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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 4, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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and put big dreams on the big screen. in movie magazine on d w. i am. this the w. news live from europe's heat wave tuns deadly with heat stroke claiming lives at least three people have died in spain as the country labors on the intense heat forecasters born in the next forty eight hours temperatures there and in portugal could reach the highest ever recorded on the continent we'll hear from
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a reporter in lisbon also coming up. thousands gather in israel to protest the new world they say marginalizes known jews critics say the north undermines israel's democratic values. and ours and rumors nazi branded products from its online offerings the internet sales giant says its rules prohibit the set of products that incite hatred ovide and. crime have on the home free glad you could join me temperatures in europe awful calls to reach the highest ever recorded on the continent this weekend a places in portugal have already broken local temperature records with some areas documenting hallways a forty eight degree celsius on friday in spain at least three people have died from heat stroke. mercilessly the sun beats down day after day driving the
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temperatures in portugal to record breaking highs. people do whatever they can for relief. authorities have issued a nationwide health alert and are urging people to take precautions against heat stroke the most important thing is to drink lots and lots of water. i need lots of water something cool and i try to stay at home. easy does it stay in the shade and drink a larger than it's ok. this is right. emergency services are at maximum readiness because of the threat of forest fires last year wildfires killed more than one hundred people in portugal. but we expect the risk of fires to rise in the old garvey and in parts of iowa into as well as in the north. the first alarms were
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reported on friday some seven hundred firefighters are working one major fire in the hill country of the all garvie. forecasters expect temperatures to hit forty seven degrees before things start to cool off slightly earlier in the week. for more that goes in is than what correspondent peter wise is out braving the often in portuguese sun pizza how hot is it that. it is indeed very hot so i'm sitting outside a cafe off one of the main shopping streets in this but. the moments are just around the corner is showing forty one degrees at the moment and that's expected to to increase to about forty two forty three in lisbon by the end of the day. but of course across across portugal there are much higher temperatures. as you say as the report mentioned earlier it reached forty five and above yesterday that's expected
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in some places possibly to reach above forty seven and those even the possibility that it would top forty eight which would be a record temperature for the whole year of. course spiteri iberia region is no stranger to hot summers of course this is for markable give us a sense of what it's been like where you are. well of course one of the main consequences is the whole country is on the ridge of the forest fire last year during another he suffered a tragedy similar to that in greece recently. more than one hundred people lost their lives in forest fires in portugal last year and the authorities have been working for the past year to make sure there's no repeat of that this year of course this heat wave even worse than last year is not helping with that at all there's already one very large laney's just north of the out of the fields close to
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the algarve coast to space it a lot of a lot of houses are destroyed about nine people have been injured so far in that but it's. correspondent and wise in lisbon peter thank you for that and please do stay as cool as you possibly can. thank you. tens of thousands of people are protesting in israel against new legislation which they say marginalizes mon jewish people in the country thousands of people have gathered in a central square in tel aviv calling for all israelis to be treated equally has been organized by the truce minority they say the new on the cops israel's democratic values and marginalizes not only the jews people but also the country's arab minority which makes up around twenty percent of the population. that's bringing middle east correspondent now tanya came a she's the rally in that
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televisa tanya tell us more about who's this protest. well you had kind of an play jus' when it says that came up down here to tell of each from the nose where two communities live to become new together calling on the israelis also to join them in the hotel because on the tube. now the truth is they are making up only about less than two percent of the population here but they have a very special. very loyal to the state of israel don't want to drafted into the army and that makes it difficult for them to seize a very contentious because they're saying well we're living in the army but at the end we are then second class citizens. we also saw over the past week or two couple of officers actually saying because we cannot no longer third and the army if it.
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will continue to be so there's a lot of anger here tonight a lot of people turned out to express how they feel as though it's a very content to go in israel and tell us more about this you know how will minorities like the dreams in the arab israelis see. it. for people you know i talk are they saying basically we want to be equal and that is what is not given to all we can bring to its character of the spirit and downgraded the. language now you do not only have the truth you have over to twenty percent of the artist or any community and also a smaller minority here so people are saying basically we're not equal discriminating against us and it's also unnecessary because by saying that jewish and democratic critics don't of course other minorities and other communities and they call it also
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a distortion of the curation independent to find out the state of israel. tanya kramer that ready for us in television very much tonya. let's get a quick check now on some of the other stories making news around the world in zimbabwe more than twenty members of the main opposition party have appeared in court charged with inciting violence at a rally at least six people died don't know pretty far in a demonstration against an alleged vote rigging in the country's election this week . eighteen people have been killed in a helicopter crash in siberia russian authorities say the passengers on board were made the oil workers aviation officials say the craft collided with a load being carried by a second helicopter a helicopter was undamaged have managed to land safely. police in the russian city of st petersburg have arrested gay rights activists who are taking part in an
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unapproved dryly organizers has said that stage one them protests off the city or forty's turned down their request to hold a parade on low banning what the russian government calls gay propaganda has been in place since twenty thirteen. turkey's president the one has announced counter sanctions on two u.s. officials off to that country first the assets of two turkish ministers earlier this week the round was spock's when turkey detained a u.s. pasta working in the country on allegations of terrorism and espionage. amazon has begun removing products with nazi symbolism from its online store the decision comes off the amazon was criticized for allowing sales by third parties and right wing paraphernalia i was in says it's blokes several said accounts and reviewing the status of others and this is regulations bound policies from selling products that promote hatred violence or racial and sexual intolerance.
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you support our until today has been looking at this story in detail. was and says that it's removed the offending items so story over actually i don't think it is i mean yes to amazon's credit they removed many of the offending items many of the nazi propaganda that paraphernalia that was brought up however just with a cursory review of their store today i was able to find dozens and dozens of books that still openly called for well the introduction of the neo nazi ideology throughout the world i mean as you were saying amazon's terms of service has been banned anything that promotes or glorify hatred violence or religious or racial intolerance however we just a couple minutes of research i was able to find books that said things like they were calling for the creation of a pro white government around the world that we're not going to bow down to the forces of money or jews or other documents that were that were described themselves as sacred texts for the national socialist camp for of the twenty first century and
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beyond so it does seem that amazon is still making money with new nazi propaganda what about those on the other hand he might count such texts are protected under freedom of expression well in certain cases the united states they definitely are the united states is much more liberal of freedom of expression laws than we do in germany in this case at least however i'm amazon itself bans the use of this type of terminology in these type of and these type of material on in their terms of services so the question is why are they actually allowing it to be sold and also while i was look. many of these books at least they they all said that they were shipped and sold by amazon dot com now it didn't appear to be labeled with the same type of etiquette that you'd see if it were being sold by a third party member so it really does seem that amazon is making some type of money or doing some type of business with nazi paraphernalia right that's a very interesting element in this whole story but this isn't the first time that
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we've seen american tech companies actually be accused of giving a platform to extreme elements is it no it definitely is and i mean we've seen time and time again that many of these large tech giants are you know they're going fast and trying to break things they want to be disruptive and they don't really pay attention to a lot of the content that's been produced on their sites the kind of hoping that the community will police itself even in this case amazon also said that any time something like this is flagged by its community members it's removed now we've also seen something like this has come up with facebook and was twitter in recent in recent months in recent years where they're constantly offering a platform to a lot of more extreme elements and it's getting them in trouble now it also kind of comes down to a fight between the european union the united states the united states the much more law a fair approach when it comes to dealing with these tech giants and says that kind of do what they want to do and see what comes out of the end the european union however is focusing on them in trying to encourage regulation of the content that's being produced there they want the companies to actually say ok we're checking the
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stuff in advance now it really doesn't seem up or finding a middle ground yet the companies are moving in those directions but they haven't really found you know that key that will kind of help the the american approach gel with the a more regulatory heavy european approach so i don't really know what the solution is in the in the short term to be honest and have we heard from amazon on this well specifically about this specifically not i mean they have removed some of the other items and i tried to get ahold of them today i put i sent them e-mails that made phone calls as well but we haven't received any official state and yet but as soon as we have that we will report on it that it is thank you very much reporter aaron tilton that looking into this story for us. sports news now at the european championships in glasgow the requisite tumbling in the pool first british women out of piece he broke his own world record in the men's one hundred mi to breast stroke the reigning olympic champion clocked a time of fifty seven seconds dead to delight the home crowd pretty shave zero
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point one three seconds off his previous best which he said at the olympics in rio de janeiro two years ago next joint for russia as clément kolesnikov broke the men's fifty meter backstroke world record the youngster came home in twenty four seconds dead shaving zero point zero four seconds off the previous best set by britain's ten cork. well serina williams's prospects for the us open have taken a bit of a blow off to she pulled out of the rogers cup a key role mup tournament say only that decision was for personal reasons the american battled back to the top of tennis after lifesaving surgery following the birth of her daughter and was runner up at wimbledon last month but her most recent match in san jose california ended in a humiliating six one six love defeat to britain's johanna konta that was the worst defeat of her
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a career. so you're upstate with the latest from d w news plenty more coming up at the top of the hour with my colleague maya psuedo i'm home free and by then i'll have plenty more for you tomorrow so then thanks very much for your company and see you same. letter we were. when we were. even percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship.


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