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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 16, 2018 7:02am-7:16am CEST

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only a day off to the turkish president calls for a sweeping boy called apple i phones and growing deals on a massive high can import tariffs for a wide range of other u.s. goods will hop reaction from the streets of the stumble. cyborgs off the role of unite to global robot elites meet in beijing for the world robot conference. and european regulators are clamping down on global rental agency air b.n. b. this spot is popular a t.v. generation share. a little come to your business news update them funny for chart here in berlin turkish president french of type german chancellor angela merkel have been discussing bilateral ties. to state visits to berlin next month in a phone call they say to treasury and finance minister will meet with his german counterpart to have of the visit to keys currency caught up in a huge diplomatic and straight dispute with the united states has now raised
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tariffs on a variety of u.s. products including alcohol car stands tobacco and the president wants his people to boycott the i phone he himself is no switching to another brands now and the question is will his people do the same all reporting the simple went down town to find out here's more. of. their popular turkey the most sold small foods in the country. but president wretched tired added one is calling on his people to boycott american brands and switch to others instead. all over the world. on the streets many seem to think that a boycott of u.s. brands is easier said than done it with the government would have to stop apple products from entering the country and banned their sale how's that supposed to
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work you can't just make the i phone disappear from turkey. and if it deliver the reason android phone at home which will use i support that way costs if. i have to use the product that fits my needs i'm not having anyone tell me what to do. and with an economic crisis gripping the country many turks aren't exactly in a position to buy a new phone many turks appear willing to take part in the board called president out on his calling for ready to throw their merican phones with the south korean model in this one but the problem is if you're on a minimum wage it would take you four months to paid off that might be a price too high for even the president's most loyal supporters. of this deal those using the opportunity to promote turkish made phones chairs and turkish phone maker vest electronic and surged after everyone's call to boycott u.s. brands as someone we stand behind
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a country that's why we're recommending this phone. over the past few days anti-american protests have taken place across turkey some demonstrators followed the president's call and changed their dollars into lira. i know i'm going to see you from. the u.s. president doesn't appear to know who he's dealing with he's facing the feeling the whole world knows his name. so you. will. despite the patriotic sentiments it might be a while before turks are ready to part with arrived. all right let's bring in selfish months our financial correspondent in new york so he very nice see you so what's been the reaction in the us to add one sanctions.
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well maybe some investors are starting to get tired of the daily changing headlines and have started taking the profits and vested money off the table funny and now qatar is downplaying and the country has pledged to invest fifteen billion dollars in turkey according to officials and like basically everything else in this conflict this is a strategic move now who is going to stand with who the united states is our major trade partner but it's not the only one that's what turkey's trade minister said minister said earlier and on the other hand turkey is a way less important for the united states it's actually number thirty two on the list of america's biggest trade partners so everyone should be aware of the fact that this is not a fight his country is going to win these new sanctions are not going to seriously hurt the united states not economically and turkey's g.d.p. is something like one percent of the world's g.d.p. while the united states to the peak amounts to more than fifteen percent of the
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world's g.d.p. funny right so there's a lot at stake on two different stories you're seeing some serious developments in tuscaloosa pair move to go private what's the latest what do you hear. so forces are suggesting that the agency f.t.c. is moving into a formal investigation of tesla the wall street journal reported last week that the f.c.c. had made and inquiry into a test about whether marcus truthful and on thursday bloomberg reported that the agency was intensifying its inquiry it does not come as a surprise that the f.c.c. seems to be investigating as this tweet stirred up a lot in recent years the agency has been pretty business friendly so now the question for investors is if the f.c.c. is going to make an example of tests or if they're going to follow a milder path but even if they should decide very pro-business there is
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a second party likely to sue investors who have lost money after that tweet so if you go to wall street thank you very much the annual roll draw blood conference has just opened in the chinese capital beijing and brings together the world. a forum for them to exchange high level thought more than one hundred sixty international exhibitors showcasing their latest gizmos the conference comes amid heightened trade tensions between the united states and china as u.s. companies complain to force technology transfer to china and in a deck what inadequate protection for intellectual property there. and intellectual property protection is key in a sack to which is becoming increasingly competitive. robots are learning to do new things all the time more and more complex tasks perhaps a good deal cricket and some humans. don't try this at home.
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these soccer playing robots may not be the most skilled players in the world but they're helping students to learn complex programming. i just don't want you know one has to program every movement then one has to take care that the robots cameras can recognize things and differentiate to do that one needs a lot of theory and programming knowledge there are of course many other things that one has to consider you know and. educating specialists is just a part of china's ambition in robot development the world robot conference in beijing is also a showcase for domestic industry they want to be world leaders in the robotics industry the strategy is called made in china twenty twenty five and it's not just about singing and dancing. the country wants to be the world's number one producer of industrial robots to. come and all but we have to be careful i want to maintain the leadership position that we hold at the moment in
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europe and in germany too. with the divide about. robotics will be one of the big drivers in business over the next decades europe and china are about equal at the moment but the competition is intensifying. cash because soon disappear from dan a society already only one in five reach of transactions in denmark is done in cash card payments are far more common and now they're had one of the country's largest banks has joined a growing chorus calling for the country to abandon cash altogether. cash cost money for retailers twice as much as electronic payments and it raises the risks of crime. just this year the danish government loosened its requirement that stores accept cash now they can refuse it after eight pm if you are bank branches meanwhile accept bills and coins the director of denmark's third largest bank has
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now called for a cashless society by two thousand and twenty five top four we believe there will be societal reductions and expenditures in the areas of lower crime rate lower money laundering rate lower drug crime rate lower enrichment rate. he wants a commission to examine the proposal but studies show the young elderly and handicapped still rely on cash tarus too. in other words there's no need to throw out those extra kroner yet. european cities are imposing harsher regulations on short term rental agency air b.n. b. they say the american home sharing platform is creating housing shortages undermining regulation of local tourism industry and promoting tax evasion. it's holiday season and for many young people in particular that means getting ready to explore new places. in the first half of the year some six point four million
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visitors came to the german capital berlin that's the same number as in the whole of two thousand and five these days an increasing number of people choosing to source their accommodation with their room or an entire apartment through b. and b. but it's also about meeting people. that's really lovely and i've seen a lot of apartments and cities through the. air b.n. b. was founded ten years ago and went on to become one of the most valuable stops of all time almost five million people in one hundred ninety countries use the service which is worth an estimated thirty billion dollars but it's certainly not a welcome concept everywhere with protests against the company becoming more commonplace some locals say they being priced out of their own cities by property owners are turning to air b.n. b. to make big bucks those concerns have prompted several cities and countries to
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impose stricter regulations with some even mulling over a five. day thank you so much for watching. the to. ok i'm. going to our.
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