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tv   Interview - Franziska Schreiber I was met with hate.  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2018 9:02am-9:15am CEST

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arsonist. tyrant. the roman emperor nero. to be just get back to france. renowned historians are reexamining this case rethinking the road as history been unfair to the infamous emperor starts aug fourteenth on d. w. . along with four years francisca schreiber was a close advisor to falcon patriot former leader of the far right a.f. the party schreiber has since left the a.f.p. and has warned about the party's policies. mistry both the f.t. is the largest opposition party in germany with ninety two members in the german understocked if your book about this party is called inside a.f.d. pattaya highs inside do you do you see the party as
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a second tiger. i mean sick it has a sect like structure or not in what way. they put up a united front and everyone has to stick together it's us against the world against everyone else the media and other political parties there's the f.t. and then there's the rest of society they want to set themselves apart and create their own society. and that's a strong sect like principle but that's was that why you join the party it's us against the rest of the world. can know as well exactly. it was this notion of sticking together and working together towards one primary goal. it was an exciting feeling at first made me feel like i was in good hands. it was like a feel good. you could be attacked from all sides but it didn't matter because the party sticks together like a family. i thought that was really attractive and that's what i'm from.
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that's what i'm person what was the big issue for you at the beginning. i mean i like the idea of renewal a new political entity that could break up the old political system that's more citizen involvement a sort of bottom up grassroots movement that's what appealed to me from the start of them they wanted to be more of a citizens movement and less of a typical political party. you have to think out of the party change as of the. started gradually right from the start there were some nationalists in the f.t. it was a pretty disparate group at first but it grew and grew they were able to attract more nationalists and those people also joined the party. and of course every time one of them made a shocking statement the more liberal or moderate members left the party they all said this isn't why i joined. the for this mission is apparently.
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for zits knew that you were the party chair of the youth wing of the a.f.p. party in the state of saxony. the youth wing chairman in lower saxony has claimed that those who try to assassinate hitler were traitors how radical is the a.f.d.c. use of wings. that's a major problem. with his statement which has since been rejected by the air deal either is silly and is hardly an exceptional opinion among youth wing members. before lots of them discuss and say things like that behind closed doors and. calling the anti nazi resistance traitors is a glorification of national socialism that's. the part that van governments over you may controversial statements yourself and post in twenty fifteen you said the denying the holocaust was simply testing the limits of freedom of speech. and that
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is help us is what i actually said was that holocaust deniers used the soldiers directions to advance their conspiracy theories back then i thought that the restriction should be lifted so that we could bring those people out into the open and confront them directly the media and little holes that they have never denied the existence of the holocaust when that's on from on it was deplorable in holocaust. but at one point i did indeed consider lifting the speech restrictions so that people could express their opinions openly and then be criticised for them . months of the neighborhood and clinton is that still your view and i know. we have to consider the feelings of the victims of national socialism and their families we simply cannot allow people to make statements like that. it's one thing not to introduce such restrictions on the first place and quite another to live to
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them later if we lifted the existing restrictions now do it seem like we were somehow condoning what people say. so i definitely do not support that position today the thing that is the sort of confines of a place this is going to be how do you say that the f.t. has become more right wing in the mean time nationalists. statements are appearing more often in the media should see one refer to the holocaust memorial in berlin as a monument of disgrace another said that the nazi era was just a blip on the timeline of german history did not are these just verbal slips that were trying to shift it said that's also true one doesn't know they are not from the east at first i thought they were like that person was just misquoted or the remarks were taken out of context. but then i realized that these statements were deliberately made as provocations. there are lots of different reasons for that for example a party official might have been attacked by colleagues or perhaps his career was
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on the brink of just been reelected so he makes a scandalous statement to appeal to the grassroots supporters and if they're hardcore they love it they see such remarks as displays of courage and standing up to the establishment. system establishment in the f. d. it's quite common for people to make radical comments to prove to their supporters that they haven't gone soft or. vice list these are what's behind this strategy don't they want the state structure to stay like it is and for all the line of work and no absolutely not. the state structures make sure that the a.f.d. remains a minority movement particularly in day to day politics the a.f.d. believe that the media should be purged that's the way they put it they say that all these grubby leftist green and social democrat media people should be tossed
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out. so that they can no longer influence what people think. and if that were to happen people would see that the a if he is actually the political party that represents the best. record which substantially increase their base of voters off the cuff does. it sounds like the office for the protection of the constitution should step in their job is to keep an eye on extremists but in your book you claim that the director of that office of the hans-georg mohsen advised former a.f.d. leader frank a patriot on how the party could stay out of trouble you've talked to him from i didn't come through what is your source for those allegations. as it helped us present basically from page three told me herself. she also said that beyond a senior party official should be expelled to keep the authorities from cracking
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down because she said she got her information from personal conversations and told deputy party leader aleksandar garland and several other top officials about it. and will confirm that the topic even came up when the national ifill eater's held a telephone conference at the n.p.t. discussed her consultations with moscow it's miserable mr hawtrey claims that you made all of this up and mr marson denies that he has ever advised the a.f.p. . some critics have accused you of exaggerating your importance within the party as part of an effort to sell your book. your response to cross him. as. i think people overestimate the power of a nonfiction book about politics. i don't think that a book written by someone who used to be in the a.f.d. is going to make me rich even if there is a lot of interest in the book and i have no reason to attack p.t.
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or mohsen that certainly wasn't my intention. and so close now to haiti and i did not part on bad terms. we had a good relationship right up to the end. we no longer have contact with each other but that there is no ill will between us. so because it is in the paper you said you joined the party because of the us against them concept. but it was your point did you decide to quit because i'm not kid ourselves. that some of what had us healing only lasts as long as you agree with everything the party does. but if you start criticizing pie. policies then you become a target. suddenly party members see you as part of the establishment a member of the opposition a collaborator. you experience hostility and even hatred.
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there were a lot of insults and. i experienced that for the first time when i criticised about some of his racial theories. putting on the little or i felt a wave of hatred washing over me for that was when i realized that people in the f.t. don't really stick together. it's all a facade. would you describe your resignation from the party as a positive development if so how. do you know you're almost good as will it was really positive that i was able to achieve closure by working through what happened to me i could make a clean break that's another positive messages of support from people some say that they felt uncomfortable about the party but they blamed themselves now they said
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they understand how the party works and they decided to leave too or they won't vote for the f.t. again those messages make me feel better. than cheating or your sister is an anti fascist are you talking again. we never stopped but now i think she enjoys talking to me and your parents. will stick with his course they're certainly relieved that i left the party. they couldn't understand why i joined in the first place i suppose they figure that i did mention they get to the point where i couldn't take it anymore i suppose it doesn't come from it's in for the bones of them but i saw our interview draws to a close we'd like you to complete three statements for us. first i helped to spread a.f.d. propaganda and i regret that because. i brought other people into the party. and in some cases it ruined their lives this boy says and i truly regret that top it up
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as i wrote a book about the f.t. because of violence and. i wanted closure and to get that i had to work through everything that happened to me a video vote for the a of d. is a vote for and a party dominated by far right radicals on francisco schreiber thank you thank you . thank them from people make fun about their own social economic and political problems. in mozambique we say that you have to laugh so you don't write it's how people because we think they'd liberal. as. us to talk about those folks in that let's look at you know. i like to start my day by checking all
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all those jokes finding out what people are talking about what is moving that. my father taught me how to ask uncomfortable questions about my country and about the book that this website i keep doing to this day my name is madison and i work at g.w. . as long as. my managers do not go to day nothing would change you know the banks are mine and so was the language of the bankers money. speaking the truth global news that matters to a w for minds.


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