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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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this is it every news line from berlin a nazi collaborator the point from the u.s. but will he face justice in germany ninety five year old jackie polly was taken from his home in new york is now arrived in germany but the german government doesn't think there's enough evidence to put the former labor camp guard on trial also coming up militants strike at the heart of the afghan government rockets land
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near the presidential palace in the capital kabul as president are sure hani makes an address to the nation it comes just days after he offered a conditional cease fire and businesses of it as a whale of a pair to reopen and a day after the launch of a new currency will the reforms change soaring inflation and would stop people fleeing to escape a different stating economic crisis. thanks so much for your company everyone he's believed to have been the last known nazi collaborators still alive and living in the united states but today ninety five year old jackie folly touched down in germany twenty five years after efforts began to deport him during world war two he worked at a nazi labor camp in poland where inmates were murdered but it's not certain that
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he will probably be prosecuted right here in germany this report now with exclusive pictures from a.b.c. news of the moment of polly's deportation. living quietly in new york for decades this was the moment history caught up with paddy u.s. authorities arresting him for deportation to germany expelling the ninety five year old despite his clear frailty has been a priority for the trumpet ministration born in what was then poland poly arrived in america in one nine hundred forty nine concealing his nazi service from immigration officials eight years later his application for citizenship was granted but in the one nine hundred ninety s. investigators caught up with him he admitted to them having trained at a nazi s.s. camp in trav nikky the site of one of the holocaust worst massacres claiming the lives of some six thousand jewish citizens a judge then revoked pollies american citizenship in two thousand and three
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a year later the us authorities ordered his deportation. until now germany had refused to accept him on the grounds that he isn't a german and also because german investigators say the evidence against him is inconclusive. but the u.s. ambassador diplomatic rather than legal grounds the german government has now accepted that argument. we are all joining me right here on the set as did every reporter. who has covered this story extensively for us so you even i mean that went to his house in new york to talk about that in just a sec but first i want you to address what will happen to the next and now that he's arrived in germany that's right you landed this morning in dusseldorf he's an old man he was taken to a nursing home actually in the area around munster. and it's unclear what's going to happen next because it's unclear whether or not he can be put on trial at this
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stage he's ninety five years old so it's going to have to be a quick process but it's not the legal process that has to be worked out and i could be a long and complicated bureaucratic process right now the u.s. department of justice has has a lot of this deportation is something that they have been pushing for for quite some time d.o.j. officials have long accused germany of stymieing efforts to deport him because of violence reluctance to take him in basically why was germany so reluctant and what's changed yeah well i met rosenbaum he's what in the u.s. he's known as the nazi hunter he was a member he's part of the office of the department of justice that has been finding nazis in the u.s. and deporting them usually back to germany and he actually complimented germany for how many cases they have taken back but this was the last remaining case and he was very frustrated that nothing had been done it's been twenty five years since they opened a case against you probably since he confessed to having lied on his citizenship
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papers and they're frustrated that germany hasn't taken back germany on their part has made a very legal argument saying that because of poly worked at a training camp they had different roles over the course of world war two it's unclear what his role was there and there is no conclusive evidence that he was there when killings occurred so it's hard to put him on trial if there is no evidence that he was responsible for any murders. what has changed now is actually the trumpet ministration has made this a priority this is one we investigated last time back in. january or late december january the drug administration announced that they were going to make this a priority and try to get him deported richard grenell who is the new ambassador appointed under trump has made this he has brought it up in conversations with a lot of german officials and evidently it's worked it's worked indeed i've got to thirty seconds left you were in new york you went to his house a sketch a little bit what you found there is right first we tried calling him we spoke to
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a woman on the phone who hung up on us and we also knocked on his door a few times we were unable to reach him but we saw a house that had been boarded up house of an old man aren't. you reporter thank you so much for giving us the back story. and really like to get you caught up now with some of the other stories making news around the world. software giant microsoft says its warded attempts by kremlin backed hackers a large cyber attacks on u.s. political groups the hacking group known as fancy bear reportedly targeted the websites of conservative american think tanks and the u.s. senate a criminal spokesman has rejected the allegations. italy has allowed a ship carrying one hundred seventy seven migrants to dock in sicily but won't let anyone get off the migrants were rescued five days ago by the italian coast guard interior minister but they were salvini once guarantees that other countries will
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take the migrants and charities have called italy's stance quote inhumane. more than a million people have now taken refuge in relief camps after floods in the southern indian state of corolla two weeks of torrential rains submerged much of the state the rescue operation is starting to wind down with the death toll standing at more than four hundred. of those security forces have fought off a major militant assault in the heart of the capital kabul reports say all the attackers were killed in the heavy fighting that followed rocket attacks it came as president he was delivering his holiday messages on the first day of eat a major religious festival for muslims. it was supposed to be a peaceful day of worship in kabul but the cum didn't last long. in the morning
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militants fired a number of rockets towards the presidential palace as president gunny was delivering a speech to mock the muslim celebrations of aid. to that ok if the insurgents think that with rocket attacks this nation will surrender they have to think again. this is a brave tough nation and we are always ready to defend our independence and islamic tradition. the rockets triggered an immediate and ferocious response by security forces a military helicopter targeted the house from where the rockets were fired sending plumes of smoke into the sky. sort of sold out the car as a result of the mortar attacks only two police officers were slightly wounded and all the terrorists were killed in a clearing operation launched by afghan security forces the area with the timing of the assault a significant it comes two days after the president offered the taliban a conditional three month cease fire and siding with celebrations afghan police
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initially held the group responsible before the so-called islamic state made its claims. presidents all work of those in the past we used to celebrate eat with joy and happiness but now suicide attacks people on the holiday is filled with tension . when we leave our homes we're not sure if i'll make it back alive i just praise almighty god to safeguard all the muslim people in afghanistan. be it takes market to not have led to gandhi's efforts to bring militants to the negotiating table and hold peace talks to end the country seventeen year war. today will be the big test for venezuela's new currency would banks and shops set to reopen for business on monday president nicolas maduro declared a national holiday to roll out the sovereign bowl of our new bank notes with five fewer zeros it's part of the government's plan to curb soaring inflation economists
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however warned that the government's latest move could make things worse. a nervous wait people lining up in caracas to withdrawal of the new venezuelan bolivar i'm sure for how long the currency which now has five few is zeros will hold its value nearby long queues formed at this market the uncertainty driving these people to stock up on supplies. nothing is working we are waiting to see what the president says to see when you can stop paying by debit card but everything that has to do with cards well we just have to wait to get it out elsewhere streets were deserted as shops and banks closed during a national holiday cool to help the economic transition along with the currency change the government's new policies include a three thousand percent increase in the minimum wage the measures are meant to ease the inflation crisis but many are warning they'll only exacerbate it. if this
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is poorly executed in the end it could trigger a tremendous economic contraction and layoffs and a much more limited supply of goods. to the north are going to really without controlling the hyperinflation the impact of these increment will be totally counterproductive those fears seem to be shared by the thousands of people leaving venezuela for them the uncertainty was too much as they leave the rest of the country is bracing for the first affects of the new policies. the first us man in history is currently in down under and ready to take his claim as a professional footballer to say what went through his first training session with the australian club's central coast mariners on tuesdays kelly just on trial and wants to prove the doubters wrong and earn a contract. for a thirty two year old who has never been paid to kick
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a ball in his life it's an implausible dream box used same bolt is no ordinary thirty two year old the jamaican is attempting to make the ultimate crossover from a limp experience champion to professional football he started his trial with a straight line club the central coast mariners on tuesday and knows he has a lot of hard work ahead of him this is my my first round some really good new chance to train and to. get to a level of the present professional footballers so i don't want to spend some just here to push myself all eyes to focus on the new arrival and the trial is seen by many as a me a p.r. stunt the mariners have gained invaluable worldwide coverage following the trolls announcements the odds are certainly against both winning a professional contract but that hasn't to start in the olympic legend who is determined to silence his doubters for me people are always going to say what i want to say just like when i was in shock and feel people say
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a lot of things about me but i always prove them wrong is just another moment for me to prove people wrong that mentality should at least give bolt a fighting chance a even if the dream turns out to be a short lived one it's a win win scenario for both club and player now it was a night for new stars to shine at the m.t.v. video music awards cuban born singer comerica bello dethrone some of the music's top acts as the night's big winner she joined the ranks of rock or l.t. for her moment in the spotlight. the queen of pop madonna announcing one of the top crisis video of the year come a look around thanks for her songs have been up. beating out many big names the cuban born singer also took home and other top priced artist of the you. can't believe this is from me thank you so much i think
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it was i said i love you guys so much i am i cut the best spell price went to ariana grande date her he. was. the twenty five year old singer perform ten you song is a woman and was later joined by her grandmother and mother on stage i was the one that i. was. one of the highlights of the night jennifer lopez performing a medley of her hit songs before accepting the vanguard of what honoring her lifetime achievement for whom i love to see many of the big crisis ones to women this year but with a few exceptions rock star was the song of the year the foam to sing up post malone
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who later rocked the stage with legendary band aerosmith. live us up. and relieve you on that musical marathon we will rock n roll and we hope to see you again at the top of the hour. feel her first day at school. her first climbing lesson. her. joining a ranting on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary during an orangutan returns home on t w don't come to tanks.


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