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this is to give you news live from berlin rescuers in italy worked through the night to find survivors of the collapsed highway bridge in the northern city of jenin or at least thirty five people are now confirmed dead the government says it's determined to find out what caused the disaster. also coming up indian prime minister narendra modi outlines his government's achievements and some of the ambitious goals for the future but in his annual independence day speech. and after turkey's president called for a boycott on american i phones he's now doubling tariffs on a whole raft of u.s.
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imports we go to istanbul to check the mood on the street. i'm serious oh my god because i have you with us at least thirty five people are now known to have been killed after a highway bridge collapsed in the italian city of genoa many more are injured some seriously rescuers have been working around the clock to find survivors and bodies in the rubble the country's president has called the collapse a catastrophe for the country. it was a race against the clock in the italian city of genoa as rescue efforts continued into the night reinforcements were sent to the site in the hopes of finding survivors trapped in knishes under the rubble. up above emergency workers wait patiently in case someone is pulled out alive but after seeing the collapsed
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morandi bridge for himself italian prime minister just said the continent want italians to prepare for the west we look. for more so i have personally ascertained so far the number of dead will increase at this moment it's an incredible tragedy because there wasn't an explosion or an accident but we are working on the hypothesis that this was a structural failure. this is the moment tragedy struck the witness only managing oh my god as a bridge collapsed. the full extent of the damage would soon be revealed about a one hundred meters stretch caved in. rescuers have been working round the clock since surgery struck the witness only managing oh my god as a bridge collapsed. the full extent of the damage would soon be
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revealed about a one hundred meters stretch caved in. rescuers have been working round the clock since searching every nook and cranny for any signs of life. i really think uncle were using all the resources available i repeat we hope to find more people alive as for the final numbers we'll update you later. each year we are more agile not. built in the one nine hundred sixty s. the more randy bridge has been subject to many repairs critics say possible structural. weaknesses as well as a sudden violent storm that struck the area at the time might be to blame. but for the families of those two missing the top priority now is to get their loved ones out from under the rubble hopefully while they're still alive. let's bring in journalist seem a cop that she is following the story from the italian capital rome hi thema bring
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us up to date on the search for survivors. well what we do know in terms of the latest report says that some thirty five people unfortunately appear to have been killed and that includes at least three children but at the same time on tuesday four people were live from underneath the rubble and so those search and rescue operations are continuing they went through the night and continuing on wednesday as well now there is concern about the sections of the bridge potentially collapsing in so some eleven buildings have been evacuated from the area to be sure that they aren't this bill for the loss of life or injury. the city of jenin what has been really strongly hit by this tragedy and the mayor has called for two days of mourning as a result of what's happened at the same time those people are still hoping. more people may be pulled out alive from on this collapsed motorway to see what you know
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what are some of the challenges that rescue workers are facing as they search for more people. well there some are thousand people a soul involved in this operation five fight is to the police as well as emergency and ambulance services and their own corking like how they would work in the situation of an earthquake that's something decades he's used to dealing in the past in some of those civil the types of units i'm told days hope perhaps that underneath the rubble perhaps there might be some pockets where people have taken shelter and still they're not stopping a search and rescue efforts and concern about potential further damage of course on the minds of those rescue workers in the meantime to help with this also dealing with those that have been affected in terms of injuries but also providing psychological support to the families as well as other people affected by this tragedy seem as we saw on our report a lot of questions being asked about why this happened are authorities any closer
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to identifying who or what is to blame. well the deputy prime minister has a pretty good very clear that who ever is responsible will be taken to task over what has happened but at the moment it's still too early to tell just figure it out but as you say questions about the structural soundness of this boat to wait bridge i mean it was built in all created back in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven but has undergone frequent repairs since the seventy's in fact it was undergoing the incidents work just recently as well to shore up its foundation there will it's talk back in two thousand and nine that the entire structure should be demolished that said however this motorway and this section is important for the economy of the city general what is a port city and so movement of merchandise to and from the city is very important and it really will have an impact on the economy in terms of what those happens forward but of course an investigation needs to take place to find out really the
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exact cause of this incident colonel thema good to speak to us from rome seema thank you very much. now some other stories making news around the world japan's emperor akihito has of expressed deep remorse for his country's role in world war two with the annual memorial event in tokyo during his three decades on the throne akihito was spoken out for peace and reconciliation the eighty four year old was appearing at the event for the last time he is due to abdicate next april. in the us a grand jury investigation has found that hundreds of roman catholic priests sexually abused more than one thousand children in the state of pennsylvania since the one nine hundred forty s. the report comes after a two year investigation that showed sexual abuse was systematically covered up by senior church officials. after a suspected terror attack in london on choose a police have now raided three addresses in central england three people were
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injured when a man drove into pedestrians and cyclists and crashed into a barrier outside the houses of parliament the twenty nine year old suspect was arrested at the scene he's not believed to be known to security services. here in germany the summer recess for politicians may be over but major challenges remain for chancellor angela merkel's her government's approval rating brindle before the summer as migration policy threaten to tear her coalition apart now chancellor merkel is back at work she started by holding a q. and a session with members of the public debt is michelle a kid no was there to see what kind of reception she was given. and america is back for political business starting off with a town hall meeting on europe in the eastern city of vienna she was eager to prove that she knows what germans think when they talk of brussels but many but. how much time the only thing i've spent twenty bananas sizes smaller ones come from
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different countries and the big ones all love the politics. things about the cucumber in the park or all posts within the first fifteen minutes of a one and a half hour debate the topic that so dominates merkel's chancery was back then hang money to turkey to keep migrants away one woman from this carefully selected audience asked is that the perspective we want to have on here. well i think we need those who come to us to come legally. legal and bigots once called another man why the government spends more money helping migrants in germany than helping people in syria or other regions there's a lesson from twenty fifteen to prevent this from repeating itself has to be that we don't just take care of migrants here but that we significantly raise germany's development aid a young medical student wants to know what the chancellor plans to do to win you
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back those voters who backed the far right alternative for germany in the last election they haven't let the idea behind it in there you want to elect a german chancellor with full support well you know in future well that is the marker say when you don't get all the support yes but you lost a lot of backing i know and fought as my answer is to solve problems instead of talking about them. but even merkel fans aren't quite satisfied with the longest serving political leader has been my impression of my head madam chancellor and i am fully with you. and how you so problems with your calm pragmatism. with my heart you must excuse me i'm with a vision and passion and. no she doesn't have the charm of the french president merkel takes it well and heads back to tackle her long list of challenges in berlin german chancellor angela merkel just managed to ride out the
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latest political storm over her migration policy this town hall consultation is a stark reminder that there are dark clouds hanging over what everybody expects to be her last term in office in december parties expected to reelect her as party leader usually no contest but these are unusual times. well i'm going back reiterated her support for a united european approach to migration in a session as the complicated reality of managing migration continues to play out in the mediterranean the rescue ship aquarius has now been given permission by malta to enter port after five european union countries agreed to accept the migrants on board the deal and the latest standoff between you members that kept the ngo ship and one hundred forty one people stranded at sea for days without safe harbor.
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after days at sea the exhausted travelers will be docking in malta. rescued off the coast of libya the one hundred forty one migrants on board the aquarius were in turn rejected by several coastal countries including italy. italy cannot continue to be the refugee camp of europe so obviously italy's determination and courage to say no has opened europe's most of it does but that it will. now five european union countries spain france germany portugal and luxembourg have agreed to accept the asylum seekers' spain hailed the deal as a success. force that needs the european response a coordinated response with some direct safe and responsible and also coherent for the spanish government or didn't think that anybody had yet the last few days have left the search and rescue charities exhausted and frustrated by their prolonged
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deliberations we really believe that there is a need and it's urgent that there is a human nature in tragedy which is still ongoing to see you know we need and can use and to ensure civil risk to people at sea and then he's embarked in safely in a port of safety according to the preacher yeah from our time you know. on the aquarius high spirits passenger augustine on your celebrates his birthday and his arrival. was always want to be on the positive the boss you know mindset you always want to see you know i'm going to go down i'm going to be one he's not just what is it about up against the rate of asylum seekers arriving in europe via the mediterranean is much lower than at its peak in two thousand and fifteen but the political tug of war over who should accept him looks set to continue. to india now where prime minister narendra modi has addressed the nation on the
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anniversary of his country's independence from britain seventy one years ago movie said india would launch its first manned space mission by twenty twenty two he also announced the world's largest state funded health care program to begin in september this was likely to be modi's last key address before a general election in the first half of next year. and let's bring in. our he's following the story from delhi hi ashish what stood out for you in the run from speech this year well so we were really stood out was that this was in many ways kind of like a campaign speech listing achievements making promises and and that's not to be unexpected given as you said you know we've got a general election coming up within the next year this is the last speech of this kind that modi will be making during this term at least and so it was very much like a campaign speech focusing on domestic issues much more than in foreign policy and
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in terms of those promises that he made one of the ones that stood out was this health care policy that is set to roll out next month. it is aiming to reach one hundred million of india's poorest families and five hundred million people that's the aim now obviously you will have to see how that rolls out and there has been a lot of sort of criticism and doubts raised about whether many of many of the states in india are actually equipped to to see this through and whether there are enough doctors enough beds to actually see through this kind of health care provision i should you mentioned promises in modi as someone who swept into office on big ideas big promises how much has he been able to deliver. well i think as with all things political it depends on who you ask but as far as mood is concerned today he was listing what he what he believes to be some of his key achievements tax reform goods and services tax that was introduced last year he talked about
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bringing electricity to many villages across the country and and building toilets as part of his initiative to sort of clean up the country but you know all of those policies have criticisms and depending on who you talk to people will say that you know even if you look at some of the numbers there that perhaps the actual long lasting deep impacts aren't necessarily there so it really depends on who you talk to and and what was interesting also was maybe some of the things that he didn't mention he didn't mention one of his big reforms which was the dimona ties asian policy almost two years ago now we're going to be. eradicated twenty six percent of india's currency because a lot of chaos it was it was an attempt by him to fight back against corruption and black money but perhaps the fact that he didn't mention it was and was an admission in some ways that perhaps it wasn't a great success that that's what some of his critics have been saying today. to
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reporting for us from delhi ashish thank you. to the highly anticipated european super cup now the winner of last season's champions league tournament takes on the winner of the europa league and it is a new era for real madrid christiane we're now though is no longer part of a team europa league winners that led to that meanwhile managed to hold on to their star on twenty. the critical madrid is expected to field a familiar lineup like ill be one of coach diego simeone aces famously hot to beat formations that let it all have a one hundred percent wins record in this competition winning it twice and beyond is expecting the return of these man will at fire power to attack the world cup when i missed the team's first outing of the season over the weekend to head to
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head record between it let it cool and realises heavily in reality favor but the super cup is on neutral ground in a stone. if the most important thing in any final isn't was about being in better shape physically or how we did it in preseason the most important thing is the emotion in. this game can be decided on an emotional level. but now the post or not iraq begins in earnest this is the first chance to assess this revamped reality a new coat. has underlined the importance of getting his tenure off to a good start. every game is different and every final is different as well and i think they've improved a lot and we have to see the last finals and i think this is again everyone the want to watch. isn't but if you look at i think.
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no matter the outcome can solve ready get up hoping this site picks up the first trophy of the season. ok have is here with this is now an obvious turkeys currency crisis stabilizes the president is hitting back at the u.s. that's right with a very particular phrase to me don't buy i phones could that be the phrase that will save the turkish economy and lead steph what's president has shipped out of the one called it citizens to do as a response to the ongoing trade and diplomatic dispute with the us in addition to the call for a boycott to u.s. products this wednesday turkey raise tariffs for all kinds of american products from tobacco to cars to alcoholic beverages it's now in the hands of turkish consumers to decide if they really want to pay higher prices or give up their last breaths. bulls electronics stores are still stocking oppose i phones they're popular and the second most sold smartphones in the country. but president
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type added one is calling on his people to boycott american brands and switch to others instead. all over the world. on the streets many seem to think that a boycott of u.s. brands is the said than done it with the government would have to stop apple products from entering the country and banned their sale how's that supposed to work you can't just make the i phone disappear from turkey. and get it delivered to the reason android phone at home which will use i support that way costs if they. don't have to use the product that fits my needs but i'm not having anyone tell me what to do. and with an economic crisis gripping the country many turks aren't exactly in a position to buy a new phone many turks appear willing to take part in the boy called president out on his calling for really to throw up their merican phones with the south korean
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model in this one but the problem is if you're on a minimum wage it would take you four months to pay it off that might be a price too high for even the president's most loyal supporters. this deal was using the opportunity to promote turkish made phones chairs and turkish phone maker vest electronic and surged after everyone's call to boycott u.s. brands as a monkey we stand behind our country that's why we're recommending this phone. over the past few days anti-american protests have taken place across turkey some demonstrate even though you can see if it is. up to make sure the u.s. president doesn't appear to know who he's dealing with he's facing a feel it's man the whole world knows his name. so you know what. but despite that patriotic sentiment it might be
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a while before turks are ready to part with arrive phones. it was a year ago that germany's second largest airline at the time air berlin had to file for bankruptcy with a bridging loan of one hundred fifty million euros and taxpayers' cash the german government kept the ailing airline afloat for an extra two months critics of the move soon claimed the money was just a subsidy to a germany's number one airline as it bought out air but now air berlin administrators say the loan will be repaid but customers were left with fewer options and higher prices. it was a tearful farewell at the end of last october the last air brylin flight took off. the one second largest german airline was history after almost forty years unusually the german government had provided a one hundred fifty million euro credit after the insolvency in august of twenty seventeen to keep the flights going but quickly it seemed it was to win time not to
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cede air berlin but so that looked tonnes it had time to pick the best parts for its subsidiaries german and euro wings without having to take over all of their berlin including its personnel and contract. discount airline ryanair expressed an interest in acquiring air berlin routes and employees but just a short while later c.e.o. michael o'leary said what many air berlin employees were thinking. all we see is a succession of german politicians falling over themselves. to award the air burning to the fans are calling the fans a german champion and therefore because it's a german champion it should it shouldn't be allowed to take over ninety five percent of the domestic market making it not just a german champion but a german monster who will increase the cost of air travel for millions of germans ticket prices did in fact go up at john's or right after air berlin's last flight.
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thousands of air berlin employees faced an uncertain future both easy jet and the lufthansa group bought up landing rights in airplanes employees had to apply for new jobs and were given inferior contracts a year after declaring insolvency it looks like taxpayers won't have to foot the bill according to insolvency officials the one hundred fifty million euro state credit can be almost completely paid in full but it will take several years. all right let's take a little bit deeper into that subject for that i'm now joined by chris of where he in the studio aviation expert at the v.w. business desk a face you certainly know it's good to see you thank you for waking up so early this morning now for you any time thank you very much now let's take a look at this air berlin case the routes have been handed to different airlines the case is sort of closed if you will and still it's such a hot mess indeed it is a customers are currently paying a heavy price if they want to fly across europe because filling the gaps that
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evelyn left was more difficult than to see their first to the remaining parties on the market so the slots where the planes were there but getting staff signed and integrated in running operations was much more difficult then than expected and so some carriers did have quite some difficulty getting their business up to speed and in addition to that this summer has seen a number of strikes pilots and ryanair have been on walkouts air traffic control personnel in belgium and france has been on strike so that's why we've seen the number of flights delayed or canceled rise by about two thirds in twenty eighteen compared to last year and that's certainly a lot now it will mundus if you will of the time in the u.s. where we saw all these mergers happening between the big carriers that also caused delays and cancellations can we say there's something similar happening in europe right now indeed there will be fewer airlines on the european market there ailing ones like al italia for which the italian government has so far been unable to find
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a buyer there is norwegian one of the most popular low cost carriers in northern europe that's up for sale so yeah we've seen these airlines that are that the market will shrink yeah and we've seen that the business models are not that that's strictly separated any more recent tradition airlines coming up with their own low cost models and we see the budget carriers are now offering more pricing features especially to business travelers who are willing to pay more money and speaking up . the customers we know that despite these cancellations consumers in europe have a lot of protection is there any positive outcome of this is there perhaps more pressure on airlines now well we know there is european law that says if flight that is can delayed by at least three hours you do get compensation as a customer if the flight is canceled that amount increases so yeah there is european protection on that and actually a whole industry has developed around this issue because sometimes it's hard to get
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that money from airlines who are unwilling to cough up the money so there are companies who are willing to pay off customers and then get into the legal nitty gritty with the audience actually get that money two sides of every story thank you very much just of cooled off for the analysis. and a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you at least thirty five people are now known to have been killed after a motorway bridge collapsed in the italian city of galle. have been working around the clock to find survivors and bodies in the rubble the country's president said it will not that a lot has called the collapse a catastrophe for the country. to watch new delhi news from berlin more coming at the top of the hour see that.
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poverty has many faces. the gap between the poorest and the wealthiest keeps growing. the increasing inequality is dividing the world in
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a rich society are focused on. the. next detail of. the outreach each team has just turned twenty and the automaker has given the sports car a facelift for its birthday we take. new t.g. as our first. seed is growing strong to the third generation of the models we're going on to simply mind so what's changed . childish in sixty minutes on d w. become a. simple little come down to
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the church i know the evil feeling that you feel when you like. your pastors of his music car bomb stop the bomb. rock and religion clash that brings many parallels to light are the two really sunk irreconcilable god the devil. starts august nineteenth d.w. . this week on global three thousand we are suppose he means to be in a rich country in a single night in two thousand and seventeen there were more than half a million homeless people in the u.s.
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has to come to the us if you only work hard enough and are willing to keep learning you can achieve anything same says the american dream.


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