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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  August 25, 2018 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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the first papal visit in four decades has been overshadowed by a sexual abuse scandal and yet from. watching the news live from. coming up the top of the hour but don't forget. all that fun to think the action stage is. cutting. it takes a little personally. with. one story that makes the game so special. for all true friends who are listening. to talk more than football. miscreations untrue
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this brand. colonoscopies icon of the. book what do we really know about the man behind. what motivates him how does he think and feel the big moments in the life of a great fashion designer. on smash and stuff that starts september not double. i'm. the bonus league is back defending league champions byron munich picked up where they left off and tomas miller's got a scoring boots on again netting the first goal of the new season. after the convincing three one win over hoffenheim made me cold cold veitch was all
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smiles and hugs with another of his gold scores are going robin with robert levin dubs he also finding the back of the net byron's already confident supporters look convinced kovach is capable of leading the club to its seventh league victory in a row and. welcome to the bow in this league on d.w.i.m. pablo foley the big question this season can anyone stop the munich title machine saturday featured a wealth of contenders eager to put their new squads to the test find out how they got on today show. pros you mentioned versus buyer labor careers and took top billing both teams have been filed under could do better but could they rise to the challenge. and phosphoric had a miserable last season shout that we're byron's closest challenger on saturday they went head to head who came out on top. now undoubtedly the
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biggest game on saturday so leverkusen travel to gladbach the foals missed out on a european spot last season and have made changes over the summer in an attempt to avoid a third consecutive mid table finish as for their rivals laver couzens julieann behind says they want even more at least the german cup or europa league title a tight battle was on the cards so let's take a look at how the game and that. germany coach yogi love was on hand to see if you could back up his bullish comments with a big performance. and in the early stages but on third leon bailey whipped in a cross only for lucas a lot easier to stumble while trying to at the finishing touch that he should have gone with his foot. soon after the visitors went close again with bailey hitting the crossbar the jamaican forward was me inches away from giving live accuse nearly
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. got back were growing into the game though and when benyamin hendricks kicks the ball on to his own arm they had the chance to school from the spot talking azar stepped up the belgian was denied by runners and was never couzens back up keeper the hero of the moment. after the break glass became increasingly dominant in the fifty fifth minute they were awarded another penalty after alexander drug of it went in lights on flowing yet no house you're an asshole of months exceeded where his teammate as i had failed to make it one nil take blood . and just three minutes later it was two thousand and johnson exchanged passes with half and then mesmerizing interplay ended with johnson touching home. after that it was all black but i need more good work from chan save leverkusen from further punishment. but two goals and three points were enough to make it
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a successful start for the falls. well falls further hoping to put their poor abundance league of performances over the past two years behind them the wolves have since to start their attack last season's runners up shell can have lost some important members of their squad over the summer most notably. but has that left the squad weakened let's take a look. shaka have newcomers mark hoot so what say to sally sunday in the starting line up it's a bit left back both work with the shop aside with us top set pieces would prove to be key in this match maxi arnel to john brooks one new in the hope of ever brooks with a case of space and famine with no child to mimic with the disco was fuming time after the break it got pretty turbulence a brutal attack obama time to start it first so yellow but then the video referee got involved and the decision was overturned the day got worse when the sausage he
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had as much in. there was more outrageous the match came to a close brooks took down brill mbulelo penalty shaka not be open to let equalise for the guests in the eighty fifth minute by with the game in time added on both sides of playing for the win but it was the route he went for the feeling that no kinship with the winner and what a finish it was. then to survive if we keep on going like this we've got a nerve racking season ahead but that's good for the fans it was a really intense game that in the end went out why and i don't think it was undeserved from bines i think it's just too should she switched over surely she would have to be honest it was a tough game for the ref she sort of use it so i wouldn't want to be a video assistances for referee mistakes happened the important thing is how you deal with. it on the mute. both open the season with
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a surprising when i was shaka will be hoping to improve their fortunes states who. are. now down in the black forest freiburg coast in frankfurt to departure of coach nico called much to byron this summer has already hit the team's performance but can they thirteen things around we'll find out in a moment but first just hold off they're back in the bundesliga after a five year absence their first top flight jule since twenty thirteen was against outbreak a club that showed plenty of promised last season. fortunate josel joff back in the bundesliga after five years freetown fungal the man who led them to promotion and his team got on the board first against outscored nieto romance couric in his first one just a good game to test him among with the cross unit time shmeat kicking thin air and i'm on heading home in the twenty third minute but outscored struck back early in
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the second half of my play one on for marching him to a guy whose header ricocheted off the crossbar and into the net and then outsports sealed the win in the seventy sixth i found andre who also used his head and beat keeper a shout and sing. a song called venting his frustration over the loss to the refs fortuna will have to wait for their first win back in the top flight i'm happy to add that we scored as we came in that we leads in the first all that ok it's not going to be that was this game i think we deserve more than than the last. new frankfurt coach already heard joe was under pressure after his team got knocked out in the first round of the german cup by fourth division side. but he didn't have to wait long for success to signing opening the scoring in the ten minutes. nifty flick from sebastian out there and miller finished the job in style
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i began with ten minutes remaining and netted one of his own eyes the frenchman coolly slotting the ball past my legs and just roll over. and out of her chair gets the win he needed in his first win this leak out here with frankfurt. so let's round up all the action i would love to populate her cousin's hopes with two nil hallway involves very shocked shell to one. rainford got back on track with a two nil win and freiburg. tough live returned was turned upside down by brick and further rescued a point at home to hanover the visitors open to scoring in the seventy six minutes and drink down starting home on his blunders league davies who gave hanover at delete braman equalised with just five minutes to go through territory to brazil
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i see there were tense moments for braman funds with the referee checking for all sides but ultimately the goal stood and the two teams shared the spoils. now had berlin fans were treated to a home win over nuremberg the only goal of the game came from some brilliant work on the right from falling tomorrow his cross was converted by veteran striker it piece of it in the twenty seventh minute it's a bigger return to the top flight for nuremberg who also had a second half saved i there's byron's win over hoffenheim from friday on sunday mine's host and dortmund take on leipsic in the late much now i know we've only had one game so far this season but we really should take a look at the table and look who's at the top there are no surprises of course bar
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in munich. of course frankfurt involves all up there in those european spots along with half a brain and if we take a look down the other end of course there are some teams there who haven't played it be playing on sunday leverkusen freiburg down in those relegations foster of course it is only part much they won so nothing to worry about just yet now regular viewers will know that this is the moment you get to decide what comes next so here is the bun this league is play out that day as voted by you on twitter and the winner with fifty percent of the vote is. second strike. as the goal came after rafael. johnson carved open the laver the fans in the fifty. one to move came just three minutes after their first goal and sealed victory for the folds in their first run out of the season since just take a look at that just one more time absolutely. really
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lovely stuff and remember you can keep up to date with all the bundesliga action on our website at the w dot com or on facebook or twitter now here are all the addresses there on the wall where they should be there on the wall but we always love to hear from you of course know germany may have had a dismal world cup summer they knew ready to win this trophy and win over the fans of german football will be back with the remainder of my games on sunday when we'll be joined in the studio by expert. so do send us your questions for him to the address on your screen it's time to say goodbye for now we leave you with some of the best images from the weekend so far so for me and the rest of the bundesliga team here in berlin.
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