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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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what you need other news to stay with us monica jones will join you shortly she has a business and she'll also be looking at more to impact the drunk life and missions in germany are having on farm and that's coming up shortly so do stay with us if you get. a. look. at. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. what is so clever about the medium controlled risk what's what level of investment bankers culture carousel when they're first on. everything is wrong to want to do we need
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a new reality the whole thing might blow off in many places of a system that spawned out of control. the little bubble bubble and the cold never. the current investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . more. able to duplicate the. german farmers will receive days a to help them deal with the ongoing drought that's left to heavy harvest losses and a shortage of animal feed drought has also impacted acne culture in other parts of the world is this the future we need to prepare for. also on the show the game is on the world's biggest event for the dio and computer games is in full swing we look at what's pushing people's buttons this year.
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lack of to do business what a summer in fact for parts of europe it's been the hottest summer since nine hundred seventy six and on top of that there was hardly any rainfall heat and drought which have been wreaking havoc not only here in germany but around the world to see just how dry it is take a look at these pictures from the international space station with no clouds inside europe is pasta and that means water shortages crop loss and wildfire. wide areas of australia also stricken by drought the worst in decades promise of finding it hard to even keep their animals alive and already getting state aid and the u.s. state of california is also facing severe drought water supplies have been declining there for decades but this year the situation is especially grim and the result is that overall more wheat and corn will be consumed in twenty eighteen than can be produced reserves already dwindling. spoke to
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nineteen climb professor of international food economics and rural development at the gaelic outpost university in getting and here in germany i asked him whether this summer really has been so unusual yes it was very unusual especially when you look at the northern hemisphere northern europe and germany some stations have reported the august summer since the official recordings of weather data so yes this is an extreme case and it's very unusual when we compared with the past it may not be so unusual when we compare it with what's the climate change deniers are predicting for the future not only the mean temperature is but also more frequent weather extremes such as the drop that we saw this year all right so there lies more i have to just in order to give us an idea i mean in terms of the economy how big is the damage that we see already can you put a price tag on that. well the price tag is currently difficult because they are
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cultural harvests are not all in yet so we have heard in your contribution that in some regions of germany yields are you know below average by seventy percent but those are extreme pockets so the estimates for germany in all the europe as a whole is that we may be twenty percent below the longer term average and that's of course a substantial. decline in comparison to what we usually have i mean what what you say how many such thomas can we handle before where we face the serious problems in terms of food security. when we have a few of these years in a row then we will certainly have a serious would security problem but i'm much less concerned about germany because people in germany are rich enough so that even if prices go up where they can
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afford enough food i'm much more worried about poor people in africa and so asia where hunger and poverty is severe anyway even in an average year and will certainly go walk when prices go up and unfortunately i mean we are complaining here but all of our climate models are saying that the negative impact of climate change are all made repulsor will be much more severe and talk regions of so of asia and africa and europe and that means the biggest impact negative impact will be where people already were and that's something we need to take very seriously exactly because of course that means the next migration crisis is just waiting for us around the corner a professor. of international economics in rural development at the university and getting and thank you so much. my father well here in germany
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a drought stricken can now look forward to state aid that's the result of a cabinet meeting today and how come it's calm soon enough we caught up with something in the region outside of. the fields in brandenburg or some of the sandy astin germany and it hasn't rained in the regions and april for weeks drought related damage has prompted the german farmers association to demand rapid financial aid now that the government announced millions of euros in assistance the farmers lobby says prioritization will be key. as i was when i was like to stress that it's important to support the farms that have suffered really bad setbacks losses of more than thirty percent we don't want to cast a wide net we want to target the aid towards where it's needed the most to allow the farms to continue to operate boats or snortin years. existence. that could make the fener farming cooperative eligible ahead of
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the government's announcement it said it lost seventy percent of the crops it needed to feed its cattle it was unable to build up large reserves due to past poor harvests it was on between the two of the four out of the drought which means that we have a considerable shortage of felt the park didn't even the land probably couldn't fill the contracts are not included with the agricultural co-operative and it's due to poor you'll sized more co-operative has a deficit if it's all to five hundred thousand euros this year in the us from from the tolls and all half of germany's sixteen federal states have already reported damages in the agriculture sector totaling three billion euros. well and there is also a drought in mexico and the families there have found a very particular culprit and with that i would like to cross over to our financial correspondent dan you coop in frankfurt dunya i understand that folks are causing the drought what is the story. here
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a very interesting story monica and i should admit i have never heard about something like that before well here's the story in the state of mexico volkswagen has a big production plan they're producing every year thousands of cars there so mexican farmers are indeed saying that volkswagen that is the volkswagens for that they're having this drought period they're in this area because of what volkswagen is supposedly doing they're using a hail cannons to protect their newly manufactured cars from hail stones so those hail cannons those have sonic devices and they portentious up the formation of hail in the atmosphere so farmers are now saying that because of this they're having lots of problems that they cannot use many off many actors off their fields and now they're asking for compensation there they want to four
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million u.s. dollars in compensation from fighting. i was there from frankfurt it's game time this week in the german city of cologne of hundreds of thousands of gamers flocking to the world's largest event for computer and video games and his power but it's dived into the crowd for us right into fortnight one of today's most popular games. live bang and you're inside the game not just on screen the recent mega hit fortnight breaks with tradition rather than playing the survival game for games come visitors can test their real world skills playing is free anyway and has attracted one hundred twenty five million people in one year the community is why the game is still successful even little things like new emotes or new skins are very well received in that kind of explode within the community. and these features are what players pay for.
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others have reached a point where they get paid for playing. hardcore gamers read the heart of games come when it started ten years ago and they still are but each sport has brought them from the basement to the stage. and these are done by someone pull them on most but we used to be happy to get a mouse pad or hardware or anything really now if you play in the national league it's one of the half to two thousand euros per month further up you can make five digits on the get go but you but you can believe it's the largest ever games come with over one thousand exhibitors ranging from p.c. titles and hardware to mobile products and console games. virtual reality is now developed mostly for amusement parks and movie theaters.
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telling solacing richer reality hasn't really picked up in sales and it may be more of an experience game than for me but home what's really driving the markets i asked an expert was a cloud of the top of the older generation as the fastest growing user base those over fifty already make up a quarter of all gamers and that continues to grow that means of course the supply of games for this target group is growing who does a. mixed games for the mass market are often simple and don't require complicated skills like these classics that are making a comeback as internet games or can be played directly on mobile devices. while little gaming is only one of the reasons smart phones have made games acceptable everywhere to everyone now if you give me i've got some very important business to do here. but we're not going just yet
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because almost thirty years often german reunification there is still a huge pay gap between east and west annual gross wages in western germany are almost five thousand u.s. higher than in eastern states and that's according to data from the statistics office released today that purchasing power which includes the cost of living for rent and food is often felt in the east and. all right that is your business update at this hour here at d w thanks for keeping his company. thank.
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you. tony. ready steady go. discover music by by. some of the varian capital reveals its natural born charm. meant fun so it's really pretty awesome the culture and the dog florence just has so much to seen them do. next on g.w. . deportations pose
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a real threat to some german companies that i.d.s. refugees know comprise more than ten percent of the firms suffering the reforms there would be a disaster if they were to me to board an actual notice we wouldn't be able to follow orders. or what business expects from the politicians a c.e.o. speaks face to face only. made in germany in sixty minutes on d w. o. like like. germany with doubling and any time any place. is a new. video never. have i don't like a bit of pop. songs to sing along to download because the combo from super
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