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tv   World Stories - Return - Syrian Refugees in Lebanon  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2018 4:02am-4:16am CEST

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i think that under budget five we are the seven seven percent. they want to shape the continent's future to. be part of an african youngsters testing share their stories their dreams and their challengers. to seventy seven percent of g.w.'s platform for africa. this week on the world story. germany headscarves in the classroom. india gay rights and the constitution. but first we go to the u.s. and to charlottesville virginia where people have been commemorating the events of one year ago in a far right rally turned violent the death of one counter demonstrator heather
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higher shock the city and the nation we have this report had the high you always had that sparkle in her eyes a mob or a susan bro tells me when we meet in charlottesville carrying on her daughter's fight for social justice she says helps her to cope with the grief when i first held the urn with her ashes on it and i realize that urn in my arms was about the same weight in the same size as she was the day she was formed that was hard. hier believed in standing up to discrimination so when far right nationalists came to town she joined her black friends to protest in august last year white supremacist neo nazis and members of old tried groups from across the country or to challenge will find a now infamous unite the right rally klesha soon broke out between the group and
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counter-demonstrators. i the violence ultimately that's to highlands and outpouring of public support has encouraged activists like elaine smith the roots of racism run deep here she says pointing to the confederate general robert e. lee still standing proud as just one example but for too long people of charlottesville didn't want to confront the issue schmidt tells me they wanted their peace and quiet white supremacy is part of that every day fabric. of our political life our economic life the way for policing is conducted against black people and you know so there's much more discussion of this you know even among people especially white people who were previously very kind of self-satisfied and thought that everything was fine speech and see any very serious approaches still ancient and other local activists tell the panel discussion to promote the importance of remaining vigilant.
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for years muslim teachers in germany have attracted attention if they want a headscarf now one state is considering banning the huge offer pupils under the age of fourteen as diffuse yalda talk found out this would be a controversial move. and shinedown three classmates three muslim girls she there has been wearing a headscarf since she was ten it bother start at some politicians want to forbid girls from doing so. well in my experience this time only to. well when i say you have to leave you headscarf i'd say no it's my choice you can't tell me what to do you are not my parents you don't have custody of me and you can't make my decisions for me. i also want to wear a headscarf but only when i am older and mature enough to make my own decisions. but at what age are girls really old enough to make
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a conscious decision to wear islamic head covering the german state of north wind with various integration minister says that younger than fourteen is too young and he's thinking about bending it for it was the. economy is very important to us we want women who voluntarily decide to wear a headscarf to be accorded full respect for society for this is nothing to do with marginalization but we do not want young girls to be forced into it behaved. most google's here at elizabeth's albert comprehensive school in bonn say they were the headscarf voluntarily some teachers are critical of this trend but they feel a ban would be counterproductive to state islam teachers at the comprehensive school in bonn take a different approach. at sea it's very important to me as a teacher to enter the debate this shouldn't be a straight ban but there should be a conversation with school girls who are searching for ounces wearing a headscarf is of course a symbol that strengthens one's identity so to ask about such
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a personal decision i can only do this when is trust and. sixth grade islam plus supposed to inspired his pupils to critically analyze the religion to make room for open discussion and allow different interpretations of the koran. you also have to think about how things were fourteen hundred years ago and how things are today this is. not an easy task when it comes to the headscarf debate most children have taken on their parents' attitudes. well i think they should and should wear a headscarf from puberty from the idea of fourteen or fifteen so they don't. harassed or something it just makes me sad my sisters have also started wearing head scarves and i've seen them wearing them and i was the only one left so i said ok i'll put one on t.v. . some villagers applauded these are religious traditions that have continued and of course are also seen as traditions by their families. and their own absolutely
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seen that way by the mosques. are often more. than about. them balkanized is trying to get his pupils to question traditions for him school is just the right place for it's. the war between russia and georgia over the breakaway regions of south ossetia and abkhazia only lasted a few days but even ten years on locals in border areas still live in uncertainty we visited the village of deep sea. land falls on the fault lines of a frozen conflict some maps show the boundary line to the russian backed breakaway region of south a set running straight through his farm. signs in the distance reads state border a line most of the international community doesn't recognize says russian border
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guards patrol the end of his cornfield better shot the mole. if you cross the line they can seize you find you put you in prison. for around a cross they take them. they walk around here and belongs where they walk around with dogs with weapons and puts you in a certain psychological state all the time. during the war several bombs fell on the land his eighty four year old mother vanessa says she lost one of her three sons. at night i sometimes long sleep because i'm afraid for my son. to write the scene afraid that they will come back. right. in august two thousand and eight tensions between russia and georgia escalated into
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a war over the breakaway regions of south. georgia moved to take back control of. russia responded with tanks and airstrikes it said it was defending russian citizens in the region. today there are russian bases in both breakaways including in south the city has de facto capital tskhinvali the e.u. monitoring mission acts as a mediator and it patrols the de facto border but the e.u. calls the administrative foundry line the. big number of. a relatively close to a. closer is something that you have to monitor closely especially where there's no common agreement on where the a.b.l. is running. something carefully and that's why on the ground with two hundred twenty four. the moving boundary line has swallowed some of property in the past now he's determined to stand his ground this farm has
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been in his family for generations for the younger generation living on the border the war is a distant memory but with the conflict still unresolved the threat of tensions boiling over again is an ever present reality. india's top court is reviewing a colonial era law which outlaws homosexuality gay rights activists. is among those spearheading the campaign to have the legislation scrapped but his advocacy has come at a huge personal cost. has been talking with him. and one thousand. the refuge for gay men like. it's a place they can be free from society's gaze in a country where the law criminalizing homosexuality known a section three seventy seven is routinely used as a cover to hound people it is making their lives hell they are their fears
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everyday affairs blackmailed extortion rape harris men beating a fourteen percent of them just for thigh just because of fear that they would be outed by the police or the by the community because it is still seen as a criminal thing honest knows that only two way he runs hiv awareness programs among the working class gay population and activity fraught with risk in india several years ago he and his colleagues were thrown into prison they were charged with conspiracy to commit sodomy and possess so-called obscene materials. for the schalke because what we are trying was trying to save lives and we are being imprisoned and that was horrific because in jail for initial candied we were denied drinking water we the being beaten up regularly and that left so many scars.
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others lost most of the state because of the beatings and the poor hygiene in prison he was shunned by his friends it took years before he dared to enter the station again but he hasn't given up the fight he's now one of the petitioners pushing india's stop court to decriminalize homosexuality among the gay community the poor are the most volatile. in guevara without go along with no one at this workshop on six six wants to show their. husbands and fathers some of them are sex workers only them lead a more liberal avatar no one in my family or my neighborhood knows i'm gay. they did they call me a faggot. my family wouldn't accept me anymore as. i did spends long at the office he draws strength to speak and to spam it especially
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his mother who has been hugely supportive of. her india supreme court is expected to deliver on whether the dole is constitutional. is a soja pope in the gay community. that they may finally be able to step out of the shadow. played . more. history shifts interests for. the go ahead to the icon the fish and. about the man behind the dark shades. just moments in the life of a great fashion designer. that starts september. w.
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