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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 10, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin more migrants arriving in spain after being turned away by italy and malta they'll join migrants already there and struggling to survive we visit and in kathmandu where shocks and dreams regularly go up in flames also coming out. at least twenty nine children dead after their school bus was hit by an air strike in yemen there are strong condemnation but the saudi led coalition says it was targeting rebels in a justified operation. and the biggest pilot walkout and ryanair history leaves
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four hundred flights grounded and that during the peak of the summer holidays more than seventy thousand travelers are affected. by bryan thomas thanks so much for being with us we begin this program in spain where a ship with eighty seven migrants on board has docked after being turned away by italy in malta a spanish aid group picked up the migrants off the coast of libya for those on board the most hazardous part of their journey is now over but as our correspondent norman struggle reports from the town of lead migrants life in spain is often precarious. nothing is left of the opposite it is what it called fun during the night. living. in twenty fourteen city became to spain from ivory coast to find work he ended up in this slum near the
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town of libya on the loose along with up to one thousand dollars fires occur frequently due to the flammable building materials gas canisters and forty degree celsius heat. you know. many. looking for. abuse dream of a better life in europe has become a nightmare he has no residence permanent and now he has no home. he can only work illegally on one of the many fruit and vegetable plantations. you know you don't have no money. you know. his friend. is in the same position except he's
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a newcomer in spain having recently arrived from senegal. he lives in this hot. he says the routes taken by refugees to europe are always changing currently entering europe via the western mediterranean seems to be the safest. route from libya to italy has lots of problems it's almost like a war you can get killed so now many of us are coming to spain through morocco. spain's new government is taking a lenient stance with migrants but the conservative opposition is in disagreement and the spaniards are worried. because how many immigrants could cause us problems that's just how it is. spain is a country with high unemployment. there's just not enough jobs for
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so many people. are the spaniards see things differently until you are bad volunteers for an aid organization and supports migrants like i do any way he can. he helps up to plant vegetables and takes care of red tape until new sees the refugees as an economic factor the plantations in the region couldn't get by without them. thanks to these people many others are getting rich. the immigrants live off what little money they can earn so they're cheap labor. and they're not going to work the problem and they have to put up with everything and never complain. i do see the bay wants people to know what's really happening in new york. but he's not ready to give up on his dream of a better life. now
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i'm living here so. for me. to help myself. you know. what my future. eventually once he saved enough money to be intends to return to ivory coast. my son needs me he says all of africa needs us but that's in the future right now he's got to figure out where he can sleep tonight. ok let's get more on the story now with a journalist i may have a last question he joins us from. a province i'm a good morning to you how is spain coping with the increasing number of migrants arriving in the country. well the numbers are indeed very high so father rescue teams have rescued nearly twenty thousand people and the weather is good nearly two
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hundred people arriving daily. and. close to collapse according to police and social services officials the government has pledged more resources to deal with the influx. the prime minister insist there's no migration from the european union and spain believes it can manage of course. of the european union there is public opinion on all of this does the government have a majority. backing it for its approach. well you know we heard that in the report. and it is true that for example the new leader of the people's party by look at other people's bodies the main opposition party is already saying that if spain can not host all the
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migrants that are arriving that we cannot keep papers to a million people so there is no doubt surging movement regarding people's attitudes to immigration but despite the society braces yourself for being very tolerant and open minded but of course the big influx could soon if this dollar and is rather fragile and maybe we can just seen some of the jews. and the society in the coming months if if in fact you start getting really really shia areas. we will have to wait to wait thanks very much for that honey of alaska's forests and. lisa thanks very much it's to yemen now and a spokesman for the saudi led coalition says thursday's airstrike there that at
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a bus carrying children was quote a legitimate military action it's not exactly clear how many children died in that attack but the international red cross has one hospital it supports receive the bodies of twenty nine children. this is yemen doctors desperately fighting for the lives of children the school bus hit by an aerial strike. i would say that they were on their way to a school summer camp. the devastation of the blasts showing just how powerful the strike was about that about what the through look how the attack happened in the middle of the market and was aimed at the bus full of children. and our shops were open and people were going about their daily lives put on mckinney and those who died were just local kids and shop owners. who's responsible the saudi arabian led coalition the coalition has been fighting hooty rebels on behalf of the yemeni government since two thousand and fifteen in
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a deadly proxy war the rebels are being backed by iran both saudi and iran of vying for power and influence in yemen but across the middle east this conflict has been unrelenting for civilians who are often caught in the middle even rights organizations say yemen has become the world's largest humanitarian crisis and peace is nowhere in sight. according to the united nations over ten thousand people have already died with over two million people displaced. last week the un announced that new peace talks will be held between those involved in the conflict these are likely to begin before september meanwhile the fighting continues. let's take a look out some of the other stories making the news today u.s. authorities say a fifty one year old man has been arrested on suspicion of setting up a massive wildfire known as the holy fire in southern california's orange county forest clark faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if he's convicted of a formally charge later today the fires this place about twenty thousand people.
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bolivian president evo morales has an all graded a new government headquarters in la paz rolls open the people's great house to replace an older bill. he said represented a colonial state but he's facing criticism for some of the luxury residences traffics. moscow has indicated it is considering retaliate against the new sanctions from washington the u.s. state department announcing the punitive measures in connection with the poisoning of former double agent sergei script ball and his daughter yulia and britain. london and washington say russia was responsible the kremlin is the nine any responsibility. all ryanair pilots across europe are out on a coordinated twenty four hour strike germany will be worst hit by this industrial action with two hundred fifty flight cancellations at ten airports the irish no
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frills airlines said it was the scrapping about four hundred of its two thousand four hundred european flights scheduled for today friday as pilots in ireland germany belgium sweden and the netherlands walked off the job more than seventy thousand passengers are affected by the strike the airline has offered customers a refund or the option of rerouting their flight. to diffuse lars halters standing by for us at berlin shona feld airport hi there lars this is one of europe's biggest bases for ryanair what's the situation where you are right now. well brian considering this is one of the big bases for ryan air it's actually very calm and orderly that it's not an entirely big surprise here though because as you said it's a strike that has been planned for a while it's been announced for about two or three weeks and ryan air over the last couple of days has of course informed all its customers those affected of course
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thirty two out of forty eight flights today going in and out of berlin showing if it has been canceled but those passengers also knew about it they never showed up so purely from a customer six period side from the passenger side today here in berlin we don't see any problems whatsoever about of course behind the scenes there's massive problems between the pilots and of course problems for ryan air shara lara's now this is not the first time ryanair pilots of gone out on strike how much are the repeated strikes tarnishing the ryanair brand. oh well it's huge damage here being done to ryan air of course ryan air does not at all count as a reliable airline anymore because you just don't know when you book your flight when you book your vacations whether you will ever make the trip but that is not only true for ryan air but mostly this really going to be a problem more and more for those cheap airlines for those no frills airlines and the airlines have to really rethink that business model and see if they can
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actually keep that going because more and more they realize that they have to pay decent wages that they have to offer reasonable work conditions and of course if you want to do that you cannot get away with the nine year old flight to london and a fifteen year old flight to venice that doesn't work anymore so that whole entire business model for the low cost carriers is actually endangered right now changes ahead for the budget here sector from our lors halter that should tell the airport here in berlin thanks very much. and stay in berlin a new bike lane has made cycling more fun or more hazardous depending on how you look at it literally rather than a stranger gently curved line this one is all about curious and tired angles or get your helmet off. the lens on a quest to make the german capital more bike friendly that does new bike lane seems to stem a moment that. i
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have never seen a bike lane like this. it's really difficult to be in the way but it's also why. didn't you lane has left local residents in a bit of a spin. when i came here i couldn't believe how precisely the line had been painted. to tell us this is a joke but it looks totally absurd it's not really usable either for cyclists or pedestrians. apparently the bike lane is the result of a communication problem with the contractor who painted the lane then it's p.g. from the pro cycling group fox and shot five not says bin laden has a lot to learn from other european city. in cities that are just beginning to
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improve cycling like paris madrid or barcelona they're spending huge amounts of money and redesigning their infrastructure that's yet to happen in berlin so brylin doesn't already help other cities are going to overtake it. according to a billings city council member does exact lines will be repainted this time that's all we have time for thanks for joining us. one organize a posse it's a real policy because there is no rubbish hanging about everyone writes that only on their own car and then we park. and you know what the great thing is you know.


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