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not if you go to the mouth who called the airways narcissus all of the stalls and close up was made supreme because of a different course that was well just one of muscles going into spasm he's already set the new world record but he still has a long way to go edgeley is only just over half way into his three thousand two hundred kilometers swim around britain. at full let's you know how that goes we have more news business coming up with javier after the break don't go away. they make a commitment. they find solutions. based in stronger. africa
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on the road. stories from both people making a difference shaping their nation playing around the continent of africa. stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their long and it's. a double using multimedia series food for cause. only a day after the turkish president calls on his people for a sweeping boycott of apple i phones the government announces a huge and important tariffs for a wide range of u.s. goods we'll have reactions from the streets of istanbul. and u.s. style conditions in european airports one year after the takeover of germany's
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former second largest airline the air berlin rival. yet again it's good to have you with us turkey is taking its diplomatic and trade dispute with the united states to the next level slamming tariffs on a variety of u.s. products american rice will see a fifty percent tax beverages will pay one hundred forty percent and other consumer goods like tobacco and cosmetics will see tariffs of up to sixty percent the move is part of a response by the turkish government that also included a call by turkish president of egypt type edible on to boycott u.s. products including the i phone the president who as you can see was actually once a fan of apple products is now switching to another rant the question is will his people do the same.
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the second most sold smartphones in the country. but president. is calling on his people to boycott american brands and switch to others instead. all over the world. on the streets many seem to think that a boycott of u.s. brands is easier said than done it was there where the government would have to stop apple products from entering the country and banned their sale how's that supposed to work if you can just make the i phone disappear from turkey. and is it inevitable even android phone at home which will use i support that way caustic. that why i choose the product that fits my needs but i'm not having anyone tell me what to do. and with an economic crisis gripping the country many turks aren't exactly in a position to buy a new phone many turks appear willing to take part in the boy called president out
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on this calling for ready to throw their american phones with the south korean model like this one but the problem is if you're on a minimum wage it would take you four months to paid off that might be a price too high for even the president's most loyal supporters. of this deal those using the opportunity to promote turkish made friends chairs and turkish phone maker vest electronic surged after add on's call to boycott u.s. brands as someone we stand behind our country that's why we're recommending this phone. over the past few days anti-american protests have taken place across turkey some demonstrators followed the president's call and changed their dollars into lira. i'm not sure if. the u.s. president doesn't appear to know who he's dealing with he's facing
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a feel it's man the whole world knows his name. so you. will. but despite that patriotic sentiment it might be a while before turks are ready to part with arrive phones. there was a year ago that germany's second largest airline at the time air berlin had to file for bankruptcy with a bridging loan of one hundred fifty million euros and taxpayers cash the german government kept the ailing airline afloat for an extra two months critics of the move soon claimed the money was just a subsidy to aid to germany's number one airline left hand as a bought out your berlin now air berlin administrators say the loan will be repaid but customers were left with fewer options and disrupted flight schedules. air berlin was once germany second biggest airline a year ago it became history. times
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a subsidy or a euro wings was among those eyeing up the spoils ryanair c.e.o. michael o'leary accused the german government of favoring last time there for a takeover. all we see is a succession of german politicians falling over themselves. to award to fans or calling the fans a german champion and therefore because it's a german champion it should. be allowed to take over ninety five percent of the domestic market making not just a german champion but a german monster who will increase the cost of air travel for millions of germans in the end times i did indeed acquire most of air berlin assets to get there with britain's easy jet it bought up air berlin's landing rights and airplanes. air berlin staff were forced to look for new jobs many of them have found work but are now on stripped down contracts. all right for more on the subject i'm now joined by chris of course by aviation expert at the g.w.
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business desk it's good to see you again to the well let's start by looking at this air berlin case you know the routes have been distributed among many carriers it seems like the case is closed but still we have a hot mess in the european air traffic that's right people may be able to fly across europe for as little as twenty euros but they are paying a heavy price currently because along with strikes by ryanair pilots for example or air traffic control those the summer the bankruptcy of air berlin. is having a big impact on the european market we see the number of delays and cancellations in two thousand and eighteen increasing by as much as sixty six percent compared to last year and as i said the bankruptcy this is some of the aftermath of the evelyn bankruptcy filling the gaps that air berlin left in the flight schedules it was harder to fill them for for other airlines than anticipated so that the slots were there the planes were there but integrating signing into integrating staff. into
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operations is much more difficult and in that left a lot of angry customers of course we know that in europe passengers have a lot of protection by law is there any positive outcome perhaps more pressure for airlines to perform better well it is good to know that in the current environment of delays and cancellation that there is all these these these rules and regulations that if life is the name by more than three hours passengers are entitled to compensation dreiser's that that figure of two hundred fifty euros increases if the flight is being canceled that is if the disruption is not caused by anything that's beyond the control of the airline strike for example now despite this european law of customer protection not airlines at all airlines are happy to cough up that money so a whole industry has has developed around the subject so they are companies that will pay off customers. it's certainly ground a certain amount of money and then they will go into the legal nitty gritty of
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actually getting that money back from him like americans least that's something no let's take a look at the bigger picture here because seeing that it reminds us of the time where we saw all these delays and cancellations and mergers and acquisitions in the u.s. as well can we say that it's a similar process here we're see it is a similar process the european aviation market is interesting mode there will be fewer fewer companies around receive companies like alitalia ailing for years that are up for sale the government is yet to find a buyer there is no regional airlines doesn't for sale a very popular low cost carrier in the north of europe and in that process we're also seeing that the business models of the carriers are not strictly separated anymore we see traditional airlines that have come up with their low cost model to get cash out of that market and receive low cost carriers that are now actually introducing more pricey futures new more leg room a little bit more come for more you know for business travelers who are willing to
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pay that extra money for this little bit of luxury features everything is changing also in the aviation market just of cold i thank you very much for the analysis. european cities are imposing harsher regulations on short term rental agency air b.n. b. they say the american home sharing platform is creating housing shortages undermining local tourism regulations and promoting tax evasion but it's a double edged sword some sources claim berliners for example actually book more rooms abroad with their b. and b. when they're travelling down the number of rooms rented through air b.n. b. by people visiting berlin. it's holiday season and for many young people in particular that means getting ready to explore new places. in the first half of the year some six point four million visitors came to the german capital berlin that's the same number as in the whole of two thousand and five. these days an increasing
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number of people choosing to source their accommodation whether a room or an entire apartment through air b. and b. but it's also about meeting people that's really lovely and i've seen a lot of apartments and cities through the. air b.n. b. was founded ten years ago and went on to become one of the most valuable startups of all time almost five million people in one hundred ninety countries use the service which is worth an estimated thirty billion dollars but it's certainly not a welcome concept everywhere with protests against the company becoming more commonplace some locals say they're being priced out of their own cities by property owners are turning to air b.n. b. to make big bucks those concerns have prompted several cities and countries to
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impose stricter regulations with some even mulling over benz. and that's because housing prices are rapidly rising in many cities across the world an air b.n. b. is not zero is just a part of the problem so much so that people with lower incomes are often struggling to enter the market new zealand is now banning foreign non measured and investors from buying existing homes in the country the government is hoping this will stop property prices from rising they have almost doubled in the capital auckland over the past decade nationwide they've searched by sixty percent potential buyers from australia and singapore however are except for the back. and that's all for this edition of v.w. business thank you very much for watching remember you can watch this and all programs online. just.
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