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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] play the education pitiably. this is you know previews live from berlin a nazi collaborators the port from the u.s. but it will leave these justices ninety five year old jockey polybe is taken from his home in new york you know arrives in germany but the german government doesn't think there's enough evidence to put the former labor camp guard on trial also coming up hack job microsoft says aborted attempts by hackers to launch cyber
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attacks the russia based hackers are said to have tried to steal data from websites of conservative american think tanks and the u.s. senate plus the military strike at the heart of the afghan government rockets land near the presidential palace in the capital kabul just as president arshad heinie makes the threats to the nation it comes just days after he offered a conditional cease fire. and a new star is grounded at the m.t.v. video music awards play cuban born singer camilla cabello takes home the top prize video of the year for her song of that. the a moment to play. play above. all. for your company everyone. this man right behind me is believed to have been the last no nazi collaborators
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still alive and living in the united states but today ninety five year old ricky folly touched down in germany twenty five years after efforts began to deport him all during world war two he worked at a nazi labor camp in poland where inmates were massacred but it's not certain that he will be prosecuted here in germany this report now with exclusive pictures of polly's deportation from a.b.c. news. to living quietly in new york for decades this was the moment history caught up with pani. u.s. authorities arresting him for deportation to germany expelling the ninety five year old despite his clear frailty has been a priority for the trumpet ministration born in what was then poland poly arrived in america in one nine hundred forty nine concealing his nazi service from immigration officials eight years later his application for citizenship was granted but in the one nine hundred ninety s.
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investigators caught up with him he admitted to them having trained at a nazi s.s. camp in trav nikky the site of one of the holocaust worst massacres claiming the lives of some six thousand jewish citizens. a judge then revoked pollies american citizenship in two thousand and three a year later the u.s. authorities ordered his deportation. until nov germany had refused to accept him on the grounds that he isn't a german and also because german investigators say the evidence against him using conclusive. but the u.s. ambassador lobbied strongly behind the scenes saying berlin had a moral obligation to admit a man suspected of committing crimes in germany's name he's ninety five he's probably going to die some points. he's a little bit sickly and so we wanted to make sure that he didn't die in peace and comfort in the united states but that he was brought back somewhere to to face more
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justice on diplomatic rather than legal grounds the german government has now accepted that talk you meant. and i'd like to welcome now deidre berger she is the director of the american jewish committee berlin office a very warm welcome mr berger we just heard the u.s. ambassador there in that report saying that germany that germany in berlin has a moral obligation to take in mr polly even if there isn't a legal justification do you think germany has a moral obligation in this case absolutely and so does fortunately the german foreign minister. it's a big stream importance today for the younger generation in an era where holocaust memory is being attacked from all sides one holocaust revisionism is becoming popular on the internet where young people see this for people to understand that there can be no expiration on the crimes of the holocaust and the crimes of the
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nazis. the ways in which he's brought to court we hope he will be we don't know but in any case that we talk about it that his arrival here is meaningful for us as a society is essential for our understanding moving forward as democracy still germany has argued for years that poly is not our responsibility he is not a german national is that a valid argument no not at all because he committed crimes in the names of germany and so there is no doubt about it that if he is to be tried somewhere today in this day and age it should be germany if there's not enough evidence at the moment then it's time to go and look for more there has to be so much evidence we know a lot about the trivia nicky death camp where he was trained and we also know from the trial of john demjanjuk another former guard that you don't have to prove individual guilt today there's a much different hurdle and so it's extremely important that this case be reopened
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is it disappointing that it took twenty five years to get to this stage it's extremely disappointing and we're very grateful in the jewish world and i think in general that the ma crissy that both president trump himself took this on and that the u.s. ambassador in germany for a criminal took this on and that they've really made this a top priority and we hope this isn't the end of it there are other cases that are still there to be investigated let's put those resources we have to investigating them big we cannot let these people die if we know that they were criminals without at least attempting to put them on trial what should germany do with mr polly now i think germany should assign more prosecutors to the case and historians and start looking for the evidence i think that we don't we can't really say that there's not enough evidence we know an enormous amount now maybe more than ten years ago so
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it's time to compile the. information trials are very important for the story of whole record and there is nothing that could be more meaningful as we move forward in the twenty first century to make sure that we're not closing the books on the twentieth century but that world looking much more carefully from today's perspective so that we understand the human rights basis for our democracies in europe in the u.s. today what does this case this particular deportation mean for jewish communities in europe and in america what type of significance does it carry its tremendous significance it's a hope that indeed we're not going to put to rest so to speak to close the books on a chapter that shouldn't be closed the can never be closed and i think it's really a sign of hope but also for the society as a whole as we know germany in particular was found it modern democratic germany after the holocaust and we can't let the memory be forgotten the question is how do we move forward remembering it and this is
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a way to show young people yes there are still cases and even should peace people die let's look back into the historical record that's compiled because we took the time to investigate and as a society to condemn the horrific crimes of the nazis to have burger director of the american jewish committee in office thank you for spending time with us. software enjoyed microsoft says this sordid attempts by kremlin backed tacklers to launch cyber attacks on u.s. political groups the hacking group known as fancy bear reportedly tried to steal data from the websites of conservative american think tanks and the u.s. senate microsoft's president says the hackers also targeted candidates and france's we sent presidential election the kremlin has dismissed the allegations calling them part of quote a witch hunt. well for the washington correspondent alex under
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a phenomena and we use barbara of a so from a brussels a good evening ladies i want to give you the first two words tell us exactly who was targeted by the group fancy and probably more importantly who is fancy bear. i think what it's quite interesting in this case is the fact that according to microsoft and the russian hackers this time talkative particulary groups organizations informally tied to the republican party and the target was for example the hudson institute a conservative thing very critical of russia or. international republican institute and nonprofit organization that has worked for decades in promoting democracy around the world and according to experts the shift to attacking conservative organizations and of course russia as
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a goal to diminish and disrupt and the organizations challenging russia and its governments and when we talk about it is group that is allegedly behind these attacks offend seabird is a well known to the investigators here in the u.s. it describes itself as the international hacker team but its members are russian speakers and they operate on moscow time they were allegedly behind an attack against a white house state has they have allegedly infiltrate a computer system of several government. systems and they were responsible at that the most important fact for the e-mail it sect of democratic national committee all garble want to go to you and next to according to microsoft president brad smith the fancy bear was also were active ahead of the french
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presidential election targeting every major presidential candidate in the spring twenty seventeen is this news at all to french political parties. no not at all because the current french government came prepared and they had already been fears a couple of months earlier last year before the dutch elections and the dog truly truly took precautions now if we look at the french political lens scape at that time you see the far right marine le pen they had nothing to fear from food to him because he testily supported them neither had the far left the republicans took care of their own dahlan fall so remained among them a crumb and his campaign team really prepared they sort of safeguarded the internal communication against hacking attempts and when a day before the election as some emails off the steam emerged and became public
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there was absolutely nothing significant or sensational in them there were more or less completely void and and empty and so when asked about this hacking attempt the campaign news then said yes we fear this would happen and we safeguard our internal communication completely totally blocked it against any sort of interference and re only use normal email to talk about the weather and other completely unimportant things so the french president among them a crime and his team knew what was coming and they really took preemptive measures talking about preemptive measures alexandra that the kremlin has of course tonight there hacks i believe we have the statement that was issued by the kremlin spokesperson dmitri peskov here it is what he said is that we don't know what hackers they are talking about we don't know what they mean by influence of elections the us has confirmed there was no influence on elections who exactly are they talking about we don't understand what these conclusions are based on the
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evidence is a lacking alexander with mid-term elections just a little over two months away how is the u.s. protecting itself from any future hacking attempts at attempts to sow divisions among voters. well the u.s. officials say that they are very concerned actually only two weeks ago seen you ass intelligence official came to the white house and briefed reporters on the situation and warning that the russians are continuing their pervasive efforts to weaken the us as to undermine the you asked crissy codes director of national intelligence even said russia is the most aggressive actor here so they are very concerned and in this briefing they stressed that it's their top priority to secure
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the midst elections however we also have to say that step president himself half repeatedly and openly questions u.s. intelligence finding on russia and has tried to downplay the role of the russian meddling in the last elections in twenty six scene did abuse isn't a phenomenon reporting from washington and. from brussels thank you ladies both for your continued coverage now let's get you caught up with some of the other stories making news around the world. more than a million people have now taken refuge in relief camps after floods in the southern indian state of corella two weeks of to wrench will really submerge much of the state while the rescue operation is starting to wind down with the death toll standing at over four hundred italy has allowed a ship carrying one hundred seventy seven migrants to dock in sicily but won't let anyone get off the migrants were rescued five days ago by the italian coast guard
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the interior minister but they are savvy once guarantees that other countries will take the migrants charities have called at least stance quote in humane. mean mars de facto leader aung san suu kyi says the threat posed by terrorists in her countries were keen state remains present and real her remarks came at a lecture in singapore she has been criticized for failing to speak out against the army crackdown on muslim minority in that country. it washington we use we still have a lot more to share with you including ukrainian political prisoner election soft marks one hundred days on hunger strike in russia supporters demand his release but is the kremlin likely to give him. one of the me two movements a leading activist actress a shia are gentle has been accused of sexually assaulting and under age fellow
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actor she denies it but it's been alleged that she paid him hush money. tough times for the turkish economy and no help inside helena that's right they know we've now seen a turkey say that it's actually lodged a complaint with the world trade organization against those on steel than the minimum to move coming amid intensifying tensions with the united states and the text economy is certainly struggling despite that german chancellor i'm going to who says she sees no need to offer financial aid to the country well the near a has lost forty percent against the dollar this year. with the currency crisis an attack on his country but experts say he says the problem. whether it's a bridge over the bosphorus an istanbul subway system or an imposing mosque turkey's president about to tie up and one is known for his beak ambitions. the construction
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sector has been at the forefront of the country's economic development. but recent events have put the brakes on turkey's economy. turkish banks and companies have accumulated four hundred seventy billion dollars of foreign desk and just the value of the lira plummets it's getting ever harder to repay those loans. turkish president ratchet type eridu one has ignored calls for interest rate hikes and rejected any notion of a bailout from the international monetary fund. experts say a multi-pronged approach is needed to tackle the country's economic problems. turkish business and investment in the environment need structural reforms labor market reform fiscal reform education reform all of the forms that are this is a city to cope with the challenges of the twenty first century in the digital age
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so they have to be priority. ordinary turks are already feeling the pain prices are rising rapidly and there are fears that a slowdown in business could trigger massive job cuts. in germany some politicians have raised the prospect of offering turkey financial aid but economists say such a move wouldn't get to the core of turkey's problems. it would be a really bad idea to make direct payments in order to support turkish economy i mean turkey's problem is not liquidity problem there are structural problems inflation is too high and that interest rates are off the central bank are too low . for now the turkish president appears to. turman to stick to his existing economic policy mean while two major credit ration agencies have downgraded the country without
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a concrete plan of action turkey could be on course for an economic disaster. well the u.s. dollar is dipping falling for the fourth day in a row and u.s. president donald trump lashed out at the federal reserve he says he's not pleased with the central bank raising interest rates so it's currently expected to raise its key rate two more times this year and another two times next year chairman jerome powell says he's concerned about inflationary pressures in an interview trump says he was not thrilled with the hikes used to refuse to say he believed in the fed's independence palace at the committee will not bow to political pressure and. breaking new rules is nothing new for donald trump of course one of the frankfurt stock exchange don't you. well your thoughts some rules when you are the united states president you should of criticize the fact you should also not dollar what your intelligence people from the f.b.i. tell you you also should not insult people on twitter but donald trump does not
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seem to know that i guess what he took over or he simply doesn't care what i guess he pouring didn't really care we have heard him saying that many times that he accepts loyalty and he has been clear also throughout his campaign that he is in favor of a very weak dollar investors mostly in the united states called the latest interview in which he criticized the monetary policy of the fat as a complete no go institutions like the fed also like the european central bank here in frankfurt need to be completely independent and it is even more surprising because it was the trump himself who appointed jeremy powell for the position of fed chairman his predecessor janet yellen wanted to continue to work in this position but did not extend her contract. that we'll have more business news here in a short while now it's back over to late and layla more turmoil in afghanistan and that on a day that was supposed to be very very festive afghan security forces have fought off a major militant assault in the heart of the capital kabul reports say all the attackers
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were killed in the heavy fighting that followed rocket attacks the so-called islamic state has claimed it carried out the attack and it came as president are shahani delivered his holiday message on the first day of eat a major religious festival for muslims around the world. it was supposed to be a peaceful day of worship in kabul but the come didn't last long. in the morning militants fired a number of rockets towards the presidential palace as president ashraf ghani was delivering a speech to mark the muslim celebrations of aid. could do you figure. if the insurgents think that with rocket attacks this nation will surrender they have to think again. this is a brave tough nation and we are always ready to defend our independence and islamic tradition. the rockets triggered an immediate and ferocious response by security
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forces a military helicopter targeted the house from where the rockets were fired sending plumes of smoke into the sky. sort of sold out the car as a result of the mortar attacks only two police officers were wounded and all the terrorists were killed in a clearing operation launched by afghan security forces in the area of the timing of the assault a significant it comes two days after the president offered the taliban a conditional three month cease fire can siding with celebrations afghan police initially help the group responsible before the so-called islamic state made its claims. in the past we used to celebrate ied with joy and happiness but now suicide attacks people on the holiday is filled with tension. when we leave our homes we're not sure if i'll make it my comforts to bring militants to the negotiating table and hold peace talks to end the country
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seventeen year war. ukrainian filmmaker oleg cents off imprisoned in russia on terrorism charges has now been on hunger strike for one hundred days the forty two year old is serving a twenty year long sentence after being convicted three years ago of arson attacks and his native crimea sense off was a fierce critic of moscow's occupation of the peninsula back in two thousand and fourteen amnesty international calls on soft case a show trial and western nations have came paid for his release and soft lawyer says that since starting the hunger strike back in may is condition has rapidly deteriorated. and with me in the studio is well done but now he is the press spokesman for human rights watch here in berlin a very warm welcome mr butler now oleg since off has been on hunger strike as we've just been reporting for one hundred days how is he being monitored does your
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organization or an organization because asia's so much yours have access to his well being it's very difficult to get access to all extents off in the prison camp so actually it's only the lawyer with access to him and you can report about his current condition and if he says the condition is deteriorating you know is to wait and see if the hundred days use really in a critical condition now since off's trial has been described as a show trial do you agree with that and can you explain why absolutely so we agree that this is a show trial i mean the sense of was put on the military trial because of terrorism charges for charges which are completely irrelevant so there were no terrorist attacks which he did in addition he was tortured apparently during the trial or that one of the witnesses was twichell which was not picked up by the by the judges so this is clearly a mock trial and the charges are baseless now despite high profile supporters for
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mr sense often french president michel has put his political weight behind him president putin has remained tight lipped on the case of sense of do you feel that his current hunger strike will motive right motivate the president to do something about his situation that's very difficult to save so despite of all this international criticism despite of all international support for sense of putin has so far not moved. so it's very difficult to say how he will decide in the coming days or weeks we think that because of the case is connected to crimea that might be a reason why putin is not reacting maybe as the can either by. again egypt for of the issues so this might be reasons why putin is not swinging at the momentum to move right thank you so very much welcome but not first spokesman for human rights watch and for all and thank you. for your washing the debris news we still have
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a lot more to share with you including. music stars gathered in new york last night for the twenty eighteen m.t.v. video music awards also take a look at the highlights of the evening. and you thought coherent games were all about sitting in front of a screen think again or at the world's biggest computer games convention in cologne and we're finding that it's more like an assault course. and don't forget you can always get you to read use on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can of course also use the debris after to send us your photos and videos it's . going to take
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a brief break and we'll be back with more news coming right up. to
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continent's future to. be pure and good looking youngsters in testing share their stories their dreams and their challenges. to seventy seven percent of the abuse platform after dark. this is it every news live from berlin i'm layla iraq and these are main headlines this hour. a nazi collaborator has been deported from the u.s. to germany ninety five year old jackie polly worked at a nazi labor camp in poland during world war two but the german government doesn't think there's enough evidence to put him on trial plus microsoft says this lorded attempts by hackers to launch cyber attacks the russian space hackers are said to have tried to steal data from the websites of conservative american think tanks and the u.s.
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senate. and the czech prime minister andrea bob is has been booed in prague while making a speech to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the soviet led invasion of czechoslovakia but this was speaking at a memorial when his words were drowned out by shouts of shame some historians say about this was an informer for the state security agency at the time of the invasion that ended the prox frame and the w.'s are frank hoffman met one prague resident who has never forgotten that day. road and hour retraces the pass near the radio station building and crowd fifty years ago dramatic scenes unfolded on this very street. toward the. mall where i was standing in front of this tree.
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the shells were exploding shrapnel was flying everywhere. explosions and shrapnel everywhere barricades were crushed by soviet tanks soldiers shot demonstrators there our took photographs on that long day along with many other progress events in the early hours of august the twenty first one nine hundred sixty eight warsaw pact troops ended the prague spring dream of an open and humane communist system at the start of that year the communist party had begun allowing greater freedom of expression journalists working for czech radio we're no longer censored. or so we did not want the radio building to be occupied. so people set up barricades they also set a tank on fire here. good for the. images from that day is stored in the check archives of state security services the documents a studied in catalogues by historians like on very much
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a care the violence ends of the products spring is still felt today. as a sixty nine hundred sixty eight is always closely associated with this feeling of emotional shock that is tied to the occupation. to the twenty first of august and the days that followed it departed on our. lot is where people resisted nonviolently us here where people really came together as one in our society this is our. time it was a very very powerful time. every bar. but the events of the prague spring served only to fortify moscow's hard liners in the politburo czechoslovakia state security services immediately expanded and they took on additional spice historians believe that in the one nine hundred eighty s. the current prime minister on trade became one of them. and. bush was
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in the highest category meaning agent good. night the allegations a few weeks ago on an online channel he himself phones some of them when the media claims that i lost this state security affair and courses and then that is a lie. while many historians are convinced that czech prime minister used to serve as an informant of the state security agency of communist czechoslovakia at least some of his voters see it a little bit differently. last year about issues party became a stronger in the country after a populist election campaign was opinion about him is divided you know it's like you know it's not strange that he was an agent it would bother us but they haven't proved it. to the world years and i think just about everyone is bothered by it but most people don't let it show so. these are things that are contrary to human
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principles and it's downright unprincipled that it is also that i don't know but it bothers me terribly i can't understand why so many people don't care. as people remember the events of the prague spring is violent ten fifty years ago it seems the debate about the country's communist past has also returned to the czech republic. sweden has reintroduced compulsory military service for high school graduates countering the trend in europe which has been moving away from conscription in the year two thousand and twenty eight european countries still had compulsory military service. germany france italy and spain but over the past eighteen years the majority of european states convert at their armed forces into purely professional armies today just ten european states still mandate time in the military and sweden defense minister argues that the annexation of crimea by russia has made conscription necessary here's
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a look at what the recruits think about the duty to serve. their job bob these young people are undergoing military training in sweden's forests they're being put into shape to defend their country this year sweden introduced conscription lasting eleven months for every high school graduate and that means both young men and women. fighting to say thank you for me it's a matter of course it gives me something and i probably would have done it all entirely he said mccain also. mean for me to stop us going family and friends think i should stay in its most believe it will become my profession i'm not so sure myself but i really enjoy it. this year only about four percent of graduates and four thousand other young people will be involved in. the swedish government has reintroduced the draft mainly for defense reasons. when
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russia annexed crimea when we have conflicts in ukraine and a military presence and activities at our doorstep in the baltic sea we have to make our army ready. and that's why we need general military conscription and or transferred i'm pretty. in militarily neutral sweden a return to conscription is taken rather likely must be. but through it i don't believe in a professional army everyone should be involved because i did military service years ago and found a good early i'm almost a fish but you have to defend your country i think it's good that girls and boys learn something before they take on further studying said nothing and i bet yesterday. besides learning how to use weapons the young people also learn things they may not have learned at home. unless i can write to them that we teach them how to make their beds and how to take care of each other the national so that's very different from today's culture discipline so here we are into vigils where a group get
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a band and the group is set to get larger regions army aims to increase the number it calls up in the near future. and i'm going to hand you back over to eleanor for more business news taking a look at how refugees are being integrated into the job market there if we look at the latest numbers which are out at the moment later it seems that they're on the up the number of employed refugees here in germany has risen by half according to those new official figures three hundred thousand refugees have been hired since they arrived from c. one hundred thousand just a year ago especially young and well trained migrants have the best chances of finding work done in german or there remains an important job requirement however the german employment agency has taken the increase in working refugees is a sign that be integrated in to the job market well that says more than half a million refugees are still registered as jobs because. nigeria
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has just about the most unreliable electricity supply in the world one research group reckons that only eighteen percent of people connected to the grid get electricity for more than half of the times the most nigerians have to rely on other sources of power such as generators and solar panels now for the poor those options there are expensive but one organization is working to improve the situation starting with the largest slum in nigeria. the steam a just a learning how to assemble solar chargers using simple materials they can find around them like plastic containers and batches the charges can be used to power phones rechargeable fans and all of our small devices volunteers from the bright hands initiative of the niceness workshop for young teenagers in rural communities many households in nigeria only have electricity for a few hours in
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a day and most low income earners can't afford to install solar panels or buy generators with no prior technical knowledge these participants can now produce something they can use when the power is out the class is divided into eight groups after building the charge at each group is expected to preach a business plan so a panel of experts i do will be a d.b.a. is the founder of right hands she says how goal is to raise the ambition of the teenager and the same many opportunities in areas like like this big corporations are going to a profit in the midst of what we're trying to do is to get them to think about who are the problems in our communities that can make money from give back to my community some of the participants already have big dreams like a lizbeth who wants to be an engineer she says she wants to pass on what she's learned here to others in her community to see how bring some of my mates together some goes well educated in
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a bring them together says america and elaine to them assuming it is and build my own country i went on to be able to. be an interdimensional organizers of this workshop know solar power charges of nigeria's electricity problem but they hope this workshop might give teenage as the confidence and skills to create solutions to other challenges around them. well it's game time this week in the german city of cologne for hundreds and thousands of dedicated game isn't the world's largest event for computer and video games when it's underway. amongst the crowds for us. let's bang and you're inside the game not just on screen the recent mega-hit fortnight breaks with tradition rather than playing the survival games games come visitors can test their real world skills playing is free anyway and has attracted one hundred twenty five million people in one year the
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community is why the game is so successful even little things like new emotes or new skins are very well received in that kind of explode within the community. and these features are what players pay for if. others have reached a point where they can get paid for playing. hardcore gamers read the heart of games come when it started ten years ago and they still are but e-sports has brought them from the basement to this stage. clinton. and he's like not much someone pull them on most but if we used to be happy to get a mouse pad or hardware or anything really now if you play in the national league it's one of the half to two thousand euros per month further up you can make five digits on the get go but you're going to continue to it's the largest ever games
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come with over one thousand exhibitors ranging from p.c. titles and hardware to mobile products and console games. virtual reality is now developed mostly for amusement parks and movie theaters. at the links all sick the first reality hasn't really picked up in sales and maybe more of an experience game that the people at home what's really driving the markets high as an expert buys a cloud of the older generation as the fastest growing user base those over fifty already make up a quarter of all gamers and that continues to grow. that means of course the supply of games where this target group is growing does it stack up next games for the mass market are often simple and don't require complicated skills much like these classics that are making a comeback as internet games or can be played directly on mobile devices.
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gaming is booming one of the reasons smart phones have made games accessible everywhere to everyone now you feel me i've got some very important business to do here. now business reporter palca brits that back i have a now to crank you so much on and we've got some of breaking news just coming in right now that we want to share with you a u.s. president to donald trump's former personal lawyer has reportedly agreed to plead guilty to federal fraud charges prosecutors have been investigating cohen for bank and tax fraud and for allegedly helping pay hush money to women claiming to have had affairs with president all trump cohen is expected to appear in court in just over an hour we'll bring you more on this story as we get it but in the meantime one of the me too movement's leading voices is facing accusations that she sexually
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assaulted a minor according to documents a pic of taint by the new york times the actress turned me to activist asia argento paid nearly four hundred thousand dollars to settle a sexual assault claim or her alleged victim actor colleague jamie bennett claims argento assaulted him in a california hotel room back in two thousand and thirteen and it was seventeen at the time making him a minor under california law in a statement released today argento calls the accusations absolutely false adding i have never had any sexual relationship with bennett. but the allegations are casting a shadow over the me too movement and e.w. social media editor karl ousmane has been tracking the fallout quite a turn of events argento was of course one of the first women to speak out to
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accuse publicly accused hollywood super producer harvey weinstein of sexual assault now she's on the receiving end it's really a shocking turnaround i think many of her fellow me to activists are also shocked they're trying to absorb this and figure out really want does this mean now for the me to movement and many of them are speaking out online about these accusations this is writer and activist sill abram's she accused record producer russell simmons of rape and she says when she saw the news she felt like she'd been sucker punched she says i was shaking with anger of what she did to her victim and frightened about the potential implications for actions have for the me too movement overall actress rose mcgowan who also accused weinstein of assault here she is writing a i got to know ozzy argento ten months ago our common commonality is the shared pain of being assaulted by harvey weinstein my heart is broken i will continue my work on behalf of victims everywhere and the founder of the need to hashtags is trying to burke she released
8:47 pm
a series of tweets today saying in part sexual violence is about power and privilege that doesn't change if the perpetrator is your favorite actress activist or professor of any gender and we won't shift the culture unless we get serious about shifting these false narratives lot of hurt feelings there how are critics of the me to ferment reacting to these allegations well there are some out there that are arguing that this level of alleged ypocras see should be a big blow to the movement's credibility and among those voices is actually one of the most and tory is alleged sexual predators weinstein himself and actually his lawyer released this. they've meant attacking asia argento saying this development reveals a stunning level of hypocrisy on her part what is perhaps most egregious is the timing which suggests that at the very same time argento was working on her own secret settlement for the alleged sexual abuse of a minor she was positioning herself at the forefront of those condemning mr
8:48 pm
weinstein of course it's easy to see why he might release that statement he is on trial but other critics they try to often frame the me too movement as this alliance of women against men where these powerful men don't have the chance even to defend themselves in public so there are voices out there now saying she should face maybe the same fate as those powerful men in terms of what's next we want to go back actually to the founder of that me to hashtag and here's what she said in terms of looking forward for this movement she writes that her hope is that as more folks come forward particularly men that we prepare ourselves for some hard conversations about power and humanity and privilege and harm so certainly some difficult conversations ahead for the me too movement exactly colonel nason thank
8:49 pm
you so much for tracking of the fallout to this story thank you. i. think the. american rapper and if you're not performing at the m.t.v. music video one sweet healthy radio city music hall in new york city last night. or rather narrow from our culture desk is here to talk about that evening now she won the best hip hop artist but before we find out who the other big winners were tell us about the award itself. which is a man on the moon ok which isn't really associated with with the music much but there is a reason by the way it's no longer a moon but a moon person because since last year we have to be known jennifer specific that also means the awards are two there's no new best female singer no best male singer
8:50 pm
it's all of the video of the year best rock best pop best summer hit which incidentally was won by comedy be the brooklyn rapper who had the most nominations she won and she also won best new artist and lots of women won the prizes a big big big for the me too should say but lots of great. the reason i'm a must explain this moon person thing is back in ninety days of all when i was watching it t.v. had you voted voted off. the very first images on m.t.v. was. a move a person on the moon with a flag a bit controversial at the time because it wasn't the stars and stripes fact he said m.t.v. on the flag and it's the kind of the m.t.v. logo isn't it anyway let's get on with the awards it's the first time in fifteen is it fifteen is it was have los angeles first time in new york city for fifteen years
8:51 pm
and moved on up presented the the main prize of the evening hours. come eli corella the they the cuban born twenty one year old was the night's big winner taking home best artist and a video of the year four of them thank. god . this is my hands are literally shaking i am never going to forget this moment ever in my life. every song of the year went to. post move you thanks in one of the most unexpected moments of the night malone bridged the generations of music rocking the stage with aerosmith.
8:52 pm
thank you have. to. thank you for eighty five year old area on a grand day took home best pop video. thank you thank you. thank you she also performed god is a woman slithering about it in full bloom and last saka before being joined by her mother and grandmother on stage. i was. i i was. jennifer lopez gave a highly energized medley thoughtful months view was won't forget she also walked away with the biggest award of the night the michael jackson video bang god award
8:53 pm
for twenty eight ing who we are and now are no. there were no words of course the artist childish gambino he's a man of many many talents he is indeed i mean he's an actor he's a comedian he's a writer he's a director and he's a producer is better i mean as an actor is known as don't love he's appeared in a star wars movie in a spider-man movie he's written directed produced did everything for this big series. yeah he's really talented and he's won emmys and golden globes. but as childish gambino he's done this video which was expected when is very shocking has to be said but also he sort of mixes violence and joy in it and it does say a lot i mean this as i say was the favorite for the best video but it won best choreography best direction and also a video with a message reaches his of course it's
8:54 pm
a song called this is america you see all sides of america happening behind him in the video. is a very talented guy i haven't mentioned that he's also a stand up comedian and he says he loves to do all these different things because of his backgrounds family he was actually brought up as a jehovah's witness which isn't anymore but he had no t.v. no birthday no christmas so he's like a little boy again having all the treats now and he's quite unique you know he's doing is one way and there's nothing he can do it seems and let's talk about madonna we saw her at the beginning she presented an award but she was also there for another reason she was there actually the queen of pop to get a good home edge to the queen of soul aretha franklin who sadly died last week was a bit of criticism because she told a personal story people said you're talking too much about hey she didn't have to go there she went to pay homage to a great artist to reach the front and instead he one of the few famous really big
8:55 pm
styles. them in the was jail of course but nope you don't see no jay z. no justin bieber no brianna no katy perry and t.v. and you know the ratings are going down i wonder whether the will be an m.t.v. video woods in a few years time. yes some people are watching telly for that for that as your music adventure is streaming it that's all on social media is all online banks a lot rob and we'll catch up tomorrow again and before i let you go want to remind you of our main headline this hour u.s. president trump's. former personal lawyer has reportedly agreed to plead guilty to federal fraud charges michael cohen has been under investigation for bank and tax fraud and for allegedly helping to pay hush money to women claiming to have had affairs with president trump microsoft says it's too ordered its house by hackers to launch cyber attacks the russian based hackers are said to have tried to steal
8:56 pm
data from the websites of conservative american think tanks and the u.s. that. are on behalf of the entire new sim thank you so much for spending part of your day with us on leyla iraq i'll see you again tomorrow same time same place
8:57 pm
brant call is up next. king of. kings reputation murderers. arsonists. tyrants. the roman emperor nero. to be just get a bad press to. remount historians are reexamining his case for rethinking the
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rochas history been unfair to the infamous emperor. in fifteen minutes on d w. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition. mania. last week the full of investment bankers who thought the carousel which never stopped of a system that spun out of control. problems that will. cause. the crash the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on d w. i am. moving the fund beethoven and. his works the goddess fortuna. the mushroom and
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famous. beethoven first bomb the twenty. everybody. we need five points full time steelers the pro by what we need if you look at china thailand india every countries moving along to possibly still very different everyone equal to automobile for you will name you an old fifty you will be. old with waiting for the treasure you turn to spend hours in the hours and i just had to know maybe. i would have to be old and i decided it would depend on the public transportation can't we can't walk together
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and make everybody happy could not depend on the high consumption. this is the. u.s. president former personal attorney who surrenders to the f.b.i. has reportedly made a deal with prosecutors will be revealed damaging information about mr trump michael cohen has reportedly agreed to a plea bargain with federal prosecutors on campaign finance violations bank fraud and tax evasion charges. from washington for the latest also coming up a suspected former nazi collaborator deported from the united states to germany but


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