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tv   Check-in - Spreewald Boats traditional costumes and water  Deutsche Welle  August 25, 2018 8:02am-8:30am CEST

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mystical. prophet like own profession. what do we really know about the man i'm going to talk to these moments in the life of those great fashion designers. to come out of it starts september. w. that's a fascinating landscape marked by countless waterways less than one hundred kilometers
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from berlin a complex of streams and channels as part of this money river large areas of this play about now enjoy special protection play much has been declared a biosphere reserve by unesco. i'm kicking off my tour and the town of living now. under the blistering sun thirty seven degrees celsius unusually hot for germany luckily i find a source of refreshment along the way. the sleigh ride is a region full of the legends and smith this for example is one of the lengthy are supposed to look like they're little creatures that live underground and every now and then borrow people's household equipment as a sign of their gratitude they give them grand and cake and it's things i'm excited to see oh i'm going to eat all this. hans summer's day in this phase.
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and will give the show a royal touch of visiting granites palace and its park near pocketbooks. well head over to the us to the city of san antonio. texas. and we'll show you the e-mail sent to us from the indian city of paris. most visitors head straight to the water and i recommend you take some time to stroll through love and now. you can even spend the night at this beautiful nineteenth century castle. then it's on to the dock this is the departure spot for the region's typical boats for more than one hundred and fifty years of course taking a ride at the very top of my list but first a pit stop at what's called the pickle mile it's to go to destination for this
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pivots most famous product. to couldn't get in the commute we have some officials still pickles mustard golic close reddish mustard honey mustard or chili to. each that has its own secret pickle recipe these gherkins are sold all around the world. next i think the classics my favorite. the soil here in the chalet but is more than rich in nutrients ideal conditions for growing cucumbers. now i'm hopping on the next boat. first and foremost these boats are tourist attractions but they were once the only way to get around the. they have flat bottoms because the canals aren't all that
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deep each property has its own moorings. legend has it that the devil dug all the channels with the help of his oxen of course that's not how they came into being they were formed by the retreating ice sheet at the end of the last ice age. and. such earthly people. to this day the people in this play but received their mail by boat. whether intrinsics for this plane ride on one of these excursion boats are on your own and canoe there is no better way of getting to know the over two and that small canal than on the water of course and continue to enjoy doing just that.
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a couple more since for a set to this place. you can explore the spine evolve not just by boat but by bicycle as well as a well signposted two hundred sixty kilometer can bicycle path through the region. along the way you'll come across the stunning wooden reconstruction of the slavic castle of. lose its key tribe built several such structures in the region during the ninth and tenth century. in the sign the museum showcases archaeological finds from the region.
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the sorts who are of slavic descent aren't as meek minority whose culture shapes this region to this very day each february they celebrate the post they don't traditional dresses drink dance and march from one home to the next. the goal is to dispel evil winter spirits. in summer time fountains front to do been famous hold fast the boat parade is a particular highlight giving visitors a sense of how locals used to transport the harvest and livestock through the region. to. the tropical islands theme park located in a form a hangar boasting the world's largest freestanding still done for that matter is
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another regional tourist magnet. it's perfect for rainy days. and in twenty seventeen alone it attracted more than half a million visitors in. my boat ride ends in late at one of the chalet but it's most beautiful towns. these processes snakeheads on the gables are typical for the region they symbolize the snaking his supposed to protect the locals. elated open air museum there's a lot to learn about this play about history and the ethnic minority the song.
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greeted instore b.n. . got. any calls about. don't worry i speak german as well which additionally welcome visitors with bread and salt so welcome. thanks thank you. stepping into these replicas of original live out houses one can easily imagine what life must have been like in the nineteenth century one hundred fifty years ago family life took place in one single room and in one single bed then they thought they had notion what your life would have been like if you married into a family and later you'd be sharing a bed with you endorse and your kids should he have and he would sleep in your bed too along with your husband of course.
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that would be. one of the houses is dedicated to sorby and culture and traditional stormin costumes. get flung again into this museum we always wear traditional live in our costumes on and consisting of a blue apron and underneath we wear a sky started out one that intuition to hawkeye how you can see money as per. a woman wearing this kind of signals that she's married as a married woman you always win muted colors whether that be blue green or purple what you thought young girls tend to wear bright shades of red might not be also a kind of clowns but without passions and this piece of cloth keeps it all together for the. museum and very interactive this is how laundry was done a hundred years ago. if they really push it hard against the board and i'm getting
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a good workout here i know. i'm playing. what i wish. and i'll take. the streets mothers who now if the sups of the wind and sunshine can draw everything on a continent. great day forward to. the head of the museum stefan heinz tells me a bit more about tradition and culture in this place but. i mean no my boy. well let's talk about the source why did they decide to settle in this play about i think because well because you don't give me the actual sorb settlement region is much larger and get reaches all the way to dissolve the river and up to berlin and down to the saxon or a month and a fish you can sink this brave sort of someone who made
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a bad choice by coming here with all the canals and many mosquitoes here but water played an important role it's essential for catching fish and there are plenty of forests in the area and the swamps help keep invaders out. so i think the overall conditions for settling right here in the middle of the spray about weren't actually that bad after all. he didn't. need to get us out when he went over the century storms have been persecuted their language for baden can you tell us a bit about the history. versus the sorbs were christian honest and they were treated like a minority for hundreds of years they were more or less oppressed across the ages looked they never govern themselves there was never a sore bridge again. but against all odds the sorbs managed to preserve their culture especially by adapting on postle that was their key to success and that's a given in the un puzzle at this. point and that he will have
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a son who is it difficult to keep stormy and traditions alive. if you look at the customs the celebrations of the traditional costumes often those are really popular in the villages as you can see here immediately museum. so it's a very different story with this old language it's a complicated language it's tricky to learn it takes effort to see their language initiatives and even a high school in columbus were pupils going to learn this sort of language there is a sword media to newspapers t.v. radio and so i think people are quite worried about how to keep their complicated language alive and make it appealing enough so others want to learn it. unfortunately i don't have more time to explore the open air museum i have another boat to catch. we'll stay by the water but far far away from here in texas we'll start our stroll
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through the lone star state's oldest city on the banks of the san antonio river and since trolls are best taken in good company we're joined by the lovely vietnam adios that i mean you know she's a local and loves the cultural diversity of her town. hi welcome to san antonio i'm down about it was born and raised here in san antonio and i'm excited to share some of my favorite spots. were at our first stop on the phantom turn your river walk fifteen miles of the river way that runs through downtown san antonio lined with restaurants and hotels and shops and lots of fun things to do you can even jump on a river barge that will take you on a tour. now let's go get a view from the top a bird's eye view of san antonio we're going up there. now we're on top of the
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tower of the americas built in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight to commemorate the world's fair with beautiful views one hundred seventy feet up in the air it's a great place to visit and it's a very special place for my husband and i because it's where he proposed to me many years ago. one of my favorite places to visit is the market square in downtown san antonio it is true mexican culture at its best it's like a little bit of mexico. it in downtown san antonio. when you come to market square you are going to experience the largest mexican market in the united states there are lots of little individual stores little types of boutiques that each cater to a different audience vis
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a vis texas. san antonio is a multicultural city there is so much of our latin influence here and one of my favorite places to enjoy it and to taste a little of that culture is here at me you have a cafe come on and let's go inside but. if you're wondering if it's christmas it's not it's just always decorated like this because. this is a typical mexican breakfast i can't wait to dig in. to. our next stop is here at mission san jose one of five spanish colonial missions in
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san antonio recently designated a unesco world heritage site. look at how beautiful this mission is mission san jose is an active parish where you can attend church every sunday. well that was my day in famine tonio and i'm going to wrap it up now with the hearth drawn carriage ride through downtown san antonio i hope you've enjoyed it and i hope you come and visit us soon. from spain to scrape up for some shopping zagat slave all celebrate the local
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culture she grew up here studied fashion and design in berlin and came back to her hometown to set up. levy store is frequent and by locals and tourists alike basis which i guess would you recommend for me on a hot day like today. yeah. this one here is really nice it's really breezy i'm wearing one just like this. one it's inspired by traditional costumes blouses we were underneath the costumes are cast in the same style my and if you haven't heard everything kind of outfit you might want to try these cool skirts they're inspired by the costumes to especially these velvet ribbons and you've got pockets pocket and yes. i said what's the meaning of the name of your label. means something like play about women on fire love you know actually mythical character and some of her chance like this to mean wild forest women or wild forest spirits. i just love that one particular translation wild forest women so i tweeted
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to walcha pregnant. but not all her fans are from this play but she considers her fashion traditional modern. day visit and how did you come up with the idea of designing clothes inspired by sorby and culture i don't think. it started at university. we worked in an interview project dedicated to design international for young saw or and. the traditional costume design for every day clothing line to get young people interested in sort of culture you were lloyd and. to me one could say you're an ambassador for modern sorby in culture. from birth yes a little bit. that has to get back to work after all all her dresses are tailor made. but our trip doesn't end here.
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if you have some time to spare on your visit to this play about you should definitely squeeze then a trip to couple's town only thirty minutes from here they're all you come across a truly lavish destination brandon's castle and that's part designed by prince ham unfun proclaim moscow just like myself he too was an avid traveler and his journeys gave him plenty of ideas for a less landscape gardens back home. can one look for a shrine of the fun pickler miscount born in seventy nine eighty five was a travel writer and eccentric. but above all he was a brilliant landscape designer who inspired by english landscape gardens created from nick's park.
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princess invision divergence park with woods water hills. and pyramids as a reminder that his travels abroad. resided in this six traficant lee furnished palace. today visitors can explore the prince's film apollo. the blue silo. bedroom. breakfasts. and library all rooms have been painstakingly refurbished most of the palace are still preserved in its original state today.
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my tour takes me to the small town of schlep six. there are fewer tourists here giving me the chance to experience a more quiet side of display. one of the town's main attractions is the biden or willow dome the pavilion regularly hosts events such as lectures exhibitions and of course weddings. i mean ingall know the air you're. he's going to teach me how to steer a traditional boat. near the moorings he shows me the basic technique then we head over to a quiet branch of this play with less traffic. and this is one of the greatest jobs anyone could appear always outside of nature of course there are bad days to where there are thunderstorms and you're stuck here passengers are
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protected from rain some boats have roofs some even have umbrella as well but here out of new york and getting drenched in running. as you argue ok here you go i showed you how to do it it's a bit muddy but you'll manage. but i'm so busy trying to punt that i don't even get to see where we're going. with by the prairie both things and talk at the same time that's the challenge of being or going to lear and i was three months. angle at which you thrust the pole down is crucial then he would just your course through growing motions. the constant dollar centered you're on your own out from his boss. i'm not too sure about this
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a grounds but yet gets us back on track. just. with a little help i started to get the hang of it. so that's a really good look if you're going really well. there's a first time for everything and honestly it could have been worse. than thank you so much that was a lot of fun i hope it wasn't too bad i think you're great. for a newbie like me this calm little creek was just right but as far as rivers go it's nothing compared to let's say india's ganges river it's hinduism is a most sacred river which is just one of the aspects that made our viewer norris pre-term want to visit he's from delhi and travelled to the holy city of lara nasi and the result is this weeks we mail.
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to. be. true. for all. her. nine have earned this cucumber shandy and the classics play of
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a dish. boiled potatoes a wide current cheese and linseed oil another traditional product of the region. as the sun sets and finally starts to cool down display but with all its water trees and shade has been the perfect destination for just beautiful summer day. my name is but one has already come to an end a shame really because if i had time i grab a canoe and set out to explore all the small canals that i didn't get the chance to see throughout the day the landscape here is truly unique and mystical apparently i'm not the only person who likes coming here a lot of filmmakers come here to shoot their thrillers but you don't have to be a professional videographer or photographer to find great shots for your travel fixtures they care and go by. so.
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after. going to africa. now maybe years on costa wants a sustainable future. of intent based business paddles a bike that run home so no energy it's a promising concept the bikes are affordable and fun to ride and even use five rangers on the trophy. go ahead to africa next month d.w. . his reputation murderer. arsonist . tyrant. the roman emperor
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nero. to be just get a bad press. renowned historians are reexamining this case rethinking the rochas history been unfair to the infamous emperor. in forty five minutes on d w. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. we're so clever the eastern control the rich lots. of investment bankers conflict ourselves with the never stopped everybody was wrong the wanted to ignore the reality the things. i fell off. of a system that spun out of control. of the most noble. cause going
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to. crush the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on d w. hello and welcome to the pan african european environment show now it's a wave.


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