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this is d.w. news live from berlin u.n. investigators issued a damning report on man miles crackdown on the revenge or using the words genocidal intent they say military commanders must face justice for crimes against humanity the army's brutal offensive a year ago led hundreds of thousands of britons of muslims to flee the country to get reaction from amnesty international. germany hundreds joined far right protests in the eastern city of quetta nic sets off the fatal stabbing of a german national during
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a dispute police say involved people of various nationalities. and who can keep part of munich from winning their seventh straight bundesliga title after the first weekend of the season dortmund is this all right making people in the running after they demolished their strong light team on sunday. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring thanks for joining us united nations investigators have released a damning report on myanmar's military calling for the prosecution of its commanders for crimes against humanity the investigators say they orchestrated the military campaign against the countries were injured muslims with coke quote genocidal intent they also announced they now have enough evidence to prosecute six top generals for those alleged crimes. the mission has. included that criminal
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investigation and prosecution is warranted focusing on the top tatmadaw or generals in relation to the three categories of crimes under international law genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes we have examined the period since two thousand and eleven the violations we have identified during this period are part of a history of abusive military conduct going back at least half a century. now myanmar's brutal crackdown against the range of again as i mentioned a year ago the army has always denied accusations of ethnic cleansing it insists it was responding to attacks by revenge rebels in suing campaign of arson rape and murder however prompted some seven hundred thousand people to flee to neighboring bangladesh. a never ending line of refugees streaming across the border from me amar to bangladesh. they
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fled after security forces launched a brutal offensive against them last august. which is looted and to watch their homes they raped tortured and killed thousands of ranger. across the border in bangladesh the refugees have settled in sprawling camps. as they've tried to settle in here with stories of unimaginable horrors have emerged. soldiers came into every house and shot as. they looked me up in my house and then set fire to it i have burns like this. and there was all over my body. conditions in the camps the cramped and squalid
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the huts era flimsy and built on hilly sandy ground prone to landslides. to the world where this year's monsoon brought more misery for the ranger. flowed here with her five children after her husband was killed when the military stormed their village. two of her previous shacks in the camp were destroyed by water she is now hoping for a sturdier shelter and then i had to sell my pulse is all and even rice for this month i had to sell to build the house my relatives told me to make the house strong even if i were to go hungry. aid agencies have warned against an outbreak of water borne diseases such as cholera and diphtheria but most would rather bare life here and go home it didn't even if we have to sleep in a trench it's better than being back. but they are not meant to stay here in january
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me and mine bangladesh agreed to repatriate the ranger within two years. their man has started building transit camps to house the return knees but the un has said conditions are not yet right and so far barely a handful of revenge or have returned. ok let's talk now to laura hague an expert on myanmar with international in london laura thanks for joining us what is your reaction to this really quite damning report from u.n. investigators are you satisfied with this central conclusion that they have that there was genocidal intent in the way in the in last military dealt with ranger. well thank you i mean this is a blistering report from the un comes a year after this campaign of violence prompted this exodus of they're in jail it is a really important step i think towards justice and accountability but i think it's
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the experts themselves make clear it is the international community that now has the responsibility to act and i'm sure that these military commanders who oversaw this operation crimes under international law are held to account and you know as i saying is that it's a positive step as i'm not going to go where we see these people in the dock how likely do you think it is that these very senior generals the commander in chief and five other very senior generals from myanmar's military how likely do you think that these. going to come to pass that they face a court of law. well the finding mission a very clear that they want to see the situation referred to the international criminal court and that's something that the u.n. security council should do the reality for us is that it's likely that i'm as allies on the council may actually block out all detail but i think this is where the fact finding mission to be very clear that actually i shouldn't stop the
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evidence collection preservation that needs to happen and you know they are could just as often as we can get there we do get back and these reports are really important step towards that. and of course the report also singles out the civilian government led by. saying it effectively contributed to the commission of atrocity crimes is that justified. absolutely that's justified i think the report is very clear however that it is the military that were responsible for the. violations against the range and actually it also goes into a lot of detail about military abuses elsewhere and not magazines other ethnic minority states but of course specifically a government while it doesn't have control of the military has i doubt them to continue these abuses unpunished they've blocked investigations they go to the fact finding mission from god and they show that they have absolutely no swelling mess or ability to investigate or hold the military to account ok the view's there who are paid from amnesty international and the london laura many thanks.
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ok time now to catch up with some of the other stories making news around the world pope francis has refused to comment on claims made by the vatican's former ambassador to the united states that the pope himself was involved in the cover up of sex abuse by an american cardinal francis was asked about the claims on his way back to rome from we can visit to ireland bishop cardinal money of the guy who made the allegations has called on francis to resign. two people have been killed and eleven wounded in a shooting at a computer came tournament in jacksonville florida the twenty four year old contestant opened fire on other competitors before shooting himself dead police are investigating his motives. clashes erupted in afghanistan's province bordering tajikistan on sunday a local police official saying that two border guards were killed in fighting with
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the taliban taji called russian planes subsequently bombed the area the official said eight taliban insurgents were killed and six wounded cross border clashes in this area. turning to germany now where police are investigating a violent far right protest yesterday in the eastern city of kemet the protest erupted after a german national was stabbed to death in the early hours of sunday morning later in the day police say a crowd of some eight hundred far right demonstrators refused to disperse and marched through the city said. the german government has sharply condemned the actions of those protesters who reportedly talking to people they believe to be far less. far right dave instructors clashed with police in came that city center batons reaching bottles leading to more officers being drafted in from neighboring trees thin and light sick to cope oh god god god god god god start i this is our city the chant in this video
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shared on twitter german media see some of those gathered were protesting against crimes committed by foreigners the un rest follows the death of a thirty five year old german man in the air the iris of sunday during the city's annual street festival he died from his injuries in hospital after being attacked with a knife two other men were seriously injured in what police described as an altar cation between people of different nationalities. was these trades are chanting we are the people what was a call for democracy in the final days of east germany has now been rebranded by the modern day far rights heightening tensions in ever more divided communities. ok from all of the talk to the doctors chief political correspondent melinda crane with me now in the studio melinda things of appear to have happened really quite
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quickly yesterday in cam that's but there's a question mark over how spontaneous it really was this absolutely was incited and coordinated shortly after that knifing incidentally reports appeared on far right websites that basically accused migrants of southern origin that of course could be anything from the southern europeans to northern africa and. having perpetrated the attack against a german of with russian roots and following those records there were then calls on those far right websites and other websites as well for people to take. to the streets among the groups that put out such a call were a faction of the local football fans they call themselves as they're known for extremist actions both in the stadium surrounding sides essentially hooligans they put out a call that was seen by many people that people should go to the streets and show people here who's boss in our city and in fact that was that brought them over it
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hundreds of people into the streets and they essentially outnumbered the police for the beginning of the protests ok so considerably constrained to a large extent. germany has had for many years now a problem with right wing extremism where does it come from what is it about that spirit kemet says in the state of saxony saxony as you will remember is the birthplace of the anti immigrant movement that brought tens of thousands of people to the streets of dresden in two thousand and fourteen to protest what they called the islam is ation of germany saxony is also a stronghold of the a.f.d. the far right party in fact it was in this state during last year's federal elections that the a.f.p. took the largest share of the vote and the problem is not only confined to stocks in the far right has a good deal of support throughout the former eastern germany and it's a bit of
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a paradox because the fact is there are fewer foreign born residents in that part of germany than in many parts of the west but there are demographic and historic political factors that account for this the far right thrives in places where people feel pretty scary yes where they have a sense of insecurity or frustration that is certainly the case in much of the former east they've seen massive structural change since the fall of the berlin wall since the opening of the east young people leaving de population older people who remained especially in rural areas feeling that they're left behind and then. this is an area where many people didn't trust the institutions the political institutions of western germany didn't trust western political parties the mainstream parties all of the pretty fertile ground for the far right to gain a foothold ok many many thanks for the. chief political correspondent.
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some of these big match in the business leaders or two of the defending champions by minix closest rival facing off top mountain light fishing off an early goal by the visitors light so you don't want to go out on the scoresheet in twenty first when mark would dry would using acrobatic move to try to score. goals and help to take the lead before more acrobatics this triumph from axel connecting with this overhead kick in front of the net for one the final score for dortmund. now meanwhile the other sunday match up pitted months against it got both teams spending a lot of money to bring in new players over the summer months came out on top at the end of the day this goal in the seventy sixth minute by elton john making the difference enquiries or made it all possible first by winning the ball pulling it back to. this was by the way the first time might have won the opening match in five years. after months of slow
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progress the u.s. and mexico are reported to be close to striking a deal on renegotiating the north american free trade agreement laughter more matching your business round up with christoph over that coming up next here on do you have in your. behalf fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan about. selling it's just that the children who have always been the lawyer and those that will follow are part of a new business. they could be the future of collaboration. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines.


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