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tv   Kino - KINO Favorites The Top Ten German Comedies  Deutsche Welle  August 19, 2018 2:15am-2:31am CEST

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this is the deafening news trauma but then for more you can always go to our website that think of any dot com for the latest news and information around the clock on how to humphrey in berlin thanks as ever your company. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the. new coke is in germany to learn german one on one with him it's simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course nikos fake german made easy wouldn't be fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of work here's what's coming up.
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on w o they do use the female superheroes on a mission to change attitudes among smart women scott smart talks smart strange a legend exclusive by no means missed out on a brink recently dangerous time tough to make money. for. food food. food . keno favorite show on german humor so expect the short show not seriously taking someone who's live in this country a long time can really be funny and today we're going to try and prove that we've got in our humble opinion the best german comedies of all time so you're right to laugh or at least chuckle take a look. this
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is. even point. the lengths a man will go to when he discovers his wife's been cheating on this successful manager gets so desperate he even dawns a gorilla cost him his wife visiting her lover at his apartment has no idea it's her husband behind the monkey mask. putting the on time trial a film by doris. who's got problems recently because she thinks. eighty's hairstyles aside the movie's themes of emotionally confused men dealing with shifting gender roles still resonate today our number ten do. you. believe. it should. be.
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i this next film was the surprise hit of two thousand and thirteen more than seven million people want to see it make it one of the most successful german movies of all time. since i was going to be the guy you discuss movie as a substitute teacher plans the school's worst clocks because. that's the thing. you can tell people with r.j. . and his methods are unconventional. this slapstick comedy has a nerve with its author. yes. deep inside talk some you'd look for answers to how to ski on the new hope that something must be doing its. people take you some to the to one to freedom. to see. kramer their mind broke but this
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bill a western parody is germany's most successful film ever sure it's silly but it's pretty funny to our number eight. something. policy something hasi hutchinson from some of the issues we need to. face. the. strange brothers reunite one is deeply religious the other not so much to. their mother has died to collect their inheritance the brothers have to spend a week in mourning because i think of it sure as this vote should be i don't mind that the moment you do you'll see before he launched. it which is a fifteen which by the tissue computers of american law is even tardy she finished . and this is the superman a minute is funny it was
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a stupid speech you just said that except to take it you would need to be able to do it's going to cut some info busy and. director jenny lady jewish himself delivers a german jewish through ball comedy par excellence. and i know. it said but i will mention comedy is a really always about people who are in distress but who refuse to let that keep them down when the old one. let the very best comedies go for teachers on the edge of tragedy a touchable enjoyable film are number seven. if you want to know what the varians are really like ask a local. director marcus h. rosenberg has been very in born and bred his debut film is about a little rascal to find his fear of death sebastian conduct experiments like trying
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to resurrect a rabbit. can he live a good life. based on getting out. of. shyness so they search for their food we didn't even. the dark comedy the had rose miller laughing all the way to the award stage our number six. so what do you think not bad if you still need convincing take a look at our next german comedy it's about a bunch of old hippies who moved in next to a group of young students and they find out that kids today are really boring. to save money a group of fifty something hippies decide to revive their old commie and they go say hello to their new neighbors. ground and kind of just your cynicism and.
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you can. ask manson name of the street is talking my property can my have some he knew i can and he says i. i mean here here i know i'm a shake. it's a biting portrait of two generations this time it's the kids who are the squares. you statement is a fresh idea. but the film takes all its character seriously a loving and very funny look at the new generation. gone but not forgotten victor from bootle lorieau his characters stuck up bureaucrats nit pickers and mama's boys up to the german so. it's interesting but i imagine the trauma of how. this building. tanya at the time was. to substitute. loreal was already a t.v.
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star when he tried his hand at movies. was an instant masterpiece. multi-story much consequence of the show. pussy to me. it was a big debate here kino whether we should pick up to see if our top ten or another film by lorieau on a portas for my money was the funniest german around i thought i'm on the same level as peter sellers we could do a whole top ten just with his films and sketches we're now down to our top three best german comedies and that's about to get dark these are films that find the funny in political and social upheaval. a turkish family moved to germany in the one nine hundred sixty s. in search of work. this is a story of immigrants that plays with cultural clichés. sometimes.
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it's also a story of director yasmin some to relish grandpa women graded to germany in the one nine hundred sixty s. the screenplay with her system. and the result was that germans got the jokes like this bet on cultural integration. california. calling him. as president bush transfer detention could twist that conclude to banana. fisher has been going to even mr putin on him for some time is this one of us trying. to you know he's going to talk to the brain mutants frightens them out of my office. young until it's most honest and. not. just for you. it's.
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our next choice is a bold thought experiment he's back adult hitler raised from the dead some seventy years later just like that the movie pokes fun at the worst man in human history. like when hitler takes his dirty clothes to the cleaners. some of which comes out of the shelves just. across and that's really hard for me. for the film the director sent his fake hitler out into the real world. my numbers on this is that. he meets real people whose reactions are alarming and scary. satire make slapstick in this distressing portrait of modern times style show.
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wonderfully appalling look who's back is our number two. and now to our number one most funny comedy of all time it's about the fall of the berlin wall ninety nine and german reunification director wolfgang backer turned history on its head for a film the charm the world. thanks to my lead and begins mckay autocrats before the fall of the berlin wall loyal socialist christiana caesar son participating in an anti-government protest and suffers a heart attack i and seven from france and he was. going to go far enough even from your hometown. but in terms of coma alex mom missed the fall of the wall. so. so her son pretends east germany is still alive and well the film's
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a fantasy but accurately reflects the real sentiment of germans in both east and west. some high school. and for him it. it is a problem actually old products are now off the shelf but alex finds a way the movie shows how east german struggled in the new unified germany. you're going to get. us. soured slows. this into us. doesn't the. tragic funny and conciliatory goodbye lenin is the most important and funniest german film about the most important moment in recent german history. those were our top ten favorite german comedies of all time the last thing get lost in translation tell us what you think of our list and
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which comedies you like best we're back next week with another edition of kino until then i'll see at the movies. this week's highlights. dancing in the wind. indoor skydiving is the new trend. living with the roof a very special kind of hotel experience. eating in heaven for me cuisine for those who aren't scared of heights. next.
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to how wells becomes power now you get rich putting your money at the right time in the right. are leaving the poor behind inequality the most pressing social problem facing us today how does the new world order work from things like let's say you have two hundred fifty million people rode out the window in. to come back into michigan inequality to feel. great yourself with interior design channel on to. germany state by state. the most colorful.
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the long sleeves. the most traditional find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w talk com. welcome to your max highlights the best of european lifestyle and culture this week is what's coming up. pint accommodation a hotel with a difference in switzerland. polish pro-forma meat indoor skydive oh my i could since.


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