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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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plane. news. limited to. this is that every news line from berlin a nazi collaborators deported from the u.s. but will he face justice ninety five year old truckies college is taken from his home in new york he's now arrived in germany but the german government doesn't think there's enough evidence to put the former labor camp guard on trial also coming up militants strike at the heart of the afghan government rockets land near the presidential palace in the capital kabul as president bashar piny makes an address to the nation it comes just days after he offered
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a conditional cease fire. and a new star is crowned at the m.t.v. video music awards. to. cuban born singer camilla cabello takes home the top prize video of the year for her song of that. night. i am the boss. hog great to have you along everyone. he's believed to have been the last known nazi collaborators still alive and living in the united states but today a ninety five year old shockey of poly touched down in germany twenty five years after efforts began to deport him while during world war two he worked at a nazi labor camp in poland where inmates were massacred but it's not certain that he will be prosecuted here in germany this report now with exclusive pictures of
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polly's deportation from a.b.c. news. to living quietly in new york for decades this was the moment history caught up with. us all thirty's arresting him for deportation to germany expelling the ninety five year old despite his plea of frailty has been a priority for the trumpet ministration born in what was then poland poly arrived in america in one nine hundred forty nine concealing his nazi service from immigration officials eight years later his application for citizenship was granted . but in the one nine hundred ninety s. investigators caught up with him he admitted to them having trained at a nazi s.s. camp in trav nikky the site of one of the holocaust worst massacres claiming the lives of some six thousand jewish citizens. a judge then revoked pollies american citizenship in two thousand and three a year later the us authorities ordered his deportation. until now although germany
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had refused to accept him on the grounds that he isn't a german and also because german investigators say the evidence against him using conclusive. but the u.s. ambassador lobbied strongly behind the scenes saying berlin had a moral obligation to admit a man suspected of committing crimes in germany's name he's ninety five he's probably going to die some points. he's a little bit sickly and so we wanted to make sure that he didn't die in peace and comfort in the united states but that he was brought back somewhere to to face justice on diplomatic rather than legal grounds the german government has now accepted that argument. i've been talking to talk more about this so joining me in the studio is the daily reporter. who has covered this story extensively so good to see you i mean because was interesting at the beginning of this year back in february you went to new york and washington to investigate this case so what did
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you find as right i went with a colleague to investigate this case this was right after trump announced the trump administration rather announced that they would make as a priority deporting uk of polly we attempted to get in touch with him but what we found was the home of a recluse i mean windows that hadn't been painted it was really seen that he hadn't come out and while neighbors saw him infrequently and they knew him as just an old man but we spoke with a rabbi at a local school there who told us a different story he said that he had been protesting with students out in front of jack and polly's house for almost fifteen years annually he told us why should an old man be forgiven if he was part of a mechanism that killed some of my grandparents a very poignant point there indeed what will happen to polly next now that he is in germany well it's unclear first we know that he's been sent to
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a nursing home and the area minster but he's not a german citizen so the only reason he's actually in germany right now is because of a diplomatic deal that has been made with the u.s. germany has no legal obligation to prosecute him so it's unclear what they're going to how they're going to proceed with this case is their willingness to prosecute i mean what's germany stance on this case germany stance has changed partially because of the efforts of the new diplomat the the new. and so i hear us about how the new u.s. ambassador has made this a priority he's been talking to a lot of german officials about this germany's stance is that they there's not enough evidence to be brought against active poly. like it was said in the report he was at a camp that killed almost everybody he was there all the jews who had been brought to this camp but there's evidence to show that it was done after he left and the u.s. government says that that's enough to prosecute him but the german government says
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that this might not be enough legally according to german german law are it or not you when during your time in the u.s. you spoke to the u.s. justice department what evidence that they have concretely against polya yes we spoke to a man who has been called the nazi hunter because he made it his career over the past twenty years or so to find nazis in the u.s. and have them deported he was surprised that this case took so long but he believes like other u.s. officials that because he helped the apparatus that eventually led to the deaths of the people that travel nicky and he's responsible for the murder i mean this is thank you so much for your continued coverage of this case. afghan security forces how far off a major militant assault in the heart of the capital kabul reports say all the attackers were killed in the heavy fighting that followed rocket attacks and it came as president atia funny was delivering his holiday message on the first day of
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a major religious festival for muslims. it was supposed to be a peaceful day off in kabul but to come didn't last long in the morning militants fired a number of rockets towards the presidential palace as president of gun he was delivering a speech to mark the muslim celebrations of aid. could do you think it gave it up if the insurgents think that was rocket attacks this nation will surrender they have to think again. this is a brave tough nation and we are always ready to defend our independence and islamic tradition. the rockets triggered an immediate and ferocious response by security forces a military helicopter targeted the house from where the rockets were fired sending plumes of smoke into the sky. sort of sold out the car as
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a result of the mortar attacks only two police officers were slightly wounded and all the terrorists were killed in a clearing operation launched by afghan security forces in the area with the timing of the assault a significant it comes two days after the president offered the taliban a conditional three month cease fire coinciding with celebrations afghan police initially held the group responsible before the so-called islamic state made its claims more plausible it's all work of those in the past we used to celebrate eat with joy and happiness but now suicide attacks people on the holiday is filled with tension. when we leave our homes we're not sure if i'll make it back alive i just praise almighty god to safeguard all the muslim people in afghanistan. the attacks mark yet another blow to gandhi's efforts to bring militants to the negotiating table and hold peace talks to end the country seventeen year war.
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now here are some of the other stories making news around the world. more than a million people have now taken refuge in relief camps after floods in the southern indian state of corral up to weeks of to wrench will raise submerge much of the state the rescue operation is starting to wind down with the death toll standing at more than four hundred. italy has allowed a ship carrying one hundred seventy seven migrants to dock in sicily but won't let anyone get off the migrants were rescued five days ago by the italian coast guard the interior minister but they are sort of any one's guarantees from other countries that other countries will take the migrants charities have called italy stands inhumane. software giant microsoft says it's forded attempts by kremlin backed hackers to launch cyber attacks on u.s. political groups backing group known as fancy bear reportedly targeted the websites of conservative american think tanks and the u.s.
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senate a criminal spokesman has rejected the allegations. sweden has reintroduced compulsory military service for high school graduates going against the current trend in europe which has been moving away from can strip conscription in the year two thousand and twenty eight european countries still had compulsory military service including germany france italy and spain but over the past eighteen years the majority of european states converted their armed forces into purely professional armies today just ten european states still mandate time in the military while a sweden so defense minister argues that the attic sation of crimea by russia has made conscription necessary here's a look at what the recruits think about the duty to serve. their job. these young people are undergoing military training in sweden as forests are being
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put into shape to defend their country. this year sweden introduced conscription lasting eleven months for every high school graduate and that means both young men and women. for you for me it's a matter of course it gives me something and i probably would have done it voluntarily he said mccain i. mean for me my family and friends think i should stay in it's most believe it will become my profession i'm not so sure myself but i really enjoy it. this year only about four percent of graduates and four thousand other young people will be involved in. the swedish government has reintroduced the draft mainly for defense reasons. when russia annexed crimea when we have conflicts in ukraine and the military presence and activities at our doorstep in the baltic sea we have to make me ready. and that's why we need
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general military conscription. in militarily neutral sweden a return to conscription is taken rather likely muscular south but true i don't believe in a professional army everyone should be involved because i did military service years ago and sounded good oh you know how much the fish you have to defend your country i think it's good that girls and boys learn something before they take on further study and said nothing and i bet yesterday. besides learning how to use weapons the young people also learned things they may not have learned at home. so let's go right to them we teach them how to make their beds and how to take care of each other so that's very different from today's culture discipline so here we are in individuals where a group get a band and the group is set to get larger sweden's army aims to increase the number it calls up in the near future. one of the me two movements leading
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voices is denying accusations that she sexually assaulted a minor according to documents obtained by the new york times the actress turned me to activist ozzy argento paid nearly four hundred thousand dollars to settle a sexual assault claim her alleged victim actor colleague jimmy bennett's claims are gentle assaulted him in a california hotel room back in two thousand and thirteen but it was seventeen at the time which would make him a minor under california law. it was a mate for new stars to shine at the m.t.v. video music awards cuban born singer camilla cabello dethrone some of music's top acts as the night's big winner she doing she joined the ranks of rock royalty for her moment in the spotlight. the queen of pop madonna announcing one of the top crisis video of the year come you look around thanks for her songs have been
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a much. beating out many big names the cuban born singer also took home and other top priced artist of the you. can't believe this is from me thank you so much i thank you so so my fans that i love you guys so much i am i. such the best price went to a rianna grunty her who. was. the twenty five year old singer perform ten you song golf as a woman and was later joined by her grandmother and mother on stage i was i love. i. am. one of the highlights of the night jennifer lopez performing a mentally of her hit songs before accepting the vanguard of water on the ring for
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the lifetime achievement for her. to see many of the big prices went to women this year but with a few exceptions rock star was the song of the year the from to sing a post malone who later rocked the stage with legendary band aerosmith. but is up next for. they make a commitment. they find.


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