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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin police and bell are also arresting journalists is this the beginning of a media crackdown among those arrested as d.w. freelance correspondent ali of the coffee is apartments in the capital minsk to search for a number of hours w. has launched a protest with belarus isn't baster here in berlin also coming up. argentina's senate rejects a bill legalizing abortion it was a narrow vote on an issue that has deeply divided the nation. also in the show the
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high ranking turkish naval officer who's been branded a terrorist he was caught up in the purge following the attempted to two years ago now he's forced to live in exile and has talked exclusively with g.w. . and discord at the united nations agency for palestinian refugees staff in gaza going out on strike to protest budget cuts. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show we begin in belarus where police have arrested a number of journalists on suspicion of illegally accessing information from the country's state run news agency local rights groups are saying the arrests are part of a government drive to muzzle independent media among those detained as d.w. freelance correspondent because. his apartment in minsk was searched for two hours by police. has launched
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a protest with some bouncer in berlin demanding because he's a media release now these arrests followed the police search of a number of private news outlets reporters without borders told you that quote the raids and the confiscation of computers and other devices suggests that these arrests are political. correspondent emily sure once following the story for us emily the german government has also protested these arrests what's the latest on the correspondent because he and his colleagues well brian a lot is still unclear at this point what we do know is that several journalists were detained as you said in the past few days in belarus and all of them were from independent media outlets and one of them was w.'s. ski. russian service which he wrote for has been in touch with his wife and he was
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detained yesterday after giving a critical interview on an international radio station that broadcasts to route to bella reuss about those other journalists who were detained and at the moment it seems that he's in a kind of state of limbo because in in bella reuss the law stipulates that you can actually be arrested without an official charge for up to three days before a charge is then leveled at you and you're then put into pretrial detention so it seems that he's in in a kind of legal limbo and a lot is still unclear brian. the government in belarus saying anything else about the allegations against the journalists have been arrested. well in the case of because the author already actually gave no official reason for their arrest and. his wife told g w that authorities initially said when they came to search the apartment that they were actually just searching the
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address. that address as a whole that they weren't actually directing the searches at the journalist directly and initially because he was treated as a witness in this case rather than as a suspect in this case against journalists in belarus authorities did however say that it was connected to the arrest of other journalists and bella ruse and they are accused of on lawfully accessing information on the state news agency which essentially means they they're accused of not having a proper subscription to that news agency now because kim selfish said that he hasn't recently used that resource at all what is the state of press freedom in belarus today or are journalists able to go out and do their jobs without fear of retaliation without fear of arrest. well the short answer brian is no has been ruled by authority area and the leader. since
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one thousand nine hundred four he's been known or been called europe's last dictator and reporters without borders ranks press freedom in the country is really really low on their world press world press freedom and x. . rays one hundred fifty fifth out of one hundred eighty countries so really not a good rating and even though the. the author is invalid to say that this case has nothing to do with press freedom human rights activists disagree and because he's wife as well has said that this is a move against independent journalism in belarus and when shown the story in belarus from moscow for a story starts very much though. it's to argentina now where that country's senate has rejected a bill to legalize elective abortion lawmakers voted by a margin of thirty eight to thirty one against the measure after some fifteen hours
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of heated debate the bill would have legalized abortion up to the fourteenth week the prez pregnancy tens of thousands of people have been holding rallies backing both sides of the issue before the senate began its debate. we have some breaking news now out of indonesia powerful aftershock has shaken the province of lombok the magnitude six point two tremor is the third major quake to hit this province in a week it comes after officials said the death toll from sunday's massive quake had risen sharply authorities now say two hundred twenty seven people are known to have died tens of thousands of people are homeless. ok joining us now live from indonesia is journalist max wald and max we just heard about this new strong aftershock on the island of lombok what can you tell us about it. yes i just spoke with someone who is there on the ground he said that actually in
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much iran which is the capital city previously hadn't felt the sunday quite as badly said this one and they felt a lot more strongly which would suggest that damage is spread even further down the western coast. again be at the center was in the north of the island all of the heavily damaged areas would have been hard to teach yet again of course this is extremely devastating for the estimated one hundred g.c.c. doutzen people who are already sleeping rough in makeshift camps across the island ok what is this going to mean for the efforts now underway to reach any possible survivors from from sunday's quake how is this going to affect that. i mean already i've heard it said. that for the damage has been done. to teach all the sting rubble and people should have. already
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traumatized from sunday. running out of building go all. out of the camps of course they definitely complicate things even as was mentioned in the. major above magnitude six earthquake in the last ten days however there have actually been a number of small earthquakes as well. really terrible situation minimum block national not bringing us up to date thank you very much for that max. thank you. well it's just two years now since a to him the deposing turkish president tired to one failed as a result turkey purged its military of thousands of officers alleged to have taken part in that two turkish military officers working at nato headquarters in brussels or recalled to ankara for questioning some of them were accused of terrorism and
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arrested on the spot many remain behind bars in this exclusive report teri schultz needs a turkish officer who was caught up in the perch. peaceful days with his family are something former turkish naval officer joe for talk show wasn't sure he'd ever happen again after president recha tie a pair to one accused of the then lieutenant commander and most other officers stationed at nato of supporting the two thousand and sixteen coup top korea was imprisoned but escaped several months ago and returned to brussels where he tried to stay under the turkish government's radar until now. to talk on behalf of me. for those who can't meet the press through the journalists who can't meet their lawyers you know that they are in prison. they can't prove their innocence. took
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a as ordeal began three months after the coup when he was lured from brussels back to under the guise of an urgent meeting instead his former turkish military colleagues had him arrested and thrown into jail for more than sixteen months turning him overnight from a high ranking international diplomat with nato's top security clearance to a so-called terrorist one of almost two hundred thousand people swept up in the massive purges ordered by air to one after the coup attempt top player was accused of being a follower of exiled islamist leader for to the glenn who heir to one blames for instigating the coup he was also charged with insulting air to one on twitter the officer says the claims are absurd that he has no religious or political ties and never had a twitter account at that point a prosecutor even brought up his nato appointment as an allegation against him being pro less than pro me too is a big crime in turkey you know. he fled while on a temporary release from prison and awaiting trial tokyo says he witnessed terrible
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things while being held extreme physical and mental torture of people he's convinced did nothing wrong. now top korea does have a twitter account and he's using it to share these stories sparking a backlash from the government controlled media in turkey which call him a traitor i feel relieved with each to me and i know. the bad guys are afraid of it takei as family supports his risky decision even after everything they suffered his wife misquoted is nervous about telling their story but agrees it's the right thing to do other purged nato officers however feel they must stay in the shadows as threats from ancora continue one of them tells me in a written statement he fears turkish intelligence will snatch to shut him up. everywhere they try to find
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a live report on what we do and if they get orders they carry them out talk is giving way to fear emboldens the autocrats what use them courage is innocent people. being frightened or afraid so we are in the front we are on the right side we should be more current with the belgian government supports him on the same day you spoke with he received word that belgium has granted him refugee status protection from the government he thought he would serve all his life. let's find out more about the story now with dorian jones who joins us from istanbul dorian we just heard there are some very disturbing fears from top and his family that he could be snatched up even in belgium where he's living by turkish security agents is that a possibility. well i think the serving has good reason to be
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concerned it does appear to be this systematic international campaign to bring back . a little girl and back to turkey for justice that is how present since they say that followers of glendora a terrorist organization that has a vast network over seas and it was responsible for the failed coup in twenty sixteen which over two hundred fifty people died in and in fact they are parallels with the al qaida network pointing out the united states use rendition to bring people back to the to justice as the u.s. would call it and they say the situation is little different they say that they are working with authorities in many cases to bring people back but there have certainly been cases in kosovo where six people were spirited away back to turkey also in ukraine as a bodyguard and also last month was a big scandal in mongolia where a plane was grounded because of allegations that there was a turkish syrian citizen who had been kidnapped and was about to be returned back
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to turkey now to deny this but on touted leave there is this international campaign to work to bring back people to turkey. the good and the door in thanks so much for bringing us up to date on this aspect of the story from istanbul today. the gaza health ministry says that israeli airstrikes have killed a pregnant woman and her young daughter in the gaza strip one hamas fighter was also killed in those strikes is really our army launched the attacks after hamas militants fired more than one hundred fifty rockets into israel injuring at least three israelis the security situation in the region has been tense since march as some palestinians began staging their weekly protests along the gaza israel border israel israel has warned hamas against any further escalation. well this exchange of fire in gaza comes of the time when it is increasingly difficult for gazans to live their daily. lives along with israel's embargo u.s.
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president trump has slashed american funding for the united nations agency responsible for some five million palestinian refugees there he questioned its value after the state department said the agency known as needed deep reforms our reporter tanya kramer went to gaza where some agency employees have gone out on strike. a sit in congress headquarters in gaza city a few employees have even started a hunger strike all of them fear for their jobs among them as psychologists so who are shot she will have to work part time for the next six months and they did little have a shot at frank's throwing us out in the street i'm thirty eight years old my husband doesn't work i have full kicks i don't have any other source of income that way should i apply for a new job i want to get them back most of the anger is directed at the agency one hundred and thirteen people will lose their jobs with unemployment at more than forty percent in gaza work with the agency had been highly sought after the funding
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crisis is starting to bite after the u.s. slashed its support for on road back in january there is a ninety million dollars shortfall in its emergency fund which supports food distribution mental health and cash for work programs we're trying the best we can to prioritize the food distribution and that means we have to borrow some money and do less of the other two programs a number of our staff staff roughly a thousand staff are affected by this some of them will continue full time their job some of them will have to move to part time so that we can fit into the budget the food distribution and how must control gaza the crisis over the agency which provides services normally supplied by state comes amid attempts political situation a ceasefire between hamas and israel remains elusive. people here are very that the cuts in u.s. funding are only the beginning of
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a wider come pain to take the refugee issue off the agenda israel and the you as accuse the un organization of the pet trading the refugee problem but people here say that without the little support they get the situation would be even worse. at the distribution center at the refugee camp people come for their basic i. with the gaza strip suit off by israel and egypt over eighty percent of the population are dependent on aid one way or in the other. every three months even mohamed in the picks up his family's ration of oil lentils floor and other items he's a tailor but hardly finds work is a little all agency has reduced its own stuff so what will happen to people like me if i cut even slightly it will hurt. today i'm getting seven backs but if they cut it by heart the quantity will not be enough. to have it enough the food.
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like for him and his fellow two million gazans remains deeply uncertain. we are some sports now that the european athletics championships host nation germany has won its first gold medal of the games our tour came first in the men's the castle on a berlin's olympic stadium finally giving the home fans something to celebrate on day three of the proceedings and at the european swimming championships in glaus go two of the world's best continue their dominance in the pool sweden sarah shows from retain her european title in the women's one hundred meter freestyle she's held the european crown in that event since two thousand and twelve and in the men's fifty meter breaststroke britain's adam paid he also retained his title as his third gold medal of the championships. why are some major football fans for
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news now premier league club chelsea have signed the goalkeeper or is a blogger believing a letter for eighty million euros that makes the twenty three year old the most expensive goalkeeper in the history of the sport couple will replace the bow courtois who's joining real madrid made fifty three appearances and spain's leader for bowe bergdahl is signed a seven year contract with us. here now in germany is introducing some tough new penalties to protect key industries that's right and the target is very clear it's china for several years beijing has been on a mission to buy foreign companies that fit its made in china twenty twenty five strategy mostly market leaders in ten different key industries sectors like robotics or pharmaceuticals that the strategy involves takeovers of foreign companies and countries such as germany and the u.s. now see then just real advantages risk starting to fight china's massive buyout
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strategy with ever stricter regulation. it's a move china won't like germany's government wants broader veto powers when investors from outside europe by into local companies starting at fifteen percent stakes instead of the current twenty five. the new regulations come after berlin effectively blocked a chinese company from buying a twenty percent share in electricity grid operator fifty the. chinese trade representatives claim they're being singled out. however the sudden surge in chinese purchases is striking. while the volume of chinese transactions in germany was comparable to low in the years before twenty sixteen it's accelerated quickly since then. a sudden surge to twelve point six billion dollars in twenty sixteen was followed by a new peak of thirteen point seven billion dollars in twenty seventeen. and it's not only the size of the investments that are ringing alarm bells in berlin. many
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of them are focused on certain sectors. those ten key industrial sectors president z. wants china to become world leader in. the acquisition of robot manufacture a cooker for four and a half billion euros last year falls into that category. this year lee shoe food c.e.o. of chinese car maker is easily acquired ten percent in germany's dima now germany is slamming on the brakes by planning tighter scrutiny of foreign investments but german industry representatives fear the government stricter controls could deter chinese investors and that's not necessarily good news after all investors also provide capital and create jobs. well is this move scaring away investors let's bring in mark was told he's the chair of east asian economic studies at the university of duisburg s. and joins us now. is berlin writes to be worried of course i mean we
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see a surge of china in chinese investments and these are really targeting key technology sectors in germany and are endangering the control over certain infrastructure and elements in germany and as we see these deals are usually not just market driven but there is government in in the background and therefore it's important that germany is also taking this this met a perspective and taking a stronger regulator e. . grip on that but if we look at the business relationship between china and germany wouldn't be doing see this as an unfriendly act. no i think beijing is so professional they know what's going on they know we are in an institutional competition here china wants to expand its influence on the global institutional setting and they know that germany europe and america are trying to
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defend their own systems so we are here in a competition between ordering systems and this is just one struggle in this all war systemic you say there's a struggle you see a clear political spread of the strategy behind the these takeovers where you you see china is a very peculiar associate the nomic system it's a cohesive collusive system between the party officials government and the owner pers stand actually following the same goals so central government of the party doesn't have to control these companies they don't have to use plans because these entrepreneurs are following the same goals so for example the takeover of kuka made a lot of sense in terms of a business strategies at the same time it was promoting the chinese twenty twenty five plan so it's a mixture between these two things isn't this also about difficult investment
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conditions for german companies in china is germany effectively saying if you don't let our companies in we make it difficult for you here. of course it's a little bit like that we have seen that china for forty years has been filtering for a wrecked investment into the country so the chinese government has all raised taking care that only doe's investors sectors have been coming to china that when needed at a certain point in time and that they were handing over technological competencies that they were introducing their business models etc etc so china has been using very very smartly dressed and companies expertise in order to catch up to develop till an economy. market stall the chair of east asian economic studies at the university of duisburg and thank you very much for this inside. businesses go up and down and sometimes whole sectors die in no way one industry
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definitely seems to be on its way out and that's tobacco smoke and numbers in no way have hit a historic low especially as younger consumers are priced out of the cigarette market. these drawers are well stocked and they will stay that way the product they're holding isn't very popular young people used to come in here for cigarettes they don't anymore. previously there were a few but now i don't really know anyone who smokes it's become uncool. i don't want to do it it's like people look down on people who smoke. and sadly it seems the government's anti-smoking efforts have paid off in no way cigarettes cost thirteen year olds for a pack the third highest price worldwide after australia and new zealand and tobacco companies aren't allowed to advertise or even show their logo on their packs some companies have sued to no avail.
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you don't want to be in the clutches of an industry that tries to keep pushing cigarettes. in many us circles that is now completely unthinkable for one's friends and school buddies to smoke so i can't rule out we will go for zero percent. no more smoking in norway it's the consumer's joyce after all. that's a good trend for many governors across europe brown is the new green in the heat wave that is currently sweeping across the globe most of given up watering that grass dutch entrepreneur has come up with a clever idea he sprays the dry grass with a green liquid that way and appear like they would in a minute. the color lost between five and seven weeks it also contains a fertilizer but the grass read grow once the intense summer heat finally comes to
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an end. that's faking it and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here to valorous has arrested several journalists among them t w correspondent because w. has lodged a protest with the ambassador brother was in berlin local rights groups say the arrests are part of a government crackdown on independent media. gazan tinian senate has rejected a bill to legalize elective abortions the margin was thirty eight to thirty one and followed some fifteen hours of heated debate the bill would have legalized abortion up to the fourteenth week of pregnancy. as it you have today if you watch a bit of your news more news coming out the top of the hour thanks for joining us from.
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