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from the forest stars caucus night w. . this is news coming to you live from bali and the standoff over zimbabwe's election shows no signs of being resolved president amazon mum god what is alleging the opposition to accept the result and move on to put up with the sunita nelson chamisa is still adamant that he won and that he would challenge the outcome also coming up europe's heatwave edges towards
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a new high cost to save this weekend temperatures in portugal and spain could reach the highest ever recorded on the continent. how unwelcome i'm under thought cheema. zimbabwean president has cooled down the opposition and the country to accept the results of the disputed election he said the opposition would have a crucial role to play in shaping the country's future but opposition leader nelson chamisa has repeated his kin that the elections were rigged we crossed the road to harare in just a moment but first this report. the main opposition party leader in zimbabwe tried to hold a press conference on friday in the capital out of it but it was disrupted by riot police who then cleared the area they were then in turn confronted by journalists.
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that. were. eventually the police did allow the pressure to take place. there nelson chamisa of the movement for democratic change party or m.d.c. claimed the election on monday was rigged his party had taken just over forty four percent of the vote but emerson on god of the ruling zanu p.f. was declared the winner with almost fifty one percent of the vote. he had first taken power in november after a brief military intervention which toppled robert mugabe after thirty seven years of iron fisted rule jimmy said didn't think much has changed since. we're both out sitting. on. well good at sitting these days. we was picked for the south to the know. well this will all be this ego and cause just to make sure that for the kids it was it or was it
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that she did it equally wind there are bits of it we will walk along and will not see demonstrations erupted shortly after the election result was announced with the military killing six protesters the m.d.c. say they also lost because its supporters suffered harassment and violence meanwhile president men on god while i held his own press conference where he called for an investigation into what happened and also called for unity. zero leads to be the president's all. in prison and all those that voted for me. and those who did more who knows and. i want to see. who saw the road to the boat was present. meanwhile opposition leader chamisa has called for
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a day of mourning for democracy. and for the basis i'm joined now by down nicholas fun an increasing joins me from hot out it's and then you are at the court in the zimbabwean capital what's happening there. right and rita about twenty people more than twenty people actually charged here with public violence and that happened after wednesday you might want to recall that this was the day when violence broke out here in the harare when opposition supporters took to the streets to protest the delay in announcing the results most of the people who were charged here were arrested in the headquarters of the opposition party and i just talked to one of their lawyers they say it was an opportunistic arrest there's no evidence whatsoever that they were involved in the violence and the opposition has been making it very clear that they believe it's not their supporters behind the violence but rather the military
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the soldiers and the police who are acting on behalf of the government and this is also what many observers said because six people were killed in those protests and many say it was due to the excessive force of violence now the president says this is not true they start some investigations but the opposition says it is looks like things have not changed in zimbabwe it looks like the same old zanu p.f. the same old governing party that they have been seen on the robert mugabe of the president is advertising himself as somebody who opens up the country who changes things but the opposition say what happened on wednesday and also what happens on the report that we have seen when the police and to press conference is an indication that zimbabwe's back to the old days and i do think that it is in ma we had such high hopes of the first election in the post mugabe then now reacting to the outcome of the vote. well interesting me there went any big celebrations in the country after the election results was announced people
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here still have the feeling that the whole election drama is not over because the opposition does not accept the results and if you talk to young people a lot of them say we need a change because things have been going badly wrong in the past the economy is down the country is heavily indebted unemployment rates are really high but let's listen in we talked to some people before. there what is about your future what next five years to come that's what we're going to expect are we going to do if they pull out oh i went to five in a which isn't bob we're looking for a bit i think was. the member. then my my my way to mt i want to be a huge interest. in jobs i think the president. i think. the old man is one i'm just hoping. he will like
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a change the fortunes of most of us the with because as you can see be a new year is you know in markets to. someone is ending it leaving from these we don't want these two on these people getting you know formal jobs working out that say seven eight to five and then go because these nolo in order here nobody is restricting anyone here so i don't see any future for. suddenly she doesn't disappoint when there yet president insists his victory is legitimate and he's urging the nation to count to get efforts has he been making to reach out to his rival chamisa. non so far he says that he tried to contact to congratulate him to his defeats because every so still claims that he won the election but according to him god did not want to talk to him when i go on the other hand see some serve as the clear winner of the election
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of a legitimate election so it seems there's no way forward right now. i didn't crease in the zimbabwean capital harare thank you very much for that update. this article or some other stories making news around the world in the west african nation of mali opposition leader somalia's sisi has rejected the results from sunday's presidential election as for didn't he cordon opposition groups to unite to defeat incumbent. in the runoff on the twelfth of august. the u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo says more pressure should be applied to ensure north korea is sticking to its denuclearized pledge bill met briefly with his north korean counterpart. at a security forum in singapore despite the smiles says the u.s. would take any violation of u.n. sanctions seriously. the bodies of eleven people apparently murdered were discovered in the house the mexican town of quartus this comes just days before
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mexico's president elect on this money and a lopez obrador is share due to visit the town to kick off a campaign against violence. new zealand's prime minister just hearn has returned to work after six weeks of maternity leave she's arrived back in the caption valentyn along with a daughter needed to photo ha the pair will be allowed to carve in the parliamentary chamber and is only the second world leader to have given birth while in office. and where the forecast to see temperatures in europe could reach the highest ever recorded on the continent this weekend eight places in portugal have already broken temperature records with some inland areas documented highs of forty five degrees on friday in spain at least three people have died from heat stroke. it's already been one of the hottest weeks on record in southern portugal the civil
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protection agency has issued its highest alert and warns that this weekend could be even worse. but the risk is expected to increase and spread to other regions of the country specifically to the center and to the north central to go into the world across europe the scorching temperatures are causing more than just over crowded coasts the heat has brought drought stoking wildfires from spain to sweden. the hot dry air has also wreaked havoc on europe's harvests in france the vineyards are withering. and in the u.k. grazing pastures for cows have very little green grass. the national farmers union has called a drought summit to address farmers' worries i think we need to be concerned that when it. all is wide open about what's going on and where offered comes from
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spain is feeling heat nearly as fierce as that in portugal temperatures are expected to reach well past forty degrees celsius this weekend authorities are warning people to take precautions heatstroke has already claimed its first victims . and it's not just europe that suffering from the heat in japan has been battling soaring temperatures for weeks now more than one hundred people died of heat stroke last month while tens of thousands others were hospitalized in south korea record temperatures of up to forty degrees have left thirty people dead and across the border in north korea the government has warned that damage to vital crops means the heatwave is threatening a natural disaster. german football fans will soon have a chance to forget their country's dreadful campaign the bundesliga season is just
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around the corner and whine when it will once again favorites for the title with an ageing squad and little transfer activity this summer there are questions over the ability to win a seventh straight title but new coach nico kulacz believes the bavarians have what it takes. things have turned out well on byron's pre-season tour led by coach nico kovacs the team has been enjoying his preparations for the new campaign. the atmosphere could hardly have been better on their tour of the u.s. . and now they're back in germany is turning his attention towards getting even better this season. we want to make each player better i expect passion ambition and progress with. things that defined covert himself as a player he spent two seasons of bahrain as a battling midfielder and as a coach he proved his worth to his new employers by beating them in the german cup
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final in may. for covert communication is key. but. i think he still thinks like a player he's meticulous and he talks to us a lot. his main task will be to oversee general in. change in robin and from korea barrier in their mid thirty's but remain key players new players have arrived so shanab really has returned from a loan spell of hoffenheim gorecki has signed on a free transfer from shelf. so you know if i've noticed that our training sessions have been longer than perhaps some of the players are used to. for the season a clear it's the same every year here. but doesn't just mean a seven wonders league title in a rugby match once by and to be just as dominant in the german cup and the champions league. in football transfer news barcelona have announced the
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signing of chilean midfielder how to move the dial from behind me in a in a deal. reportedly at thirty million and the thirty one year old joined by interim eventis back in two thousand and fifteen came in through going to still get titles in one german cup tearing his three year spell in bavaria his move to brasil and i was given the green light by new bind coach nicole called watch who will not be short of midfield options although the signing of germany's leon got it from shocker as you just saw him. finally jim the sadness involved in the heavy metal festival has kicked off this sale of a small north german town is hosting two hundred bands and seventy five thousand heavy metal fans from around the was headlined acts include heavy metal titans and judas priest and told to go to the heatwave affecting your group organize the guests to take extra precautions to avoid heat exhaustion the festival is regarded
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as the biggest heavy metal music event in the was. well that's a news wrap for now you can all mystical a web site www dot com for more go to follow some twitter and facebook thank you very much for a company a. waste . pollution. time for. africa people have projects that are changing the one apartment for the better so. people would. be w.


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