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if it comes to a freak show no something's book d.w. africa. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin the turkish lira falls to a new low countries president says turkey's financial system is under attack the central bank has promised to do all it can to stabilize the currency but fear is growing that the crisis could spread to other markets including europe. also coming up edging towards peace north and south korea agreed to hold a third salt lake in september but worries remain over the nuclear standoff between
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the border and the us. drowning out the white supremacists and she races turn out in force to protest against a neo nazi rally in washington d.c. . then by munich begin the new season with an end to victory over frankfurt in the german super cup we'll bring you the highlights from the latest when. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us and i'm for you not us with business news thanks for joining us the turkish lira had a new record low during monday's trading in asia it has since recovered but the currency is still very unstable it has lost forty five percent of its value so far this year putting the turkish economy under a lot of pressure how be it from the business to us has more need mark more. that
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story turkish president of egypt type of the one says his country is in a state of economic war and his government is about to announce an action plan that is supposed to stop the lyrics continuing decline but a diplomatic dispute with the united states that has led donald trump to double terrorists' for turkish steel and aluminum is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon . turkey's in freefall last week alone it fell by one fifth against the dollar president retta tie affair to one has appealed to the public to stay calm and believe in god he's also urged them to convert their foreign currency holdings into lira but people are doing the opposite hoping to keep their cash safe in dollars and euros that's acceleration dive unsent inflation soaring. it was a ready hide back in january ten percent by july it had risen to sixteen percent. the ripple effects could soon be felt beyond turkey with concern growing
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about foreign banks being exposed to turkish deaths within the e.u. spanish banks of the most vulnerable have been lent a total of eighty billion dollars to turkish borrowers and turkish companies are concerned they won't be able to meet their debt commitments to foreign investors. u.s. president donald trump's decision to double tariffs on turkish steel and alue many m imports have come as a further devastating blow to the economy investors are now seriously questioning whether the country can free itself from what's turning into a major crisis. it is a critical situation let's go to. correspondent dorian jones has been following the story for us good to see you the government was very quick to say that they have an action plan that there is no economic reason for this turmoil are people there buying that what's the sentiment. well the sentiment on the street is of complete
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shock they've seen their currency implode in the front of their eyes and it's now fear and trepidation about what the future will hold because turkey is no stranger to currency crisis it knows what the repercussions are of these and that will be massive inflation turkey relies heavily on imports i have to be paid in foreign currency and there is awareness that there's a tsunami of price rises will it turkey and with that there is the fears of rising unemployment so at the moment there is a great deal of fear of what the future will hold and despite the president's calls of people to convert their foreign savings into the lyrics of the fender currency it appears that that court is not being heeded as the currency continues still fall and we do know that the governor wants to announce this action plan we know don't know the exact details yet but what types of measures could we see there taking the government. but it's very difficult to say i mean leave the finance treasury minister on friday who is the son in law of the president did on bail
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a new economic model one for an hour it did very little to common basis concerns is unclear what measures you can take be taken because the president has ruled out all the measures that international investors are calling for no increase in interest rates the defend the currency the president says that is out of the question even if the case they could even for no reining in of turkey's massive public expenditure which is over leverage the economy and also nowhere talks or any prospect of making an i.m.f. agreement which is seen as key by investors to bring stability to the markets and the reason why the president is taking this harsh stance he doesn't believe this is a financial crisis he believes this is being generated by washington and what he calls an economic war and therefore he says there's no need to take financial steps he says this is a battle between the two countries so that means that the situation will probably get worse if there is no actual solution could there be a contagion to other emerging markets for example because that's
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a big fear. well that certainly does appear to be the fear on international markets in the middle east emerging markets there have been heavily particularly banks that have large investments in turkey and there is a similar concern about european banks that have strong local. banks in turkey they could be exposed and you have to realize turkey owns in the region of well over two hundred billion dollars in foreign debt some most of many much of that is linked to the european markets and turkey continually needs this money to sustain the economy how it will do that is the big question and that is putting a big question mark over the sustainability of the banking system going forward if the currency continues to sustain the heavy fourth. tour in the turkish government has given some indications that it may try to develop more economic ties with russia and gravitate away from the west is the turkish government ready to go that route do you think well i certainly the message of president in fact he wrote
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he penned an op ed in the new york times outlining that he says he's very strategic partnership with the united states is at stake and he's already alluded to the growing ties with moscow and now beijing in fact turkey recently signed a loan agreement of several billion dollars with china that has been suggested as a way possibly out of this although investors are very skeptical that will be a solution to the message coming from currys if washington continues to take its hard stance towards it will look to all the partners and that cost doubts about even the future of turkey's nato partnership. dorian thank you so much for bringing us up to date dorian jones there in istanbul so very interesting developing story the turkish central bank says it's ready to take all necessary measures to ensure stability whatever that may be we'll see how that goes oh. sure you'll be on this for the rest of dave thanks so much. now north and south
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korea have agreed to hold a summit in pyongyang in september it'll be the third meeting between the leaders of the rival countries this year the announcement came after officials have a fresh round of high level talks on monday morning the goshi ations in the demilitarized zone between the two countries were posed by the north last week relations on the peninsula have been falling for there despite tensions between north. and the south's ally washington. over more now we're joined from seoul by reuters correspondent george smith josh we don't have an exact date i'm told for the summit but we know roughly what will be on the agenda. but they also didn't announce specifics of the agenda but the north koreans did say that they wanted to talk about removing obstacles to into
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korean reconciliation this is potentially likely to include the key issues including sanctions as well as in full declaration of peace not only between the two koreas but between north korea and the united states and actually china as well these are some things that have all sides been hung up we've on the past and so while this summit is likely to have a lot of hype. the two koreas are likely to focus on some you know various cooperation issues and some things that might be more realistically attained now this summit trees become rather intense this will be the third meeting between the two sides north and south korea since april how significant are these get togethers do they signal a sustained fall do you think. it does certainly appear like both sides are trying to keep up the trend of increased cooperation between the
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two koreas trying to prevent some kind of slide back into the tensions that not only marked last year but several years before that so as opposed to for example the last summit which was kind of a last minute affair between the two leaders right on the border this next summit in pyongyang is certainly expected to be a huge affair a lot of sea and a lot of symbolism of. trying to make amends so a lot of pageantry of off symbolism this meeting coming up we think in september between the north and south poles a high profile summit between conjunct and the u.s. president donald trump back in june are we any closer analogy last to seeing the denuclearization of north korea. i think even optimists realize that that's a goal that is likely to take years if not decades to north korea in recent weeks has increased some of its rhetoric criticizing state soul in the united nations
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over talk of the need for that is ation so while it says it is committed to the needs there's ation of the korean peninsula there doesn't seem to have been off whole lot of movement since some of those summits so this is definitely one of the challenges for not only the south korean president but also officials around the world to try to make progress on in the coming months josh thank you very much for bringing us up to date a reuters correspondent josh smith there in seoul south korea. now some other stories making headlines around the world today. fay fire at a hospital in taiwan has killed at least nine people and injured more than fifty the blaze broke out early monday morning at a facility used for also is there are emergency services rushed the injured to several nearby hospitals authorities have launched an investigation into the cause of the plague so. human rights groups have called on european governments to allow
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the aquarius rescue ship to dock and let one hundred forty migrants enter europe. italy along its ports to migrant ships accuse the charities of colluding with human smugglers to run a migrant taxi service that encourages illegal immigration. into britain based monitor groups says an explosion in northern syria on sunday that killed at least thirty nine people including many children. it's said that the blast struck the town and saw in it live province that's one of the areas of territory still held by rebels opposed to president bashar al assad. a white supremacist rally in washington d.c. bizzle doubt on sunday after only a handful of neo nazis showed up the supremacy for massively outnumbered by hundreds of counter protesters rally was held on the first anniversary of a demonstration in charlottesville virginia where one woman was killed.
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i think hundreds of people marching free washington to condemn racial hatred the year after a white supremacist rally in charlottesville ten deadly these counter-demonstrators far outnumber the white nationalist protest which is also being held in the u.s. capital yes it's vital that. we don't allow white supremacist and open fascists to take the street uncontested i don't want nazis and white supremacists to speak for me i thought it was important to come out so that there's other voices to counteract them this empowerment of people who think that their congress and conference suit was the the people's rights is way out of line and because of a stance on isn't it ridiculous. degree provide around twenty white nationalists was much smaller than expected and was escorted by hundreds of police officers who were out in force to ensure no clashes erupted. the organizers downplayed their
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role in last year's violence. he sighed i won't be strong i use oh there'll. be a police i need i need a t.v. man do what i. i i. think in charlottesville where the far right was forbidden to rally this year largely peaceful commemoration events white house last year hundreds of white nationalists descended on the city to protest the removal of the monuments in confederate general robert c. late the rally ten violent as protesters clashed with counter protesters common eighteen the death of head the higher it was killed when a man trade his car into a crowds. back in washington that downpour brought an end to a day of remembrance and protest without any violence. a correspondent
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my schwager was at the demonstrations in washington here's her take on how the protests unfolded. in washington d.c. there were far more counter protesters who converge on the city to stand against the white nationalist message of exclusion and white supremacy a lot of these people here came from all over the country and there were several hundred more than there were actual white nationalists who came to protest for their cause but a lot of the people here told me that they fear that the tide has not turned since last year in charlottesville when heather higher was killed they fear that white nationalism is still on the rise in the country fueled in part by a president who refuses to speak explicitly out against it. you know he is biased waiter there in washington now cubans are starting a debate on a new draft constitution today for the next four months people are invited to voice their opinion on the document and hundreds of public events on the on a vote is to be taken in february next year the new constitution would for the
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first time recognize the role of the market and the private sector many welcome the changes but some worry it could spell the end of communism in cuba. cuban hotel i know julio roquet has been working in hospitality for more than a decade he's closely following the debate over amending cuba's soviet era constitution the national assembly has recognized the right to private property its decision could come into effect next year but even if it happens julio is not expecting challenges of the night. and i don't think that recognizing private property in the constitution will automatically mean that we'll see the creation of small and medium sized private companies in cuba but. the national assembly is adoption of a draft constitution fall i'd hate to debate some lawmakers express concern that the changes could effectively main the end of communism julio feels insulted by some of what traditionalists had to say. nothing.
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like herds of males in the national assembly over whether it would be right to allow artists and athletes to accumulate wealth. but it can in but in the one hundredth unearth talent and skill matters to me when people said it's a demeaning role they were degrading our country. to him quote i said. private property and the role of the market and now set to be in shrine and in a new constitution but this still has to be officially approved in a referendum. that's only when i agree with what's happening and i hope other changes in our country will also be taken into account through further modifications of the constitution. and i literally could never do the same play again the private sector should be recognized that companies like cooperatives are more in line with our system which is socialism. and head of the referendum the
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people of cuba will be able to have a say on the draft constitution. hotelier houllier ok is planning to attend bytes to propose his own ideas of what should happen next. in. individual enrichment always brings about collective irishman with. through taxation i'm going to through the creation of individual employment or else by creating improvements in a community. so entrepreneurship ought to be seen as a potential opportunity for the cuban government because it can assist in improving citizens quality of life. for. many cubans hope the brand of socialism set to be enshrined in the new constitution will bring them greater prosperity the vote has created bring new debate over the country's future. here in germany few issues are as controversial as the wearing of headscarves by
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some muslim women critics say it's a sign of oppression by men supporters say in a democracy people should be allowed to dress as they please the debate is coming to a head in the region of north rhine-westphalia there the local government is considering banning the headscarf for girls under the age of fourteen as yalda found emotions are running high. and three classmates three muslim girls so he there has been wearing a headscarf since she was ten it bothers her that some petitions want to forbid girls from doing so. well right this time only twelve minutes they say you have to leave you headscarf i say no it's my choice you can't tell me what to do you know my parents you don't have custody of me and you can't make my decisions for me. i also want to wear a headscarf but only when i am older and mature enough to make my own decision. but
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at what age are girls really old enough to make a conscious decision to wear islamic head covering the german stayed up with integration minister says that younger than fourteen is too young and he thinking about banning it for. me is very important to us we want women who voluntarily decide to wear a headscarf to be accorded full respect for society this is nothing to do with marginalization but we do not want young girls to be forced into it because. most googles here at elizabeth comprehensive school in bonn say they were the headscarf voluntarily. and. almost all of the students here are muslim but only very few of them actually where he job under the age of fourteen what is striking though all the girls i talked to say they plan to wear one in future. some teachers are critical of this trend but they feel a ban would be counterproductive the state islam teachers at the comprehensive
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school in bonn take a different approach. meir gunsmiths gets the it's very important to me as a teacher to enter the debate this shouldn't be a straight ban but this should be a conversation with school girls who are searching for answers wearing a headscarf is of course a symbol that strengthens one's identity so to ask about such a personal decision i can only do this when is trust and one would wish to tone sixth grade islam plus is supposed to inspired these peoples to critically analyze the religion to make room for open discussion and lo different interpretations of the koran. you also have to think about how things were fourteen hundred years ago and how things are today is the fourth. not an easy task when it comes to the headscarf debate most children have taken on their parents' attitudes. like they should wear a headscarf from puberty for me i just fourteen or fifteen so they don't get
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harassed or something just like. my sisters have also started wearing headscarves and i've seen them wearing them and i was the only one left so i said ok i'll put one until. it was a party these are religious traditions that have continued and of course they're also seen as traditions by their families. and their own absolutely seen that way by the mosques. to. them bocanegra is trying to get his pupils to question traditions for him school is just the right place for it. some soccer news for you now on by munich have won their first piece of silverware of the new season after beating frankfurt in the german super cup the reigning league champions were in unstoppable form
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a benchley winning the game five nil the results made it a happy return for beyond new coach nico kobayashi who won the german cup with frankfurt just a few months ago. nico kovach to return to his old stomping ground in frankfurt and he was feeling the love. put on the pitch he was looking to defeat his former club . at the start frankfurt brought physicality and looked ready for the match but biron opened up the scoring in the twenty first minute the pass from yahshua can make set up robert levin go skeets a handy and give byron in early leak i've. been things got a bit heated between marco fabini and goalscorer eleven dogs who told gave the perfect response again with this he was great for a goalkeeper frederick who no looked uncertain to kneel by or humbles was lucky not to get a red card for this foul and me i got cian of each. after the break byron took
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advantage again through that window ski who completed his hat trick time but biron weren't finished kingsley coleman added another to pour salt in the eagles' moods was and then tiago added a fifth goal to seal the game was nico kovach his new side of mali's his old one they probably won't give him such a warm welcome next time though when is byron's seventh super cup victory. over more and binds victory from t w sports joins us here in the studio hey element impressive stuff there from beyond what stood out in their performance for you. but the hat trick i mean we're well aware that he's been toying with the idea of wanting to leave by a new name and you saw phases of that last season where you were like you know some
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of his performances were not up to par you know like he seemed trash traded he didn't seem motivated we're going to see really want to be here and this is when you comes along basically with his great people skills takes are very frustrated robert naiman dosti to the side convinces him to stay convinces him of his importance and what do you get the going machine is back robert they haven't off he's back the old one so a goal machine there for for munich but what about frankfurt is this kind of a bad omen for their season i'm not going to be so hot in frankfurt i mean this is a team in transition they lost around three to four of they keep us on top of that nico colebatch to buy a new batch isn't just any coach i mean he played a huge role in frankfurt success last season and then as there's also the problem how some of his players like a bitch for example the world cup run up with croatia he has missed most of pre-season training so i mean let's be realistic it's going to take time for frankfurt to adot adapt to i.v.
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her to snooze system so they will have their work cut out the season ok looking ahead to the rest of the season in fact looking all the way to the end that given what we've just seen from by and in all minister form is there any chance of any other team maybe. the championship you saw they set the tone and it's a very dominant tone by in munich by nature they syria when i was i mean they have the consistency they have the depth i don't see them getting complacent and i hate to say this but i think that when you see the title race is over before it even gets started sorry itself for and we hope that it will mix it up a bit in the course of the early votes on a different day that we used for. well the twenty eighteen european athletics championships concluded in berlin on sunday was a good closing day for the british team who dominated. on the track great britain won the women's four by one hundred meter relay event britain's men's team also won gold in their race those results meant great britain finish top of the medals table
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and it was a big day for sweden's armand du pont as he took home gold in the men's pole vault final clearing height of six point zero five meters a new personal best for the eighteen year old and also an under twenty world record . just for we go reminder the top story we're following for you here today on d w news turkey's president won says his country's financial system is under attack after the currency hit new lows in asian trading a central bank says it will take all necessary measures to maintain stability all the nearest decline has been worsened by a diplomatic dispute with the united states. soil your news for now i'll be back on top of the next hour with much more and of course for stories online it should be dot com thanks for what was.
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