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tv   Doc Film - The Black Heart of America  Deutsche Welle  August 25, 2018 8:15pm-9:00pm CEST

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you're watching the telly news way back again at the top of the hour for another update in the meantime don't forget you can always get a latest news and information on our website just go to detail the you dot com on there and i haven't seen from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. i'm. going to. stay first day in school in the jungle. for first conan less of a minute or as grand a moment arrives in the joining a reckoning on her journey back to freedom meaning you know we're interactive documentary stories and the ranting returns home on the d w don't come to tanks.
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for generations this was the stuff that fueled america's rise to become a world power. cove much of it mined in central appalachia in the states of west virginia. the southwest and possible states has fallen largely off the map it's a place that feel americans have visited or know much about. this is the haas of the appalachian mountains a place where tradition has deep roots.
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along the economic bedrock of the region today coal is an impassioned industry the mine is here are threats and greet. they are the heroes of west virginia amid the men who keep colds black hearts beating. every morning they descend deep into the mines several kilometers underground it is a duck and dangerous place to which. i.
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tunnels in the sally and mine are barely a metre high. a can be he'll shoot. up right here on the floor the owner going with the short term your bank account of complaining we shall keep our money for college paper saif skittish if she should make the shot. for three years now scott luck has won the black hot head of experienced minus like his father and grandfather before him. and the lads will be about wild in house. and so it. looks more vital to the task. so i think. if. we've nothing new for me and.
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problems i'll go on for ten years. not only. early each. when i first started in oh man. you will meet and believe for all power to make. money standing on have but again the problems came broken he's been featured. since it opened in one nine hundred eighty one the setting and mine has been dug nearly two kilometers into the mountainsides it supplies valuable metallurgical coal list virginia's black gold to the steel industry. accidents many of them fatal a frequent. you get scared who would be. my fear. for the outcome if you find. yourself inside. just keep it to us if we're scared.
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it is will be going to work and working for the. place i'm trying to see we're going to. have no trouble. more often spatial field since comfy not everybody can do the job that we do because my special present. scott's older brother stephen has been a miner for fifteen years. feel we watch each other but she you know he'll be chosen which is we again. copy a lot who've. made it into the emmy you know here by law in our names now we're the ones that supports the camera to do the right thing and i kind of place more points
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on her and nobody else there. they told me thank you meaning i want you. to check them for that somebody else is. there to have it right here i think it has much but no. you know no more. now on. the production stuff absolutely can stuff i'll see you know like i've. read enough. to get it out from what i hear i hear they like it again or how all of me it was just to get the search out throughout the day a very cool like a. is that enough it was like you know that's you know it's a strategy away with it and. they all like us together direction like you know.
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it will be what it takes to survive you know really here it is last hour and go out of work so sorry were about it you did not like it i just want to work oh. feeling. a good free spirit all over the mission won't make it obvious no blood was up on the hour for the. president donald trump promised to revive coal and has rolled back environmental regulations that the industry hates. in some parts of the country coal mines began hiring again. but the glory days of coal passed not least because natural gas is both cleaner and cheaper.
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aboveground much of west virginia is still untamed nature forests cover the steep slopes of the central appalachians once home to the cherokee and other native american tribes it was later settled by mainly scots and irish immigrants hundreds of narrow valleys crisscross the region the hollows hollis as they called in the appalachian dialect. the rural region is home to many small religious communities time often seems to be standing still here and tradition holds sway. you. really change it you think. it is also the world of bluegrass and mountain music. in his ballads and in cat's head johnston tells of the. hard life in the mountains like
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when a flood washed over the hollers and swept away what the locals had worked so hard for. with this due to stacy crab and foreman mine attorney davis johnston recorded his song muddy water which became a local hate. pulling the coal but you never knew i didn't hold you would you. find. the man you were kind of. glad. i mean i can still laugh about it making. a good plan to save a pig and i am. moving toward a new home those are usually my own music mogul garbos are the people who. were mouth off have so many people come back downtown and they just don't say why
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would you still leave here if god had let me pick or i were going to be born out of pit crew out here and if our. and had to give your sense of belonging to a particular group you know the power of the money you take from. the families and money hardships and drug your life with the known as an eleven year old cancer house burnt down and. you know that's we've also everything we did have a whole lot of adventure you argue is gone in minutes you know and. that night's just a few hours later you know we had one bands that were sleeping i would give them over to outsell dollars in credit for a movie. called my house if we will come together i'll be walking down the street trying to say come here i've been going in on i've tried and they'd stick your hand out for me to show you can do is a them and one after a campus or maybe put from them in my. and you know the mandate may pay back for ya
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boy and just keep going when they bumped off i've looked man a levy a hundred dollar bill. because they no matter how smart. and if they can't people live around. religion has long been a powerful force in these mountain communities. the pentecostal church called house of lords is still practices a form of worship that is officially banned by your outside west virginia.
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at every sunday service pass to chris wolfe it risks his life. over the years the ritual has claimed the lives of preaches and worshippers. but we've got a team around him we've got a couple copper here and here we've got a easter damaged by. this chapter and if i give her the trip on school kids and so you need to challenge you it's just a command there's a scripture she is perfect. they all feel. we hand over matter what the county number. that's what you my duty but it's an
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honor to meet god calum world if god would want me to lay my lap they are then away i would consider him armed he gave us not for us. to say if you drink you need daily thank you sharon i hurt you. the bible says show we your faith without even work. i don't understand why we are persecuted so by well put us they think how us ignorant and stupid because we're really that from what we believe me and we won't force you know.
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i don't do they because it saves me i do they like ours i am so. sorry. i was away from home i had a drug addiction. and oh i say i'm not going to do it no more you are not guilty. but as soon as i get a few dollars in my pocket i will. say nobody gets that a lot really. did go with her my ears go she just a little bit just to get you will be here i am rather than what happened or how the hotel. what was he just beginning what are your own. i don't harm her. or not you know we.
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have an average i'm. not heartless. i. was telling. you some kind fields kokang her. alma but nothing compares to when the spirit of god moves up on you and allows she didn't have to feel that powered. career.
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her need for women new trains to go her thinking men leave head man had come they got stuck in him with and he was patient with. saving mean he killed issue most of those mean paid fifteen twenty years each day. i was not a real pain it was i wanted. my name i was going. to keep. people came here first place six nights a week there's always that one time i. can think about it. for me. to. feel. no if it weren't for the gavel ok
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as long as caitlin and scott lockhart have been married for three years. until the first child was born taken back to sadness and well regarded jump in the struggling region you know you get up every morning and again there's always that question in your mind is this going to be the last time i love to sing. and then you know when the phone rings and you're like to say yes i'm on your thing the first reaction is something is happening to me. i knew beforehand that and the choices that we made because my dad was a previous coal miner and he got crushed in the mines and he doesn't work anymore because he ends if i were to marry scott i would probably still a band with a coal miner i mean i know as i was crazy but you know that's all of there is around here it's either you're a doctor or polar bear i mean there's
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a fear for him and when you like mcdonald's was not but you know you can live on bad. news and. i pray that the months i open getting laid off with the months it can happen any time without the lines we have nothing and less for things but i can't really leave the mountains. i would never change my last you know my own money with chinese our boy will your right here. only thing that would change who we might get closer together is the way i want to finish up right here i love destroy it is. to me it works in the coal mines for thirty nine years and i honor him for that because that's a hard job to work that long and here he's been diagnosed with black lung for.
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holder said it was critical it wasn't state former staged. like his father scott really wes adust respray said in the night. ha ha. ha. ha. ha alec. i feel. guilty. he said. well it was tough last week more to come up. pete. i think got a really you know shot. for another self but. i can tell shot. the
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truth it's. likely he's just sort mom or have to face with her mom our friends and all the guys i work with in the longer in the close your time may not make it miked like she stated a nickel. just wipe me i'm really my brother in law he's got it i probably get a little case of the us. at the utility. rate he thinks he's still different sometimes so making me think she does. not have. anything insane. feel different tastes.
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i was laid out for about a year with the company that i'm working for. right now and. there is a struggle. yeah they was a war on fellow. this is me you know the year i'll be working never sleep all night don't stop these keep is working. we're not going to go marcella out of work. that's out to look for my. face down to earth person the people force me down it's not cool us guys you can even walk into a bar and just have a beer with him and sit down talk outlane on pages find jane he's american and. a lock to think days last thing gets rebel something's new steps can you go live while these other people stay home he said that he now while he criticizing for our
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really know much about it. i work six days a week she never would i ask be more town under green on the other with mommy. i don't have time to watch social media. even saving so i don't really know what's going on out in the world out of. this in the winter town. has a cow manners not my. neighbor your shift or it's going to come out sad it's dark. sunnies alitalia get to enjoy sunshine and the sunshine. the winter sun. the. scots mother lisa and his grandmother revie and his mother and father in law have come for a visit and the. family is very much at the center of life here. on
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. coburg twenty b. is going to be my brother's sixty second for her and he was killed in the cow mines in king seventy six seventy six he would have been he was not doing yours i had back a tractor over interim man who. asked still mama overage. and my father he got crippled in the mines and forty six and i had enough killed into my arms. so. down the road you know. we know that the heels have called that gives us doll jobs but they take my husband and i would say you say you've been in scott in their mining clothes and koran says it really hurt me you know no man's actor really what. you relate movie i'm go in there i'm mad so you know i don't accept him being minors but you know that's the way they will make their believe and so i have to accept you know everybody family oriented here you
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know everybody likes to bring next i'm on the next day. and you know we're always a phone call away i was. counting the time he spends commuting scott's works a seventy hour week long he owns about five thousand dollars a month. give it cancer decides to ever marry komarov only about half taylor as one of the one of the hardest decisions shall have to make. him hear. you but nice voice now will get your hands yeah they're going to have. a feeling you know you could never reply should. do you were doing her. job for a few words or write the following rather than the sort of move. her.
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tribe about she shows what people are into big and then i came back here to fight leaving home you know. i have never traveled or. got a plane you know that feeling you need to travel. i'm . really in a coma you know i think. you're in your thinking so i don't. be worn out across the world in your help and build bridges build build and stands for the want anybody for everybody. i would want to be the fish and the robber who. john would be able to get out of a small body. you eat.
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anything that actually that i have been with my friend i really don't want a cop and much about it. i just gotta keep that off my mind. i'm trying to talk about nobody you know father mom while. i just live with myself i think about when you're around it's hard not to you know when you get a free and seriously injured in only takes this was a kid and you can bet they really don't type harm about when you think of this. more what could really happen could this mean millions could be my. you know just the. whole has claimed thousands of lives in west virginia a single disaster nine hundred seven killed three hundred and sixty one mine is
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until the one nine hundred fifty s. many families lived in towns built and owned by the coal companies workers were paid in script that was good only in company stores strikes were ruthlessly put down today mine is no that joining the union means risking their job. since the one nine hundred ninety s. hundreds of mountains have been ravaged by blast mining. it's cheap and requires few workers than drilling the rubble which often contains toxic waste piles up in the valleys and contaminate streams rivers and ground. his place. in order for them to continue the mining here they'll have to depopulate our communities and they've done it before they've done a lot of the real gun oh has lived in west virginia ohio nine in cherokee names of his fighting against the environmentally devastating mountaintop mining communities here are lawless and it's sort of the end of nowhere. man company people's homes
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and. eventually they tear down most homes bakeries in the water the air is laden with coal dust and chemicals from the blasting they make life here impossible as so people are willing to stow out they want to get out for the people that refuse to sell their home all the stuff is in the middle of a mining operations and the coca leaves or catchin say you you'll wish you so. and i've been told that they put me through hail but i still don't take their bio there's more than forty communities now across the southern part of the. state that are no longer existing community or bomb coa industry they gate mountain people al there are mountains. if this is really about jobs what about we just
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turn the dozers around and fix what we've torah that's another hundred years worth of employment it's not a bad job it's about profit they're called companies and the department of environmental protection work together and the politicians b.n.f. it from and through me anyway it came paying contributions parks here in ny are. really a gun whose home is protected by a chain link fence the activist has enemies. years ago her home was nearly destroyed by flash flood a growing problem as coal companies stripped the land. to property was buried in toxic coal slouch the environmental coalition she founded father joe sued to stop mountaintop mining nearby and one. hundred six years i've been threatened. people threaten to burn my house they've been
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threatened people threaten to kill me. they've done things to my children my daughter was moon full grown me and when she was twelve years old they've killed her dogs well i was angry because their bosses told them that it was my fault that they were going to lose their jobs and there's no truth to that i was testifying to stop and the illegal permit water and air is absolutely more him important than a paycheck. i have had a major pit right to my nose i'd have had to shoot above people's heads yes to put them off my property and this was what i slept with right there on must reign. and yeah it was fully loaded and safety was on i had one in a chamber it was ready to far. my daughters lost four friends to cancer. at twenty three. we have
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a lot of children here that have heart problems that have liver problems kidney problems you've watched people of all ages died of cancer so i have hand delivered . thirty peer reviewed scientific studies to congress they know. they know what's happening here and they choose to do nothing they choose to lead our people. it's a very slow genocide a very quiet genocide and it's not just any people to have i mean this is some of the poorest people in our country they have no good health care they don't have healthy food they ate they're completely defenseless they have no long line of lawyers waiting to prosecute these cases for them the coal industry says wall street owes us they owe olivetta lacha the
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steel that built this country came from here why are we so poor we built all these big cities our men in these mines mom the kawi now why is it that we are so dirt poor why is it that we are so unhealthy it's because everything that mattered left they leave us nothing not even a retirement not a pension. they took that they take it all and there's people here that will uphold them because they're waiting on crumbs. over eighty percent of the land in the south the state belongs to mining companies so it's hard to diversify the local economy and leave coal behind. always and long he worked his whole life like candy said just to make sure we had to hear his
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shocking transformation go by a dollar. i'm proud to be a well the mountains we use amount of times a year where half time in sun out so rabbit rights night snacks will chicken there you know it's a good belt. and you can mix coral great coral but it means that when you get a couple good schools we can link and get them back. and i don't mean a big cut the may limit you can make dampened last year the actual three d. yeah when they were about money from a store for yeah and i know when if we shoot it we're more. or less at the bottom. there's a lot of that a lot that i can't on my account of my own. bourses. that's
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what hurts me the worst my father. gone to. now live in north korea. grill for gas will do for him but blow it. and make cracks through the whole surface and that is what. i wish they were that they could get that know what that come out. in. its mother curries then i will call you know i'm just tired of the story you know the whole wrong the guy was you know that's how life is you're saying there's no coal miners or soccer. the southwestern corner of west virginia is one of the poorest regions in the
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country the jobless rate is over fifty percent men's life expectancy is just sixty four years among the lowest in the nation. in welsh the country seat and view thirty's of powerless to stop the decline in coal companies take their profits out of states a long legacy of backroom deals between politicians and coal barons means they barely pay taxes. in the nineteen forties well this was dubbed little new york. it boasted the country's first municipal parking building. then mechanization led to the first mining crisis since the end of the cold boom the county's population has declined by some eighty percent. many of those who still live here seem to try to escape the dreary reality by other means mcdowell county is. the epicenter of the country's opioid epidemic it began when pharmaceutical companies stopped his
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and pharmacies pushed the pain medication oxycontin. discovered by kill. sheriff martin west has joined county administrators to follow your seat against three major pharmaceutical companies. west again if i can is in a survival mode. with no man the houses the situation or there's no food to eat nothing to claim the house kids sleep on chairs cigarette smoke possibly being very is the ball on the up this is like animals living out in the wild children living with their parents because parents are in jail sometimes or over the day. but every family in this county has been affected by someone in their family with
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a drug problem and infects the middle the higher up in the lower class where you have companies that make and thirteen billion dollars in that period of time sort of they're going to have the biggest blow or. the slow also be going to say what here is my don't stop the people from dying until we get a judgment against these functions. are always begging for help the more system the surest partner and causes you to feel helpless. we've been neglected for so long we've also five deputies in the last two to three years they were laid off because there was money there to pay him with him police officers right now we cannot cover this county anytime a police officer goes out they don't know if they don't come by. so you could still ahead of us in baghdad. we found people on saturday right under the wheel over that
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is every day somebody is affected and this can vary three people out of one family that overdosed on drugs these are not statistics these are people i know personally he's a lot of people i've grown up with went to school with and they're dying and nobody's taken note of it we don't have the first made here let's treat every winter to the death and i said you don't know the situation and you get money out all around us and yet we lead to state an overdose of this. and i said shame on you blood is on your head blood is on your honey i'm from the uk so i'm going to help. really be in the. middle for. her. every holiday is an occasion for the family to come together. it's already had a large family the house drought was over it was going to be your turn your have been together or. i will love it it's wonderful helping and question for my
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grandkids own son and my kids that are west virginia. and i'm not only like to my kids to my family and stay at home if i truly was for a time to become president because he supported. trump wants people to work hard and work for what they have and we're believe them or not things you have to we don't believe in handouts it's that a strong back and a hard thing and around here that's what we believed in and trying so hard work to look for his daughter is a raise i'm sure she was well thing to begin with but. he won big four years if they sat on his butt you know bicycle digits. triumph is really not a politician and paid yet have no support so he has nobody net and
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i don't think he's in it for the money or to drop in the paper because he don't need them and he is for the working class and i think if president trap coming to my house that he would kill me and shake our hand and not make us feel very little but policies i millionaire bill you know are. hillary clinton's rather story she called painful and west virginia about. you know but an educated and always smart people voted for. i. feel right when i actually think you would enjoy being around stuff either could. i would give an answer cornbread and pinto beans and grain and yes. ok oh yes these cantonese name or the pinkertons to come in here in the nike hoard on everybody it was wanting to make a union and nato to shoot me but what will score asked if i worked in munich or day
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there's a ninety five days where i work and. t.n.t. and how far she is you know sometimes labeled you're really no bully the taco extravert underground types all that it looks good on a plate. it's not exactly following for my kids to be coal miners that's reverence for compilers you could ever work now in the water out of the my god it was a there at scotland's was very low. just one on our rock in the mountains can kill you can smash into the top you like lord i want my brother i used to i'm actually all stored that was i wish i would about the store that way i could ahead statement. could or it was michael and i got a lot like it was right there says only regret i ever have.
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is just big relief shelters when you really. like to welcome you to my store and good wishes that you have the other going after your strong one i. just radio wish rico my. choice really.
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brissenden with music. leonard bernstein did accept. a passionate conductor and gifted composer his work was loved by millions. but behind the genius was a tortured individual leonard bernstein larger than life this time it was.
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him a man nine hundred sixty eight and al qaida and global warming. young people the bookends that comes germination to make up was an obsolete dusty full of stupidity until. they demanded nothing less than a whole society. one maelstrom of useless filings. up to those missouri remember them mr. for the first time i had a feeling of being home to something. sheaves civil rights. piece meal. plan for. nineteen sixty eight. the global start september first to double. the length. of the law.
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in egypt and. this is from barely a massive welcoming the pope francis the pontiff has arrived at the country's biggest stadium but he's about to speak to a huge crowd this after meeting survivors of sexual abuse coming up. refugees marked the anniversary of myanmar military crackdown that sent hundreds of thousands of feet into battle but one year on we need to call for justice. and we'll have highlights for you all.


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