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so what do we really know about the man behind the torch. what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of a great fashion designer who's going to sound smart and tough as start symtab or not w. . i want to welcome to another edition of the show i'm your host meghan lee today's program is going to the dogs here's a look at what's coming up. everyone from the darlings wind down nations our love to the world over. cutting edge creation rich from of course cut out and clear to your favorite destination. take the summer open sandwiches are
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a firm favorite in poland. well we kicked off the show with the locarno film festival which paid tribute to to a time directors who helped to rewrite film history paolo and victoria. were awarded for their life's work now they gained international fame with their nine hundred seventy seven if feature film pads of a role in me or an english father and master of their political commentaries contributed to an important chapter of european film here's a closer look now at some of their work. on the colonel's piazzi grandet the festival audience welcomes italian film director paul ottavi ani he and his brother vittorio who died in april produced over fifty films together now they are being honored for lifetime achievement. it's
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a moving moment for apollo who is eighty six and that be nice if. you were such a beautiful scene so many people watching me and everyone wanted to hear me say something super massive they played a major role in in italian cinema and in traditional cinema but also they left a very. porton memory here on this very. their first film st michael had a rooster screened here in one thousand nine hundred seventy two it's an adaptation of a short story by leo tolstoy. ten years later the night of the shooting stars was also screened here fittingly for the film in the open air at night the tough ianni brothers became fans of the cinema as children they would sneak into the movies instead of going to school see each even my film has
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a force that you can really feel who you really are and what you're experiencing that is a revelation to us so we said we have to make movies i was sixteen and victoria was eighteen and from then on it was either cinema or we die. in the korean to china mobile in one nine hundred seventy seven the telly on is receive the palme d'or at khan for pandey padrone it about the son of a shepherd on sardinia who manages to escape his peasant background the toughie on a brother's poetic and political cinema contributed a significant chapter to european film history. the noster she may not know in all of our china didn't want to make political messages or reinvent poetry with our cinema. no we made films and we had something a feeling that we wanted to transmit to people it was in the main duties and we said to ourselves we're going to make cinema in year zero we'll start from scratch
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and reinvent cinema after having to work with two different directors on set was a highly unusual experience for actors. such as scott she played one of the leads in good morning babylon she'll never forget what it was like to work with the brothers. you saw two people you know like a pair on the fitting toilets but you already felt that you had one director because. each one would be in charge as the director of one set up and use them would see the other one listening if he had if they had anything to say they would whisper to each other i think maybe sometimes they would whisper if they wanted to you know suggest tweak change some things that you would never hear what they would say. so were the brothers really always of one heart and one mind. are. artists who
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work alone constantly struggle with concepts. is but just look at the scores for beethoven's fifth symphony no not for shit be mad at my money tried out different steps up with alternatives. it. was a mean thing. that at crystal an artist always struggles with herself and says this material and i both struggled together and that's how we achieved great results when everybody i was with in twenty twelve they won the golden bear at the berlin film festival with a documentary on a group of prison inmates who staged a shakespeare play polo tough yani had to finish shooting rainbow a private affair on his own because his brother was seriously ill at the time he's never thought of quitting the cinema yes i can't live without my work. every day i sit at my desk and read and write scripts you know who knows what'll come of it.
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he said. it seems like paul ottavi yani could soon be back with another new film here on the car knows grundy. moving on now to a brief look at other news on the culture scene including a long overdue renovation for germany's fairytale castle that last headbangers are out of luck for next year's heavy metal festival in northern germany here's why coming up in today's express. next year's fuckin open air heavy metal festival its thirtieth anniversary has already sold out to seventy five thousand tickets were gone within four days of going on sale a ticket to the three day festival costs two hundred twenty euros this year's box and ended on sunday under a blazing hot sky of a can opener a festival is held every year in
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a village in northern germany fans are hoping there will be a very special lineup for the anniversary event. for the first time in over one hundred thirty years noise funch time capsule in bavaria is undergoing major refer fishman's the tourist attraction will remain open during the renovations which will cost some twenty million euros about one and a half million people visit the council every year and that has taken its toll on the historic site noice hunched on was commissioned by luke the second of the various repairs will continue until twenty twenty two. organizers called the world's largest international dog show is taking place in amsterdam until sunday and that's to make it thirty three thousand animals are taking part in the event many competing for prizes and awards in a rare. categories juries will be judging around three hundred different breeds
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crowning the best dogs in the world around one hundred thousand visitors are expected to attend next year the world dog show will take place in china. sea as promised the show is going to the dogs now when i was a kid i really loved the film one hundred and one dalmatians who wouldn't fall in love with those sweet little black and white puppies with the spots well that film was an international hit but where does the dalmatian breed actually come from spotted dogs found on paintings in egypt suggest it's been around for thousands of years others point to eighteenth century illustrations of the dog in preparation and that is where we are headed for our next report. many people have a soft spot for this breed of dog their coats are white with black or brown markings ideally they should be distributed evenly. domitian's are renowned for
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their lovable and playful nature marino rather lives in the domination region of croatia and he wanted to own one ever since he was a boy. but in a war zone so little shows are now rare on the domination coast. that's why i wanted to own this kind of dog. because it's something special i found a breeder online who was pleased for her dog to go to me and although she had a lot of inquiries from abroad. the dogs over there are spots to a special gene domitian puppies are born with plain white coats and develop their black or brown markings around ten days later. marina rather which spends a lot of time with his dogs are by the coast nations have lively temperaments and need a lot of exercise up to four hours a day. i'm
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very happy with. i have never swapped him for another brit. he's brought so much satisfaction and joy into my life. in the town of so as drug some ninety kilometers north of dubrovnik and the disadvantaged and her dominations are about to visit an old franciscan monastery a painting here dating back to seventeen ten shows a scene with del nations. the croatian see this as important proof that the dog comes from this region. they were bred in del mesa primarily in the dubrovnik region and the inhabitants were seafarers and true. raters who successfully exported dalmatians all over the world to india for example because the dogs were so versatile. they were often presented as gifts
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thanks to their beauty and elegance and they reached northern europe by land in france and england they were bred for many years and were used as carriage dogs. board. games. celebrities like the beatles like to be seen with them in new york the escorted firefighters on their calls and became the services mascot . nine hundred sixty one disney's animated version of the novel one hundred one dalmatians thrust the breed into the limelight. in one thousand nine hundred six how he would brought out a remake. of a need his dogs were bred by a joker and we filed. their kennel is located in the countryside near zagreb and they sell some of their dogs abroad. and even pigmentation and a good pedigree are important things they look out for. if you
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buy and all measurements around the clock job. to learn so that it doesn't take long to determine the basics so. this family also got their dogs from child. gave her marriage she and her husband have two small children so they were looking for dogs that were sociable and could fit into family life. they're a great family though as you can see very very to children quite clearly their active families but also their region so then they know how to become a with children and i liked all nations because they come from croatia and. the dogs can go for a run in the woods near their home. for this family donations mean one thing if your unbridled happiness. so now is a good time to let you in on our ongoing drought now some towns around the world are famous for certain things like cheddar and its cheese or parma and it's ham you
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get the idea well is your town or region famous for anything in particular if so let us know and you could qualify to win a euro max watch all right now the man in our next report started out by making cutouts for fun to accompany his photographs rich macor then set up an instagram account to share those photos and before he knew it he had tens of thousands of followers he quit his day job and received offers to travel around the world for his photography most recently he's published a book with his creative images we caught up with him at an exhibition in germany. at first glance rich macor may seem just like another tourist visiting list but a castle in saxony but in fact the artist is hard to mark his creations shed new light on buildings landscapes and objects. and i've been interested in hyper
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crofton paper hobbies since i was about fifteen years old. so it was a combination of wanting to combine traditional photography with type of craft to something that i had seen before something that was quite fresh you usually do some research and all of the buildings famous landmarks and all. kind of lights would draw around ideas trying to see my design and i go back. home form a core is london he can now make a living from his photography which used to be just a hobby the artist is very successful on social media he's even published a book he takes his inspiration from many sources so it's something that is on the cows and based on the facts quickly stories are facts about like i said and some of them. just tough enough that it just looks like a funny thing like the like i like the optics very well i chose the story because i want to add a different light if i tell you so certainly in london like when i asked going
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around taking his photos i was learning all these facts about london i did not about so i wanted to add them to what i post at the fight. mccord doesn't have a studio he works where ever he finds space for his mobile office. though his cut out might appear simple at first they're actually quite intricate and full of loving details. i post my stuff on instagram because i think it's just the best place to share photos because people school for the quick for quickly and i hopefully my photos stand out because they are a little bit different because of the cartels i think that's great and. if i have a string of something. i kind of think behind is my signature. i don't really have time to play around with string and stuff like that just. adds.
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on instagram he's become a real star macor is known there as paper boy he already has three hundred seventy thousand followers during his recent visit to germany he transformed. into a drum and cabinets his city hall into a sheet his pictures are now on show here in germany if you know me until now the phenomenon of rich mccormick also known as paper boy could only be seen and admired on instagram on the internet and that's probably but this is the first time there's been an exhibition of prints here in the. one i used in the host an orange suit paris of london where he lives to buy. units in dresden. cannot simply be. rich mccord. exhibition at least invited it will continue through january twenty ninth teen and anyone who wants to try to imitate his work will certainly find plenty of motifs in there. when you're planning a shoot for
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a movie or perhaps a commercial it isn't always easy easy to find the perfect setting and that's where some local knowledge can be a real help often the quickest way to find that perfect backdrop is to call in the help of a location scout we met up with someone who knows the port city of hamburg like the back of her hand. not be up trial is a location scout in hamburg. her job is to find places with very special qualities mostly for television or commercial video productions but i think i go out every day to take pictures or look for new locations that changes the way you see things when you drive through the streets. i made a habit of never going the same way twice so far i know a certain route all take a parallel street and try different routes on foot as well forth my i love it and so she. often chants takes her right where she wants to be somewhere like the
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spinner a client wanted to film a party scene through a huge picture window. look i was out looking around this neighborhood and it was getting dark when his picture window turned up and i thought that's it so i left a note in the mailbox and the owner called me that. product design. lives in this last convention it served as a location for music videos and a german cooking show the five hundred twenty square metres of living space are in the bunk house style open airy and equipped with a top notch kitchen. monday sort of sent my favorite spot is the kitchen table everyone ends up here you can party here and it's cozy. hidden behind the rather plain facade of a former margarine factory in hamburg altoona district is a new york style show kitchen it's in a foster home measuring one hundred seventy square metres in size with five metre
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high ceilings so any ideal for a photo and film productions because they've thought of so much and it can span so many areas as we've celebrated christmas and new years here with a lavishly set table and we baked cookies and backing. out of the off we took down the wall paper and had everything. plastered and painted just because we thought it looked better it looks great and maybe you could take new pictures that i see a little something's been done just i guess you recognize the table you haven't seen the armchair and a few of the pictures are new it's very nice. family has offered to have their apartment listed in the location scouts files. the furnishings are a mixture of free market fines and pieces of this is it for it's a little bit retro but still modern we try to set off the older things with bright colors so it doesn't look like
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a granny lives here. after all and. if clients want to small studio apartment file may suggest this one. mike for a commercial for the german cosmetics maker. of the ta that took several days and we had to move into a hotel because we didn't have enough room to sleep. later when i saw the film i was completely amazed because none of our things were left in sight at all and. finding in the location can take just a little work or last up to several weeks this rooftop terrace with a view of the harbor was a real discovery. this view is stunning this panorama includes all hamburg's landmarks it kind of makes my heart sing looking out at the elba river in this light. the file always remained true
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to her native hamburg after her studies and now know she discovers new places in her home city every day. for all that work has certainly given us an appetite time now to head to a restaurant in the polish city of good done it's good to see how a local dish is made at one of the oldest restaurants there since it's a. port city chefs always have a steady supply of fresh fish so let's have a look at a traditional recipe with a spicy twist. in the middle ages the point of get down school was one of the richest cities in the world today it's a popular tourist destination because it ski restaurant was founded in one nine hundred eighteen the former dance hall is a good institution a few years ago it underwent a major renovation. dummy in missouri rusty is qubits he's head chef he cooks traditional cuisine but likes to experiment. with
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a molar shrewder is rather hearty. to be. done all of his biggest port people have always been very familiar with ingredients and spices from other countries such as suffer on from the i'm cinnamon. products trainers brought in from all over the world. so i'm actually crazy and has always been very modern with . will. this city's market hall and vegetable market are close by this is where the chef buys many of his ingredients and he thinks it's important to purchase regional products. from local and the fish is brought in every morning fresh from the baltic sea musser off street buys herring for euro max and carts. he gets his herbs from fields just outside good onst herbs and spices are important ingredients in his recipes.
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the chef has also discovered a small family run bakery near the restaurant. here bread is still baked according to traditional recipes and there are no artificial additives. let alone the bread is a very important part of polished. we need it for breakfast lunch and dinner that's why i wanted to have the best bread she looked at because i'm a dolt. and good bread is also important to today's recipe sharing ta-ta on polish black bread dummy and most of us he cuts the fish he lays into small pieces it's already been left to rest in a special marinate. we marinate the herring in a mixture of bigger onions clodius red peppers salt and sugar to volunteer for school to get off the ball the fish stays in there for about twelve hours. plus the
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new look when you look at what they have but. it will be gold. then diced sour pickles and onions are added to the mix along with mayonnaise a handful of dill and a small bunch of chives all finely chopped. all the ingredients have to be mixed well alcohol is then grated into the mixture to cut circles are cut from the black bread with the ring molds and a few drops of love and juice go on the herring. i cook very simply but of course it shouldn't be boring. are you simply greedy in sooner modern way. there are issues with ingredients with special types of mushrooms such as truffles where customers immediately say wow a little respect. but it's much harder to cook something interesting with simple
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ingredients of a dummy and must use the mold to place the herring tar tar onto the black bread and serves it with fresh herbs the traditional summer dish from the polish baltic coast is ready to enjoy. time now for a snack and with that we come to the end of another show but don't forget to follow us on. social media and we will be back again tomorrow with the highlights and the best takes i was awake until the end from me and the rest of the crew here. in berlin phil black and we will see you again soon. next time on your own max the highlight show. scotland hosts the world's largest arts festival. discover a house of magic in france's remark. and the
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annual film festival and no condos switzerland. are next time on your own max on. the floor.
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own concerns. to the law. good. good good good. good. this is g.w. news live from berlin the anti-government protests in romania turn violent thousands of extraction may end up back home calling for the government's resignation they say corruption prompted them to emigrate police have responded with tear gas and rubber bullets injuring hundreds but we're getting more in just a second from the corrections. also on the.


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