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tv   Treasures of the World - Baalbek - The Pillars of Jupiter Lebanon  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2018 4:15am-4:30am CEST

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the temple of jupiter no longer exists but six of its pillars have defied the wind and weather and man for two thousand years. the pillow standard arabic known to antiquity as he we are. in the roman empire they beg a comparison for sheer size and magnificence. they are perfect of their kind and they stand for megalomania for sheer wanton extravagance. the ancient celtic side on the bay cow plains at the foot of the snow capped mountains of lebanon gad the indigenous syrians worshiped the great god but. later alexander the great name the place heliopolis and made it sacred to the sun god helios. and
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it was here too that the romans built their mighty temple to jupiter two thousand years ago but that temple too did not survive the passage of time. it wasn't until the nineteenth century that the ruins were rediscovered travelers in the orient sought out the remains of the temple it was no longer believers in the data who came but the leavers inot and instead of offerings they brought strange operator says in whose windows the world appeared upside down. with these operators says they imagined they could possess themselves of the past and present. since that time the eye of the buddha has been governed. by the viewfinder of the camera. sacrifices are no longer made to jupiter on the altar here once twenty meters high
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it has long been in ruins as. the arch crafted by the sculptors of antiquity lies in fragments on the ground. we wonder amidst the ruins and find them quite prodigious wrote the great french novelist with stuff slow bear when he visited the orient in eight hundred fifty. prodigious indeed doffing all around them the pillows of the temple of jupiter are three times as high as those of the parthenon when athens. this is the roman past in today's arab world what was then the province of asia the inscriptions cut in stone were intended to last forever. but more than any inscriptions it was the buildings themselves that were intended
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to spread the fame of the empire and its rulers temples in honor of the gods were raised to glorify their imperial build as to who sought to outdo each other in their architectural legacies. quite marvelously preserved as the temple of backless which emperor attridge and had built when roman might was at its peak. the clean lines and solid substance of roman architecture meet the expressive imagination of the orient in this building. to behold the rediscovered remains of heliopolis that bowerbank is like being returned to those ancient days two thousand years ago when the masons perform their staccato chiseling labors they visit continued on this vast building site for more
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than two hundred years. the construction of the temple of jupiter alone took fifty years the entire lifespan of a nation for fifty years the block system will cut the panels smoothed to shape the capitals caught from the stone. this is the largest human stone on earth it weighs close to a thousand times it's within sight of the temple but probably older than the room inside. and the foundations of the erstwhile temple of jupiter there are three huge blocks of stone how were they moved what mighty buildings stood in this place before those the romans built to this day we do not know the answer.
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in heliopolis the city of the sun everything is the knowledge of the knife. but what of all the figures on the measurements what of it that the pillar as a twenty meters told more than two meters in diameter and each consists of only three cylindrical bones. what does it matter that wondrous buildings were raised at the behest of pot crazed roman. as hungry for glory they still remain a wonder. the builders nameless to us had an enviable ability to make massive stone appear light and elegant.
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it's the mystery of proportion that we see here we may not believe in the room and eighties but the harmony the balance prompt admiration and all. and the stone masons of the province of asia who made the miracle happen did they believe in the roman gods in jupiter venus backus. under the names of these strange dawns the local people continue to worship their own ditties not that all the gods were strange backus the god of wine originated in the orient and had reached rome via greece the roman empire builders were wonderful headed breed but they were intrigued by the cultic mysteries which best the bounds of their own pragmatic rational co. the romans were tolerant and should enough to permit the worship of
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a man gods in their empire. the more names in the divine firmament the vasta the glory of the roman empire. the great strength of the romans lay in appropriating the ideas of others and turning their imagination into account. the empire absorb the knowledge and the creeds of other people the romans own religion had not gained a foothold in the some the temple of that compels the i was a magical attraction even the unbelieving visitor records its image. its majestic and an revealing this temple behind who is walls mysterious rituals were celebrated attended only by the initiated. they were orgiastic ecstatic writes that exalted death and resurrection.
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a short distance away whether to rain dips is the third of the roman temples sacred to be seen as goddess of love of the spring the image incarnate of youth and desire . it's as if the. yes more modest temple issue in competition with the mighty of buildings of the other day it is. perhaps mean to attempt to worship as a side to a more discrete location. really awful this is a place of contradictions but also of opposites reconcile this perfect and the might of nature this power crazed ambition but humble reverence to. this great shrine of the roman day it is was never completed and in the seventh century when arab on is fighting for heliopolis the temple of jupiter had low since
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served as a quarry for the building of christian basilicas. you'll if the temple of backus had not escaped destruction if we were unable to pace this pillared walk how would we ever be able to gauge its majesty. we sat on a stone in a shady courtyard for a bear wrote in his journal and thought outloud of the imperium ramana. man for two hundred fifty years a small town in the province of asia far from the great metropolis of rome was a focus of roman civilization which conquered the world and remained open to that world.
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in far away roman emperors were proclaimed in this thread what declared gods and were murdered but in heliopolis the great work in honor of the gods went on quietly and steadily. but then emperor constantine was converted to the new religion and the christian god would tolerate no other gods beside him. their statues and symbols were overthrown and the destruction of the ancient holy sites began to take its course. shashi. perhaps it was the wrath of jupiter whose old i was
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