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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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tonight u.s. president former personal attorney makes a deal with prosecutors will be revealed damaging information about. a federal courthouse in manhattan at the moment he's pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations bankrolled in texas hold charge will have the latest also coming up a suspect and former nazi collaborator deported from the u.s. will he face justice for the ninety five year old. from his home in new york today he is now in germany but the german government doesn't think there's
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enough evidence to put before. you thought computer games are all about sitting in front of a screen we're at the world's biggest computer games convention in cologne germany and finding out that. course. is good to have you with us we begin with breaking news from the u.s. u.s. president former personal lawyer. has reached a plea bargain with federal prosecutors in new york cohen appeared before a judge a short while ago he has pleaded guilty to charges including campaign finance fraud bank fraud and tax evasion those charges are the result of a probe into whether cohen helped pay hush money to women claiming to have had affairs with u.s.
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president. henri for the latest on this story now is good our washington bureau chief alexandra phenomena she is on the story for us good evening to you alexandra so we're hearing about that plea bargain between michael cohen and u.s. federal prosecutors what do we know about the details that we know that michael cole is still in this courtroom on suing the judge's questions and we know that he has pleaded guilty as you said to. tax evasion to bank fraud and to companion finance violations in two cases and this is quite significant because we're talking here about it's too hot payments to women that had claimed to have had an affair with the president a payment arranged by michael cohen and according to media reports michael cohen sat in this card's room that this payments were made and called it nation and
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direction of that than presidents don't know it's trump and this is quite significant here. also significant is michael cohen is the man who was once called to saying that he would take a bullet for donald trump and now he's the reader into the f.b.i. and he's entered into a plea bargain i mean what does all of this mean for you was president draw on. well it's certainly not a good day for the not strong michael cohen as you said was more than just a lawyer he was trump's personal lawyer his so-called fixer dealing with managing i don't know it's trump sensitive metzer is personal business and now he is going to go to jail and five pleading guilty to come pain finance violations he is establishing the first direct link to donald trump and his
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campaign all right we're not finished at the courthouse just yet alexander stand by we've got more breaking news concerning another criminal case involving a former trump adviser paul man of ford who briefly managed trump's presidential campaign he has been found guilty of tax fraud the jury found a man before guilty of eight financial crimes a judge declared a mistrial on ten other counts that the jury could not agree on many affordable likely face years in prison the verdict is the first trial victory of a special counsel investigation into president drum's former associates so alexandra the jury has reached a verdict eight kilo. of former campaign chairman paul man of war but no verdict on ten other charges so how should we read this. i think it's important to say that if we are talking here at all it's very
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complicated collins and apparently the jury has doubts at all it's at ten counts and therefore the jets didn't have any chance alva choice than to declare a mistrial that's what is the most important takeaway from this trial is that paul the man of force has been found guilty on very serious charges bank accounts bank fraud tax fraud and that it is certain that he is going to jail definitely breaking news there paul man a fourth term guilty of fraud likely to face prison time and u.s. president doldrums former personal attorney surrendering to the f.b.i. and entering a plea agreement with federal prosecutors a lot going on in the u.s. our washington bureau chief on the story for us tonight alexander phenomenal xander thank you staying in the us software giant microsoft says it has thwarted attempts by kremlin backed hackers to launch cyber attacks on u.s.
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political groups the hacking group known as fancy they are reportedly trying to steal data from the websites of conservative american think tanks in the u.s. senate microsoft's president said that the hackers also targeted candidates in france's recent presidential election the kremlin has dismissed these allegations calling them part of a quote which. he is believed to have been the last known nazi collaboration suspect still alive and living in the united states but today ninety five year old yucky polly touched down here in germany twenty five years after efforts began to deport him during the second world war he worked at a nazi labor camp in poland where inmates were massacred but it's not certain that he will be prosecuted here in germany this report now with exclusive pictures of polly's deportation from a.b.c. news. after living quietly in new york for decades this was the
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moment history caught up with polly that the u.s. authorities arresting him for deportation to germany expelling the ninety five year old despite his plea of frailty has been a priority for the trumpet ministration born in what was then poland poly arrived in america in one thousand nine hundred nine concealing his nazi service from immigration officials eight years later his application for citizenship was granted . but in the one nine hundred ninety s. investigators caught up with him he admitted to them having trained at a nazi s.s. camp in trav nikky the site of one of the holocaust worst massacres claiming the lives of some six thousand jewish citizens a judge then revoked pollies american citizenship in two thousand and three a year later the us authorities ordered his deportation. until now though germany had refused to accept him on the grounds that he isn't a german and also because german investigators say the evidence against him is
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inconclusive. but the u.s. ambassador lobbied strongly behind the scenes saying berlin had a moral obligation to admit a man suspected of committing crimes in germany's name he's ninety five he's probably going to die some points. he says he's a little bit sickly and so we wanted to make sure that he didn't die in peace and comfort in the united states but that he was brought back somewhere to to face more justice on diplomatic rather than legal grounds the german government has now accepted that argument. here is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world afghan security forces have fought off a major military assault in the heart of the capital kabul reports say all the assailants were killed in heavy fighting so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility. the attack came as president delivered his holiday message on the
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first day of. more than a million people have taken refuge in relief camps after floods in the southern indian state of corolla two weeks of torrential rain submerged much of the state the rescue operation is starting to wind down with the death toll standing at more than four hundred. the hash tag mean to activists the argento has denied having a sexual relationship with the young actor who claims she sexually assaulted him when he was seventeen in a written statement argento's said that she was linked to actor jimmy bennett quote by friendship only he comes after a report that she paid bennett hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep the affair quiet. well it is game telling this week in the german city of cologne for hundreds of thousands the world's largest event for computer and video games is underway for christian brits jumped into the crown for. the bang and you're inside the game not just on screen the recent mega hit
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fortnight breaks with tradition rather than playing the survival game for games come visitors can test their real world skills playing is free anyway and has attracted one hundred twenty five million people in one year the community is why the game is so successful even little things like new emotes or new skins are very well received and that kind of explode within the community. and these features are what players pay for. others have reached a point where they get paid for playing. hardcore gamers read the heart of games come when it started ten years ago and they still are but each sports has brought them from the basement to the stage. every someone told them and most but we used to be happy to get
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a mouse pad or hardware or anything really now if you play in the national league it's one of the half to two thousand euros per month further up you can make five digits on this and get them but you put your foot in it it's the largest ever games come with over one thousand exhibitors ranging from p.c. titles and hardware to mobile products and console games. virtual reality is now developed mostly for amusement parks and movie theaters. relics all say richard really hasn't really picked up in sales and maybe more. an experience game that is if you like home what's really driving the markets i as an expert buys a car to the to the older generation as the fastest growing user base those over fifty already make up a quarter of all gamers and that continues to grow that means of course the supply of games for this target group is growth or does it stack up next games for the
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mass market are often simple and don't require complicated skills much like these classics that are making a comeback as internet games or can be played directly on mobile devices. gaming is only one of the reasons smart phones have made games accessible everywhere to everyone now new fears me i've got some very important business to do here. already was enough for the new stars design of the m.t.v. video music awards cuban born singer camilla cabell yo to throw into some of the music stop acts as the night's big winner she joined the ranks of rock royalty for her moment in the spotlight. the queen of pop madonna announcing one of the top prices didio of the deal comey like a bailout thank you both for her songs have been a. i.
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beating out many big names the cuban born singer also took home and other top priced artist of the year. to believe this is for me thank you sometimes i thank you so much so i said i love you guys so much i am. the best price went to a rianna grunty. to twenty five year old sing at her from ten you song golf is a woman and has made it joined by her grandmother and mother on stage i was the one. that i also felt. that. one of the highlights of the night jennifer lopez performing a medley of the hit songs before accepting the vanguard of what's on the ring for the lifetime achievement thank. you so many of
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the big prices went to women this year but with a few exceptions rock star was the song of the year the from to sing a post malone who later rocked the stage with legendary band adam smith. thank. are j. lo that's a lot of work i mean work for his or a part of the top story we're following for you u.s. president former personal lawyer michael cohen has agreed to a plea bargain with federal prosecutors in the federal court in manhattan cohen has been guilty to campaign finance violations big fraud in tax charges a nazi collaborators been. from the u.s. and to germany ninety five year old that yucky poly worked at a nazi labor camp in poland during the second world war but the german government doesn't think there's enough evidence to put him on trial. you're watching the news live from berlin for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company will be back
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at the top of the al with more world news. on i'm a proud and they will not succeed in dividing us and our not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of his dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters. made from minds. europe. what unites. what divides.


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