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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 24, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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sixty eight. starts the first double. this is news life from migrants refused entry to italy on hunger strike one hundred fifty have been stranded on board this coast guard vessel for more than a week on tonight's e.u. meeting to be solved the crisis has come up with nothing on the program. symbolic just talk all to the polls frozen by god was election victory dismissing opposition
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allegations of vote rigging. you not this deeply divided nation. in the funders because a first match of the new season champions fired munich be tough and hard three want to stop it hopeful. and still get a welcome to the program. most of the one hundred fifty migrants stranded in a city imports of more than a week of going on hunger strike have been on board the ditch yachtie an italian coast guard vessel for nine days italy's refusal to allow them entry has earned the country a rebuke from the united from the european union rochas threaten to withhold its funding from the bloc unless other member states accept some of the refugees crisis talks held in brussels that ended without
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a resolution let's get more from brussels correspondent of band regas welcome band so no agreement from a you countries who met today and these people are on board apparently starving themselves to death so where does this leave the situation between russia and brussels. there was no appetite here in brussels to give in to any italian demands today because the rather unconventional very hawkish approach of italy to this problem was perceived as a kind of blackmail of populist brinkmanship so it was rejected and the migrants have to be more patient on this coast guard vessel and the whole situation is a kind of awkward because italy is holding its own italian military vessel in an italian port hostage and nevertheless the talian prime minister drew the pic on to accuse the e.u. of hypocrisy. let's listen to italy's deputy prime minister luigi dimaggio ahead of
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today's meeting. certainly one of the european union sticks with this attitude if nothing comes out of the european commission meeting on redistributing migrants nitty chiaki ship the five star and i will not be willing to give twenty billion euros each year to the european union you think immediately deodato not ok on the i'm not so bad read it if it's really does follow through on this thread what effect would it have on the here. edu commission would then see you italy before the european court of justice because italy's legally obliged to pay its fees it's like in a private tennis club if you want to use the court you have to pay your fees and by the way the numbers three g. ma is using are wrong italy's not giving twenty billion to the e.u. every year but only three point five billion in payments that is just a quick check on the populists put it in. so where are we that idea that the who
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has been kicking around this this whole notion of migration policy since two thousand and fifteen and apparently getting nowhere now they can even deal with one hundred one hundred twenty migrants sat on their doorsteps where is a you policy now in this with the moderation policy lies and chambres there is no common policy anymore when it comes to migrants that arrive in italy it's only a case by case or both by boat management if you will the e.u. needs urgent plea a long term strategy but it's no inside through the ra is escalating and there's no sort of verity and even italy's asking its fellow rightwing populace government in hungary to take some of the margins but the answer from budapest today was no burying it in brussels thank you and zimbabwe's top courthouse upheld president emerson man on god was not a victory in last month's election
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a unanimous ruling by the nine judge panel dismissed opposition allegations of vote rigging the june thirtieth election was regarded as a story because it marked a new era for the country after robert mugabe's thirty seven year long rule but the outcome left the nation severely polarized leading to post election violence. the top court in harare had a clear message for the opposition insufficient proof the court finds that the applicant has failed to place before a. direct. sufi. and credible. election process. existed with this verdict the court has given emerson one jaguar the green light to become zimbabwe's new
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president ending a weeks long dispute the man get what camp is celebrating the victory and we say that the reds no evidence and the court found that there was no evidence of the my practices he would have to play with allegations and. yet so i believe. in a tweet urged his election opponent opposition leader nelson chamisa to cooperate he wrote letters old now put our differences behind us it is time to move forward together. but zimbabwe's opposition party the movement for democratic change remains firm in its position that the election process was problematic. so ultimately they had to quit having spoken. but the people followed the proceedings. entitled by law to come up with. emotions but the is
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a serious miss. with the courts having expressed its verdict emmerson magog was integration is set to take place on sunday. by straight to zimbabwe's capital harare where we joined data because fun and privilege must on hearing welcome for the edge tell us about reactions to this verdict. their reactions mixed. on the ruling party side they are celebrating that the court is on their side and finally their leader. will be inaugurated as the president of the republic of zimbabwe for the next five years but the opposition side. they are not lifting go as to putting up the fight and maintaining that the thirty july election was stolen led
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to this evening they released a statement dismissing and its door accepting the court but they are also saying that there is captured therefore. their decision that they met today is not favorable ok so the opposition doesn't like the court's decision is that it now though as far as action on this matter is concerned or are they promising further action. they're speaking to the secretary general of the party soon after the verdict at the court he said that they are going to pursue other avenues to settle this matter because they are saying that the court route yes there is nothing that they can do because the constitutional court is the highest court in these nowhere where they can go and up you so they are saying that when they meet next week on wednesday is
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a party the initial consul of the party they're going to decide whether they will pursue their route of protesting or a political dialogue where they will seek for. the settlement of this matter so you know gratian happens on sunday back to work on monday which will be the most urgent of manson's in the president's interest. them major major issue with zimbabwe currently is the economy the economy is not performing and we have the highest rate of unemployment saw the major thing that the president has to do he has to leave. to start waking up for the economy to kick in again but the out of thing is also he has to unify the country because looking at their results and even their mood in the country it
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shows a divided country privilege or most fun here in harare thanks so much for joining us thanks to some of the other stories making news around the world the united states says it will slash more than two hundred million dollars in aid sige to the palestinian territories the money it was meant to fund health and education projects the u.s. cited hamas control of gaza as a reason for the funding cut it considers hamas a terrorist organization. german chancellor of the germany's chancellor is in the armenian capital yet a vast part of a three day tour of the caucasus of the missing prime minister nicole i'm going to visit a memorial to amin into killed in the autumn an empire the chancellor said the atrocities should not be forgotten and stopped short of using the word genocide which is anger in the past. for us republican senator john mccain just to discontinue his
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treatment for cancer according to a statement from his family the eighty one year old a vietnam war veteran who once unsuccessfully ran for president was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer last year his family say he's already survived longer than expected. hundreds of firefighters here in germany are battling an unprecedented the blaze near the capital wildfire has taken hold of a large wooded area around fifty kilometers southwest of berlin but a six hundred people were moved from their homes though some have now been allowed to return. we'll bring you an update from the scene in just a moment first this ripples. to triste summer in living memory has left the region around perlin vulnerable to the smallest spark the federal state of brandenburg has been on the highest level of alert for many weeks and now as feared the forests are in flames. and you know we've not seen
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a forest fire as big as this for many years. the magazine wrote it's a serious situation and presents a big danger. fires are raging across an area the size of five hundred football pitches forcing the evacuation of three towns southwest of perlin strong winds are fanning the flames more than six hundred firefighters backed by water carrying helicopters that battling the wildfires smoke and fumes are drifting as far as the german capital lynas in the southwest of the city have been advised to keep their windows closed local residents have had to leave their homes say it's been a frightening experience. it was like a horror film but we didn't have time to think about it. one complication is that the burning forests around berlin a littered with unexploded munitions are the leftover from the second world war or from military exercises in the communist former east germany. we can't enter the
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zone there's been explosions. that means we need to fight the fires from the edges . trying to extinguish them from the air. in the f.a.q. because. the authorities say they've made progress but it could take several days to put the fires out. correspondent melanie it could have spent the day with firefighters she sent us this update a little while ago. on this second day of an unprecedented fire raging just fifty kilometers outside of but then there finally has been some significant progress the fire seems to be largely under control there are still six hundred to six hundred fifty firefighters and army personnel out there working putting the fire out completely and they have not had an easy job they have been facing challenges
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incredibly dangerous ones amongst them ammunition in the forest ground this is the area where the battle for berlin were taking place during world war two so the soil here is really contaminated by ammunition they the firefighters have to make sure that they stay on safe roads that they don't go out into the forest too deeply and have to rely on aerial support by helicopters as well in order to stay safe but for the villages here that has been some good news the villagers from one town have been told that they can go home now the ones from the other two villages that evacuated yesterday still have to hold out just a little bit longer and the police is trying to find out in the meanwhile who or what is responsible for the fire in the first place. not only could it about reported just time to remind you the top stories at this hour around one hundred twenty migrants of the got a hunger strike after being held on a ship in
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a sicilian paul for more than a week it's in his vocalist the government has clashed with the aig you overage refusing to allow them into the country. hands involved which top court has upheld president emerson the man i got was a victory in last month's election judges dismissed the opposition music claims of vote rigging citing lott lack of evidence the challenge had delayed the president's inauguration which will not be held on sunday. that's it you're up to date all of the talk of the out of the. earth. home tombs of species. a home worth seeing if you can. get those are big changes and most start with small steps little indias tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the
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world. but here's the.


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