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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 26, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin and a plea for national unity after zimbabwe's new president is sworn in emerson and gone one takes the oath of office before thousands of supporters who now faces a difficult task of uniting the country after a narrow victory in an election the opposition says pose for it. also coming up the man known as a maverick of the united states senate is dead john mccain lost a year long battle with brain cancer he was eighty one his wife cindy paid tribute
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to her late husband saying he passed the way he lived on his own terms. thanks for joining us i'm marian evans dean we begin symbolic way where the president who's now been officially inaugurated has called on the country to unite its comes just a day after a court upheld emerson and god was narrow election victory the result have been disputed by the main opposition party which claims the vote was rigged. tens of thousands packed zimbabwe's national stadium in harare to watch their leader take the oath of office. they must. serve. as president of zimbabwe. i will be first.
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to zimbabwe. but despite all the pomp and this inauguration the election result has been bitterly contested only twenty four hours before zimbabwe's constitutional court confirmed that more on count one had won the july ballot after claims it was rigged m.d.c. opposition leader nelson chamisa still won't accept the results when the president is disputed. is a little i village in a game that are you supposed to be leading the people of zimbabwe. post-election clashes resulted in violence with sylvia my phone is one of those killed the president has promised an inquiry and also talked of political unity you
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know mark lucas and other political parties who couldn't just heard just ended when our elections we are the barbarians what do you know. this is. going to work ever diverters. but the president too took over from veteran leader robert mccarthy last year most know it would take more than one words to unite this country. to be a correspondent parallage misfile here it was at that inauguration ceremony in harare and he joins us now for more so privileged we heard their president menem up men and god making peace and unity the key themes of his inaugural speech just how are his statements being received. you find that since friday and coming to today when he was you know granted some of
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the people that you would not think we're going to congratulate him or even we're going to warm up to him are beginning to soft in our you know saying that it is high time maybe zimbabwe should be given a chance to move on one of the lead does it you know gratian today you still goes on equipping leading the other faction of the movement for democratic change which broke away from chamisa she was there and attended to there you know grants and congratulations congratulated president. and even if you hear the statements that are present when i got proceed today to extend a hand to. opposites to say that they now it's time to put a hands together to work as a nation it's a sign that. most zimbabweans want the country to move one and the opposition has vowed more protests against the new government just what do they
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think they can change if. i think if you look at it he used. to say that you won the july thirtieth election and he should be the one we should be leading the country right now but are you also on the other hand he's accepting the court verdict so a lot of critics and analysts are saying that if they're going to go ahead and start demonstrating to say that to you once legitimacy to lead the country he's only shooting themselves in their food because regionally we also even saw some of the presidents who came out to coming back to end this you know gratian they seem to be going on their side or for the ruling party for him a sort of president run of course i was year. gummi i was also here. president was also here zambian president was also here the president was also here
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so you can see that if the opposition then goes i had to demonstrate that they are only serving to isolate themselves from the region. things correspondent privilege was that he reporting from harare thank you. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world and the head of the so-called islamic state in the afghanistan has been killed in an air strike authorities say a joint a ground an air operation by afghan and foreign forces in eastern province killed hobby and ten other i asked members. pope francis has said mass to around half a billion people on the last day of his visit to ireland earlier the pontiff asked for forgiveness for the catholic church in this sex abuse scandals he said the church has to take firm and decisive action in pursuit of truth and justice.
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us playwrights neil simon has died at the age of ninety one in new york the tony award winner was one of broadway's most prolific and popular writers his hits include the odd couple the sunshine boys and barefoot in the park much of his work focused on the everyday struggles of the middle class. and tributes are flooding in for us senator john mccain who died overnight at the age of eighty one mccain has been battling an aggressive form of brain cancer since july of last year and on friday his family had announced he'd discontinued any further treatment after a long military and political career he passed away at his ranch in arizona. the fleg flies half staff over the white house for a man who dreamt of occupying the nation's highest office. born into a family of navy admirals john mccain served in the vietnam war as
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a navy pilot when his plane was shot down over one noir in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven he became a prisoner of war enduring five and a half years of torture and captivity. years he entered politics after his release and went on to be the senator of arizona for more than thirty years the republican also made two failed bits for president in two thousand and two thousand and eight he was known as a man of integrity and willing to stick to his convictions rather than to the political line tributes are coming in from both sides of the political aisle. i'll be honest i'm a democrat but i love them. i don't know i just always he's caring. he listen to us and i just have always had a high respect for him and just deeply saddened i heard about it and immediately
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started crying just thinking about what a man of integrity and just cared so much for his country in vietnam he's remembered for his efforts to build peace post war but it's a sad day and i send my condolences to his family he was among those americans who supported vietnam the most in normalizing relations with the u.s. he also fought for peace in many countries including vietnam. for. mccain will be buried at the u.s. naval academy cemetery in maryland the final resting place for a man who fought for america and its people. well tributes to john mccain have also been pouring into social media and for a closer look. at their reactions and condolences from across the political spectrum i'm joined here in the studio by daily reporter william william we saw those reactions coming immediately after the news of mccain's death and from both
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sides of the aisle what have people been saying yeah the outpouring of condolences can really be summed up by two of mccain's most frustrating of honan's the ones that kept him from being president opposite sides of the aisle george w. bush in two thousand and barack obama in two thousand and eight and i think that bush's statement actually really said it best when he wrote his a library website some lives are so vivid it is difficult to imagine them ended some voices are so vibrant it is hard to think of them still and that really was john mccain this massive presence in u.s. politics regardless of where he stood on a particular issue or others stood on him he was a navy pilot p.o.w. torture survivor congressman senator presidential candidate the list goes on it's really an exhausting c.v. and that's what barack obama's statement focused on he talked about how little in common he and mccain had but he still said for all our differences we shared a fidelity to something higher which of course talking about public service but particularly notable here is obama's qualifier towards the end he wrote at best he
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showed us what working for the greater good means at john's best which many obama probably included would say over mccain was not always at his at his best well over a span of nearly sixty years of public service so many things you mention some of them how do you believe mccain is likely to be best remembered it well how he like to be seen which was as a maverick as we've talked about really love that maverick name his straight talk express from the two thousand presidential campaign has become stuff of legend in u.s. political history. he went he went to get his party on torture during the bush administration years he stood up for some environmental policies that were against his party's line i mean he's probably best known for pushing through bipartisan campaign finance reform in two thousand and two but maverick can also mean erratic and reckless for men. mccain to put sarah palin on the ticket in two thousand and eight which his own campaign staff have later said was a big mistake it can even hurt him he was he surprised many when he suspended his presidential campaign to deal with the global financial crisis that was exploding
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at that time and that left many people wondering well how can someone running who can't run a campaign and deal with a crisis is he really fit for president he's famous for his literal thumbs down of trying of republicans efforts to repeal obamacare but he himself voted against the obamacare two thousand and nine along with all other republicans so if you look at the big picture his decades long voting record he's really quite squarely in the middle of the road of conservative politics even donald trump who is sparred with publicly he's voted more than eighty percent of the time with trump's positions according to five thirty eight statistics platform well william mccain's term as senator was actually supposed to go on until twenty twenty two briefly if you can what happens to i think now yes rather complicated so the arizona governor appoints someone to fill his role in till the next general election is twenty twenty of the winner vattel lection two thousand and twenty will fill the rest of mccain's term and until twenty twenty two and then it will go on as normal senate races go to
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important moment for republicans who are trying to launder senate majority now in two thousand and eighteen mccain's junior colleague also republican senator is retiring and democrats are giving that seat a real run for its money. reporter william brokaw for many thanks indeed so forth news now and two more teams got their bundesliga season underway on sunday with winds hosting stood guard anthony got the match winner midway through the second half as minds start their season on a high while really promoted fortuna disallowed dorf were not as lucky they hosted alex work of their season opener and they went home empty handed let's have a look. fortunatus will doff back in the bundesliga after five years freetown funchal the man who led them to promotion and his team got on the board first against outscored nieto ramon scoring in his first one just a good game tests in my mind with the cross you know touch me kicking thin air and i'm on heading home in the twenty third minute but outscored struck back early in
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the second half of the play one on for marching him to go his header ricocheted off the crossbar and into the net and then outboard sealed the wind in the seventy six i found andre who also used his head and beat keeper may shout and sing. a two one win for outscore get a disappointing return to the top flight for just joe i'm happy that we scored it to be came in that we leads in the first all that ok it's not good that we lose this game i think we deserve more than than the last. phone call vented his frustration over the last of the reps for tonight will have to wait for their first win back in the top flight. you're watching news will be back again at the top of the hour with another update and meantime don't forget you can always get the latest news and information on our website just go to you dot com and
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they're interesting from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching and do stay with us if you can. earth home to millions of species a home worth saving. and those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and again.


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