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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  August 26, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm CEST

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we are so clever the eastern control of the rings but it's what the. pope investment bankers call to carousel which never stopped everybody was on the wanted to ignore the reality that the whole thing might blow up in my face because of the system that spawned out of control the world and the causes of everything the crime the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. look beautiful. i want to welcome to our highlights edition with the best pegs of the week here's a look at what we've put together for you today. towering giants a street computer company brings huge topic to life in the netherlands. artistic
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dining in the artist and the sister open a pop up restaurant in iceland. this thing called love elvis fans in the german town of now i'm celebrate their idol. the dutch city of les awad was recently overrun by giants as part of a travelling theatre production the french street theatre royal de luxe stage an impressive three day interactive experience involving a giant public girl in search of her puppet father while the residents and tourists alike got in on the search and we were also on hand for the action. a little girl who's looking for her father. he's not really hard to miss standing and eleven meters tall and wearing a diving suit. still she wanders through the streets of.
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i think it's magic yes yes it's a great mystery and that's it show huge it's amazing how yeah how they get the mold to sing out in seriously i love to see it it makes me feel like a little child again i think it's more a fairy tale. why is she looking for her father and what does that don't have to do with us. only that morning and eight o'clock the father was to sleep with a busy day ahead. as one of europe's capitals of culture this year. invited the royal deluxe street theater troupe to come and perform claudia will grace the producer she has to make sure everything goes off smoothly local volunteer stewards will help keep the public safe. crew in the costumes half of them a few miles allows half of them a local people. stand over the last two weeks to
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learn how to make that movement and then up in the crane you'll see there are more people manipulating their heads but you know what you forget you get lost in them as giants that. the extras are called lilliputians drew off by the dolls. they wake up the giant and hoop and get ready. he's made a board on why he's close to three times he's suspended from a huge crane with cables and machinery and lots of heaving the. fusions will make him look like a man. frivolous was founded by its artistic directors on new coke zero in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine in front of. his giants have since traveled the world. in two thousand and nine they were in berlin to celebrate the
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anniversary of german reunification. consider today he could get us through. the difficulty for a show such as the joy and sorrow is to create scenarios that reflect the history of the city where it's playing. in a word and that was not a homage to the people in this region have always had to battle the north sea and keep the water at bay so koku concocted a story and much enjoyment comes to help the one hundred fifty thousand humans came to watch the story unfold as the giant dive his daughter looked for him accompanied by her playful puppy. when opinions have their work cut out for them two teams take turns jumping off a platform clinging to cables to raise the feet of a giant he maintains a speed of one kilometer per hour. others have to move his arms.
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people remove the feet they have to make sure that they don't jump into the audience because it's quite a problem sometimes because the audience is quite close and you don't want to knock people over something like that so it's very challenging to make sure that you jump straight forward and that you don't run into people. at midday the girl and the dog take a rest in front of the older who for the famous leaning tower of labor are. there. they're people and that's the extraordinary thing about rosa lux that's why people love them because they stop being puppets they stop being marionette ants and you just look at the music at their face you look at their emotions and their movements you watch and take in their story. the family drama in
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through the townspeople and says to the mike well into the evening. finally a huge party ending father and daughter i believe you know essentially. the troops next adventure will be in liverpool in october. it's often said that children follow closely in their parents' footsteps and for siblings olafur eliasson and victoria don't tear this definitely seems to be the case now their father was a ship's cook and artist to day all of far as a world famous artist and victoria works as a chef in a studio here in berlin but their native iceland has called them back home for a temporary call unary project that combines their talents. installations combined with fine dining. that's what served up at
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the s. early one o one in the icelandic capital ricky. this prompt up restaurant is a collaboration between siblings through areas sun and victoria and the us daughter she is the head chef and uses mainly authentic icelandic ingredients in addition. as the combine the experience of course of bringing the all of us art in the studio the work here as you also can see and then the concept of the food from berlin colliding with icelandic syphilitic so one of the great things about this food is obviously that it's also about ecology sustainability and so it's a lot of the op that i'm interested in and involved with as well so there is a kind of i did object the connection here a big georgia at least on her and her team are creating icelandic city chip after marinating lobster and cod in line juice spiced with chili pepper the dishes
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rounded off with oyster plant and icelandic strawberries cooking for me means for example coming together it means family time means a swell course. after training as a chef at a restaurant in reykjavik victoria early as daughter then worked in the u.s. and brazil. in twenty fifteen she opened her own restaurant in berlin called doctor and friend for two years then she switched to the kitchen in the studio over brother son also in berlin. my favorite about how my sister victoria coach is that's of course very dicey because he doesn't overcook it so when you have a piece of cotton you. almost take it off in sizes when it's not overcooked and then it i mean it's not wrong they said that's just like a little fresh on the inside i love that. there's
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a clear division of labor between the siblings victoria is responsible for the menu like this dish of mackerel with garlic flowers on loveridge oil while her brother takes care of the decor. glass in these lights was made using icelandic sand. in the same building visitors can see other works by all of your elio sun including this glass brick it's called a classic brick and it is said as you can see kind of a shape a brick and when you stack this break you can make a surface and that is how it was done at the house. but harper has a concert hall that's become a landmark in reykjavik all of her earlier sun design did sculler glass for side. he's also well known for his the weather project which brought the blazing sun into london state modern in two thousand and three. in two thousand and eleven he
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created your rainbow panorama a glass walkway in or those denmark in three years later he transformed denmark's louisiana museum of modern art into a riverbed for a fairly oh son and his sister share lots of fun memories of their childhood in reykjavik their pop up restaurant is housed in the marshall house a form of fish meal factory. live both long dreamed of operating a restaurant in this building which is now a cultural center. we thought on my father. he was a cook on a fishing boat. a friend of ours labor has a restaurant in this room are ready. so it's just an idea we discussed we could do something here. for around three months and. yes will be able to enjoy the siblings artistic and commentary creations in the u.s. so we kitchen one on one. if this goes well we might try it again next
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year or so maybe in london i'm going to get fifty but it would also be fun to do it in other places like in a at is about four berlin and the city is like the sibling second home so they can imagine opening a restaurant there maybe even one that will stick around for a while. it's been over forty one years since the king of rock n roll elvis presley passed away from cardiac arrest but his fans remain loyal to his music and his style on both sides of the atlantic and one place where that loyalty takes shape every year is in the german town of bad now haim where elvis was stationed while in the u.s. army or here for the past seventeen years a festival has taken place dedicated to the king your own max reporter hayley rollinson traveled there for a blast from the past. the rock n roll era ushered in by
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over us proceed swiftly took the world by storm and still captivates chance today what's behind this everlasting fascination with the keep. growing up in cleveland ohio near the rock n roll hall of fame and i've heard elvis was the king of rock n roll since the time i was a kid but i didn't know he lived in germany and in fact i didn't know he lived in this tiny german town which now hosts the european elvis possible each year drawing fans from all over the world i had to find out what it was all about. in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight at the height of his musical career elvis presley was drafted into the us army and stationed in philly down near frankfurt west germany the nearby town of bad now high and became his home for a year and a half it's an experience the town and his neighbors haven't forgotten see the descendants of those very neighbors invite the rest of the world to their home for the seventeenth european elvis best of all let's see if they can keep the spirit of elvis and rock'n'roll why. the festival is full of the king's spirit everywhere you
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turn there are nine hundred fifty s. cars fashion and music with plenty of dancing all inspired by the king of rock n roll. so why are people still loyal to elvis after all these years. pete rock n roll is great you can get dressed up and dance that's fun. our mission all over oh rouche great man great singer great entertainer flows. through the looking from there you go she makes my day also i think what i really like is that his music is so important to the people here that's wonderful because it keeps him alive but. most of the musicians are not elvis impersonators but they do count him as a major inspiration like the silver rockets from the netherlands. and are. winner darlene love who once shared the stage with elvis himself. to
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it. it's the second day of the festival and elvis fans are back at it for more fun. this car is a lot like the king's famous pink cadillac he was known to stop his car in traffic to sign autographs earning him the name elvis the traffic obstacle. and it's not the only time elvis caused a stir here hotel manager thomas says the king and his entourage were kicked out of this room at the hotel. the main reason was a very light to newspapers and blow them off when it smoked they put it down under the other dogs and thought it was funny when the old lady is around all day and oh
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no it's was burning here that's the hotel owner said it's sorry but now it's enough . fans can stay in the perfectly preserved room for about one hundred fifty euros a night. normally the overs for and it's a very friendly happy funny from crying yesterday we had a woman that kissed the brat really very. nearly every spot in bad now haim holds memories of elvis visitors can follow in his footsteps on a tour led by a local expert one stop is at his house a goodish class of fourteen where he met the love of his life for senate at a party they later married and had a child together. back in the center of town the party rages on with no sign of slowing down.
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so i go to bed now i'm expecting to see a lot of men in the receiving hunk of burning love but what i actually found was that the residents here are really proud of elvis and his time here so it makes for the perfect pilgrimage for any venue wants to keep that rock'n'roll spirit that held the spirit alive. every summer numerous styles of sandals come out on the market but one in particular is always a popular choice the greek sandal now it can sometimes be seen on statues representing greek figures like plato and socrates and in athens the shoemaker describes himself as the artist and poet of the greek sandals so we asked him to tell us what sets his shoes apart from the rest. all kinds of variations on the greek sandal can be spotted on the streets of athens
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around the acropolis. here they've been around for thousands of years already. even the ancient greek philosopher plato was sandals. the leather son of footways now popular all over the way. but how does it feel to wear them in greece i usually already where i'm at home because it's too close so over here my feet are much more free. there's something historical about it because you can see them you know the paintings are starters but it's all over the midterm and when you wear them you really understand why they keep on being where there's some of those are amazing. because one of the best known greek sandal makers he studied art in new york but then returned to his homeland his workshop is located in the city center. his family have been making circles for three generations. makes me happy to produce
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a pair of sandals the same way they were made three thousand years ago i feel like i'm in my element with a fish in water. the many cmos families handcrafted designs have been worn by v.i.p.'s including actress and hathaway. singer barbra streisand actress sarah jessica parker former first lady jackie kennedy onassis and even the beatles but pantelis many seen last doesn't differentiate between stars tourists and locals it was there. were democratic. view every individual foot as a challenge that means we create for this but we don't care if it starts of a fee ip or an ordinary person it's all the same to was here in the shadow of the acropolis that didn't matter in the old greece no. does it in a new greece two words it's all the same. many of the statues
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around town commemorate famous historical figures who also wore simple sandals. for example the statesman perry cli's in the city hall. and his fellow philosopher socrates in front of the academy of athens. two simple. which were later adopted by the romans. in the fifteenth and sixteenth century open toed shoes called buskins were all the rage women wore these shoes which featured high corks under the hoop skirts to make them look taller. continues to find inspiration in the historical figures who wore greek samples it's always carried a sketchpad with him to draw pictures of a foot well on statues. whenever
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i look at ancient statues that wear these sandals i'm always impressed that people already wore this kind of shoes three thousand years ago. fell in love and they went to war while wearing the wrong they live their lives in the and these some tools are still around today. greeks sandals. since the days of antiquity. often young girls dreams of becoming a hollywood actress remain just that dreams but for the ugandan border german actress for all her speak a reality has not just conquered hollywood she's also landed a major role in germany's longest running t.v. crime series we caught up with her in berlin to talk about the various roles she's played so far. so you
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will be moved. as entertaining as that would be. because somebody has first ever hollywood role two years ago made her an instant hit with moviegoers she starred in the marvel comic book production captain america civil war but to her acting in the movie wasn't even such a big deal. for me she says so when i went into stand what kind of character i'm supposed to portray the event i almost stopped acting and just become that character be that human a comic figure or whatever i just do what i'm expected to do but it was super easy just off easy. after starring in captain america for all this was also cast for the black panther superhero flick which is set in the same fantasy world it came out earlier this year once again dollars plays iow. i should decide off this the
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comic the character actually looks a bit like me when i see those pictures i always think yes it makes sense i got that role. in her role as io floor and serves as king charles bodyguard the king is the ability to transform himself into black panther. into the pit that i'm on if tonight. in the movie black panther equipped with superpowers governs and protects the imaginary african kingdom of wakanda. yet not yet still be it came. out of the gameplay. during the shooting firearms consumers kung fu skills came in quite handy she really enjoyed making the movie. pens that i liked about being part of black times that was the opportunity to work alongside so many people of color that was something really special. because when you watch the movie and pay
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attention to the looks and the research that's gone into the film and talk to people who watch it they'll tell you well i can really sense elements of my culture in the film. for the movie they tour inspiration from a number of countries with the designs and i think lots of people are glad africa's being portrayed in such a positive light. born in uganda because the book grew up in the german city of s. and and a few years ago she moved to berlin with her husband and kids because i like berlin it's noisy but nice. drawl study dancing and acting in the netherlands in two thousand and one when she was in her final year of university she landed her very first movie role after that she went on to major european musicals like west side story cats and aida. in recent years she's also starred in a range of german t.v. productions like the crime series taught on. this try
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and history is a benefit jones has had seven appearances on title and so far. she's played a son. of twenty nineteen she'll be starring as an e.f. schmidt's playing a touch or detective herself it's a role she's always wanted in the production she'll be solving a complicated crime mystery with the help of a new female colleague while dealing with a tense personal relationship because embassy's this role is a step towards making german t.v. more diverse. there's still a loss of room for diversity so i look down the line they might cause someone with a veil a black person or an individual with a disability without the need to justify it simply because they're ordinary people who are part of our society i. was on leave and leave. those customers successes have boosted her confidence as an actress. she's looking forward to the future. i need to get to play
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a tot ought to take to all that ip cost for foreign movies starring in marvel and d.c. productions these things just happened easy so evil that i did with heart of coal but now everything is changing rapidly and i'm being offered all these great roles song up for all kinds of movies and playing a variety of different characters. like lending her voice to the lion king musical drama remake of martin twenty nine. watch out for flawless. joy certainly well and with that we were about another week of euro max now don't forget to friend us on facebook or go to our website to see the reports again as always thanks for tuning in let's see against in.
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the wrong.
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yemen ravaged by three years of civil war thousands have died millions have fled diseases are spreading. nobody is helping and we need help we need help for yemen please. it's been called the world's biggest humanitarian crisis and the world looks away yemen in fifteen minutes on d w. how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany
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my mother's from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have twenty eight different realities and so i think people are really looking for a new journalist they can trust for them to make sense of this. guy this is not often i work at the w. o. lieut.
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legislation . what's coming up for the booklet is plenty to talk about here one. is to take a look at what all that means for the table of course. going to sleep every weekend here w.
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b c d w news live from berlin back home in germany after a grueling ordeal in turkey german journalist with solid tolu returns to germany nearly a year and a half after being arrested on terror related charges oh spent seven months in a turkish prison and that's far from leaving the country until now also coming up one of the most.


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