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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  August 16, 2018 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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system. a day after a major highway bridge collapsed in the italian city of genoa rescue teams are still searching for survivors the death toll tonight thirty nine tonight italy's prime minister has declared a state of emergency for all of genoa this crisis is growing and danger remains more than three hundred families living near the bridge have been forced to evacuate and we still have no idea how a bridge built to withstand an earthquake was brought down in a summer storm i'm in berlin this is the day. the city. of it was behind the green truck the one on the edge of the bridge would release the luckiest person in the world so you know mike even before the collapse a cop passed him and he takes his brakes on the economy past and. bridge the rule
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it is a drive and kept breaking and stopped when the bridge broke away. minutes in the one nine hundred ninety one the bridge was twenty three years old still relatively new cables were so corroded that they had to be completely replaced. i said two years ago bridges are like cars when they're used to up and they need to be replaced. also coming up tonight there has never been a governor's race in the us like this in the state of vermont christine hall quist is now the official gubernatorial candidate for the democrats she's also the first ever candidate to be openly transgender. i must say i'm incredibly honored incredibly honored to have all your support and things that i heard were said you know tonight we made history.
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we begin the day with anger and grief in general when it has been more than twenty four hours since a large section of the marandi highway bridge collapsed rescue teams continue to search for survivors among the gigantic pieces of concrete rubble the death toll tonight stands at thirty nine and for half a century the bridge served as a main artery for traffic traveling east and west and for the port city of genoa the bridge was the main land corridor with southern france well not any more lawmakers are beginning to realize the impact of losing this bridge prime minister today declared a state of emergency for all of genoa to stay in effect for the next year he also took aim at autostrada the toll road operator responsible for the bridge saying it should be stripped of its license and forced to pay heavy fines today he also spoke publicly to the families who loves or who lost loved ones when one of the bridges
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massive concrete pylons crumbled like paper machete. unfortunately the number of victims is increasing as the hours pass. only express our heartfelt thoughts our closeness to them to their family members. and to all the emergency personnel who are working to help the injured recover. even the. unacceptable tragedies that should not happen in a modern society because the. government will do everything to prevent such tragedies from happening again the. thing over more. than pills is she joins us tonight from genoa good evening to you charlotte let's start with this
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rescue effort it's been almost thirty six hours since the bridge collapsed is there any hope of finding more survivors. well rescuers we spoke to this morning brant still very optimistic that they would find survivors among the rubble as the day goes on there that hope really has started to fade people that we've spoken to said that only bodies have been recovered from the wreckage so far no survivors yet today so it really isn't looking very optimistic for people head nevertheless search teams will continue that work for another night there will be sniffing dogs once again here in the wreckage behind me floodlights lighting up the area trying to find anybody that may still be that is the interior minister in fact not so long ago said miracles do happen as the hours go on it's getting more and more likely that the search for survivors will become a search for bodies and as time passes i think we're all realizing that this
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tragedy this story has to do with a lot more than just a collapsed bridge we know that a state of emergency has been declared for all the general word to stay in effect for the next year we're also hearing that some three hundred families have been made homeless by this tragedy what do we know about the people who have been evacuated from their home short. hundreds of people have been evacuated since the crash now the reason for that brand you can probably see just behind me by looking at the bridge there is still a section of it that is still standing the fear is that could also collapse now the part of the bridge that has collapsed none did on warehouses and landed on rail tracks so none of the victims on the ground because they were in their homes that the problem with the area where the bridge is still standing is there are a lot of residences say people have been asked to leave the area now that's making a lot of people very angry they don't know how long they're going to be moved away
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from their homes for they have no idea in fact whether or not they'll ever be able to go back because of course they have to either try and secure the area first or totally dismiss demolish this bridge that could take a very long time and we spoke to one person who was very near him he said that as a child in fact he played near this bridge he said that it could be weeks even months before he's able to go back you know you know it's unimaginable what people are going through right now just because they live near a bridge we know that italy's government has been pointing the finger to j. bridges private operator and also the european union what more can you tell us about that. that's right now this really is the first big challenge for italy's new government they have come out fighting they've been speaking very passionate terms about who is to blame the e.u. as you said was one of the people they say they have cited as one of the bodies of size that is being responsible they say that you has limited the amount of funding
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available for infrastructure and that's the allegation that the ministers here have leveled at the european union but they've really gone for the company that operates this part of the bridge behind me now the allegation is from ministers that they just didn't do enough to maintain the bridge that it was not safe enough that something that to some extent has been backed up by people that we've spoken to here a lot of locals have said that they was very nervous about traveling on this bridge one man told us that when he drove across it he would deliberately drive just a little bit fall said just because he felt very nervous about being on the bridge which he said just didn't seem very safe to him the company has fiercely denied that its maintenance done has went up to scratch it said it's on regular checks and had bided by the law and lot of people here they were pointing out that this anger this blame game that's really playing out here in italy at the moment isn't going to help them what they really need to know now is what happens next and also they
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want to surance is that something like this why it happened again there is very deep concern about other bridges across italy italian infrastructure they want to know what's being done to prevent this tragedy playing out again and you know when we look behind you there you know we realize that this is the second night that people are dealing with this tragedy the second night that rescue workers are trying to find survivors are just shows a little bit more about the task that these emergency workers are facing tonight. well this is a huge logistical undertaking and as i'm sure you can see behind me there is still enormous flaps of concrete thrift and metal is part of the wreckage now there is a danger in china to move these enormous labs because of course they fear that it could trigger another collapse and perhaps crush any vehicles that might be below them and potentially harm anybody who may still be alive underneath that rubble as they get to that trying very very carefully they're using sniffer dogs trying to
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sift out to see if there are any survivors is that one of the huge problems facing them those that they simply don't know how many people were on the bridge how many vehicles with that they generally whether or not they are still searching for people in our correspondent charles until this story for us tonight in general charlotte thank you. we are hearing incredible stories tonight from survivors one of them is david capello and italian firefighter he was driving on the bridge when it collapsed miraculously he survived the impact after plunging in his car fifty meters to the ground he then used his mobile phone to call for help he spoke with reporters today and he asked that his face not be shown. i remember that the road was collapsing and i was passing through and i had a deafening sound and then i saw the road going down and i was going down with it and then i thought the worse off then i had to look to end up i don't know where
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because later i saw my car and. did you faint no. i didn't i stayed aware. and immediately i called the firefighters to let them know about the situation. and to make them pick me up and then immediately i called my family do you feel incredibly lucky yes i do feel like an incredibly lucky because it was like being in a movie what did you see when you were pulled out here. i saw the rescuers there were firefighters everyone was. oh. it was shocking to see the images of the road going down. there other cars in front of you see the store yes i saw the cars also because at the time of day the road is pretty busy it's one of the busiest roads and it's some
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thinkable that something like this could happen in italy do you feel incredibly lucky. it was santa barbara the patron saint of firefighters who protected me from my thanks. thank you. the accusations are disturbing the numbers are joel dropping hundreds of catholic priests accused of molesting and raping at least a thousand children in a span of seven decades that is the finding of an unprecedented investigation in the u.s. state of pennsylvania a grand jury report accuses senior church leaders including the current archbishop of washington d.c. of systematically covering up crimes of pedophile priest many victims of way to decades for this investigation that pain evident as they attended a press conference by the grand jury it found three hundred and one priests
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sexually abused children and that cat over one thousand child victims were identified by our investigation so the grand jury knows. the that number was in the thousands. investigators say in many cases records have been lost and some victims were too afraid to come forward the abuse states back over seven decades some described the helplessness they experienced in a video released by investigator who believe. in night teen forty eight or forty seven would have been usu. do they never heard of such a thing because they covered it up church leaders and pennsylvania stunned the scale of the abuse admit mistakes were made i humbly offer my sincere apology to each
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victim who has been violated by anyone affiliated with the catholic church. i hope that you can accept that a few of the priests are likely to stand trial as many cases are now too old only two people have been charged small comfort for victims. well this report comprises thirteen hundred pages and the reading from the very beginning is not easy and here is part of the introduction written by the grand jurors we the members of this grand jury need you to hear this we know that some of you have heard some of it before there have been other reports about child sex abuse within the catholic church but never on this scale for many of us those earlier stories happen to someplace else someplace away now we know the truth it happened everywhere oh i'm joined tonight on the phone by robert oulds and he is
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the founder of road to recovery a support organization for survivors of sexual abuse he is himself a survivor of abuse and a former priest mr hudson it's good to have you on the day i want to thank you for agreeing to join us tonight and for talking with us i know this can't be easy for for you you were at the press conference in harrisburg pennsylvania when the attorney general announced the report were you surprised by anything inside this report. unfortunately brant i wasn't very surprised that i have been dealing with these kinds of accusations and allegations for decades. we've attempted to alert the church to these i was ordained by cardinal mccarrick who recently was removed from ministry we all knew that carter mccarrick and i had a background in sexual abuse and we've been trying to send out the crime really
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clear about this for decades and it has really landed on deaf ears the the report details cases of priests grooming their victims who were sexual abuse how did this take place. core of the grooming process is a very interesting process most people who prey on children and teenagers and vulnerable adults they usually don't begin obviously with the act of sex they usually begin with some sort of a grooming process and that's whether it's you know items like candy or ice cream with little children or flirting with young women or even older women it could be the fact that a child is fatherless or motherless so the priest then of course goes in and pretends to to take the place of the mother or the father and there are a number of ways that that these perpetrators. and enter the lives of these people
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in order to sexually abuse them. this grand jury report is is from pennsylvania and i have to ask you mr old to do you do you suspect there are similar decades of abuse and cover up you'll be investigated across all fifty states of the u.s. . we certainly do are we've been calling for a grand jury investigation in every state that we work and it is time that the other forty nine states do the same. to two years ago a group that i'm affiliated with catholic whistleblowers we went to russia in d.c. and called upon president obama i think with thirty organizations to crawling on president obama to convene a national commission to study sexual abuse in the catholic church unfortunately nothing happened but i'm hopefully hopefully soon we will follow suit like the the
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australian royal commission which was a fabulous investigation and a very helpful one to the rest of the world. a former member of the vatican's commission to protect children who resigned said today that she left because she could not accept the church's resistance to own up to its past and to ensure that this type of criminal behavior never happens again she said that the cover up was more important to the church than the welfare of the children. what do you think the pope should do and what do you expect him to do now. well unless the pex takes drastic action now you know he has been holding some of the bishops accountable for example cardinal mccarrick he did ask for his resignation etc but what he needs to do we need a wholesale firing of the ships and we need to restructure the entire way the church functions as an organization we have to get away from this monarchical style
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of us of authority where you know it's ruled by one man and and and the power given to anyone else that he seems appropriate that has created an incredible dysfunction and we it's coming through now in this very very dysfunctional and corrupt clerical culture from the da robert hoge to the founder of road to recovery mr hudson we appreciate you sharing your time in your thoughts with us tonight thank you to your . democratic party voters in the u.s. state of vermont nominated a transgender candidate to run for governor christine hope was defeated three other democrats in tuesday's primary she now faces a popular republican incumbent in november's election. thank you. the votes are in. and christine has clinched the nomination.
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i must say i'm incredibly honored incredibly honored to have all your support and all the things that i heard were said you know tonight we've made history who are. decided to run for office after donald trump was elected president in two thousand and sixteen. trump has been an odds with the transgender community since taking office it was not fun last year he announced that the u.s. government would not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in the military in the november elections following that announcement five openly transgender candidates won seats around the country mostly at the municipal level how quick sees herself as part of the fight back against trump's politics and it's not just about the transgender community it's not just about the l g p two community it's about all marginalized. becoming governor of vermont is still
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a way away for hall quizzed her opponent the moderate incumbent republican phil scott is popular even among democratic voters publicans but she has the support of her state's u.s. senator and former presidential candidate bernie sanders and huge attention right across the nation. are the laws of politics is all about to do that i'm joined now by sean malloy sean is to senior political director of the. victory fund that's a nonpartisan political advocacy group sean joins me from our bureau in washington d.c. tonight sean welcome to the day i want to start with vermont the first openly transgender candidate to run for governor for a major political party how significant is this. this is a doubtfully huge moment for the l.g. we teach you community not only is christine the first major party nominee that is transgender i selected she would be the highest ranking transgender person in the
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entire united states which sadly only has thirteen total transgender elected officials out of over five hundred thousand elected offices needless to say she would also be the only second openly l.g.b. governor in the united states of america so this is a huge moment an opportunity for not only the algae we keep q. community but also the trans community and we're ensuring you know for our viewers around the world you know they may not know what about vermont but they knew that bernie sanders for example is a u.s. senator from vermont vermont is known for progressive politics could adrian's gender gubernatorial candidate it happened in kansas for example well you know our candidates when l.t. t.q. candidate step up to run they don't step up to run just because they're you they step up from because they care about their communities and they want to help make positive change so christine won this race because she's an authentic candidate who
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is open about herself she is talking about the issues that matter to people in vermont she also had a well organized campaign she raised the most money of her opponents and she had a really strong ground game that's why she was successful yesterday and why she'll be successful come november when it comes to kansas and you know you've got to start somewhere but you know there's a lot of folks running all across the united states both in conservative parts as well as liberal macas you know let me pick up on that there are a bell two hundred. that is expected to be on ballots in november in federal and state races across the u.s. and i understand that's the most. this is happening in the age of president draw so how do you explain that. well you know people have been running for a while they just haven't been running at the level they are in now and many of them like christine were inspired to run because of donald trump because he has
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taken actions against community especially against the trans community but so many of these candidates as i said are running because they are authentic and open about who they are they are values driven and working to solve the problems in their community and that's something we're not seeing in washington right now and so we're looking at rainbow wave happening in the vendor with all these candidates running running strong campaigns that are resonating with voters being successful come november the democratic party not the republican party remains go home for most. kids is there something positive or do you see that coming to your own the republicans the g.o.p. . you know our organization the victory fund is a strong believer that representation is power so when someone christie someone like christine steps up and is the nominee or the governor that's inspirational to
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all people so we want to be in the room at the table not only so we can stop. you legislation from happening but also to be part of the solutions and help pass the torch and inspire other people to come out to be who they are to help make sure that they are successful in life and so it is sad that it's not as far along as we'd like but. we have to make sure that we are represented at all levels of the ballot this year we have more candidates running for statewide office like christine we have al g b t person someone from each one of those communities or running for governor in the united states this is truly an unprecedented year when you look at the level of office algy few people are running for and the overall amount and do you think there will be removed.
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avalanche in november do you see that happening. well as you mentioned a lot of our candidates identify with the democratic party the democratic party does seem poised to make some pick ups across the country you know ten of our congressional candidates are democrats running in targeted districts eight of those to be flipped that's over a third of the seats needed to help flip the house of representatives to the democrats rizzo if things go well for democrats i think that they'll be going well for our candidates all right sean malloy senior political director of the victory fund joining us tonight from washington we appreciate your time your insights and your energy tonight thank you thank you so much. well the day is really done but as ever the conversation continues online you find us on twitter you can write directly to me you see the handle right there and remember no matter what
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happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then ever cut. cut. cut. cut. cut. cut. cut cut cut cut. into the conflict zone confronting the powerful. as f.b.i. director james comey was always pretty well known but when donald trump five him last year to speak his fourth trip to measure of me this week he's my guest here and by the way he's promoting a book even as he faces new challenge using insubordination so what's the truth
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conflicts so far no details of. his reputation or worth. arsonist. tyrants. the roman emperor nero. did he just get bad press. renowned historians or reexamining this case of rethinking nero has history been unfair to the infamous emperor. in forty five minutes on d w . e takes one. personally i go. with the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. truth.
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more than. online. your smart t.v. smarter. or smart. what you want when you. look today extraordinary. to decide what's. more. tom smart. as f.b.i. director james comey was always pretty well known but when donald trump fired him last year it boosted his footprint to measure a place this week he's my guest here in berlin where he's promoting a book even as he faces you challenging insubordination and violating procedures in the run up to the twenty sixth presidential election so what's the truth.
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james comey welcome thank you for having me.


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