from syria four years ago now i ask has been driven out but three thousand women are
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still missing many of them were sold into slavery use. to people who are trying to rescue them. it breaks my heart she says. shareen children is showing us her hometown. the ruined city of the. she's just come back from syria where many young years edis are still being held as slaves who stop at her old school. oh is unavailable to one mother my best friend and i held hands around here. i took her and made her a slave. she killed herself while she was there prisoner. and i have other friends who are still in their hands. it's difficult to cope.
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she's only twenty two but she van has dedicated herself to finding the kidnapped women and children who she thinks are still in syria it's detailed detective work. she's helped by mahmoud a friend and former smuggler. and. sometimes my contacts in syria hear about people who've been kidnapped from people who've just been freed they might send me a photo of a kidnapped boy and ask if i know him that i ask around here whether anyone is missing my boy if so we go rescue him. sometimes the islamists allow their prisoners to call their families and sometimes the families are asked for help she calls the kidnappers and fishes for information trying to find out where they are. i get them to trust me then i ask them things like what's happening where they are how many airstrikes have already hit what.
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mark wooden i are in touch with the iraqi security forces and forces in syria to tell us about is trikes. we compare information to localise the people we're looking for their arms and. they work with smugglers in syria who bring the former prisoners across the border they say they freed more than sixty people so far. mostly only works though when the families pay a ransom to the islamists or at least to middlemen who used the families have to borrow the money. if they can't get enough we help them. i have friends in europe and america and they give us the money to buy the woman free. show her around russia early was held prisoner for four years her family paid for her release. that i think she has got i saw her they killed my mother.
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it was awful. they tortured us and forced us to pray. they beat us and they put a price on a. sense all of us from one man to the next. she says she was on the brink of killing herself but then she came across a mobile phone she secretly sent her family photos and a video three months later she found and shingle found her her family paid thirteen thousand u.s. dollars to get her back. was you know i mean i want you to feel all the prisoners from them they sell them to each other like sheep it's terrible. and they help themselves to ten year old girls get a fabulous mask. chavan also tries to help the women afterwards in the absence of psychological support she has organized
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a number of self-help groups today she's talking with women about suicide what are the signs that someone is in danger of hurting herself how can others help you have to support each other she tells them. as i don't know i know we have all faced death and that life now is hard but we've survived yet we cannot give up and let them when. the sun is setting as we leave but she wants to go to mt singe or the years edis holy mountain to honor her friends who are buried here killed while fighting i.r.s. for she found it's a place where she connects with them where she gathers strength for what lies ahead . a writer of the top stories we're following for you this hour. and zimbabwe the opposition movement for democratic change has for injective the
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results of the country's presidential election as leader nelson chamisa so his party would challenge the outcome in court president our sonangol meanwhile insisted he had won a free and fair election and don't forget you can always find ways whenever you're on the go just download our app from google play or the apple store get access to the latest news from around the world and sure to sign up for push out of occasions so you don't miss any breaking news can also use the v.w. to send us your photos and video. and that's our news update at this hour i'm sara farmer in berlin more as always on our web site www dot com thanks for much.
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