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tv   Check-in - Summer in Munich  Deutsche Welle  August 18, 2018 8:02am-8:30am CEST

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mr. pitt. really. wanted to talk. this moment in the life of a great. start september. w. . munich has everything. culture tradition and the world's biggest beer festival not to mention that unique bavarian air and summer there is no better place it's when we really comes to life. very
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near nick on a sunny day and this is all i need my backpack my sunglasses a map so i don't get lost and this guy right here. today i want to find out what to do on a summer's day in munich people here have a reputation of being quite sporty and no wonder biking hiking swimming everything an outdoor fan could desire and they've got it right on their doorstep if i've calculated correctly there are more than one thousand kilometers of bike trails in the entire city so let's get going. also on today's show we check in with globetrotters steve amish who's currently traveling through ecuador. we go on a treasure hunt with two of our viewers from ukraine. and we hop over to you. to check out florence.
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from marine plugs it was only a fifteen minute bike ride to get here in the very heart of the english garden it's kind of like a green living room for the locals and a pretty big one three hundred seventy five hectors for cycling playing or just hanging out in the sun. in. this gigantic urban park is the size of five hundred twenty five football fields pretty impressive watching other people do sports has always been one of my favorite pastimes and it seems i'm not the only one these kids are the absolute stars of the english garden. wow not bad let's check them out from up close the ice bucket river runs over a stone step creating a perfect waves servers for munich and all over the world come here to catch it and
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show off a bit so you won't find any amateurs around these parts. i'll stick around a little longer while you enjoy a couple of recommendations for sightseeing tour through munich. and the tower of st peter's church is one of the best vantage points in munich once you've climbed the three hundred sixty apps you can see as far as the alps weather permitting. the famous fall in case your church seems close enough to touch and not be unplugged square spreads out far beneath you. several times a day crowds gather in front of the new tom cole. look up and get your camera out the clock can show you is the main tourist attraction a million plus. what's next just set. often
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go where your feet take you. live it has lots of inviting squares the stock was even offers a chance to cool off on hot days anywhere you go in the city or right in the middle of the action and there are lots of cozy corners like here in the block buffy at all why go into a museum on such a gorgeous day but just as beautiful from the outside for the classically mind to get there other people. and if you like it the museum beyond tossed. all your senses will be stimulated during a stroll through the victory while the unlocked units most famous farmer's market. varian kings once lived right around the corner. here is the former residence you can tour the inside of course but we'll do that another time today we'll stay outside in the baroque courtyard garden. you.
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know some a day munich is complete without a visit to a beer garden for those on a budget bring your own food it's allowed. you can also relax to some traditional music like here at the chinese tower it doesn't get more very unnerving . in. beer gardens open their gates at ten in the morning time for a hearty breakfast. i'm going for the classic fights. this is correct with the variance that i've been looking forward to this since i got here. there wrestling the thousand beer gardens in munich the biggest one sees an amazing eight thousand people today i chose a slightly smaller one that is the house in the english garden with room for two thousand five hundred. still nice and cozy though. and. the
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world seems like a better place when you're in n.p.r. garden there are people chatting having fun wherever you look and that is a big part of that they are in my style a lifestyle that's quite unimaginable without the most variant of all beverages exactly here and here in munich there is one place in particular that celebrates the loving bavarian we're better than any other. tool. and. it's one of the world's most famous drinking establishments munich's hope for house . the huge beer hall can seat up to thirty five hundred people and it draws visitors from around the world only wanting to sample but they're in beer and regional call unary delights. us is our guest but it's just it's a very traditional restaurant and they're very typical but very and dishes like
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roast pork knuckles proper beers i like it because it's not us it's just make it fun. research here and people come along and talk to us over time soon it will from all over the world and have a drink. to really get. some five thousand liters of hot boys beer are served each day and to soak it up you can feast on the roasted meats and other authentic but there ian specialties including ice for sausages with sweet mustard and soft pretzels. and it all started with one man william the fifth duke of the feria he ordered a brewery to be built in fifteen eighty nine to provide the royal residence with beer more than two hundred years later in eighteen twenty eight the bill hall was open to the entire public. this brewery
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once reserved for but there ian royalty has become one of music's biggest attractions drawing more than one million visitors a year they're guaranteed to get a true taste of both area and tradition. the regulars of the hoff boy house and body just that tradition they each have their own beer steins locked away. this privilege dates far back in history and there's a long waiting list. to munich for boyd house represents all of them to the very introductions which it export successfully there are now seven four four houses in three continents. but you still have to come to munich if you want to experience the original. as you can see i'm back at dizzying heights but do you recognize aware exactly.
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yes i'm on top of the unmistakable roof of munich olympic stadium it was built for the nine hundred seventy two games i signed up for an architectural sure of the stadium it's about two hours long and there's a lot to be learned about this masterpiece of engineering. for example the tenure of a strong enough to withstand the well the storms and heaviest snowfall and i personally got to put that stability to the test but first. i could take the stairs on the other side to get down but there is a faster way to get my feet back on the ground. capturing the most exciting moments of a journey is always a good idea and as you know we're super interested in seeing what you experience while traveling so this will. two we have an e-mail from
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a viewer on the show and this time it's from ukraine. but.
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we want to know your favorite place to go on vacation send us your videos you can upload them at d w dot com slash travel. to fall. another oasis in the middle of the city is that easy or river people spend their lunch breaks their weekends and even their nights here the movie part of the river and its banks were their only renovated over the last couple of years giving the people of munich and new leisure hotspots for the move. in twenty eleven unix river was given a new. lease of life income on matters of the ease our which flows straight through
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the city has been restored the clear and wild alpine river that now rushes along here used to be squeezed into a tight manmade corset. for more than a century to ease our flow drearily between orderly concrete bags. and then along came the diggers to turn it back into a beautiful natural landscape. to ease our west return to its natural bed with its pebble covered banks fields and islands what a luxury to have in the middle of the city. since then experts from around the world have come here to admire the renewed is are and take fresh inspiration home with them. people in munich love their river and new haven away from the bustle of the city. they come to swim barbecues and have
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parties in their masses. but sadly many of the visitors don't know how to treat this week juve in a good natural landscape with respect after a sunny weekend up to four tons of garbage get left behind. but on the whole the effect of returning the easier to its natural state has been positive nina has raised the quality of life in the city improved flood prevention and brought a bit of nature back to the city now if only visitors to the is are could learn to dispose of their garbage properly it would be perfectly. as we've seen crowds can take their toll on the bread. but there are
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a lot of people fighting for its preservation and plenty of associations and activists have big plans for its future one of them is mr and is a founding member of the society we get mail you're from munich can you imagine living in a city without a river and then no icons in the river really contributes to my quality of life but if it whenever i have time i go jogging along it with off to work what my friends here. on weekends i ride my bike along the river. without the river the city wouldn't have half as much a paddle this way that's probably why you're a member of the is a list organization what does that group do what's your mission yes i'm assuming it's good enough for you don't you part of it has been restored and that's great but we don't want that to be the end of the gunfire we want the holy spirit to enjoy the ease of including the visitors to the city have been. ok if the
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convention so we believe a lot more can be done a lot of it was out in the city where we're sitting now. get out if it's got any give me yeah you have big plans for the future of the east are what are they big unknowns in the youth. within the city center that should be a river that can be used in lots of different ways. by the note from home so we want traffic to every tuesday for example get out of the ring and we want to have a pedestrian good about created on the nationally as a temporary project for every feeling we can see and see how people in munich like it is that out and you're also pushing for an easier river beach what would that be like on t.v. had us all that and most bought is the thank you from the river beach wouldn't just me and jump in the river and it would be a cordoned off area marked me jessi's or next so children and families could go that. needs. had it would cost nothing about it residents. there are
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models for read about sly conspiracy which has several. computers here and has had great experiences with public record for more than a century unit can't to. mention. you just mentioned zurich are there other cities in the world that could be inspired by your plans or that are planning similar projects at the end. of this is in the let me feel there's been a movement in recent years of major cities rediscovering their rivers. that's all major theme rejuvenated rediscovering rivers with him in one hundred years ago he's a had a different status and cities like los angeles have a long way to go to live but that city center delegation here they're also interested in making their river life with lots of parks and green areas at the moment it's just
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a concrete ditch. with more human kind of communication are going to be out they can get out of that well your way beyond that good luck and i look forward to seeing how it goes on to have three thank you. the easier bike trail takes me back to the city center in total it stretches over two hundred ninety kilometers starting at the source of the east are in austria and then where it flows into the danube thank god i only have to cycle a tiny part of it but still my legs could do with a little break let's see what our globetrotters stephen is up to he travels around the world and sends us video updates of his adventures this week he's exploring ecuador.
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she's the one she's still standing out discovering at the market a few. good movies. you know near the stock. longing to be somewhere dressed like i'm doing and this is the right place to tell you that she too has been the first city ever been declared a unesco cultural heritage site and i guess it's because of this beautiful town. ha. it's the even ing in quito and weird in alaska which if you're going to get out on the. stars because you chose to.
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eat. the. good morning from the island is really going. to greet your daughter so close up your knowledge is. there an altitude of about four thousand meters and. can actually erupt is about one thousand five hundred years ago and now there is water in the old crater and of what is actually salty because of the minerals is what it told us so you can make your way down here this takes about an hour to go down there and then you can rent a boat. and compatible actually in the crater.
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now it's time to ensure that the guinea pig and this is how it's prepared to know how is it john this is really nice with us we can even though we asked begin to think. i'm actually not that bad taste like chicken. all right after driving for a few more hours we rest and really checked into my reading we did i switch the room and tomorrow we're going to go with the trains for. munich is a paradise for lovers of luxury and this is their shopping district. well
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. definitely not the place for bargain hunters maxim a dance class a is munich's of the most expensive shopping district. well i guess when no shopping isn't that bad there are the fancy stores in all those cafes the best variance they know how it's done so why not try to blend in and out just sunny spot in front of the national theatre this is the almost feels like i'm going to be in italy. people around here actually do say that munich is the northernmost city of italy which is not all that far fetched considering that italy is pretty much around the corner only about two hundred kilometers from here you just have to cross the alps and get there so.
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the majestic cathedral of some time of year the fury is florence's most famous landmark. anyone interested in art of history will simply love the city. the beautiful pontiff ecu dates back to the fourteenth century. florence was heavily influenced by a banking family the maid and she they gave the city a huge gift their art collection but only under the condition that the works never leave the city now some eight thousand visitors wait in line each day to enter the gallery and admire the works of masters such as body cheli and leonardo da vinci. the piazza is florence's main square it features a reproduction of michelangelo's statue of david. the city is full of great
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architecture. and a love of art here is palpable. if you're looking for souvenirs there are plenty of traditional florentine crafts to peruse and lots of porcelain but it doesn't come cheap. less pricey souvenirs like hand crafted leather goods can be found in the old part of town. the mecca art or temporarily offers plenty of delectable italian speciality is like fresh pasta and sweets. to come put you crunchy almond biscuits are a particular highlight. if your g.p. she can talk to are typical tuscan specialty the biscuits are quite dry so we like to dip them them in. dessert wine you don't like them and then you eat something
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because the modern medicine and meat sounds like my job so. perfect souvenir but you might end up eating them all before you get home. florence is all about history and luck does she if you tough tough that combination for the great target. i want to say no to little souvenir either let's see what munich has to offer. i'm sure i'll find something here they design a lot of their products themselves and most of them are made in bavaria i like that even on my travels i try to support small local businesses. and you too would like a souvenir like this cutting board for example if you should enter our competition go to our website d w dot com slash travel to find out how to take part and i even
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found something for myself. i well this is it my very own momentum from my trip to the end of the critical one i am right leather so i could hang out in the sun and pretty much created the beer garden but i burned up all my vices calories on the bike i got to climb to the very top one of munich's most emblematic buildings and i learned a lot about the inner river not bad for a single day so i think i deserve a treat and a ready have something in my. why
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do elephants. does a plastic model turn into a painting stone why do algae make it clean your. good idea kill working anywhere and there are people developing smart solutions everywhere. let's inspire each other environmental magazine eco at africa next month t w. comes reputation murderers.
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arsonists. tyrants. coups the roman emperor nero. to be just get bad press. remount historians are really examining this case rethinking the rochas history been unfair to be infamous emperor. in forty five minutes on d w. rock n roll. on sinful moves contempt of the church i know that evil feeling that you feel when you fight the apostles of his music. car stop
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a. rock and religion clash that brings many parallels right. for the two really soon irreconcilable come to. control. nineteenth t.w. . hello and welcome to a new edition of pan african you opinion magazine called africa my name is mail. and i'm here on the outskirts of lagos nigeria.


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