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tv   Doc Film - From Street Child in Nairobi to Teacher in Hamburg  Deutsche Welle  August 26, 2018 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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we're so clever the elite the rich the last one. coming best not bankers carousel was the first on. everybody's wrong i wanted to ignore the reality of the whole thing my clothes off in the face of a system that spun out of control. of the money that will. come in with. the current investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . what it. was. that the love as a child philip spent on food to survive on the streets of nairobi like these kids too late said by chance he came to hamburg. every time i visit this place it reminds me of where i came from it helps to keep me grounded. i was no different
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from any of these kids i've learned not to take anything for granted i try to teach that to my students to don't take anything for granted i'm sure anyone can become successful. then i'll see it in canvas we hadn't. yet begun to like it but if it's going to teach at a school in hand it's long and haun district for five kids at the age of nineteen he was adopted by hand talked to and then studied to be a teacher and school teacher and radio four just do the best you can and things will turn out fine and. ok i have to do is she to get cited again i've gone through some tough times in the house but i worked hard and never gave up and i learned that if you do that you'll be ok. i tell my students to expand their horizons have faith in themselves and understand that anything is possible. if i can get. that
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message across it makes me very happy and this has been a say about exactly. on philip's first day at the school some of the students thought that he belonged to a gang he was the first black teacher that they'd ever seen. philip teaches english philosophy and physical education and he's now qualified as a counselor said let's go home ok somebody else. in combat a special to have problems he doesn't care where you come from who you are what you can or can't do parents of us how old you are. you always sees the good in you and that makes him special does this mean that i notice goes when philip was living on the streets he dreamed of getting a proper education. and he could not have imagined that one day he'd become a teacher in germany. he attended school for the first time at age thirteen.
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i was happy just to be there it was like heaven something i'd always wanted to do rick school was a place where i could learn and build my confidence really. haven't i've since he brought us all together and taught us to accept all people as they are. he also says that we should appreciate what we have a roof over our heads food and drink and that we can go to school i really admire him for that he made a big difference in my life and i'm grateful to him. just it's been fifty. a few years ago philip wrote his autobiography called move on up many of his students have read the book and the doctor who'd heard about his superior academic performance in kenya arranged for him to come to germany and adopted him philip was nineteen at the time. he said about establishing himself in his new home country and he kept a diary in german. and
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said to the back then i had other things to worry about. it's been full. of fish i got up at three in the morning so i could get a head start on the day i wrote down my daily schedule and to do list. i was still learning german. it's because i'm told i wanted to make sure that my whole day was organized i read a lot. at the bookstore i used to buy books at a shop just around the corner from our house believe i want to find books to improve my writing skills. for letters and things like that. i'll try. it again i want to learn about cassettes and such so i can get some language cassettes or audio books. like.
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it was it seemed as if that i was really focused i was determined to master the language quickly. i wanted to be able to get my bearings in a society that was still very new to me i was prepared to do everything i could to become familiar with german culture. but at the time i wanted to remember where i came from and the things that made me who i am. as adults my goals were to assimilate but also to keep my own identity. in the. air there philip is now a german citizen he's married and has two children he has no memories of his parents he wants to be a proper father to his children the father that he never had.
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i mean i would give anything i would do anything so that my kids don't have to go through what i did see at. any. we'll. find. our way back. philip travels to kenya regularly he's even brought his children to visit his daughter has heard some of his childhood stories of. papa's mom kicked him out of the house. and he ended up in an orphanage. imus says it
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forced him assessment and you imagine what happens in a society when sixty percent of school age children don't finish school for this it's not that those kids aren't smart but they're poor and can't afford to go to school it's. nice and clear. ten years ago philip and his wives are hard founded the country we children association. is also a teacher they met at college. the couple want to finance an education for as many poor children as possible many kids in kenya come to school because their parents can't afford the tuition. to new who can that desire. we want to provide opportunities for children who would otherwise end up living in wretched conditions they might turn to crime. we want to give them a chance. to show a lot of children who have been in our program have gone on to study medicine or
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law should be in the shaft about their disadvantaged children in hamburg to like fifteen year olds if philip hadn't stepped in and might have ended up in a special needs school. some students need someone who is more than a teacher. they need a role model someone they can look up to. teachers shouldn't just teach they should also help their students cope with their lives. when phillip five years ago the boy was aggressive and hyperactive he wouldn't let people get close to him not even his mother teaches. that's the eiffel tower. i got it seven years ago or so from dad right. father left the family some time ago philip believed in the young man when no one
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else would do well has just listen his first application. was. that's a very modest effort compared to what you're capable of doing. mr spender tried to teach me a lot but it never sank in. and then one day i realized that he's always right about everything so i took his advice. you know we've become good friends to me as more than a teacher. this. is a diamond in the rough he still needs a lot of things but we're definitely on the right track. tomorrow philip will visit kenya once again. he'll stop off at the all financially he's to live and he'll bring along a few things that remind him look. this is. that's.
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how should i explain it that's how i keep myself from getting homesick. here in germany they have the most delicious brown bread. i've never tasted anything like it. so every time i travel to kenya so i take some with me. if i didn't i'd start missing hamburg germany my new home. prices were. this is kenya's capital nairobi as a child on the streets. there are an estimated seventy thousand homeless children in nairobi today philip is going to try to make life a little easier for some of them. if. only i was one of the street kids myself. and i remember how it really helped me when someone i didn't even know some angel would come by and give me
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a handout. when that happened i didn't have to steal. i didn't have to work illegally or beg. and i also didn't have to rummage around in the landfill trying to find something to eat. street children. these children have no place to live. it's a big gang of kids he says they're up to a thousand of them here all different ages. many of these children were abandoned by their parents like philip. others often. a lot of the local residents feel threatened by these groups of kids the police always chasing them around. he says that society
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treats them like animals. they are considered the lowest of the low. cost people and avoid them. so the kids think it's great when someone like me comes along and pays attention to them and actually talks to them. tries to find out what dreams these children might have for the future. yeah i mean if he'd like to become a pilot. well who knows. if look i'm lucky that i survived. but the odds of that happening to most of these kids are just about nonexistent. at the present yet cynic knows all too well with these kids are going through as a child he was beaten by the police and often went without food for days for me for
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me back then hunger was my constant companion. it overshadowed everything. i was often willing to risk my life to get some food. who stole and that could have gotten us killed we had to get blocked dreams couldn't. help philip lived in alleys like this completely honest. his parents died shortly after he was born and ont took him in but later abandoned him. he was alone in a city of three million people. is rough and on. i was lost in the hustle and bustle of nairobi i had no idea what was going to happen to me and i was afraid that i'd end up in a dangerous part of town and the other street kids would see me as a threat to their existence. i ran around from place to place to talk to i didn't
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fit in anywhere. just dear to me all he. philip was just one of tens of thousands of street children on one occasion he saw his best friend. he experienced violence himself and still has the physical skull. kind of we had no choice. some of the kids killed themselves. others join gangs how sometimes you got beaten up again i had to be strong to survive. with the shocks. if you feel. like you've been issued by league give me shit to end when i think about how i could have ended up i've talked to lots of people here and i see the misery in their lives i truly grateful that i was lucky enough to get away from all of this
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down but this is the blue culture. philip used to sleep between market stalls like these a lot of street kids still do being discovered it could get them killed these children simply don't count in kenyan society. these are what you have from this part of town was key to my survival in nairobi. the markets were busy during the day but they emptied out by evening. so we go there to sleep it's. good boyden. country owns we cover ourselves with a tarp. or find some place to hide. and then we cram in together to try to get some sleep. you've got to have a safe place to sleep here but will be our biggest problem was the rats they come
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around at night. these uninvited guests probably got excited by our bare feet. of food. under cannot but they'd often chew on the soles of our feet and that made it difficult for us to walk the next day as it would not give them a true beach so again so i'm bored and i'm tugged and all but it was philip does what he can tell. you in the telling of the goma in western kenya. his nonprofit association conduit children has made it possible for two hundred former street children and kids from poor families to go to school. phillips believes that these students have talent and deserve a chance. i didn't have any hope. my family. will be less fortunate in this was. and actually i felt bad and this tension and there's a misprint to go that. someone come to me to speak to the
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a message it's heart warming to see that these students don't let things get them down. i find i mean they try hard they study hard and they don't complain. they do the best they can with what they have you know is it so that they can make something out of themselves. oh it's done it's mine on was found another piece that actually i found out ten years ago phillip started collecting donations to help these kids. he tells them that at one point he came close to killing himself. you know it was a piece of the house he says hi i was ready to jump down to get on the ride drop that slowly leads into the water and i could not swim those days so what would happen it would be the end of me. to my shoes. throw them down
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and i'm ready to jump because at that moment. three asian men. chatting i call it a miracle remember they give me enough money to survive for three more months three months without having to steal three months without having to beg three months without having to pick up the garbage. that was the turning point for young fella a little later he was taken to an orphanage at the age of thirteen his dream to go to school came true. the regular missing issued the it was the first time that i had attended classes on a regular basis for my two and it allowed me to get out of the orphanage which was a living. in. going to school gave me
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a lot of self-confidence because it helped me to discover and develop new skills and talents my new talent here and dick. that school will always mean a lot to me. z.f. you the door can be added. in class philip always sat in the for. having every now and. i was really ambitious. i saw education as a gold mine where i could help myself to all the riches that this world has to offer. a household and country. philip were tart and made a name for himself. i didna guns and professionally and for it was a very simple school compared to the others in the area. and here i was a kid from an orphanage nobody. and i made that ordinary unknown school famous because after my first year i was chosen the best student in the whole state climb
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in the door to the shooter. philip works with students who are cut off from the outside world the nearest village just ten kilometers away there's no electricity here and no water also a system. let me it's two students who live with their mother a single parent in a mud hut school fees cost the equivalent of three hundred euros per student per year. but sixteen year old juliet is committed to continuing his education. what has been having a passion for being as i met miss things here and i even don't get it but i just play kate like writing and i think everything. is. sorted out her brother misha is in the eleventh grade thanks to philips help michelle wants to be an engineer he still misses his father. my father lived in
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washington last a sucking those. of us and he. might have a never give up. i know one day the nation may start the. very financially see if the story. will give. him. the large. enough to live manage to escape his life on the streets at the age of thirteen when a police officer brought him to this orphanage. some of the children here used to be homeless or they lost their parents to hiv aids. clinic is known many of these kids for years one hundred children live here in a facility designed to hold thirty. we never it isn't that there are way too many
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kids at this with already now and that just shows that the situation has gotten worse. but i'm happy to see all the smiling faces i feel at home here. it's like going back to my childhood my make him the heart. phillips visit is a big deal for these kids. they have no toys to play with him they aren't even enough for you to know. that when philip lived here amy was still a young boy. and now his later he's still here. come in he had been in my share used to two big bullies round the bend then when we know my cloths during the day when you have washed their minds i've ever have a. reason right now we used to stave off the corner where we used to
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a sleeping by the corner he was he was rated we just admit he was very storytelling he could be tended to tell he was told it might. philip storytelling skills helped him to forget about life in the orphanage it was almost as bad as living on the streets the stock forced him to work every day he was beaten and starved. i'm still amazed that i survived one that it was nothing short of a miracle i was warned that. life there was really stressful. i mean born the environment the physics had been lost to i was subjected to beatings and other physical abuse and general neglect the phenomenally signal. to.
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me but i got through it with sheer willpower and a hell of a lot of luck. guns guns who feel that. the second bullet was to provide opportunities for as many children as he can. today at least he can bring some joy into their lives because he's brought some gifts from home back these items we donated to say the organization. the missing some kenyan children songs that inspired philip when he was younger. you thank you. thank. you. thank you. thank you thank you. phillip will return next year to visit the orphans once again.
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a few days later he's back in hand. it's the end of the school year for this ninth grade class. they spend five years together next year philip will take over a new group of fifth grade is joel and the others will have three teaches though they're. treated me like a son and he was like a father to me my father going to miss him a lot. i have often missed when father he helped us with our problems he laughed with us and cried with us good luck vied. issued a present. i never would have survived if some angel hadn't come along to help me. it was always someone i didn't know someone i wasn't related to. but they believed in me. heart i really needed that kind of support back then and without it i wouldn't have gotten very far right call me connie much i miss it's ok thanks very
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much it's ok i'm not leaving so. so i'll see you around ok. i lose all the best fiona ago i think i'm going to cry. every day. to be. sure. i live it will be fine thank you. thank you. thank you.
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for. your remarks this week timelines. celebrate each box now by. the mother of all sandals spotted in athens. and try and serve the public well in the
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streets of new. zealand in thirty. w. . here's what's coming up on the going to sleep much movement thing that gets this. sentence whole such fear. it's fun to take a look at all that means for the type of place. the money to sleep every weekend here on t.w. .
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her. family feels. the scars on some of. the pain still tangible. some from her going. through cities edge but. they have survived the two they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something new in peace time and what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to
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stand a chance out of darkness cities after more starts. september second on g.w. . in the audio. video. this is the w. new line from britney and a massive turnout in island called pope francis the applause for the pontiff following his speech to a huge crowd in the country's largest stadium this after he needs to survive those of clerical sexual abuse also coming up. italian prosecutors investigates the country's interior minister they say it might.


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