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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  August 14, 2018 5:45pm-6:00pm CEST

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time for an upgrade. how about furniture clothes all but. house with no roof. design highlights you can make your suit. tips and tricks that will turn your home a special. upgrade yourself with v.w. interior design travel on you tube. shift living in the digital age on today show. decoding emotions. pixel music videos. and complicated chain reactions but first digital identity many websites require
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a unique logon and password which can be confusing logons through social media are simpler but those companies can exploit users' information a german startup aims to be a safer alternative. whether it's social media or online shopping internet services require users to identify themselves with different amounts of data this information forms our digital identities on the web and if they get a digital identity can be a user name or a password on but it can also be a bit. i can also register with my real name or i can use a pseudonym. i have a hotline so digital identities are quite diverse it is just there few if it takes the protection of digital identities is a hot market until now facebook and google dominated social loggins for those users only need an email address and password real names aren't required. this is easy
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for users but despite supposedly anonymity online companies can still collect and analyze their personal data. providers like the germans start a very me would like to make a lot easier and more secure at very many users must first log in their real names and then they receive one log in from various online sites. in the termes vision has to give back users control over their data in the digital world. i don't believe we can currently control where our data is you know there i mean we save all that here in europe ended. with data protection regulation facebook and google it's all sent to america very me users can decide which information is collected by online platforms they can also determine who has access to their data very me provides users with an overview of how their data is being used by clients. in the syria i think it's great that vera me makes user privacy our priority but we're
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centralized data collection there is always the problem that a. very lucrative for a hacker. for example would happen to earth identity or stolen. identity theft can have terrible consequences for example online purchases can be made under someone else's name the more data stolen the greater the damage the companies that cooperate with very many benefits from centralized data collection. companies such as telecom. are outsourcing responsibility for their data but they can be certain that users of bury me are authenticated. unlike with social law against sitting them a star not permitted. for online security expert. this also has disadvantages the c.e.o. until now using a pseudonym was one of the biggest man. because of going online where you could be
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who you wanted to be and get information about things that you know maybe would not dare to research on or watch. if we have to identify ourselves through very me before visiting certain websites on the one hand you know everywhere we go online and the other of those sites we previously visited anonymously now know our real identity. and now the data collected is verified and authentic the security of online platforms is more crucial than ever very nice security architecture was developed at berlin's free university and the found bullfight institute. users can rest assured that nothing will happen to their doubt about that i won't be exploited commercially and that it's unsafe we're here to very high security standards to those worlds the latest encryption technology and were regularly certified through a third party name on. the importance of a digital identity and its use is ever growing so it's especially vital that users
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have control over them the success of very meta pens on both user numbers and participating companies at the moment they're still unable to keep up with larger internet businesses. chipsets protect your digital identity. and now networkers passionate digital creators and their projects today emotion endless me. he's the co-founder of the london company realize his passion reading emotions with the help of big data. he was commissioned by businesses like coca-cola and they did this to analyze consumer reactions to advertisements. emotions are. quite complex and we people don't really understand them very well by now so that's why that's where computers are actually getting better because there's more intelligence on the back and then a single person. with the aid of artificial intelligence his company wants to
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precisely evaluate the expressions of users subjects' are shown advertisements. web camera even the slightest movement and the software recognizes emotions like excitement and in comprehension. this company is a market leader in web based motion analysis in the future that could be integrated into various apps but who has access to this sensitive data that's a big topic. discussed anywhere that you have to be more aware and more. is filling this gap he's working to integrate emotion research machine learning and high paying business clients. online gambling addiction betting companies are open around the clock on the net allowing serial gamblers to easily slide into
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a compulsion exports are calling for more regulation which could harm profits and tax revenues. the first that he placed on a game was only five euros he was eighteen then and thought he knew a thing or two about soccer but the bets kept increasing and so did his losses. he gambled away twenty thousand euros he's a gambling addict. on the phone or at the computer. because the next. it's just to get the money again you know it's a vicious cycle. some one point four million people in germany. unproblematic twenty four point. seven percent are especially. fish.
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says easy access is making matters worse. with gambling you basically have the betting shop in your pocket accessibility is an important factor with addictions calls. compulsive gamblers don't have to go out or do anything or go anywhere they can play anywhere in the world. her greatest criticism is the lack of protection for gamblers in germany there's a nationwide gambling pact that is meant to prohibit gamblers from excessive betting experts however criticize that these legal regulations are ineffective especially for online betting companies based in other countries. in effect we have a regulated sports gambling market in germany particularly online and these companies are free from government restrictions. on. the sport betting companies see the situation differently they consider such regulations outdated and
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argue that stricter rules what scare away their customers or is it that they'd endangered their business model the industry generates millions for both the gambling businesses and for the government which also offer sports betting and profits from the resulting taxes the profits in germany have risen sharply in the last five years from eighty four to three hundred seventy six million euros. a lot of that money comes from gambling addicts first serial gamblers it's best to have their access to betting companies blocked and to avoid registering elsewhere. ships says unregulated risk. short and sweet the ship snapshot. indonesian animator. aka loves his computer so much that he uses it to revamp contemporary. music video
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of. the us based artist is clearly a big fan of donald glover why else would he have wanted to recreate his hit video this is america with old school software. he spent more than two months creating a pixel version of the dance frame by frame. he carefully placed each individual pixels and documenting his progress on twitter . even used floppy discs for this archaic project. it's pretty impressive how closely the pixel animated version dances in unison with the real donald glover that was the snapshot i. want more from life in the digital age than visit our facebook page d w digital. here you'll find the latest digital news and trends including interesting apps the latest gadgets helpful tutorials and of
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course our shift reports. like us comment and tell us what you think on d w digital . and as always on shift we leave through the exit the internet find of the week today marvels magnets and music. videos of marble runs are extremely popular online little toy blocks made of wood fidget spinners dominoes and magnets are all obstacles for a tiny ball this video has generated more than a million views on you tube since the beginning of the year. what's unique about you tube or doodle chaos is videos is that classical music plays in the background . this marble run is perfectly timed with tchaikovsky's beautiful waltz of the flowers so that the marbles roll in time with the music.
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now for the grand finale. and next week i'm going to reality is inspiring more and more creative experiments the computer generated world offers new possibilities for the creators as well as viewers productions in virtual reality next week on shift. to. pick up. the season so please take another look. by. six players. and limo schundler get the
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flu. to live. rock n roll live. sinful rhythms condemned by the church. and oh oh oh that evil for you in that you feel when you like. feel. hard stuff no one is more popular than. the. rock and religion clash that brings many parallels to light. one of the two. really so irreconcilable
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upcoming the devil me and. starts aug nineteenth d.w. . every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word american eagle the coaxing germany to such. a system why not learn with him. to stuff it simple online on your mobile and free. t.w. zingy learning course speak german maybe see. his creations learn shifts just brand mistake a bit come lock up an icon of the. book what do we really know about the man behind the dark sheets what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of
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a great fashion designer who's going to do something special effects and start september not w. plain. unions. this is deja news coming to you live from london and it's been described as an immense tragedy but it's a nice transport minister a huge motorway bridge collapses in the northern city of genuine at least thirty people are reported to have died as the structure tumbled onto a ridge benign and houses the no. also on the program london is hit by another attack with a car british police say they're treating a car crash outside the house of parliament as an act of terror is them they've arrested the suspect.


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