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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 5, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin venezuelan president nicolas maduro says he has survived a drone attack in the capital. of the. state t.v. show the socialist leader speaking at a military parade and then he stopped abruptly. moments later. the soldiers scatter and the broadcast cut sounds. within hours manure addressed the nation accusing colombia's president and
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venezuela's opposition of being behind a plot to assassinate him we'll go live to caracas. also coming up. tens of thousands gather in israel to protest a new law which they say marginalizes non jews this time one of israel's best integrated minorities the druze are protesting against government policy. thanks for joining us on marian i haven't seen. venezuela says president nicolas maduro has survived an assassination attempt carried out with explosive laden drones during a military parade in a televised address hours after the incident majeure o'briens the attack on
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colombia's president juan manuel santos as well as on that as well as opposition and financial backers in florida colombia has denied any involvement we now have this look at how the alleged attack unfolded in the face i get my do in full flow suddenly cut short. this footage broadcast live on state television shows the moment when an apparent explosion rocked a military parade sending hundreds fleeing on foot to. the government declared it in assassination attempt. that on a modern day which i don't want to see on the explosions were heard which we have established as coming from multiple drone idea. of the fact of what i want to get people to do that i do not think it was an attempt on the life of the president of venezuela nicolas maduro would you idea but to put everyone at ease the attack has
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failed or that it or others would go complete i mean. just hours later mudra gave a defiant speech speculating that the incident was a right wing conspiracy with ties abroad. and infant thoughts i see not a movie there has been an attempt to assassinate me. i have no doubt that this all points to the extreme right in venezuela and in alliance with the right in colombia and that colombia's president one man was sent to those is behind this attempt i have no doubt. the socialist president has often accused the right wing opposition of plotting it. but as the economy continues to weaken widespread protests have become one of the biggest threats to madeira ministration we're joined now by correspond oscar schleicher who's in the venice cap venezuelan capital caracas and so i ask you in hearing from venezuela's information minister he says explosive
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laden drones were used and want to he's calling an attack on president maduro life what evidence does the government have that drones were used well the evidence that we haven't seen as of yet is the video that you all saw and the government's or the information minister on some grown parts and explosive residue in a neighborhood near my apartment but we have had no we haven't had any visuals to back those plans as of now there are witnesses that reported seeing a flying object explode near the stage where the president might be. and we've seen pictures of some of the injured there are seven injured military officers from this explosion and we've seen pictures of those injured officers so that's the only evidence that we. welcome a duro himself to has put the blame on colombia along with backers in florida why would these parties want him dead.
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well one of the things he mentioned is that they wanted to plot against him because of the new economic measures that have been going on here and by this way we have a few days we're changing our whole currency and there are new. measures to regulate gasoline. prices as well so he's blaming some of that are just this assassination plot against him all right well what my dora has also said is that a number of those as legibly and involved have now been arrested is there any information on who these individuals are or not yet my romance in this briefly during his speech he said you don't want to give any details until we finish the investigation or something the opposition this could turn into
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a witch hunt but besides that reaction we've heard little from the opposition specially the opposition leaders about this attack. all right so much doris saying this wasn't an attempted assassination but we have been hearing some other very different explanations of what happened we have some news agencies saying a firefighter is saying it was a gas tank explosion what have you been hearing. well there are reports and visual evidence of an apartment in flames near the grave where my hoover was and some agencies are reporting that that was the only explosion on site. this is the twenty year time of who has or at least twenty times one who has said there has been parts against his life whether it was how it was was president there were over fifty of these accusations of. terror plots against their lives this is the first
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time you see any such such an attack to. fall out in front of our eyes in this television. address he was made so it is it would be quite elaborate. plan to take on if it wasn't true and there's a lot of people that are in disbelief of this being sure however in social media and some journalists are. have said that this comes from military officers and they are calling me an operations. all right oscar shrank a rewarding all right we'll have to leave it there oscars linker reporting from caracas thank you. well turning now to israel where tens of thousands of people have been protesting in tel aviv against a controversial new law and demonstration was organized by the country's druze
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minority and they say the law marginalizes non jewish people in the country and he directed their anger at israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. be the go home nots the cry from some of the tens of thousands of people who turned today to protest against israel's contentious nation state legislation a law which essentially defines israel first and foremost as a jewish state arabs make up a fifth of the population and the trees a much smaller minority say the new law also sightlines them but. we are here to send a clear message to the israeli government we will not settle down for nothing less than equal rights as the trial is to visit the nation state law to clears israel the exclusive homeland of jewish people its single sake he prius the
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state language effectively prioritising it about arabic which has for decades been recognized as an official language to it spoken by the trees who make up just two percent of the population people asked us to consider ourselves we considered ourselves as israeli drones when he did that is not the name of the rules that you george states agree on not the jewel shall we us because our government and the organ in but members of the knesset to delete these will not to convict this law to delete this law from the history of. the juries have risen to high office in the military and politics since the one nine hundred fifty s. now you more than sixty years on they are fighting to retain the recall the see and achieve it for other minorities in israel. wildfires have kicked up in southern portugal over one of the hottest weekends on
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record for the iberian peninsula hot and dry air coming in from africa helped create the conditions for the fire in portugal's algarve a region hundreds of firefighters were sent to battle the blaze with the assistance of water bombing aircraft in europe why it heatwave has been especially severe in portugal and spain with temperatures passing for forty five degrees celsius on saturday. and the united states protesters have demonstrated at the headquarters of the national rifle association against the group's role in blocking stricter gun control laws protesters called for tougher background checks for buyers of guns and a ban on assault weapons but supporters of the powerful gun lobby also came to protest against such restrictions w.'s claire richardson reports from fairfax virginia. in a polarized national debate a rare display of the two sides talking to each other but both are holding their
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ground. you're put property over life which is occurring no it's not your news i don't see you i can find you here everybody else is necessary to work i want to read or for my home as we don't it's a heated discussion as protesters and counter protesters clashed over the role of guns in the united states this is a stop on the march of our lives national road trip that's been aimed at raising awareness about gun violence and registering people to vote as you can see it's a smaller protest that some of the ones we've seen earlier this year but the location is important we're here right in front of the national rifle association which they blame for buying off politicians. across a police barricade and are a supporters they it's people not guns that are the problem they don't want any restrictions on their ability to carry such weapons. it's someone who doesn't follow the law because we let's face it criminals don't follow the law comes out
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and decides to hurt me or anyone else in the group i want to have adequate protection to help those kind of people guns are the great equalizer it's you know if i'm up against a two hundred fifty pound man i cannot physically defend myself without some form of you know self-defense weapon. but showing up wearing guns is horrifying for students who have seen their classmates gunned down before their eyes i'm not saying you know take away all their guns but i'm like you right there are disregarding like the laws that everyone who's like lost their lives again america to gun violence and like is this like disrespectful. walking all over was a student who died in the mass shooting at a high school in parkland florida earlier this year he was gunned down by an air fifteen by someone who was known to be a threat today is his eighteenth birthday we're not going to forget about him because this shouldn't be happening i shouldn't have to hold this post or he should be here with us with elections just three months away there's no sign of compromise gun control advocates will have to make good on their promise to vote out politicians who support the n.r.a.
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. and in the bundesliga shall go last season a surprise package as they finished runners up their ascendancy has many of their fans pumped for the season to come the royal blues will have their hands full with champions league and domestic soccer expectations are high so much so that fans are prepared to travel in numbers just to watch them train. this is how child because stop the training camp every morning to the mt she has a fancy last season success hasn't reached a new high fifteen hundred fans flop the sharpest training camp in austria one of those fans is paid to hen's a he traveled eight hundred kilometers just to watch his favorite team train the mentality of a different spin to tell it if the fans are something unique he would give everything for the club and you can see it here fifteen hundred fans came to the
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training camp we're modeling say. only three years ago the training camp attracted a mere two hundred pounds the dramatic increase has come as a surprise even to the chaos it's very surprising you fink we had to make pre-season nobody would be there and you come and there was one thousand five hundred people and they will this is a thing this is sort of. many fans are convinced that coach too many quoted escort is the real deal there's excitement in the air and shall keep up the success they might have to look for another summer training camp next season one big enough to host so many having fans. and you're watching the w. news a quick reminder before we go that you can always get the w. news on the go just download our app for google play or from the apple store and that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as
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push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the apps to send us your photos and video. that's the latest from the d w newsroom i'm going to have a scene from all of us in for larry thanks for watching. think fun beethoven. his work. is for to know. the maestro and figure. twenty teams. who are fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of what appears what's coming up.


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