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rethinking his history being unfair to be using the system. starts aug fourteenth on w. . student news wire from berlin turkey's currency in freefall amid a diplomatic spat between washington and the world plunges child records low. tariffs on turkish imports turkish president juan is defiant saying his country would emerge victorious in an economic war also coming up. thousands of tourists
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are left going nowhere as weiner pilots walked off the job at europe's biggest budget airline. in bucharest as expats for. home to call on the government to resign they say they were forced out of their own country by corruption. and taking a stand against neo nazis after swastikas appear on a sidewalk or syrian boys in an eastern germany there's a scene of phobia has no place in the. uk english oh my name's sara harman it's good to have you with us president trump has stepped up his pressure on turkey with new tariffs sending that country's currency into freefall washington. doubling tariffs on turkish jail and aluminum
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imports apparently over her as arrest of an american christian pastor on terrorism charges are as nosedives on european markets tumble president as calling it an economic war and promising that turkey will emerge victorious president tried to reassure a nervous public saying his government had the situation under control he promised turkey would ward off what he called an attack from abroad and called for an international struggle. if anyone has dollars euros or gold under their pillows they should go exchange it for turkish lira is it our banks this is a national domestic battle this will be my people's response to those who have waged an economic war against us. president trying to impose sanctions on turkey because of its refusal to allow an american pastor andrew brunson to return to the u.s. try and strengthen the sanctions in
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a twitter announcement which adds insult to injury in turkey's growing economic crisis. turkey accuses brunson of espionage and terrorist activity despite sustained economic growth the lira has lost more than a third of its value the turkish population is bearing the brunt. of course where frayed our income has less worth and prices are rising for food too that's worrying . the turkish finance minister promised state influence on the central bank would be diminished in a bid to win back investor confidence but it's unclear whether this will have a calming effect on the markets. stefan's the mines is covering the story for us from washington stefan talk to us about the timing why is trump going after turkey right now. sir timing and opportunity those are the two key words in all of this the timing for the u.s. administration is or can be that as it is right now the turkish lira is in freefall
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as you reported as we have seen and heard the lira lost forty percent in this year in two thousand and eight teen against the u.s. dollar and this is significant there is a tariff back and forth between turkey and the u.s. and so the timing is right for the u.s. and for the white house to push a little harder because and here we come to the opportunity it's all about andrew johnson evan jellicoe pastor detained or now under house arrest in turkey the u.s. had lobbied heart and intensively for his release that didn't go anywhere so far and i think washington lost its patience i gave it turkey and the u.s. or our nato allies other concerns in washington that this could damage their relations. yes and no i think washington is
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a little bit wary of where this could all end this rift between turkey on the other hand though the relationship between the u.s. and turkey in the nato as nato allies isn't good in the first place and that's specifically after turkey decided to purchase s. four hundred missile systems from russia that obviously didn't bode very well with president trump and the white house here so you could say yeah there is some limited concern as of now i would say it's fair to say that the concern is not too big yet since relationships within the nato with the ally or between allies u.s. and turkey are so strange that anyway. and washington thank you. all right let's get the view now from turkey correspondent doreen jones reporting for us in istanbul dorian turkey's foreign minister has said further pressure will only hurt bilateral ties his retaliation but how much worse can relations get
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while the potential is to get a lot was currently u.s. forces are working with a syrian kurdish militia just across turkey's border turkey considers that militia a terrorist organization and if they so wish they could put a lot of pressure on those u.s. forces and the kurdish militia they're working with that would ratchet up tensions further on top of that washington is looking for ankara to enforce its new sanctions against iran for a few so do so given the current climate is unlikely to change that stance that again puts the two nato allies on a collision course potentially is for a lot more difficult times ahead. turkish currency tanking for months now but investors seem to be really concerned now inflation as it nearly sixteen percent the central bank is raise the rates in response to what choice is just air to want to have going forward to manage this crisis. well president
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speaking today has made it perfectly clear that he doesn't believe this is anything to do with financial imbalances he believes this is a sustained campaign by on name western powers to remove him from power he said very clearly that in the twenty sixteen failed military coup attempt that was behind this they say they failed him back who now they're trying to use the exchange rate to oust me from power that is why he's taking such a tough line that is why he's calling for national unity for people to unite against what he calls this economic war to remove him from power that will not take any of the measures that international investors are calling for a major aggressive hiking of interest rates and the fed in the currency that means more pressure on the currency investors more investors fleeing the turkish market but now it is just a currency crisis if these fools continue respect coming a systematic financial risk to the turkish system the banking system itself come under threat that's why everyone is very concerned about the go the coming days ahead are going to happen briefly how does russia factor into this equation because
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the kremlin is that who in caldera to want to just trade. well that's always been turkey's card would be strained relations with washington that it says it will move closer to moscow relations have remarkably improved between moscow and ankara nave never been closer most analysts suggest although there has been suggestions that i had reached the limit because of ongoing differences in syria but now this latest ratcheting up of the crisis in washington does suggest the crimean move even closer to moscow even though it may not be in its own interests as a way of punishing the u.s. that refers. with washington and causing further concern among turkey's nato allies all right this story insurance for us in istanbul thank you. and we will have more on turkey's economic woes coming up with kristoff later in the show but first it's estimated that a quarter of romania's population lives and works abroad as in stop thousands of
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them from returning friday to march against a government they say is corrupt and they claim they were driven to leave romania by such corruption and by poor financial prospects there now they're hoping that a groundswell of popular discontent lead to the early exit of the ruling social democrat party they call faves. down thousands of the six pack trades have come all the way back to romania to protest against the current state of their homeland many of them left because of corruption low wages and the like of opportunity but the problems that are gripping the country never seem to have improved the situation may have even got worse protesters say the government has been hindering the nation's fight against corruption they're calling for early elections. but what i'd like to change first the corrupted leaders in romania the living standard a decent one. it was better than is now the government must grant us the
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possibility to be a normal country i came from bilbao in spain just for this protest of romanians living abroad we're fed up we must be united victory for romania many protests like fees have become regular ever since the governing social democrats took power in early twenty seventeen the left wing ruling party tried to decriminalize several corruption offenses through an emergency decree although failed in the end the attempts triggered mass antigovernment protests. now the six-pack trees are the latest people to join the call for a fresh vote an estimated three million romanians are working abroad living in countries like germany italy and the u.k. doesn't mean they care less about their homeland. and joining us now romanian capital or us as journalist diana ross so danno tell us what's the situation there right now. well hi sarah as you said we have official numbers there are one
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hundred forty injured people people tensions have increased by hour and i can still hear the tear gas and people of the special forces as have these been used to watch their cannon which is unprecedented in the brother. jaime on the part of the thing but there are also people who are still coming so loving and they are determined not to not to leave their reasoning that some muslims with a gun have been separated the peaceful process and have caused a problem with the special forces. here the police aren't there in the background the protesters say they're angry about the way that romania is being governed what exactly they object to. well if i might say there are two to mind concerns first of all is the corruption of the leadership of the social
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democratic party because the president of the social democratic party it was some victory for and for a fraud and people say they are fed up with the. because they are being stripped of their chance to live a good and this is life in romania and they have to work abroad secondly and most importantly was the removal of the dismissal of the young the corruption chief loud activists she won months ago and greet the people because they they believe that the young anticorruption fight is being weakened and also there is a new package of justice to all those that are weakening. are very weak on the corruption charges and they stand with the people who are just looking at some pictures from earlier in the day we see people waving romanian flags waving flags how could europe step in here. well.
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there have been hold that brought those would say something as we say in romania because romanians have been using the past ten years to pounce on brussels and to pounce on the european commission to step in when the corruption fight is not going on as it should be so the fact that there haven't been too many responses from brussels really disappointed the people i spoke with many and they they are affecting that maybe junko didn't care or a team of mons. pressures the army to just couldn't. stand in full strength for us thank you all right. well turning to our top story all of us back and forth between the u.s. and turkey and it's got markets stop has. we heard about the nosedive of the
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turkish lira and stocks have been retreating around the globe with the euro zone bank shares suffering in particular or their exposure to turkey when pushing his political agenda president russia tight everyone could long rely on strong economic growth that's changed turkey's economic boom was fueled by government spending but the upswing has come to an end for president there who won the fault lies with western countries which he says are waging an economic war against turkey relations with the us are especially bad that's why he's determined to forge better economic ties with countries such as china or russia. what's starting to the problem is that even many turks are fleeing the lira for the relative safety of dollars or euros despite one's desperate plea for them to exchange other currencies into lira to try and stabilize the national currency
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markets are losing patience and that's taking its toll the lira has been sliding since the beginning of the year losing thirty nine percent of its value since january. that stoking inflation which recently hit sixteen percent and the crisis also reveals turkey's underlying shortcomings. it's the lack of production nothing else these things wouldn't work without imports we need to carefully discuss an agriculture policy that will pave the way for exporting goods we can't do anything with industry or industries not well developed . this type of fluctuation caused this crisis in countries without a solid economy i lived in europe i didn't see anything like this i lived in germany for twelve years. as turkey's people try to come to grips with the crisis the government has no easy options when it comes to regaining the confidence of financial markets. for more let's bring in our wall street correspondent sophie
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szymanski or so feet the u.s. president is hitting the turkish economy hard all for political reasons. well at this point trump is using trade policy to achieve something completely different than any changes to the trade balance this is not about trade christopher the turkey is not a major trading partner of the united states this number thirty two on the list and the us actually have a good trade surplus with turkey of one point three billion dollars according to most recent data from two thousand and sixteen so this is about exerting pressure in terms of american prisoners being held in turkey person foremost but not only because of the detention of american pastor andrew bronson vice president mike pence has already demanded his release and now the white house is just raising pressure on top of that is related to term strategy in iran and russia if trump
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wants to harm russia and irene iran even more with his sanctions he would like turkey to join him as they're importing most of their oil from the two countries so sending the turkish lira further down is just the collateral damage but trump does not care about the turkish president today told donald trump the bullying board work as have others like the canadian prime minister for example what do people on wall street make of the behavior of the u.s. president. well i would say they consider it as pretty effective china and russia are suffering their financial markets are as well as their economies the moscow stuff exchange drifted into a bear market and it might hit their bangs and then look at their economy russia's everett she p. growth hovers between one point eight percent and two point six percent in the absence of any serious restructuring of the economy russia is due to steadily fall
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behind the rest of the world whose economies are growing at a way higher rates every year looking over to china the trade war couldn't have come at a worse time for the country which is attempting to pick. deb you ation because the growth of the country has been seeing or have been built on credit so it's a really bad time for the country so it is human skin new york thank you. now at the peak of the holiday season ryanair pilots are ramping up the pressure on their employer pilots in germany sweden ireland belgium and the netherlands went on a twenty four hour strike on friday forcing europe's biggest low cost carrier to axe bob one sixth of its scheduled flights only recently ryanair had recognised unions for the first time in its thirty year history but it has been unable to quell rising protests over slow progress in wage negotiations. it's the
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biggest industrial action ever to hit europe's biggest budget airline the effect is visible here at frankfurt han airport where checking deaths are unstaffed and passengers nowhere to be seen many planes won't be flying today pilots union representatives in frankfurt say their message is ryanair must change. almost any note about defeating ryanair it's about sending a signal that they have to stop trying to defeat their own employees. some passengers were forced to spend the night at berlin the show in a failed airport many don't know when they will be able to fly out but some are showing sympathy for the pilot's demands. and it's unfair that the pilots have to pull the short straw just because passengers want to fly cheaply. this is something for me and i think it's a potential safety risk if employees don't stay at home when they're ill because they're on a freelance basis and wouldn't get paid so i do think it's justified. ryanair
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pilots are striking across europe for twenty four hours as they demand higher salaries and better working conditions that's led to the cancellation of four hundred out of twenty four hundred scheduled flights affecting more than seventy thousand passengers and that's business for now thank you sir thank you for residents in a small german village or taking a stand after an ugly incident of vandalism a swastika was chalked on the sidewalk in the spot where a syrian boy was killed in a traffic accident locals of truong doubt the little boy publicly and to make clear that their feelings neo nazis have no sympathy for. many people in shown back are disgusted by what happened on the sidewalk nazi symbolism following the death of a syrian child dozens of local saying it's a disgrace and want to send a clear message with their protest. is this was it's absolutely hideous and totally
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inconceivable i categorically reject this but whoever works with symbols like these knows what they mean this kind of thing does not belong here inch and back no way. the nine year old boy was riding his bike here in early june he then lost control of the bike and was run over by a tractor he died a few days later in the hospital witnesses later noticed a swastika at the accident site which the town had removed but three weeks later another swastika appeared along with a mocking phrase one to nail. the boy's death is bad enough and if then some stupid reactionaries qual out of their holes and draw swastikas here it's totally unacceptable. after a tragedy like this for such a young person to have this kind of vandalism it's unthinkable and it's so sad there are no words to describe it it's just horrible that this has happened. until now this northern german town of four thousand has not seen any right wing
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extremist incidents a couple dozen refugees live here all well integrated some locals reacted quickly to the nazi graffiti and painted over it with a peace symbol and flowers but the atmosphere here is also a tinge with populism and incitement to santa phobia according to these shin bank citizens. huge amount has changed for the worse in this country and that also has affects on whatever neo nazis that are everywhere and who are now able to more easily emerge from their cover. the police have investigated two suspects but the people have shown back did not want to wait for results before making it clear right wing extremism has no place and their town. there's a look now it's in the other stories that are making news around the world authorities in belarus have freed a d.-w. correspondent detained on suspicion of gaining an authorized access to the computer
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systems of the state run news agency. by. russian service was one of a number of journalists taken into custody this week amid fears of a press crackdown i count he says he's still being treated as a suspect and cannot comment. as main opposition party the movement for democratic change has filed a legal challenge to the recent election results the constitutional court of appeal will delay the presidential inauguration originally planned for the sunday and d.c. of leader nelson chamisa seen here in file footage has called the vote outcome fraudulent illegal and illegitimate. two palestinians were killed and dozens injured by israeli gunfire during protests along the gaza border a volunteer medic treating demonstrators was reportedly among the dead the israeli military said rioters forum stones explosives and fire bombs elsewhere
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a truce on the use of missiles in air strikes agreed by hamas in israel late thursday appear to be holding. in southern france about sixteen hundred people have been evacuated to escape flash floods caused by heavy rain the hardest hit region is guard where helicopters help to take seven hundred and fifty people to safety there's more. flash floods reduced campsites to mud baths. in the company of the campsite was here so the river swept right through it. rescue workers were supported by helicopters and evacuating campus in southern france. search teams including divers combed waters for german man who still reported missing it's feared he may have been swept away in his caravan the man who was accompanying children at a campsite in the gathered region which was hardest hit by the flooding. more than
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one hundred children were evacuated from the site. it started raining then suddenly a flash flood came down from the hills everything's flooded a catastrophe or up several people were hospitalized with hypothermia and minor injuries. one has their suitcases we just have what we're wearing but the main thing is we're ok. the storms and heavy rains that caused the torrents erupted after weeks of blazing temperatures. turning out as misfortune used in tennis there was a shock at the masters as wimbledon champion novak djokovic was dumped out of the competition by greek teenager stephanie see if they pass the. doll and alexander as ever of both fared better their spots in the quarter finals. he has grand slam titles to his name so novak djokovic isn't used to being given the run around
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but that's exactly what happened. in the greek the one calling the shots against his more lustrous opponents. on sunday this the biggest win of his creates day it's the perfect day present. to. defeat certainly makes life easier. the pair meet in the next round. the defending champion here eased into the quarter finals. in straight sets. top seed rafael nadal in red remaining. he's going for his four. hundred success. this is what it means to him and pushed hard in his victory.
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the more things seem to change in men's tennis the more they stay the same. as your minor part top story our. current.
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god helped me to get from morocco to spain and now i'm living here. eventually i'll go to work to get some money to send to my family i think my future will be better . to dreams of abu said of being he's been living in spain illegally for years he talks about how spanish society is changing as more migrants arrive.
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global three thousand. losing. his works goddess fortuna. the munster country. gone twenty. turkey and the us go head to head on trade the result turkey's currency is in freefall and the us president is promising more tariffs just around the corner i'm sarah harman in berlin this is the day.
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