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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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play. the lead player. play. area. this is news live from berlin strong condemnation after a deadly coalition air strike in northern yemen at least twenty nine children are killed when the bus that they are traveling in is in rebel held. the saudi led coalition says it was targeting a missile launcher and. also coming up argentina's senate votes against legalizing abortion after
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a fifteen hour debate sounds true at the news others launch angry protests in a country already deeply divided over the right to terminate a pregnancy and israel launches deadly air strikes against gaza repulsed indians are killed including a pregnant woman and a child israel says it was in retaliation for rockets and mortars fired from gaza. and zimbabwe's veteran opposition leader tendai biti appears in court after his plea for asylum in zambia interjected because he faces charges of inciting public violence following zimbabwe's disputed election. plus keeping track of government transparency we will hear from an anti corruption start up in the jury finding to ensure public money ends up where it is supposed to be. played. i'm sara kelly welcome to the
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program aid workers say that dozens have been killed or wounded after airstrikes in rebel held northern yemen most of the victims were children traveling in a bus through a crowded market in saddam province the saudi led coalition that launched the attack said that the strikes target to truthy rebel positions and book quote a big hit military action but the coalition has repeatedly faced widespread international criticism for causing civilian deaths. and we have more now from yemen we are joined by missions from oxfam is the country director he's based there in yemen in sanaa and we thank you so much for joining us this evening because you just saw those dramatic images coming in from this attack today what more do we know. why this is a. sock on a school. up in the crowded market.
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many people including children they. strongly condemns the talk and any. where there is. even a strike is unacceptable we do want all the competent person is to respect to the international humanitarian law to put in the civilians you mentioned that it was children today who bore the brunt of this attack i mean they were on a bus to understand in transit from from a summer camp what more do we know about them. well these are children going to. school the school and most of them are even under ten and it happened in the northern part of yemen state called.
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and when they were coming. by this market and these things happen. it seems that all parties are not respecting international law as you have requested time and time again in the wake of bombings such as these and he just did it as a few minutes ago what is your message to the parties today. the main message is lou want an immediate cease fire to stop the war and we want an ours in the security council a member states to put all the pressure on the conflict in bonn to use to the stalled talk on civilians have immediate cease fire and go back to the peace talks outlined by the u.n. a special envoy and civilians last people to get under international human general protecting civilians from the violence providing aid clearly a challenge under the current environment especially with the country on the brink of famine as well tell us more about the challenges that you're facing right now in
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your work. well after this recent heard that prices and then the last to get on this i thought definitely the international humanitarian community has a really concern here how about we try as much as possible to preposition items to deliver aid to the effort to populations but sometimes we are constrained by the input have been imposed by the includes here there are security and even at this constrains and definitely this kind of attack and even here we really really want all the parties to provide the humanitarian aid workers say passes to deliver aid to the people affected sometimes and bringing items from outside is also very challenging and time congenitally. mission said in sanaa joining us from oxfam thank you so much argentina's senate has rejected the bill to legalize abortion by
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a margin of thirty eight to thirty one the bill would have been would have allowed abortion excuse me up to the fourteenth week of pregnancy the issue has proved deeply divisive in argentina it is the homeland of pope francis and the roman catholic church campaigned strongly against the proposed law. the marathon session in the argentinean senate ended shortly before three am as the news broke opponents of the bill erupted in celebration abortion remains essentially illegal yet we came from the country and we're here to protect the rights of the unborn child i thank god and the senate has. voted. prior to the decision thousands of pro-choice demonstrators had gathered outside the senate building and the cold and rain the majority of them came here to protest that abortions must be regulated by find any alternative just too unbearable. that i have both there in the senate they're the ones responsible for all those
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women who have died during an illegal abortion they are murderers. a slim majority of argentinian senators eventually rejected the bill that would have legalized abortion. the decision came after heavy pressure from the argentinian catholic church which lobbied hard against the bill. however recent polls suggest that most arjan times back legalizing abortion the votes left many frustrated and disappointed the dings of violent protests in some areas. and more on this now we are joined by lucy he she is a journalist in way no site is welcome to you tell us a little bit more about the reaction there so the senate because i mean we just saw violence scenes there on the streets of buenos what's the mood. that's right it was a very long day yesterday the debate started at nine thirty am people were lining up in the last hour of the congress the midnight before and after fifteen hours of
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debate the vote finally took place at around three am and even though it was widely expected that the bill wasn't going to pass their reaction of course from everyone that was still there out there on the streets was very emotional people were crying hugging on the side on the blue side of the lines which is the pro-life side people were throwing fireworks and unfortunately some of these emotions turned into violent demonstrations mainly from the poor pro-abortion side of the line demonstrators were throwing out stones and bottles and some police reacted with tear gas according to local media outlets there are seven men and one woman that have been detained because of this violence but it's important to point out that compared to the scale of the demonstrations we think that there's there were about one million people that came up to the streets yesterday the violence was a very small part of of what happened yesterday as drug response months over all
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the demonstrations have been very peaceful and that's also an important takeaway from yesterday's debate so tell us now practically speaking we'd like to know the implications going forward for women who still want to go ahead with abortions what options do they have. well that hasn't changed much since yesterday a woman wonder goal abortions in argentina under the law can be jailed for up to forty years but this by every year the it's estimated there are half a million women that under well and the legal abortions in the country so the options haven't changed much it is widely known that private hospitals in our indian up practice abortion too but the woman that go to those hospitals and are able to afford the screening men's or women's usually in the middle upper class but then the women that can't afford that financially are the ones that usually soft suffer the most complications have to go through clandestine clinics or unsafe
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abortion conditions those are the women who are according to the latest data we have there have been about forty seven thousand women who are hospitalized for complications in the last year i am misty also calculates that there have been three thousand women that have died over the last twenty five years as a result of unsafe abortion so they're their options haven't changed. some people think. it's odd that some of book i go to europe got we're wired to pursue abortion because the abortion is legal there seems to thousand and twelve but again there woman that can't even afford to pay for treatment in a private hospital here in argentina are very unlikely to be able to afford to go get an abortion in your right either lucy he went inside ace thank you so much. let's get more now on this issue i'm joined here in the studio by very own martin
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jackie is our ethics correspondent is also from argentina welcome to you martin we know the country is very divided i mean we saw it there with those illustrations why do you think there is this big divide i mean is this a question of religion a question of ethics a question of politics i think there are many many parts to this bus one of the most certainly is religion and it's not just a couple of churches have been jellicoe churches that have been a lot of to retore a lot of to rain throughout latin america over the last couple of years that put a lot of pressure into the political system but at the very same time i think that argentina has a very conflicted story with pregnancy yes and they do you need in the lift if you will find women on the left that actually opposed abortion opposed the bill part of this has to do with the fact that many women had disappeared during the military government break and many of these disappeared breaking cease reappeared into the national scene and became very prominent figures in politics etc for their region in mindset i think generally it's quite difficult to simply think of
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a pregnancy yes something that is pure this both of the mother of the mother which goes to say that the baby became a lot more textured a lot more complex and a lot broader conservative and progressively some do clearly play a role but not the only ones and it's interesting because we know that the catholic church for example very active in campaigning for it the opposition to the legalization of abortion but you know our report suggests that the majority of argentineans support it indeed how do you square that well you know in some sense i mean process of political delegation i mean senator not really just there to voice exactly what he said the people want i mean sometimes they're also a chick on what the general population want and of course a country that has a very strong religious but krown takes these figures senators and representatives and executive to also be. the voice of the moral of the moral intuition of the country even beyond what people want that being said is quite clear that there is
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a disconnect but the disconnect i think it's actually a very fertile these connect because the matter of fact this is an issue that now has been put squarely in the middle of the political discussion in itself a very good thing where do you see that debate going from here i think that this will become an important part of next year presidential election process and very likely it's the progressive voters which have had sort of you know pro gay rights broad trends sexual rights intuitions that had been captured by the current government that is center right that are going to start broglie moving back towards the lift this is the big political danger the discover man faces correspondent martin jack thank you so much my pleasure. just a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world a powerful aftershock has struck the indonesian province of lombok the six point two magnitude tremor is the strongest of hundreds of aftershocks that have hit the area since the deadly quake on sunday officials say that the death toll from
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sunday's quake has now risen to two hundred fifty nine tens of thousands remain homeless. the united states aims to create a new space force by twenty twenty it would form the six branch of the armed services vice president mike pence said that the force was needed to ensure america's dominance in space and that heightened competition and threats from china and russia the plan still requires the agreement of congress and the budget. moscow says that it is considering how to retaliate against fresh sanctions from washington the u.s. state department announced the punitive measures in connection with the poisoning of former double agent sergei scribal and his daughter yulia in britain the u.s. and the u.k. say that russia was responsible which the kremlin denies. authorities in belarus have arrested a number of journalists on suspicion of illegally accessing information from the country's state run news agency among those detained is paul you a kosky
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a correspondent for russia's service his apartment in minsk was searched for two hours by police has lodged a protest with the ambassador of bella ruse in berlin his arrest followed police raids on some of the country's largest independent media outlets local rights groups say that the detentions are part of a government drive to muzzle the press we're joined now by may have who is an editor at the russia service he's been following the story for us welcome to you and i'd just like to ask you because. the russian authorities they have not spelled out why our colleague and several other journalists were taken into custody so what more can you tell us what do you gather from the situation. well starr they actually did the starting point was the fact that someone must have illegally read news from the paid segment of a state news agency and this was the starting point of the crackdown more than ten journalists now from five different belorussian media outlets have been either
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questioned surged or detained or all together in the recent three days and stealing these news doesn't make any sense we're told this is what the journalist in minsk was talking to told me they say the pay will only last fifteen minutes and then the complete news feeds are valuable for everyone but the investigators came yesterday to our man paul luko pottle bykofsky his wife later told us that they took all gadgets they only couldn't even from their daughter so today the crackdown continued the chief editor of one of the russian outlets bell upon was detained altogether six persons are now in custody ok so i think it's fair to say that this was basically a sweep here of all of these journalists what do you make of the timing why now. nobody really knows why but there might be some good explanation if this wave of detentions doesn't make sense from criminal point of view because it may be just
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you know you know normal fee it makes a lot of sense from a political point of view because next year there might be prescheduled presidential elections and look he's obviously preparing for them now he already ordered that all the media in belarus that somehow get financial backing from the state now have by law to keep book to pick up topics given by the state so and by organizing the crackdown the calculation might be that the independent journalist will be made b.d. and as long as these cases open well we thank you so much for joining us to tell us about the situation there in belarus and also to remind everyone you know our colleague is currently in detention there have and we know that you worked with him you know him personally so we thank you so much for joining us to tell us a little bit more. germany is making it more difficult for foreign investors to snap up domestic companies and kristof joins us with that story sara that's right with one target in particular that target is china for years beijing has been on
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a mission to buy companies that fit its strategy to develop into any even bigger economic powerhouse mostly market leaders in ten different key industry sectors like robotics or pharmaceuticals that strategy involves takeovers of foreign companies countries such as germany and the u.s. now see their industrial advantages at risk and are tightening regulation it's a move china won't like germany's government once brought a veto powers when investors from outside europe buy into local companies starting at fifteen percent stakes instead of the current twenty five. the new regulations come after berlin effectively blocked a chinese company from buying a twenty percent share in electricity grid operator fifty hertz chinese trade representatives claim they're being singled out however the sudden surge in chinese purchases is striking while the volume of chinese transactions in germany
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was comparable to low in the years before twenty sixteen it's accelerated quickly since then a sudden surge to twelve point six billion dollars in twenty sixteen was followed by a new peak of thirteen point seven billion dollars in twenty seventeen. and it's not only the size of the investments that are ringing alarm bells in berlin. many of them are focused on certain sectors. those ten key industrial sectors presidency wants china to become world leader in. the acquisition of robot manufacture a cougar for four and a half billion euros last year falls into that category. and this year lease to food c.e.o. of chinese carmakers easily acquired ten percent in germany's diamond. now germany is slamming on the brakes by planning tighter scrutiny of foreign investments but german industry representatives fear the government stricter controls could deter chinese investors and that's not necessarily good news after all investors also
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provide capital and create jobs german pharmaceuticals maker for seniors kabhie is suing to stop a planned execution in the u.s. state of nebraska it says the state illegally acquired two of its drugs for what would be nebraska's first ever lethal injection state plans to use an untested luthor cocktail for drugs to kill a convicted murderer the company says its reputation would be damaged if its products were used for capital punishment a similar lawsuit last month temporarily halted an execution in nevada so let's get the view from frankfurt on this with conrad bosun standing by conor at a company suing to stop an execution because the drugs are said to have been acquired illegally what do traders make of the story today. well craziness is right this is very bad for the reputation of the company investors don't like it when the company they invest in gets involved in an ethical
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business and they don't like it when the company gets involved in conflicts legal conflicts in the united states the share price of casinos and the day down about about two percent today in terms of the outcome of this legal case well there's little hope here on the trading floors that because insurers will be able to convince the judge in the us despite the fact that the company has tried to control the distribution of its medications in the u.s. with contracts explicitly for bidding the use for the death penalty. but you know obviously the state of nebraska has the opinion that its law is above those contracts and imagine a court in the united states where the point of view of an american state is being discussed in contrary to the point of view of a german company it's likely that the american position will prevail and comment
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briefly in a few cases pharma companies did manage to get more control over whether their products were used in executions or not what's the difference here. well in those cases the medications were very specific the companies involved in those cases found it much easier to control their distribution in the case of those medications of craziness of muscle relax and and a chemical that can stop the heart function. they are widely used in the u.s. in many clinics and the state of nebraska can get them quite easily contribution in frankfurt thank you as president put further terrorists against you companies on hold in return to block agreed to buy more soybeans and liquefied natural gas from the united states now the e.u. says it is delivering on that promise. the timing could not be more strategic eleven days ahead of trade talks with washington the e.u.
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released data on the blocks liquefied natural gas imports from the u.s. since the first shipment to the e.u. in april two thousand and sixteen you encourage your liquefied gas from look right natural gas from the united states have today already reached two point eight billion cubic meters and the sheriff u.s. exports to the european union doubled from five to ten percent in two thousand and sixteen two thousand and seventeen that may be music to us president trumps ears at least that's what brussels hopes the block is trying to show that tariff free trade is good for american products but while the actual amount of l.n.g. exported by the us to the e.u. has been rising this year as a percentage has actually fallen the e.u. market is less significant than the asian one so far europe has only received two point seven percent of u.s. ellen g. exports this year that is significantly lower than its total share for twenty seventeen and twenty sixteen. still do you trade negotiators will be doing all they
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can to make the case for free trade to be our american counterparts later this month and l.n.g. purchases could help sweeten the deal. that's all your business for now turning to gaza where the fighting continues but just arraf thank you so much christophe we're going to have bare indeed because the u.n. is mideast envoy says that he is deeply alarmed about the latest escalation of hostilities in the gaza strip between israel and hamas three palestinians died in an exchange of hundreds of mortars and airstrikes overnight over a dozen more have reportedly been injured in israeli airstrikes today despite international attempts to mediate the funerals for two of the victims of pregnant woman and her one year old daughter was killed in gaza this afternoon authorities say that a hamas fighter was also killed the u.n. envoy warned of devastating consequences if the current situation is not contained . well the exchange of fire in gaza comes at
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a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult for gazans to live their daily lives that's in part due to cuts in u.s. funding for the united nations agency responsible for some five million palestinian refugees us president donald trump has questioned its value after the state department said that the agency known as the un are away needs reforms. were reports from gaza. a sit in congress headquarters in gaza city a few employees have even started a hunger strike all of them fear for their jobs among them the psychologists who who are shot she will have to work part time for the next six months and they did the going to shut it like throwing us out in the street i'm thirty eight years old my husband doesn't work i have full clinics we don't have any other source of in a town or where should i apply for a new job i want to get them back most of the anger is directed at the agency a hundred and thirteen people will lose their jobs with unemployment at more than
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forty percent in gaza work with the agency had been highly sought after the funding crisis is starting to bite after the u.s. slashed its support for on route back in january there is a ninety million dollars shortfall in its emergency fund which supports food distribution mental health and cash for work programs we're trying the best we can to prioritize the food distribution and that means we have to borrow some money and do less of the other two programs a number of our staff staff roughly a thousand staff are affected by this some of them will continue full time their job some of them will have to move to part time so that we can fit into the budget the food distribution and how must control gallons of the crisis over the agency which provides services normally supplied by state comes amid attempts political situation a ceasefire between hamas and israel remains elusive people here are very that the cuts in u.s. funding are only the beginning of
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a wider come paying to take the refugee issue off the agenda israel and the us accuse the un organization of the pet rating the refugee problem but people here say that without the little support they get the situation would be even worse. at the distribution center at the refugee camp people come for their basic items. with the gaza strip seared off by israel and egypt over eighty percent of the population are dependent on aid one way or another. every three months or even mohamed in the picks up his family's ration of oil lentils floor and other items he's a tailor but hardly finds work there was a little agency has reduced its own stuff so what will happen to people like me if i cut even slightly it will hurt. today i'm getting seven backs but if they cut it by half the quantity will not be enough. it will never be enough the food.
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like for him and his fellow two million gazans remains deeply uncertain. g.w. news still to come on the program as a new multimedia exhibition celebrates the decade that cemented parklands name as europe's clubbing capital we've all asked if that's status still stands. right back . he. just couldn't get this song out of his. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating south. africa was. by their culture. the prize winning documentary song from the forest.
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from people make fun about their own social economic and political problems. in mozambique the state that you have to ask so you don't write it's how people call me big data. as a journalist i often feel compelled to stop this. and bad for my fellow countrymen i like to start my day by checking all the oldest jokes finding out what people are talking about what is moving them. my father taught me how to ask and confront the book questions about my country and about. that is why i keep doing to state my name is now the school and i work at the. place reputation. arsonist.
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tarrant's. the roman emperor nero. did he just get bad press. remount historians are reexamining this case rethinking the road as history been unfair to the infamous him her starts august fourteenth on d w . play. business news live from berlin i'm sorry kelly our top stories are these twenty nine children have been killed and many more wounded by a coalition air strike in rebel held more of them having to strike at a bus reportedly taking children on a field trip the saudi led coalition said that it had been targeting the rebels and the argentinean senate has rejected a bill to legalize abortion thousands of anti-abortion activists cheered the news outside the congress in buenos sightings but others launched angry protests. a
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senior opposition figure has been charged after his bid to flee to neighboring zambia failed the case is stoking fears of a government crackdown on political opponents after the country's disputed election tendai biti is accused of inciting public violence and publicizing unofficial or fake presidential election results. he was granted bail but must surrender his passport and report to police the un has expressed its grave concern that zambia has been forcibly has forcibly returned to base in defiance of a court order there. and for more on this let's bring in privilege was fun here he who is in a zimbabwean capital harare welcome to you so yesterday you and i spoke we talked about this tops and bubbly and opposition figure fleeing the country today he was deported back and put in front of a judge so tell us
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a little bit more about the developments in the charges yes he was formally charged. today in court in my district court the charges that he is facing. inciting public violence related to the fist of. violence that happens in. well as you can see there were having some technical difficulties we were speaking with our correspondent there in harare and hearing we'll try and reestablish connection perhaps a little bit later in the program but in the meantime we're going to move on now because transparency international rankings show that nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries in the world last year it ranked one hundred forty eight out of one hundred eighty countries one organization is trying to change that it is called
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track up and it uses data from the public budget to fight corruption in nigeria's public spaces like in schools in lagos. i am told before today and soon as they prepare to graduate from primary school thousands of children have passed through st paul since it first opened its doors more than sixty years ago. many of the school buildings have become deal happy dating for time foreseen overcrowding as many as sixty five peoples now have to pack themselves into a classroom originally designed for twenty five and a new school year is about to be game. rule many. people are children. two years ago the renovation of this block of classrooms was listed in the national budget for twenty four thousand euros contractors started the work but it didn't last long
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this project was suddenly stopped by the government and even the materials used in the question like this grand night where i abandoned most of which have been stolen by community hoodlums several months later and they still no sign of progress with the help of the local n.g.o.s d'etat is searching for answers just tell our works for civil organization that money says government projects like this one across the country i want to last says he scored and sent a letter asking the government officials responsible for the project but is yet to get any substantial response we also reached out to these officials but none of them are free to speak to us. all the every world in this accountable. is all about control to all this people sometimes on this almost talk to us
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about it of course i'm hoping with the support from the community that it's going to get fixed just last says one of the main challenges of his job is that the government officials hardly respond to his better sions and even walking with the people is sometimes difficult. aronsen our system you and your people ok with. what those who say to me interested in these would. go through time with time to corridor and while the students celebrate their graduation a fall to that same post can only hope the classrooms are ready for the new ones who starts in september. turning to a story from inside the turkish perjures that a former naval officer now branded a terrorist he was among the thousands of military personnel put in jail for
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allegedly taking part in a failed coup in turkey two years ago he's now fled to turkey and has been given refugee status in belgium w.'s teri schultz spoke with him in brussels. peaceful days with his family or something former turkish naval officer just talk wasn't sure he'd ever happen again after president there to want to cues to the then lieutenant commander and most other officer stationed at nato of supporting the two thousand and sixteen coup top korea was imprisoned but escaped several months ago and returned to brussels where he tried to stay under the turkish government's radar until now either side the pope on behalf of me. for those who can't meet the press will come to the journalists who can't meet their lawyers you know that they are in prison and they can't prove their innocence i have to be helpful took a as ordeal began three months after the coup when he was lured from brussels back
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to under the guise of an urgent meeting instead his former turkish military colleagues had him arrested and thrown into jail for more than sixteen months turning him overnight from a high ranking international diplomat with nato top security clearance to a so-called terrorist one of almost two hundred thousand people swept up in the massive purges ordered by air to one after the coup attempt top player was accused of being a follower of exiled islamist leader to the glenn who heir to one blames for instigating the coup he was also charged with insulting air to one on twitter the officer says the claims are absurd that he has no religious or political ties and never had a twitter account at that point a prosecutor even brought up his nato appointment as an allegation against him being pro less than pro nato is a big crime in turkey you know. he fled while on a temporary release from prison and awaiting trial tokyo says he witnessed terrible
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things while being held extreme physical and mental torture of people he's convinced did nothing wrong now. it does have a twitter account and he's using it to share these stories sparking a backlash from the government controlled media in turkey which call him a traitor i feel relieved with each to me and i know. the bad guys are afraid of it takei as family supports his risky decision even after everything they suffered his wife miscued is nervous about telling their story but agrees it's the right thing to do other purged nato officers however feel they must stay in the shadows as threats from continue one of them tells me in a written statement he fears turkish intelligence will snatch to shut him up. long arm is everywhere they try to find or be
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a live report on what we do and if they get orders they carry them out talk says giving way to fear emboldens the autocrats what use them corage is innocent people. being frightened or afraid so we are in the front we are on the right side we should be more cards with the belgian government supports him on the same day you spoke with he received word that belgium has granted him refugee status protection from the government he thought he would serve all his life in the. protests against u.s. president donald trump have been almost weekly occurrence in the united states since the controversial president was elected some twenty months ago now and unlikely group has taken their protest to the rove let's get more on that elizabeth show is standing by on our social media desk so an anti trump road trip who's
8:40 pm
behind this. well the people behind this are called grannies respond that's the name of a group of grandmothers who are protesting against policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the u.s. mexican border so this is what these grandmothers are doing they started their road trip to different cities across the u.s. they got on buses there and then they all a drove to mek alan in texas this is where one of the biggest immigration facilities in the u.s. is a located and when they were on their way there they actually stopped in different cities to pick up more protesters and also to rally as you can see here in new orleans for example also with a lot of music there are also men joining in also some young folks who said ok we
8:41 pm
want to be part of this protest here is a video that was taken houston texas also people holding up signs saying that they want that policy and to and now when they all get to mecca allen texas they had twenty four hours of a protest action so they held a vigil there overnight so they were doing different volunteer activities and we actually talked to one of the participants her name is refuse coeur she told us why she wanted to be part of the smoove meant. children have been tortured by such measures separating them from their parents children can't even sleep at night without seeing their mother or their father and here we are taking them into a strange place with strange people not knowing the language and certainly not knowing anyone except the people that they're with and to separate them is just
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that ugly. history raising its head again and i have the opportunity to actually go and do something and i just did it and she also told us that she believes that they are making a difference and she says that this is only the beginning how has their protest been received last well actually very positively so they're getting a lot of media coverage of people are joining them although they are not grandmothers themselves as you saw in the videos early and also of course they're getting a lot of praise on the social media here is vincent for example he's from chicago he says much love to the grannies on the bus they are a true blessing and the modern day saints here's hoping of the protestant arms is a huge success in keeping those a families together now the group had also asked for donations they needed seventeen thousand dollars to fund their trip but to
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mecca al in texas and as you can see there they were collecting money online and they actually received ten thousand dollars more than they had asked for a so right now they're done with all their protest action in texas and they're traveling back to their hometowns but they say that they will continue spreading their message on social media elizabeth show on our social media desk thank you so much. well now we're going to have to venezuela a country that over fifty years ago was one of the first to wipe out malaria today experts say that malaria is back on the rise at an alarming rate that coupled with other diseases and mounting tertian are having venezuela's amazonian states and with it many of the indigenous peoples that live there to the reports now from the states main port au. already noko river has flooded. but while some locals fish from the river others in the city of
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puerto are you could chill in venezuela's amazon a state are having trouble getting enough food. dr elvis works at the main hospital in a muscle mass areas where patients are supposed to be treated are contaminated and there are few supplies these facilities are supposed to accommodate indigenous populations from remote communities but now they're empty more than fifty children died of malnutrition here in the last few months in the midst of a national nursing strike. the hospital is no longer safe for indigenous people. there were even more fatalities that were not reported may be out of fear of the world health organization. that we're going to see on the law but it's good that this situation has now been publicized world why and i only read.
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the chief of the pm poco ethnic minority has called a town meeting dr has met with an indigenous organization to treat the local children and deliver medicine. the number of children dying of malnutrition has increased in rural areas where malaria and measles outbreaks have recurred. one boy from the piano ethnic group was hospitalized until a few days ago until his grandparents took him home octavio castro is the chief of . where malaria is widespread. more than half the community works in illegal mining operations they've neglected traditional agriculture. but we're trying to plan something for the sake of the children. while there are problems because shannon's cannot heal these diseases. that are made up.
8:46 pm
a venezuelan researcher blames the resurgence of malaria on the boom in illegal mining throughout southern already know the deforestation and ditches filled with stagnant water lead to the spread of mosquitoes that carry the disease. yet is calling for joint efforts with international organizations to fight the epidemic. a kid i mean if they don't have a lot of the health ministry should collaborate with the pan american health organization and various health related n.g.o.s in venezuela along with academies and international groups like doctors without borders because they know exactly how to tackle a problem at its current level so why water that. we have an epidemic that's out of control. about. hunger epidemics and the economic crisis are bearing down on the children of amazon the state the future of venezuela's indigenous populations is under threat. and we have now to bring you some huge football transfer news from
8:47 pm
your league club chelsea have signed a goalkeeper. from athletic bilbao for eighty million euros that makes the twenty three year old the most expensive goalkeeper and the history of the sport made fifty three appearances. and has signed a seven year contract. in terms of the price is just a price. i'm going to be myself the same way i've always. said i will get my best for the club without thinking about the label of the world's most expensive keeper. and keppel workplace twat who has joined real madrid a six year deal closing his chapter at the london club helped belgium to a third pace finish at the world cup in russia and one of the best clubs in the world to talk no to us joining the spanish side to fill. a childhood dream for the
8:48 pm
twenty six year old who had his family and plenty of fans present the welcoming there good for him. when time in tennis the big names encountered few problems in the second round of the toronto masters topsy roughly on the doll overcame both a rain delay and france's an off way for taking his place in the next round to meantime second seed alexander. remains on course to defend his title. alexander's very have certainly seems to be enjoying the hard courts of north america fresh from defending his washington title germans looking good to repeat the trick and strong so. it's very rare it is seeded second here and they have a few problems getting past bradley clan is booming groundstrokes too much for the americans i lost years very have beat roger federer in the final here and now he's safely through to this year's third round. said i i think
8:49 pm
i think we're six. top seed rafa nadal in red had to wait to get on court for his match against ben wattpad heavy rain in toronto delaying play by almost an hour but when things did finally start the dog was in no mood to mess around i thought. there's no shortage of love for rafa here he breezed through six two six three in just under an hour and a quarter a spaniard ensuring the toronto fans get to enjoy him for at least one more much thank. him it is here in the exhibition that is just to get. that team ninety's when there was an explosion of art and culture and the city became
8:50 pm
a playground for creativity and a capital club culture was established musicians artists of all kinds lots of the city after it was big and i did following the fall of the berlin wall in team eighty nine. and robin merrill as always from our culture death is here to tell us all about it and you certainly know a thing or two about this topic because you were one of the artists who came to this time yeah i came. nine hundred eighty nine as a musician and. it was amazing it was incredible is mind boggling there was a sort of anything goes spirit here in berlin and i don't think i've never had an experience like it artistically really i mean just to give you an example i remember there was an art installation right in the center where the berlin wall of pain was of buried tanks in the sand and on the other hand i also met.
8:51 pm
crosby stills and nash who just came to berlin to experience what was going on it was a brilliant time and how is the change that's the way to say well it has changed it's got more expensive than the ugly word gentrification has loomed its head. rents are going up which makes studio space for artists more expensive in that in the ninety's people came here they could do their out it wasn't about money they could really create what they wanted all also one of the problems nowadays is that taking musicians there's lots of great musicians here going for the one job and the person who's paying them for that one job things are well i don't have to pay him so much and yet these musicians because he can choose from so many and yet these musicians rents are going up because to this day there are still between forty to fifty thousand people moving to every year. with
8:52 pm
famous architects designing flashy new buildings and luxury lots and condos sprouting up everywhere berlin's fabled venues are fast disappearing culture is losing ground to capital. its most prominent victim status the sub cultural center of the ninety's and early two thousand right in the heart of berlin. for close leader and senator for cultural affairs it's a place with sentimental value. i know one thing top the list was centrally located this used to be a hot spot it was surrounded by similar venues although it's hard to see it nowadays it was a kind of economy to everything else gravitated towards it the dynamic at the time made it the biggest hot spot among many of its cause it had huge symbolic power for the city of berlin and now that's fading it's left a gaping hole. after a long battle finally closed in two thousand and twelve artists workshops are being
8:53 pm
edged out all over when more than three hundred fifty studios disappear each year due to rising rents. in the district the vetting is one of the last big studio spaces in the center of berlin they've also been sold to an investor so far artists have been paying their rent to three to seven euros per square meter they couldn't afford more with ninety percent of them getting by is just a subsistence level doing odd jobs to earn a living yet artists are fundamental to the city's image. is good enough and we don't want to have to put on a dog and pony show for new investors but what happens is we go somewhere we make the place attractive and then fancy restaurants move in and they start renovating and building big investors come and wear out just like that mr woman talks and it. ends arts band why. agonise moving on into the outskirts where rents are cheaper
8:54 pm
but it has lost its weight yet still retaining the city special flair is a real challenge. but at least the cut club scene is still thriving right well it is it is on the surface because i think in the media you hear about clubs like trees all. the fine you know the world famous technically it's there are still queues outside the are still the famous bands for turning people away for no reason but clubs like to. see oceans and that this is it it's close to closed this year great interesting sort of intriguing cloud and it's going to be replaced. by above very good so we already have one example and we're not in bavaria but we're going to that so both is a great place to be for culture but there's a feeling we're losing these subcultures these weird wonderful endeavors that make this wonderful mix in that and berliners they just hate that gee you were
8:55 pm
gentrification i mean they're resisting it at all costs what is being done about this well thankfully there is something being done about this and on the political leverage as well we sold the culture so it's a close later of that he's. spruce up the city and then the investors come behind them now so the cultural budget has been. increased by twenty percent and part of that will help the club support small clubs and studios and hopefully this city can buck the trend to quote him he says he wants revenge the city becoming a glass and concrete metropolis like so many other european cities and as you mention the berlin as there are for it as well there's a strong grassroots movement against this gentrification so there is for both it absolutely will the secret is out the investors are already here so if they want to find out more go to our website d.w. dot com slash culture rather merrill as always thank you so much. and quick
8:56 pm
reminder now the top story we're following for you here at g.w. at least twenty nine children have been killed and many more wounded by a coalition air strike in rebel held northern gammon to strike hitting a bus reportedly taking children on a field trip. i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for watching.
8:57 pm
charlie i just couldn't get this song out of his head. the musicologist began searching for the summers of captivating south. africa. to find their culture. the prize winning. song from the forest.
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this is. the survivors telling what they saw in yemen when the rocket hit a bus filled with school children at least twenty nine children are dead after the bus that they're traveling in was a soul the lead airstrike in northern yemen there has been strong condemnation but was told he led coalition says it was targeting rebels also coming up.


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