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seventy. rethinking is history being unfair to be confronted him. starts aug fourteenth on the w. . this is do the obvious coming to you live from berlin drowns in one fires across the globe what's causing these extreme weather conditions the view from space shows regions that are normally lush green on all parts try scientists a reason to long to dry as in temperatures could irreversibly destruct the earth's ecosystems also coming up normally because in argentina are set to vote on whether
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abortion should become legal the issue has been highly controversial and divisive in the homeland of pope francis'. continue i'm. a record heatwave is gripping parts of asia including china and japan why fires are raging in portugal spain and the united states there's a drought in australia and other countries as well so what's behind the heatwaves in a moment i'll talk to a climate policy analyst but first this report on the high temperatures and fears that the earth's ecosystems could be irreversibly disrupted. it's been more than fifty years since the state of new south wales in australia has seen a drought like this farmers pray for rain as their crops and livestock die some are
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forced to shoot starving cattle well others face the prospect of having to simply abandon their land. on the other side of the world a similar story the french of those mountains are simply too dry about half of this farmer's corn crop has already died in the u.s. record temperatures are fueling the worst wildfire in california history the twin blazes dubbed the mendo seen a complex have exploded to cover an area the size of los angeles in less than two weeks. scenes like this are likely to become the new normal according to an international research team's latest study they call the trend hot house earth i said. it's when the climate is much warmer than it is today three to four degrees. four to five degrees warmer than in the pre-industrial climate. international
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climate targets aim to limit the earth's warming to two degrees celsius but scientists now think even that is too high setting in motion processes which could create a domino effect such as glacial melting researchers argue that without putting in place specific human made climate protections the seas could rise up to sixty metres so how to curb greenhouse gas emissions scientists say we need to cut industrial carbon travel less by plane and car and eat less meat they say already the earth is on the brink of irreversible warming with severe effects like those in australia the government there has announced a multi-million dollar relief package for farmers but with dry conditions forecast to continue that may not be enough. so i'll be entering the eve of hothouse earth. a climate policy analysts from the environment and development and geo german watch is with me welcome to you now we see
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a heatwave not to see in europe but many other parts of the world also facing very hot temperatures what explains this well as you're saying this is something we're really seeing across the globe in our research shows that it's mainly the poorest countries that are hit hardest but right now we're also seeing it across the entire northern hemisphere pretty much what is happening is that we have a very stable warm weather condition right now it doesn't change much it heats up more and what is little rain and that is because the jet stream is very weak right now that's the circulation in the atmosphere that usually brings cold wind from the polar regions to other parts of the world such as europe and that has almost stopped and that is actually linked to manmade climate change ok but in this report we had scientists talk about the earth heading towards a hothouse spirit we're not there yet but i'll be heading in that direction yeah indeed we are not there yet what the scientists are talking about is really a whole different level still of catastrophic impact with droughts with the entire
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cities underwater as we heard in the story most of the world's megacities are on the coast so if you have ten and over several centuries sixty meters of sea would never rise that's a completely different level of catastrophic but what we are seeing is a sign of things to come hot weather like we are experiencing across the globe right now is becoming worse and is becoming more frequent and that's because of climate change one of the thing for the scientists wrote in this new report that the hothouse earth trend would be propelled by strong bio geophysical feedback difficult to influence by human actions what does that mean that these trends will continue despite attempts to deal with warming we can still address this there is still a chance to avoid these kinds of feedback loops and tipping points the report talks about what the. it says is. there are certain things that can happen and once they happen to reinforce them so once we trigger this these tipping points these feedbacks global warming will just continue even if we don't emit any more if the
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thermal permafrost thaws in siberia permanently frozen soil methane is released and the triggers mobile warming there's more thawing of the soil and he keeps going and that's what we have to avoid the report says the tipping point for that is probably somewhere between one and two degrees of global warming so if we can limit to well below two degrees to one point five degrees as we said in paris in the paris agreement we can still avoid this catastrophic scenario this is the science is making a very compelling case. on cotton on the parents of climate change what more needs to be done you mention a few things must be already doing that what more needs to be done to avoid catastrophic levels of global warming the one thing we have to do is we have to stop burning fossil fuels coal oil and gas are destroying climate stability and putting us at an acceptable risk so producing power from coal is something we have to phase out as quickly as possible but we also have to think about the transportation sector about agriculture all of that has to be transformed to ways
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of doing things that emit less greenhouse gases right policy analyst from german watch in berlin thank you very much for that all this meant there is something look at some other stories making news around the wild generally has struck a deal with spain to take back refugees who had first been veges to my spanish authorities migrants picked up at the german border who had initially been documented in spain will be sent back within forty eight hours a german interior ministry spokeswoman said madrid had not asked for anything in return. zimmer's mean opposition party says that if the money challenge the result of the country's presidential election nelson chamisa and his m.d.c. party narrowly lost the last three exposed to president anderson when god was zanu p.f. then results sparked protests that were met with force by the country's military
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zimbabwe's electoral commission has dismissed allegations of fraud. conservative ivan touquet has been sworn in as colombia's president in his inauguration address he promised to key the country's divisions the thousands gathered to protest against his presidency there against his plans to read out the country's peace treaty with leftist fark guerillas. lawmakers in argentina freeze a controversial vote later today on whether to legalize abortion the bill got through the lower house of congress by the narrowest of margins in june today's vote is in the upper house the senate but this time the bill is expected to force short of the votes necessary to pass into law the issue has divided the nation and families. the continues through to pickle middle class family and
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bring us artists getting ready for dinner. until recently they've never openly discussed their differences over abortion now as is happening across anjan tina there's a rift within the cuttin your family. to his wife maria and his eldest son fabiano resilience the legalization of abortions but the family's youngest son thomas thinks they're safe and should be legalized. i mean the favor of legalization has put an end to social inequality in argentina the truth is women with high incomes in this country from the wealthiest families have had access to abortion for years without any inconvenience while the chorused women don't have this opportunity. but his mother believes the procedure is unsafe knew guys they were is never safe as thomas claims that abortion isn't safe
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because women who have had abortions and left with many consequences they can be psychological as well as physical no medical intervention as i have a say and it's not free either because it will all be paying for it but at the thought no it's almost is that he. brought his children up to be independent but he nevertheless feels bad about the disagreement. i always told them that they have to be independent in their judgments. so when i see them influenced by the media or by friends it hurts. it hurts a lot it's not easy for tom aside if you say. it is difficult because you live with your family you spend a lot of time with them and this kind of discussion has generated tremendous divisions in argentina not only in families but also in the universities at the office in any environment. the atmosphere in argentina streets is no
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different. in june the lower house of parliament narrowly approved the legalisation of abortion during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy with restrictions starting at fifteen weeks ever since in the native country of pope francis the powerful catholic church has been campaigning to get the upper house to reject the bill on wednesday the polarizing abortion debate has also provoke violence in several cities young activists wearing green scarves in favor of legalizing abortion have been beaten in patagonia a young woman wearing a light blue scarf of those who are against legalization was patched. commentators say opponents of legalization have a majority in the upper house but supporters of the move are hoping to draw protesters around congress to put pressure on legislators to vote in favor. given argentinos deep division over abortion it is hard to predict how which side will react off that vote
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a victory for the anti abortion front could be short lived. activists who want to overturn are determined not to give up or local months rights to choose. out on the streets opinions are divided. my young mother also became pregnant and the only option she was given was an abortion she decided to continue the pregnancy and that's why i'm here. in the end an emotional do take place here in secret it's not that there's no abortion or what i think is a health issue the state has to result in a ghetto so that i'm all for it and i think it's a decision that has to involve the woman it's a matter of planning. so now if he doesn't actually responsible or not you have to take on the burden of the child or give it up for adoption. to doing his vote will determine with the ranch and tina becomes the third latin american country to legalize abortion after cuba and you're required.
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two the open athletics championships underway in berlin and glasgow on tuesday germany's hopes for the rest are accurate who overcame many aunts to represent a country discus through a cloud team vito was born shortly after parents arrived in germany from angola and sought asylum now after successfully jr korea canteen is rage a prove that she's europe's best. claudine vietor has medals in her sights she's already thrown her personal best this year sixty five point one five meters and now she heads into the qualifying round of the european championships in berlin ranked second this is her moment. i was in the stands at the two thousand and nine world championships in berlin as a fan now i can hardly wait to experience it all down on the field as an athlete at a nude. beach that was born in one thousand nine hundred six in frankfurt oda near
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the polish border have parents fled there from angola and spent many years in a home for asylum seekers they weren't easy times for the family but sports helps claudine to find her way in life and overcome plenty of obstacles including racial discrimination. it doesn't matter what skin color you have there's long as you stay true to your roots and your country and i'm so happy that i can represent germany at least championships. claudine v.t. was already a force to be reckoned with youth level she grabbed gold at the under twenty and junior european championships and that's despite her rivals towering over one meter seventy nine peter is a good ten centimeters shorter than the competition in the discus circle. i may be smaller than the others but i have very young moms which gives me a wide radius when i so i. will spend. my belief this morning you are the more
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nimble you are in the sack. and how to coach us could combine those former limpid gold medal winner and shot put make the perfect duel ahead of the competition they're using every opportunity to make minor improvements maybe that'll be enough to help clothing be to bring home a european championship medal gaddis will be with you shortly he has business news coming up for you to stay with the news. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they can start. africa
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. stories of both people in a different shaping their nation.


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